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SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Gua Sha - Face Sculpting Tool

4.6 of 118 reviews


4 instalments of $7.49

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4 instalments of $7.49

Or 4 instalments of $7.49 with LEARN MORE

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Enhance your beauty routine with SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Gua Sha. Used for centuries in Chinese medicine, this facial tool can help contour and sculpt the face, as well as enhance the penetration and effectiveness of your skin care.

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Gua Sha - Face Sculpting Tool Reviews

4.6 of 118 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

best product for your face


Such a great product. Love packaging. Good quality and also loved the little mascara gift. Totally recommend!!

Most Helpful Criticism

Pretty colour


Really like using this for facial massages but can't really tell if it works or if its just in my head
  1. Nice but not essential

    Masha Sudareva

    Lovely tool to use in the morning when you are feeling a little bit luxe but I haven't really seen any results from using it in my routine
  2. best product for your face


    Such a great product. Love packaging. Good quality and also loved the little mascara gift. Totally recommend!!
  3. Leaves my skin looking like a glazed donut!


    This really is the luxe treatment for your skin at the end of the day (especially under the eyes!!!). Not only does it help blood circulation and the filling out of those fine lines, but it has really helped to reduce my anxiety and facial tension, improving my sleep! Easy to hold - just be careful not to drop it on a hard surface, they do chip and crack so handle with care!
  4. Pretty colour


    Really like using this for facial massages but can't really tell if it works or if its just in my head
  5. Nice


    This is great if you have TMJ or jaw pain. I have found due to the shape of it your able to really get into those jaw muscles and massage any tightness. Its really nice out of the fridge to massage product into your skin!
  6. This is very relaxing and helps with morning puffiness


    I have been using this for around a month now and absolutely love it.
  7. Love


    Finally own one of these! I've started using it per the instructions and feels good after. Would recommend.
  8. Fantastic tool


    I am loving this tool. It is heavy so it feels like a quality product and I love the diagram on the back of the box which shows you all the different ways to use it. Works nicely with the mermaid oil!
  9. Luxe


    Glad to finally own one of these! I've started using it per the instructions, but still unsure if I'm doing it correctly. Feels good though, need to remember to keep it in the fridge. Will continue!
  10. massage for face


    nice little tool for facial massage, easy to hold in hand and different angle fits the face shape well. unfortunately, only used for a week it dropped on bathroom floor and broken.
  11. LOVE!


    This actually makes a difference! I was skeptical but I used this when I was using a skin serum. The next morning I feel like my face looked less puffy and the serum almost worked better because it really absorbed into the skin. You do have to take a bit of time with your routine so sometimes I forget as I’m in a rush.
  12. Nice tool if you have the time to add to your routine

    Gua Sha

    Must be used with a face oil or oily cleanser to ensure it glides easily over your skin. It definitely helps boost circulation and I've noticed I seem to be less puffy the day after using. Love that the box has a pictorial diagram demonstrating the best strokes and directions to use. Nice tool to add to your routine, if you have the time.
  13. feels nice


    this feels nice and is relaxing to do but not convinced it does anything to my skin
  14. Great for massage the face and neck


    Great for massage the face and neck as you can use both side, but need to learn some techniques first.
  15. nice luxury


    you don't need one, but it does add a little extra special step to your skincare. It feels great to massage your face with.
  16. Great to use with a sheet mask


    I love using this to smooth my sheet masks over my face and push the product better into my skin!
    Excellent skincare tool!
  17. So good, my boyfriends wants a turn every time I use it


    This tool is a must have! It feels amazing, and is super easy to use. I keep mine in the fridge to use during these hot months. I know that it is a must-have, as everytime I bring it out to use, my boyfriend comes in to also have a treatment!
  18. So relaxing!


    This is so nice and relaxing, especially after a long and stressful day. It really helps my skincare products soak into my skin, and is a really pretty design too!
  19. So calming


    Using this is always so calming and grounding - it can help start your day off right and finish it on a high.
    I'd definitely recommend checking out some videos on how to use it most effectively (there's a place called Face Gym in the US that are all over facial massaging).
  20. salt by hendrix


    I liked the quality of this, it's steady and a good size. I like that it's firm and can be used to smooth serums into my skin.
  21. Great for de-puffing


    I really love this for de-puffing my face, and it feels so much cleaner than using my hands. After I use it my face feels really fresh and slimmer
  22. relaxing


    not sure if this really does anything to my skin but I love how relaxing it is to use
  23. Wasn’t sure what to do with it...but once you know...OMG

    A Law

    I was given this for my birthday and in all honestly I had NFI what to do with it. But after watching a few youtubers show me the way, omg I was hooked. This tool is amazing for relieving tension in the face. I hold A LOT around my jaw and this bad boy just gets in there and relaxes my whole face like nobodies business! Such a great gift - the ultimate in self care.
  24. Really good


    Really like using this for facial massages and the helps with lymphatic drainage.
  25. not sure


    this is one of those things I brought thinking i will use it everyday but I don't really as I do not notice anything when I do use it
  26. Great gua sha


    I wasn't sure about buying this, whether I really needed it or not. My face feels refreshed after using it and the stone is nice quality and a good shape for comfort on the face. I can tell the blood circulation is increased which feels like I'm doing something good for my skin without any chemicals.
  27. Great for blood flow


    Good for blood flow and relaxing muscles in the mandible and temperals
  28. Love


    Great for blood flow and colour boost. Helps relieve tight face muscles and feels divine.
  29. Helps with muscle tension


    I never realised how much tension I had in my face until I tried this. I originally bought it for the sculpting effect (which is does!) and also benefited from releasing tension around my jaw area and neck.
    I left in the fridge for my first few uses but find it remains somewhat just as cool in the pouch as well.
  30. Such a relaxing sculpting tool!


    So relaxing after a stressful day and so good for helping my face look less puffy!
  31. Feels great for your face


    I use this to massage product into my face and almost contour my cheekbones. It's super relaxing and I've noticed that my face is way less puffy these days. Amplifies the effects of your skincare!
  32. Say goodbye to puffiness


    If you've been tossing up about getting a Gua Sha it's time to bite the bullet and just do it - you won't regret it. Make sure the gua sha is lovely and cold, and use some facial oil to gently massage the face. Definitely helps will skin puffiness!
  33. beautiful & delicate


    It's a beautiful product - good quality and quite solid, not like some thin guasha I've seen elsewhere.
    I used it on my face and felt alright- it didn't really give me any relaxation though.I'd use it on my back neck instead. It's very easy to break so make sure you always store it in the bag that comes with it. Yes I broke mine sadly but at least I've tried it :-(
  34. Great tool


    I LOVE my lil Gua Sha. So easy to use (I mean, there isn't much to it) and it is really great quality. New fave in my skin/self-care routine
  35. Self love starts here


    I love this! I was a bit sceptical when I first heard about gua sha tools but after reading so many reviews and watching videos on Instagram I thought I’d give in. I use it a few times a week and my skin feels so plump after using it. Great for reducing puffiness around the eyes as well or if you have tension in your jaws it’s great for reducing that.
  36. Great little tool for self-care


    This was my first foray into trying out a facial massage tool - as soon as I purchased this I looked up some tutorials on Youtube (the ones by Lanshin and Gothamista are my favourites). Highly recommend!! You can really feel which side of your face has tension, and the different contours and edges of the tool are great for really getting in there and letting you work those muscles at the side of y...
    Read More
  37. Come through cheekbones


    Beautiful product and much cheaper than others I've seen. I like using this in the morning after applying jojoba oil. It leaves the skin glowy and defines the jawline and cheekbones. It's a great addition to my routine for some extra self-care.
  38. Refreshing


    I use this daily when I put my serums on. Helps the serums to absorb well.

    I was told by a beauty professional to place in the fridge to put under my bags. Feels amazing and refreshing.
  39. quality gua sha!


    I've bought some dodgy Gua Sha's in the past before that broke. This one is lovely and thick and feels quality. Comes with an adorable velvet pouch. V. happy with this :)
  40. Great for puffy skin in the morning


    I have been using this for a couple of months and love it. I have really puffy skin in the morning and it is really soothing and helps it go down faster. I love using it with a facial oil.
  41. Nice Quality


    great addition to the routine, feels fancy when I use it before bed and i do believe it helps - i rinse it under cold water for morning use, that really helps with water retention for me. It's a great gift too.
  42. lovely addition


    Feels really nice on the skin treating yourself to a facial massage. I like this one because of the curved edges it has making it easier to use this on crevices of the face. I have noticed my face looks less puffy when using this.
  43. fun luxury


    I wouldn't say this is an essential item in my skincare routine but is definitely nice to grab out of the fridge in the morning to reduce the puffiness in my face. Feels great cold under the eyes after a bad nights sleep.
  44. Love it, but be careful not to drop


    This is my second one! I love it so much, I actually broke the first one I owned for about a year, it got knocked off a bench after carefully looking after it. DO NOT DROP ;)
    Love the cold feeling when you use it, like it’s been in the fridge , feels good.
  45. Amazing


    Not only is this so cute but I feel like it’s really helping to contour my face, I’m sure my jaw is slimming and it’s great for tension, I haven’t had any headaches since using this so it may he helping!
  46. Facelifting


    I love this tool! I use it every morning after I wake up to de-puff my face. You can really tell an instant difference after doing one side. It's an instant face-lift! I also feel like my jawline is becoming more defined.
  47. Amazing


    So nice to use with oil. You’re skin glows.
  48. Great for depuffing and contouring


    Really contours my jaw and get rid of toxins from face
  49. Creative


    Would make a nice present you can view how to use it on YouTube. Enjoy!
  50. Plump it up


    This tool is perfect for the gua sha facial, it’s design helps to reach all the books and crevices of the face and evenly distributes oils and serums. It’s a very luxurious sensation on the skin and the fact it’s rose quartz means you are infusing your skin with a very potent crystal. I love this tool
  51. Second one!


    I purchased a second Gua-sha tool, as I dropped my first one on tiles and it broke. The second one I received was a lot smaller, however I find it does the same job.
  52. Please restock!


    Tried this out and now I’m desperate to get my hands on my own! Gorgeous tool
  53. great to help absorbtion


    this really helps my skincare absorb, i have notice way more effect from the products
  54. Gorgeous


    What a gorgeous little tool! Great to treat yourself to an at home pamper session and looks beautiful in my room
  55. Love Love Love


    For the 3 weeks I had this product (it broke after I dropped it on the bathroom floor) I totally fell in love. My skin was remarkably clearer and less puffy. One thing I didn't expect was for my blackheads and blockages to decrease so significantly, as this is a real problem for me. I really miss this tool! Please restock soon.
  56. Amazing!!


    I am actually shocked by this little tool. I was going to wait a month before writing a review, however I have been using it fairly religiously for the past week and a half and am shocked by the results. I bought it with the intention of removing puffiness, however I noticed after 1-2 uses that the congestion I had on my forehead has completely disappeared. Nothing else in my routine has changed a...
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  57. At home facial


    I’ve noticed a small difference in my face and the fluid. A bit pricey so could probably find one cheaper. But it feels so luxurious and love using this at night after using my serums
  58. Detox for Skin


    This gua-sha is definitely one of the most affordable ones in the market! Love the quality of it and love what it does to my face - it really tones and sculpts my face with continuous usage!! I use it after applying my serum.
  59. make them cheekbones pop


    When applying serums and such, this is an absolute must have. I always tended to push my cheeks up to get some subtle sculpting in, but I fear i was too rough and have given myself premature wrinkles. I love this product cause it is gentle and allows me to still sculp my face how I like!
  60. Very helpful tool


    If you have been doing your facial massage with your fingers, then you will love this tool, I know I did! Saves your hands, and I think it gives a better overall massage.
  61. Can't stop using this


    I love this so much. I keep it in the fridge and try to use it every night as part of my skincare routine. It feels so good on the skin and makes me feel lifted.
  62. helps depuff


    i use this in the morning and it really helps depuff my skin
  63. Nice face sculpting


    I usually have puffed face when I wake up, this face sculpting helped to reduce the puffiness ! One of the facial tool that worth the investment


    This Gua Sha tool right here is incredible!
    I have used my hands and fingertips for facial massage for years but this sculpting tool is great, I use mine for face elevation morning and night and for a stiff neck and body. For the price, I would recommend it to anyone!


    I have used this for only a week and I already see a massive difference in my face. I used to do lymphatic massages before I got this product but they never gave me the results that I get form this!
  66. Perfect


    Perfect for massaging and relaxing the muscles of the face. Fits the contours of your face perfectly! I like using this before bed with pomegranate oil. Highly recommend this tool for Gua Sha.
  67. If you are committed you will see results


    This product assists me in my near daily facial massage. It comes with instructions on how to do the massage, in which direction to put pressure in order to stimulate blood flow and sculpt your face. I use it at night before bed and often feel like my skin looks brighter and fresher in the morning. I know that if I am committed and use it continuously for a few months I will see even more results....
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  68. love this


    amazing for lymphatic drainage, huge difference in puffiness
  69. The perfect edition to your self-care routine!


    I LOVE this! I've recently added this Gua Sha to my skincare routine and it feels great. It's such a nice little addition that feels extra special and like you're really taking some time out to care for your skin. I tried this out at room temp with one of my Ordinary serums. I did find that it was quite hard to move across my face as the serum sunk in quickly and had a tacky consistency so moving ...
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  70. Feels nice and soothing


    It looks very pretty! I'm using it to massage my face after my morning serum. It feels relaxing and soothing. Not sure about the long term effects, but it is definitely useful to release the tension in my jaws. Haven't tested the roller so can't compare.
  71. Love this little tool!


    Wasn’t sure what to expect and got it as an impulse buy - so glad I did! Helps sink moisturisers and serums into my skin and it’s so cooling and easy to use. Have used it on the back of my neck and collarbone also to relieve some tension. Has been used for about a week now so not sure of the long Term benefits as of yet but definitely a handy tool
  72. Wonderfully surprised!


    I love it & it works! I love crystals & especially rose quartz and it definitely works!
    I use it with my own facial massage cream, and I use my own technique; it does give a lift rendering it young, energised & refreshed.
  73. Love this product!


    I wanted a facial roller for a long time, but then I came across the Gua sha tool and preferred the shape because it seemed to be more versatile for pressure points. When it arrived, I was not disappointed. Perfect for my serums in the morning and night, and my partner uses it to massage his face too. Win / win.
  74. Good, but not as good as the roller!


    Firstly, this is a super cute/high quality product! Personally (and i could be doing it wrong) but I didn't notice a huge difference in my face and my pimples seemed a bit aggravated after use. I did however find out its AMAZING to use on the back of your neck if you get pain from being bent over a computer/phone all day! Definitely recommend the roller for face though if your looking for somethin...
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  75. Face drain magic


    Great tool for massaging your face and draining toxins from the face. Love it and use it most mornings.
  76. Love!


    I love using this once I've put an oil or serum on first. I find it is great to release my jaw muscles and amazing for lymphatic drainage. It is a lovely little self care ritual for me when I use this.
  77. Great for a mini pamper session


    Great for a mini pamper session.
    Feels amazing on a puffy or hot face (if kept in the fridge). Does help with puffiness this way. Feels nice, just not sure if its doing anything in the long run, or just good for reducing morning puffiness.
  78. Good for depuffing


    I like doing this at night with a face oil to help lift my skin. It does take some time to get used to it but feels very relaxing.
  79. treat purchase


    This isn't as soothing as the roller, it's a bit more harsh and pulling but it still feels lovely and cooling on the skin. I haven't really noticed amazing results though after using this for a while and it is really fragile. I read previous reviews about being careful not to drop it so I only used it in my room where there is carpet. However I put it in my make up bag to travel with it and it bro...
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  80. Face drain magic


    Great product for lymphatic drainage. I use it least 2-3 times a week when I wake up with a puffy face and results are immediate. LOVE IT!
  81. LOVE this beauty <3


    This little guy is an absolute legend! I'd heard lots about gua sha before purchasing and had always been interested but never really thought it was legit. I saw that this was on sale, so I figured I might as well give it a go. It's AMAZING first thing in the morning - I experience quite a bit of puffiness in general, but particularly under the eyes. Using this tool for 2-5mins really takes down t...
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  82. Be gentle with it


    Its so good for blood circulation, but be gentle with it. Particularly the neck, you could leave internal bleeding if you arent gentle (like i did).
  83. Amazing!


    This gua sha tool is amazing! It helps relieve tension in my face after a long day, and reduces puffiness around my eyes and bloating around my face. I use this every night and have noticed such a difference!
  84. Essential beauty tool


    Really love this product for lifting skin and for relaxation. I use a serum first so it glides easy.
  85. So relaxing


    I find I hold a lot of tension in my face, I use this tool at the end of my night time routine after putting on rosehip oil. After just one week my face is less puffy and some of the knots in my jaw are releasing. I even had my partner use it on my sholder knots and it was amazing. I keep it in the fridge with my jade roller, the combo are amazing after these hot summer days.
  86. Love this so much


    Using the makes me feel like I’m at a spa, it’s so relaxing. I love that it helps to work in my serums/oils.
  87. Simple tool, yet powerful


    I purchased this after reading so many articles on Gua Shas and I have no regrets!

    Although it's been a couple of weeks since the purchase, my skin feels slightly smoother with less bumps. This has resulted in my makeup going on really well! I love how it doesn't take long to use it. I use it 2-3 times a week for 5 minutes just before I go to sleep.
  88. always carry it in my bag


    my face was like when i feel tired it will get puffines and that is the reason why i always carry it in my bag, it works for me!
  89. Fluid be gone!


    This tool is amazing as a relaxation facial tool and also noticeably takes away puffiness and fluid retention. Can also help areas that are super tense which in turn softens your facial features. Google how to videos and watch your face change for the better!
  90. Sculpter in the long run


    Id say this is amazing to circulate the blood in the face (short term and immediate results) and sculpt my face (long term and need to use religiously). Not as convenient to use as the face roller, but results are much better
  91. cheekbone definer


    I love this all over my face , but i use it on my cheekbones the most. I have always wanted super defined cheekbones and since using this tool for about 3 months, my cheekbones are finally how i want them to be. I use this everyday and its great because its a natural option if you dont want plastic surgery!!
  92. Great for pampering


    Loving this Gua Sha. It really does relieve puffiness on the entry face. I have introduced into my morning routine a 2 morning a week, 5 minute session to drain all the fluid that collects under my skin while I sleep....it really does work a treat!
  93. Feels so good


    Great at de-puffing and stimulating my skin to give a more plump and glowing look. Helps me feel more alive in the morning
  94. New essential


    First of all, you know its real (and not plastic, etc) as it gets a little tiny smaller after every use. Using this to sculpt / massage my face at night after applying face oil is the best way to circulate the blood.
  95. At home massage


    Beautiful tool to apply skincare, feels like a massage
  96. Really relaxing


    I love using this gua sha for facial massage. The box comes with handy instructions and after a session I feel like all the stress I hold in my face is completely gone!
  97. My skins best friend


    I was told about the Gua sha method by a friend who studies chinese medicine and I am SO glad she told me about this because I cannot live without it! Every day twice a day after I apply my serums, fine lines and pigmentation have started clearing and also the muscle build up in my jaw has relaxed too! Amazing!
  98. So relaxing


    I love this little tool, I enjoy it after a long day and it really relaxes my muscles! I am nervous to drop it as it’ll break! So I keep it in a little pouch thing when I’m done cleaning it
  99. Love it!


    I use this every morning, it's great if you suffer with sinus issues. Great for reducing puffiness in the face and you definitely look a bit more sculpted. I like using it around my eyes, makes you look more awake.
  100. works great


    works great for sculpting the face, depuffs certain areas and improves circulation
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