Crafted with natural and organic high-quality ingredients, SALT BY HENDRIX is an Australian-made botanical skincare range dedicated to performance-based, affordable luxury. With fashion-forward packaging that exudes luxury and style, these vegan formulas nurture the skin and soul with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. 

Founder Kellie Collis' son suffered from eczema and she desperately began seeking naturally-derived remedies. On a mission, Kellie developed a formula that proved effective, and thus SALT BY HENDRIX was born. Originally consisting of body oils and bath salts, the vegan beauty range soon expanded to body products, hair mists, facial oils and organic roll-on fragrances.

Their popularity has risen, not just because of their effective products, but due to their commitment to conscious beauty. The SALT BY HENDRIX products are as much about wellness as they are about beauty. It is important to the brand to know exactly where the ingredients are sourced from, free from harsh chemicals and cruelty-free.

Some of the most loved SALT BY HENDRIX products include: 

  • Mermaid Oil: a highly moisturising formula rich in Omega’s 6 and 9 to help support skin health, lock in moisture and stimulate cell regeneration. This superfood facial oil is feather light and easily absorbs into skin, leaving no oily residue behind.

  • Eye Babe:  to promote fresh, hydrated and youthful eyes. Created with a beautiful cocktail of plant-based oils, this lightweight beauty elixir absorbs easily into skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines while preventing premature aging. 

  • Body Glow: Available in two shades, a gorgeous golden bronze and a luminous gold pearl, these body oils will intensely hydrate your body while coating your skin in a stunning natural lust-worthy radiance. 

With products spanning across skin, body and hair, this natural vegan beauty brand provides an uplifting experience inside and out. 

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SALT BY HENDRIX Eye Babe Oil Treatment 15ml
SALT BY HENDRIX Eye Babe Oil Treatment 15ml

Smells nice, and feels good

This oil smells nice and natural. The area around my eyes felt really dry probably because of my facial cleanser, so I bought this. have used it for a week so not sure about anti-wrinkle effects but for dry under eyes like mine they do a great job!
SALT BY HENDRIX Crystal Waters Hyaluronic Face Mask 40ml
SALT BY HENDRIX Crystal Waters Hyaluronic Face Mask 40ml

Had high expectations..

I had really high expectations for this product as I have used other products from SALT BY HENDRIX before and really loved them.
I did not really feel much difference after applying and even felt that it was breaking me out. Something I would not be expecting since this is a hydrating mask and not to purify.

Will finish using but don't think that I will purchase again.
SALT BY HENDRIX Glowtown Hemp Seed Face Oil 30ml
SALT BY HENDRIX Glowtown Hemp Seed Face Oil 30ml

Oil Power!

I ordered Glowtown Hempseed oil without any expectations and I am glad that I went with it! Smell is a bit strong, oil feels heavy at first application, just need to massage (lightly) a bit more to my face but love the result! My face doesn't feel as dry and used it in the morning as well, less than what I use at night, my skin feels soft to the touch. I use it with Glisten and Stardust tonic. Wou...