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SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Gua Sha - Face Sculpting Tool

4.6 of 60 reviews


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4 instalments of $6.24

Or 4 instalments of $6.24 with LEARN MORE

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Enhance your beauty routine with SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Gua Sha. Used for centuries in Chinese medicine, this facial tool can help contour and sculpt the face, as well as enhance the penetration and effectiveness of your skin care.

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Customer Reviews

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4.6 of 60 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Wonderfully surprised!


I love it & it works! I love crystals & especially rose quartz and it definitely works!
I use it with my own facial massage cream, and I use my own technique; it does give a lift rendering it young, energised & refreshed.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good, but not as good as the roller!


Firstly, this is a super cute/high quality product! Personally (and i could be doing it wrong) but I didn't notice a huge difference in my face and my pimples seemed a bit aggravated after use. I did however find out its AMAZING to use on the back of your neck if you get pain from being bent over a computer/phone all day! Definitely recommend the roller for face though if your looking for something a bit easier to use.
  1. Wonderfully surprised!


    verified purchaser
    I love it & it works! I love crystals & especially rose quartz and it definitely works!
    I use it with my own facial massage cream, and I use my own technique; it does give a lift rendering it young, energised & refreshed.
  2. Love this product!


    I wanted a facial roller for a long time, but then I came across the Gua sha tool and preferred the shape because it seemed to be more versatile for pressure points. When it arrived, I was not disappointed. Perfect for my serums in the morning and night, and my partner uses it to massage his face too. Win / win.
  3. Good, but not as good as the roller!


    verified purchaser
    Firstly, this is a super cute/high quality product! Personally (and i could be doing it wrong) but I didn't notice a huge difference in my face and my pimples seemed a bit aggravated after use. I did however find out its AMAZING to use on the back of your neck if you get pain from being bent over a computer/phone all day! Definitely recommend the roller for face though if your looking for somethin...
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  4. Face drain magic


    Great tool for massaging your face and draining toxins from the face. Love it and use it most mornings.
  5. Love!


    I love using this once I've put an oil or serum on first. I find it is great to release my jaw muscles and amazing for lymphatic drainage. It is a lovely little self care ritual for me when I use this.
  6. Great for a mini pamper session


    Great for a mini pamper session.
    Feels amazing on a puffy or hot face (if kept in the fridge). Does help with puffiness this way. Feels nice, just not sure if its doing anything in the long run, or just good for reducing morning puffiness.
  7. Good for depuffing


    I like doing this at night with a face oil to help lift my skin. It does take some time to get used to it but feels very relaxing.
  8. treat purchase


    This isn't as soothing as the roller, it's a bit more harsh and pulling but it still feels lovely and cooling on the skin. I haven't really noticed amazing results though after using this for a while and it is really fragile. I read previous reviews about being careful not to drop it so I only used it in my room where there is carpet. However I put it in my make up bag to travel with it and it bro...
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  9. Face drain magic


    Great product for lymphatic drainage. I use it least 2-3 times a week when I wake up with a puffy face and results are immediate. LOVE IT!
  10. LOVE this beauty <3


    This little guy is an absolute legend! I'd heard lots about gua sha before purchasing and had always been interested but never really thought it was legit. I saw that this was on sale, so I figured I might as well give it a go. It's AMAZING first thing in the morning - I experience quite a bit of puffiness in general, but particularly under the eyes. Using this tool for 2-5mins really takes down t...
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  11. Be gentle with it


    Its so good for blood circulation, but be gentle with it. Particularly the neck, you could leave internal bleeding if you arent gentle (like i did).
  12. Amazing!


    This gua sha tool is amazing! It helps relieve tension in my face after a long day, and reduces puffiness around my eyes and bloating around my face. I use this every night and have noticed such a difference!
  13. Essential beauty tool


    Really love this product for lifting skin and for relaxation. I use a serum first so it glides easy.
  14. So relaxing


    I find I hold a lot of tension in my face, I use this tool at the end of my night time routine after putting on rosehip oil. After just one week my face is less puffy and some of the knots in my jaw are releasing. I even had my partner use it on my sholder knots and it was amazing. I keep it in the fridge with my jade roller, the combo are amazing after these hot summer days.
  15. Love this so much


    Using the makes me feel like I’m at a spa, it’s so relaxing. I love that it helps to work in my serums/oils.
  16. Simple tool, yet powerful


    I purchased this after reading so many articles on Gua Shas and I have no regrets!

    Although it's been a couple of weeks since the purchase, my skin feels slightly smoother with less bumps. This has resulted in my makeup going on really well! I love how it doesn't take long to use it. I use it 2-3 times a week for 5 minutes just before I go to sleep.
  17. always carry it in my bag


    my face was like when i feel tired it will get puffines and that is the reason why i always carry it in my bag, it works for me!
  18. Fluid be gone!


    This tool is amazing as a relaxation facial tool and also noticeably takes away puffiness and fluid retention. Can also help areas that are super tense which in turn softens your facial features. Google how to videos and watch your face change for the better!
  19. Sculpter in the long run


    Id say this is amazing to circulate the blood in the face (short term and immediate results) and sculpt my face (long term and need to use religiously). Not as convenient to use as the face roller, but results are much better
  20. cheekbone definer


    I love this all over my face , but i use it on my cheekbones the most. I have always wanted super defined cheekbones and since using this tool for about 3 months, my cheekbones are finally how i want them to be. I use this everyday and its great because its a natural option if you dont want plastic surgery!!
  21. Great for pampering


    Loving this Gua Sha. It really does relieve puffiness on the entry face. I have introduced into my morning routine a 2 morning a week, 5 minute session to drain all the fluid that collects under my skin while I sleep....it really does work a treat!
  22. Feels so good


    Great at de-puffing and stimulating my skin to give a more plump and glowing look. Helps me feel more alive in the morning
  23. New essential


    First of all, you know its real (and not plastic, etc) as it gets a little tiny smaller after every use. Using this to sculpt / massage my face at night after applying face oil is the best way to circulate the blood.
  24. At home massage


    Beautiful tool to apply skincare, feels like a massage
  25. Really relaxing


    I love using this gua sha for facial massage. The box comes with handy instructions and after a session I feel like all the stress I hold in my face is completely gone!
  26. My skins best friend


    I was told about the Gua sha method by a friend who studies chinese medicine and I am SO glad she told me about this because I cannot live without it! Every day twice a day after I apply my serums, fine lines and pigmentation have started clearing and also the muscle build up in my jaw has relaxed too! Amazing!
  27. So relaxing


    I love this little tool, I enjoy it after a long day and it really relaxes my muscles! I am nervous to drop it as it’ll break! So I keep it in a little pouch thing when I’m done cleaning it
  28. Love it!


    I use this every morning, it's great if you suffer with sinus issues. Great for reducing puffiness in the face and you definitely look a bit more sculpted. I like using it around my eyes, makes you look more awake.
  29. works great


    works great for sculpting the face, depuffs certain areas and improves circulation
  30. Great


    Love this face sculpting tool. I use it the evenings to apply my serum. The shape is great for contouring along your cheekbones, brow and jaw. Love that it is rose quartz stone. Like a facial massage, I really feel the tension release.
  31. It works


    I was concerned that this product wouldnt work, and I didnt think the shape would be practical. But after 3 weeks I can see more definition around my cheek and jaw line! And it feels and looks beautiful too! Good gift!
  32. DIY Facial!


    Loving this product currently! It makes my home skincare routine feel like a mini professional facial. Great for reducing inflammation and sculpting the face with serums. I find the tool to be soothing and it has reduced muscle tightness in my jaw!
  33. Natural contour


    ive been using mine for about a month and a half and I can honestly say I see my definition in my cheekbones. Take my word for it! if you want natural contour, try this!
  34. Dissapointing


    I'm in my early 40's with jowl concerns other wise my skin is pretty good. I thought I'd try this & concentrate on my jaw line in particular however am pretty disappointed. The tool itself is smooth, easy to grip & each of the angles are contoured for jaw, under eyes, cheekbones, forehead & neck however I find that regardless of how much serum or moisturiser I use the tool pulls as opposed to runn...
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  35. Mini facial massage


    What a great little tool. I use this morning and evening as part of my beauty regime after I put on my serum. I massage about 7 strokes per area and it's a really great feeling - like a mini massage. I have pretty good skin (lucky genes) so I can't really tell yet if using this has improved my skin, but it's definitely a nice way to wake up in the morning! Unfortunately, mine broke as it slipped f...
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  36. My morning saviour


    This is fantastic to use on your face to get the blood and skin plump into your face. It feels like a relaxing facial on your face which you can do each day!
  37. Lovely idea


    This is a beautiful little beauty tool that feels like a little facial massage. I use it to gently pat in my serums and oils and it’s makes it a beautiful experience
  38. great for jaw pain, sculpting the cheek bones


    This product is fantastic. It helps to alleviate jaw pain. You can also use it to chisel out the jaw and it give immediate real life contouring results. It comes beautifully packaged and is very high quality
  39. Nice little in home spa


    Very easy to use, relaxing. I don't think it makes my serums or oils absorb any better than my finger tips, but I value the massaging effect of using the Gua Sha. I keep the packaging so that I can take it travelling without breaking it.
  40. Love it!


    This tool is awesome. Nice size which fits in the hand perfectly and edges are perfectly shaped. Def recommend!
  41. Feels amazing


    I love this. Great for blood flow and really wakes me up! I usually do a face mask and then follow it up with a face oil and massage my face with this awesome tool. Really great!
  42. surprised

    Regina Fuentes

    Saw this a lot on Instagram and decided to try it for myself. Was a little sceptical about it but am genuinely surprised that I can see result after a week of using it. I would recommend using it with your moisturiser for you to massage smoothly
  43. Expensive item for great price


    I use this to sculpt my cheekbones and jaw line. It has really been helping and my face is looking better! It’s an amazing, expensive product for a great price!
  44. Because it is rose quartz, it will get smaller


    I exfoliated using a BHA AHA wash off mask, then used my vitamin c + ferulic + hyaluronic serums, then my two fave tatcha creams, then finally my argan oil to get a smoother massage. Used this tool per the instructions. That night my skin remained a bit blotchy and red, and i freaked a bit. But next morning my skin was so plump and smooth id never seen it better. Note that this is rose quartz ...
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  45. Amazing tool!


    I honestly don’t know what I used to do before using my Gua Sha! It feels amazing on the skin especially on myself as I tend to keep a lot of tension in my jaw (hello fellow jaw clenches!). It makes my skin turn pink as I’m massaging but immediately afterwards my skin feels plump and my oil serum really sinks in rather than sitting on top of my skin. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed!
  46. Great price


    I thought because this was quite cheap comparatively that it might be poor quality but it is great and the little box it comes in with instructions is super handy!
  47. Daily ritual


    I love to use this every night with my face roller. It does take some time to see results and it requires discipline, but 5 minutes everyday is nothing. I also like using this on my neck and legs for lymphatic drainage.
  48. Great sculpting tool


    If you're new to the aspect of lymphatic drainage and face sculpting, this is the perfect tool to use! Very fool proof and easy to use, i recommend keeping it in the fridge and using the tool to help your serum sink in
  49. Love it!


    Love this Face Sculpting Tool especially when you partner it with the Face Roller! Perfect combination! Helps you control your cheeks to be saggy.
  50. soothing and luxe


    I love this addition to my beauty regime. After seeing a friend using this, I decided to get it and I am so glad I did. It is so soothing and feels so good on the face and neck. I use it with my sheet masks and serums and have noticed a difference in my skin
  51. Arrived at the perfect time!


    This made me feel great and arrived just in time, I am u well and this beautiful tool has given me a clear face and a fresh feeling. Can’t wait to use again later in the evening. This will definitely become a regularly used facial tool in my beauty routine.
  52. Absolutely love this!


    I was a bit skeptical before trying but I can really tell the difference. I normally have dull skin and at times I look a bit puffy. Since using this product my skin looks more radiant before makeup. It depuffs and I am really loving the results!
  53. Growing on me


    I have this product as well as the quartz roller and spiked roller in the range. I like this more than the spiked roller but less than the quartz roller. I don't like the sensation of using it dry but with product it feels nice. It does sit really well around the contours of my face. It is a good way to smooth in oils or moisturiser. Overall, the sensation is not quite as relaxing as the quartz ro...
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  54. Great idea


    May just look like and odd shaped rock but this is a great tool I use of a night with serums on my face loving it
    And also can be washed and use to help circulation on my husbands leg he thinks it’s amazing also
    Well worth the buy
  55. Interesting

    Tea Sommelier

    I really love my face roller from Salt By Hendrix, so when the label came out with a Rose Quartz Gua Sha, I immediately purchased it. The first one I received, had uneven, scratches on the surface of the Gua Sha. It was only when I removed it from the packaging when I discovered the minuscule, chipped off fragments. After cleaning it in soapy water, a small, glasslike piece got wedged in the side ...
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  56. A beautiful product


    Love this beautiful piece. Depuffs my face in the morning, like a mini massage!
  57. luxe


    This is a nice addition if you are looking to treat yourself. i love mine!
  58. Fantastic addition to my skincare regime


    After watching many YouTube videos I finally decided to buy this. And I've been loving it ever since! Initially i used it after applying my nightly serums but found i couldn't get enough slip without overusing / wasting my serums. So I now use this at night during my pre cleanse. I spend a few minutes before rinsing and continuing with my main cleanse and the rest of my night time skincare routine...
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  59. Love it!


    Love it! A bit hard to grip but all in all it is a great tool for gua sha and very versatile~*
  60. All round perfect at home/travel tool!

    Courtney (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is the ultimate massage for your face and neck! I use it with serums, my moisturisers, cleanser and sheet masks! It definitely helps to stimulate blood flow and helps my products glide! I am a bit excessive with product and use more than I should, so I always have leftover product on my fingers which frightened me as the Gua Sha was slipping through my fingers! Other than that dream tool to u...
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