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SK-II Pitera Essentials

Pitera Essentials Authentic

Pitera is contained in all SK-II products and is a naturally occurring liquid derived from yeast’s fermentation that closely matches nutrients found in skin.

Hailed as the key to restoring and maintaining your skin‘s balance and beauty,pitera is a naturally derived concentrate of vitamins, minerals, organic and amino acids, all these ingredients are found in our Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) are vital for the healthy function of the skin.

SK-II scientists first discovered this skin-transforming ingredient 40 years ago in a sake brewery in Japan. They noticed the older workers with beautifully clear, smooth and youthful hands but aged and lined faces. Five years later, SK-II’s biggest skincare breakthrough was born – pitera, a new skincare ritual so captivating that it inspired the brand’s name – SK-II Crystal Clear Skin.

Pitera may help to improve skin via its:

  • Amino acids – principal component accounting for 40% of NMF in human cells, play a major role in moisturising the skin
  • Organic acids and calcium – contributes to making old cells peel off smoothly
  • Vitamins – help the skin’s cells renew smoothly
  • Minerals – improves skin texture, creates bright & transparent skin

Pitera Essentials

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