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Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo 250ml

4.7 of 112 reviews


4 instalments of $9.75

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4 instalments of $9.75

Or 4 instalments of $9.75 with LEARN MORE

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Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo maintains healthy moisture balance of hair and scalp. It leaves hair clean and fresh.  This special shampoo contains piroctone olamine and climbazole that removes dry dandruff and itchiness.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Flaky scalp

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4.7 of 112 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Amazing shampoo worth every penny


Absolutely love this shampoo! Suffering with eczema, it's always tough to find product that addresses dryness without compromising on luxury. I have located nothing that compares to this! Leaves my hair flake and itch free. For those with seborrheic dermatitis -- it's a godsend. Other products aimed at dry scalp are usually 'medicinal' in scent, and while they soothe the scalp, they tend to leave the hair itself extremely dry. This shampoo results in squeaky clean hair, and I find I have no troubles with dryness, as long as I follow up with a good condition of the ends (I apply Sachajuan's Hair Repair once a week). Cannot recommend enough! I no longer use anything else.

Most Helpful Criticism

Clean hair


This is a shampoo to help with dry scalp and dandruff. I like to use this once a week as a clarifying shampoo as I feel it's a little stronger than my normal shampoo.
It cleans well but definitely makes my hair feel a
little drier. I need to use a lot of conditioner afterwards.
The bottle is distinctive and minimal. The flip top lid is easy to use.
The consistency is of a light gel. It doesn't lather so it can be hard to tell if it's spread evenly all over the scalp. It has no scent.
  1. Amazing shampoo worth every penny


    Absolutely love this shampoo! Suffering with eczema, it's always tough to find product that addresses dryness without compromising on luxury. I have located nothing that compares to this! Leaves my hair flake and itch free. For those with seborrheic dermatitis -- it's a godsend. Other products aimed at dry scalp are usually 'medicinal' in scent, and while they soothe the scalp, they tend to leave ...
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  2. Great shampoo!


    This shampoo is probably one of the best that I have used to address a flaky and itchy scalp. I notice that with regular use it really does help with my scalp issues where I noticed a difference when I left it on for the recommended 1-2 mins. It does leave your hair that squeaky clean feeling, so I recommend using a good conditioning treatment afterwards to ensure your hair lengths don't get too d...
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  3. I love this shampoo!


    It's smells great, feels great and actually works!! But it's so expensive and runs out too quickly
  4. Best for itchy flaky scalp


    I started using this months ago and over time it has transformed my itchy flaky scalp into a non itchy, almost flake free delight. I blow dry and wash my hair everyday and have fine, easilu damaged long hair with Yuko straightening treatment in it. If you find this dries your hair out use it every second or third day along with another more moisturing shampoo. Also coat your ends in conditioner be...
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  5. really works


    I had a problem with oily scalp for the longest time. Switching to this scalp shampoo has visibly made my scalp healthier. The hair feels more alive too!
  6. Clean hair


    This is a shampoo to help with dry scalp and dandruff. I like to use this once a week as a clarifying shampoo as I feel it's a little stronger than my normal shampoo.
    It cleans well but definitely makes my hair feel a
    little drier. I need to use a lot of conditioner afterwards.
    The bottle is distinctive and minimal. The flip top lid is easy to use.
    The consistency is of a...
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  7. Lifesaver


    I have moderate seborrheic dermatitis, but you wouldn't know it when I use this shampoo regularly. I agree with a previous reviewer that it makes your hair a little oily a few days after, which it never used to do, but it's totally worth it not to have the flakes and severe itching I get otherwise.
  8. Pretty good


    Good shampoo to get rid of itchy scalp. Can make hair feel a little too dry though so has to be followed up with a moisturising treatment.
  9. Nice


    This shampoo helps to cleanse my hair and moisture it. Good quality.
  10. Great for relieving itchy scalp


    This has been the only product I've used that has consistently cleared up my dandruff and itchy scalp, however, I am finding that it is making my scalp go oily much quicker between washes meaning I have to wash my hair more and more which is not ideal given the price of this shampoo.
  11. Great shampoo for sensitive scalp


    I have eczema and a very sensitive, itchy scalp and this is one of the only shampoos that doesn't irritate me. Love it
  12. Fantastic!


    Brilliant. Works and relieves in one wash. Doesn’t dry out your hair. Love it!
  13. This Works


    The bottle may be small but it goes a long way. It lathers really well and works first time. Dandruff stays at bay way longer than any other products. Love that it's cruelty free too! Only half star missing, I wish it had a scent.
  14. Leaves hair clean and soft


    Great product for those with sensitive scalp, leave hair clean and lightweight and fresh
  15. Mediocre for Psoriasis


    I've currently been using this shampoo once a week or so for the past few months.
    Like other scalp/dandruff shampoos, it does leave you with that squeaky-clean straw texture but seems more gentle than your supermarket scalp shampoos.
    A little product goes a long way and i believe it would work really well for non-coloured hair with standard flaky dandruff. I had purchased due to revi...
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  16. Brilliant!


    Only used this product once and its already seriously helped my dry/flaky scalp. Definitely would recommend!
  17. disappointed


    I bought this scalp for my son. He has oily and dandruff scalp. it didnot do the job as his hair still have dandruff and have oily smell hair.
  18. Best shampoo I’ve ever used for dandruff


    I have always had issues with dandruff and my hairdresser recommended this product to me. It works better than any other dandruff shampoo I’ve ever used. Expensive but worth the money.
  19. Best shampoo I’ve ever used for dandruff


    I have always had issues with dandruff and my hairdresser recommended this product to me. It works better than any other dandruff shampoo I’ve ever used. Expensive but worth the money.
  20. Boyfriend Loves It


    I got this for my boyfriend who has a very dry scalp and was finding nothing working. This worked from the first use! Scalp is already much calmer and flake free.
  21. Not too bad


    Gentle and refreshing on scalp and hair. Controls dandruff well. Probably more expensive than other cruelty free shampoos that act the same or even better.
  22. Disappointing


    I was so hopeful given the positive reviews on this product, but unfortunately this shampoo isn’t for me. I’ve been dealing with an itchy scalp with some flakiness for the past 2+ years. I have blonde balayage so need a shampoo that’s also safe for my colour and nourishing. Prior to using this shampoo, I was using the Bondi Boost Anti Dandruff Shampoo alongside the Christophe Robin purifying scalp...
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  23. Scalp's bestest buddy


    This definitely lives up to the hype. I've been using it for over a year.. no more dry scalp issues for me!
  24. Works well


    Works so well on my dry scalp, deep cleans and leaves my hair feeling fresh.
  25. It really works!


    I get a dry and itchy scalp in Winter- so bought the travel size to try it. After the first use i immediately noticed that my scalp was not itchy and there was no flaking. The following week I didn't use it and my scalp was super itchy, dry and flaky (gross). Safe to say that this shampoo has done wonders to my scalp I couldn't believe it!! Going to buy the full size now.
  26. Quality Product


    I have some flaking from time to time, and I found this shampoo was effective at keeping it at bay. There is no real smell, which might please some but personally think it’d be nice if it had a good scent. Lathers up really nicely and you don’t need much.
  27. Fantastic


    Fantastic shampoo that really does what it claims! Scalp feels so clean after using this and no more dandruff! Hair feels so silky and healthy too
  28. It works


    This works really well to clear dandruff. It also feels like it’s good for my hair - Unlike the supermarket anti dandruff shampoos which leave my hair a knotty mess. I order this every time my dandruff makes an appearance
  29. Great product- shame it’s so expensive.


    I have re-purchased this product several times and always keep coming back to It. It is the only thing that I’ve noticed that is helping my sensitive, itchy scalp. It does seem to relieve the symptoms for a short time but I’m not sure if it’s doing anything long-term, but if you wash your hair regularly with it then this will help with the symptoms but I don’t think it does anything to stop the...
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  30. Great shampoo, a bit expensive


    I loved this shampoo after I received a trial size. I found it great for my dry scalp, although it is a bit expensive, so I will hesitate to buy the full size.
  31. No luck for me....


    I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks now along side the conditioner and I’ve not seen a decrease in my dry itchy scalp. I’ve just noticed my hair drying out quite a bit. Was super keen on this after reading a heap of positive reviews. Maybe just not for me!
  32. Dandruff Gone11


    This product is amazing! My son had very bad dandruff and an extremely red, dry scalp. Within 1 1/2 weeks of using this product his scalp has almost all cleared up. No more redness and the flaking is very minimal.
  33. This one REALLY helps dry scalp


    I have just finished the small travel size which I was using to trial the product as I have used so many products to try and deal with my very dry, itchy flaky scalp. Finally I have found a product that actually helps with dry, itchy and flaky scalps and dandruff so I am now purchasing a full size bottle. I use this as my first shampoo and massage with a scalp massager before using the Oribe Seren...
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  34. Actually does what it says it does!


    After ordering a dodgy product of Facebook for dry scalp that did not work, I was hesitant to trust another product. After reading all the positive reviews I decided to give Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo a go. I’m so happy with the results, I’m no longer itching my scalp all day long. I still itch occasionally but no where near as much as I was. My hair appears to stay cleaner for longer too and looks h...
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  35. Love it!


    I got a sample of this product and will definitely repurchase it. It is very clarifying and gets rid of dandruff like a treat without drying out my hair
  36. The one for me


    I don't have dandruff, just dry flaky scalp at times. Winter is definitely the time when I noticed the flaky scalp more. I have tried many many brands of supermarket and chemist brands and nothing works. This does!
  37. Great for oily roots, dry ends.


    This shampoo worked really well for me,

    I have oily roots, dry ends and it was good for balancing the two.
  38. Now I’m “silky smooze” like the Zohan


    Hair gets oily, but when I use other shampoos it dried my scalp out resulting in more oil by next wash. This shampoo broke the vicious cycle. Somehow manages to remove oil without drying out scalp so you don’t look like a rat after a day of not showering. I use the conditioner pairing as well and it worked like a charm.
  39. Disappointing


    I have a very dry scalp - NOT dandruff. Sadly this didn't seem to do anything for me. I had high hopes based on the good reviews. It gives a good lather with a non offensive scent. It seems to wash some flakes away. But I don't feel it moisturised my scalp at all or reduced the dryness in any way. I'm using up the bottle but I won't re-purchase.
  40. My go to shampoo when my scalp is flaky


    I get dandruff quite often and most dandruff shampoo's are too harsh and dry out my hair leaving it brittle. Since I've been using this shampoo once a week (rotating with Kérastase Specifique Balancing Shampoo) my dandruff is under control without drying out my hair.
  41. Great


    I was a little wary to purchase the product, usually scalp/dandruff shampoos smell like ass. But this one actually smells nice. I noticed a difference straight away. My scalp felt moisturised and not itchy at all.
  42. Amazing!


    Within 3 hair washes using this shampoo (and conditioner) my dry scalp has cleared up leaving my hair flake free, and my scalp so much less itchy. Really worked for me!
  43. Works!


    I noticed a significant difference using this shampoo on my hair and scalp issues, and it has lasted surprisingly longer than I expected. Will definitely be purchasing again.
  44. Amazing!


    I have had an itchy/dry/flaky scalp on and off for years. A few weeks ago, it got so bad I was having trouble concentrating at work and I would be scratching constantly.
    After ONE use, my scalp felt so much better. I mean it felt noticeably cleaner! It wasn’t itchy anymore. The flakiness is reduced. I can’t praise it enough.
    It isn’t cheap but I believe it is worth the price tag. Will...
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  45. Amazing, cleared up my scalp without drying out my hair


    I’ve been using this every second day and my scalp has really cleared up without drying out my already dry hair. I’m going to reduce using this to once a week to maintain a flake free scalp
  46. The best shampoo ever


    I've had itchy dry scalp and very oily hair all my life, I've tried everything and I mean everything; some were very harsh and smelt like nail polish remover and that one was from the GP.
    I gave up, cut my long hair off so I could manage the oiliness and the flakes better.
    I found this shampoo on line and read some reviews etc and I purchased the sample size first and I couldn't believ...
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  47. Didn't work for me


    Unfortunately this didn't work for me and my itchy scalp. Back to the drawing board.
  48. Big fan


    My scalp is very sensitive and my hair is very thick. This is the best shampoo I have used for moisturised hair and scalp. No flakes :)
  49. Fav


    This is the only shampoo I will use anymore. It's the only one to ever completely relieve my itchy and flaky irritated scalp, lifesaver.
  50. Life Changing


    Had been experiencing an itchy scalp for months. Went to my hairdresser who gave me a shampoo for it.. did nothing. Went to my doctor who could not find anything on my scalp to be warranting the itch and she prescribed me vitamins for it.. didn't work. My hair would start itching again only hours after washing it - and I would scratch at my scalp like a mad woman, it was body twitchingly itchy. Th...
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  51. Has the formula changed?


    I’ve been using this shampoo for about a year and absolutely love it. It’s the only product I’d tried which kept my dandruff and itchy scalp under control. Unfortunately the last two bottles I’ve had seem quite different. It’s a milky opaque colour instead of clear and the smell is quite different, worst of all my itchy, flaky scalp is back in full force :(
    The first of the different bottle...
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  52. Amazing


    I got this as a sample and am beyond impressed with how nourishing and beautiful this made my hair look after one use! Will definitely be purchasing full size!
  53. Love it!


    I have a scalp that is sensitive. I can’t use dry shampoo because as soon as I do, my head starts to flake. This shampoo is amazing for fixing my scalp if it flares up. I love to use it even when my scalp is behaving because it is great for my long fine colour treated hair. It doesn’t make my hair frizzy and I get a good 2-3 days before I have to wash my hair again. Fantastic product!
  54. Excellent scalp shampoo


    Although it is a bit on the pricey side, it works well on my scalp.
  55. life saver!!


    I have an incredibly dry scalp and this is amazing for keeping it in check! I cannot recommend this more
  56. Works!


    I've used this product about three or four washes now and I've definitely noticed an improvement. I usually shampoo my hair twice; I tried only once with this product but definitely needed a second go (you only need a 20c coin sized amount each time, so it'll last a while). By about the second wash I noticed I wasn't itching or flaking as much. Very impressed!
  57. Smells great + results


    Am on wash 2 and already the results are great. Shampoo smells lovely and foams up nicely. Also like the ease of use in the bottle design.


    This shampoo cannot be spoken of highly enough. I have had psoriasis in my scalp and oily hair (quite the oxymoron) since childhood. I was fed up with using psoriasis shampoos for a couple of weeks and then changing to oily hair shampoos to iron out my dilemma. I found this shampoo, read the reviews and thought I’d give it a ago. I’m glad a did. It’s completely cleared out my psoriasis and the oil...
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  59. Great result from the first use


    Love this product, the smell is great and leaves my scalp feeling fresh and my hair soft and clean. Only reason I don't give this 5 stars, is that it doesn't foam much so it's a little hard to massage into scalp everywhere without using quite a large amount of shampoo. It still leaves my hair clean though, so just a preference to have foamy shampoo.
  60. Best anti-dandruff shampoo


    I've used so many and this is so good. It leaves my scalp clean and my hair soft.
  61. Best anti dandruff i have tried


    I have tried every anti dandruff shampoo on the planet and this seems to work best for my itchy flaky scalp! Will be buying again.


    I have the driest scalp that is itchy, sore and flakey... Until now! I had tried so many products from salon quality to medicated and nothing did the trick until this. Hair stays flakes free and soft. 10/10 worth a try if you are struggling like i was!
  63. Holey moley


    ive tried so many different products over the last few months with no luck, so tried this and seriously it's the best dandruff product, probably even the best shampoo ive used. It got rid of all my dandruff in one wash, and left my hair feeling super clean and amazing. Will definitely be repurchasing this!
  64. Effective


    I've had dandruff for a long time but I purchased this because it has been particularly severe. I've used this for about 4 or 5 washes now and have definitely noticed a huge difference. Worth the price.
  65. Best for an oily, flaky scalp


    I have an oily, flaky scalp - including around the back of my ears - and this stuff is a lifesaver. Doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and keeps oil and flakes at bay. Like another reviewer said, I can extend the number of days between washes with this (I usually have to wash daily but can get to every three days with this shampoo). Another bonus is that it doesn't dry out my hair like other medic...
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  66. Immediate improvement


    I have fine, frizzy and dry hair with occasional flakiness. Since using this for 1.5 weeks, my hair has never bee so shiny and sleek. Haven't been itchy or had any flakes. I have no frizz and for the first time in my life can just let my hair "air dry" after showering and not use any heat styling to tame it.
  67. Life Changing


    So, background on my hair: I used to wash it every day, got it down to once every 2 days, but still looked dirty, even with dry shampoo.
    This shampoo.
    My God.
    Second use and I got 3 days out of not washing my hair. That's an absolute revolution for me. I probably could've gotten 4, but I didn't want to push my luck. My hair feels so damn smooth right now and I can see it's pullin...
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  68. Miracle product for my psoriasis


    I have had psoriasis for as long as I can remember. I have used every 'medical' product going and all the lotions and potions you can get. This shampoo however has saved me time and time again. Smells lovely unlike many other products targeted and dry scalps, stops my itch and really leaves the hair feeling clean. I literally love it!
  69. Clears up all scalp problems - holy grail shampoo!


    I've recommended this shampoo to several friends after trying literally EVERY shampoo and trick to cure my scalp issues (itchy/flakey). This shampoo has cured 90% of my scalp problems and I won't go back to other shampoos.
  70. Gentle yet effective


    I really like this shampoo for use every now and then. My hair is fine, lightened and slightly wavy, it is generally in good condition but occasionally I find I have scalp issues and dandruff due to changes in the weather and stress etc. I use this for a few days at a time when I notice my scalp in distress, and is also good as a change-up to my routine if I find my hair looking a bit dull.
  71. Got rid of most of the gross scalp snow


    This shampoo got rid of most of my dandruff and scalp flakes but unfortunatley not all of it. It has made a significant change though. You only need a small amount as it lathers up quite nicely. I've had this shampoo for just under a year and I am only now reaching the end of the bottle. I'll be buying a second one.
  72. Fixed my dandruff in a couple of weeks


    My scalp had recently become extremely itchy and flaky and was driving me insane.
    I was pretty sceptical of most anti-dandruff shampoos, and bought this based on reviews. My dandruff was improved after the first 1-2 washes and my scalp was much less itchy. In probably 2-3 weeks it has virtually resolved. I just used it with my normal conditioner. The shampoo smells really nice, my hair is l...
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  73. Great shampoo for scalp issue


    I have sensitive scalp that with other shampoo, it can get dry, itchy, and scaly making me looks like I have dandruff. Reading the review, I gave this a try and it just works. No more itchy and scaly scalp. It doesn’t have that fragrant smell other shampoo has but it doesn’t smell bad too, just neutral I guess which is not an issue for me. Been using for a few years now and I always buy a few to s...
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  74. great shampoo


    I have never had a problem with a dry scalp and dandruff before but recently it popped out of no where! I tried all the shampoos from the chemist and supermarket but they just seemed to make my oily hair already, more oiler!
    I stumbled across this product online and read the reviews and thought id give it a shot. After one use i can see a reduction in the dandruff and can see it defiantly w...
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  75. Meh


    It's a pretty good shampoo, but honestly didn't do much to relieve my scalp. My neutrogena works better and is far far cheaper. I won't purchase again.
  76. Wouldn’t be without it!


    I have been using this shampoo for six months now and wouldn’t be without it. It has completely resolved my itchy, flaky scalp and leaves hair thoroughly washed and nicely soft.
  77. Amazing


    This shampoo is amazing and worth the price. I was having an itchy scalp and it disappeared after 1-2 washes with this. Leaves my long dry hair feeling insane. You have to try if you have scalp issues.
  78. Gets rid of dry flaky skin.


    I had a dry flaky scabs at the back of my head, and this really helped with it. It can be very drying though so I usually pair it with a more moisturising conditioner or treatment and use it once a week.
  79. Finally found an amazing shampoo


    After months and months of suffering with a dry, itchy skull and trying so many different shampoo's and haircare products, I found this. This shampoo is amazing. It feels so refreshing and cooling. I've noticed almost immediate results with less flaking and itching almost completely having stopped. You. Need. This. In. Your. Life!!
  80. Helps flaking, still not my HG product


    I have fine, mid length hair and I suffer from scalp psoriasis. I found this shampoo definitely had an impact on the itchiness and flaking of my scalp but hasn’t completely stopped it. I still need to wash a couple of times a week due to oiliness. I found conditioning first and then using the shampoo after helped with volume as another reviewer suggested.
    I’m still on the lookout for my HG ...
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  81. Excellent


    After searching for a long time to find a good Scalp Shampoo this is the one , thanks Sachajuan. My scalp is looking terrific and feeling great
  82. Great at reducing scalp irritation without being harsh/ drying


    I've been getting either eczema or psoriasis around my hairline and this definitely helps keep them at bay. It's also not super drying like other shampoos that target these symptoms, so my hairdresser doesn't get mad at me haha.
  83. Best shampoo ever


    I got this initially in the 100ml kit along side the conditioner and hair repair and I swear my hair looks so much better using sachajuan products than anything else I've ever tried. This has helped my scalp by leaps and bounds, I have both old sores from diy hair bleeching as well as an anxious habbit of picking them and this is the only product that doesn't hurt them more and also somehow magica...
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  84. Gentle shampoo for dry, flaky scalp


    I purchased the shampoo to help with my dry scalp and dandruff- also needed something that wouldn't cause breakouts on my forehead and irritate psoriasis. I saw immediate results in my hair after the first use, there was less flakiness the next day and a significant improvement in my scalp health overall- delivering results as promised! I have repurchased this product twice and would recommend to ...
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  85. Soothed my scalp


    I had an extremely itchy and irritated scalp after having a chemical treatment done to my hair. I was constantly scratching my scalp when I decided to buy this. After using it 2-3 times the itchiness has completely gone. My roots aren't as oily as they used to be. Really happy with it :)
  86. Finally! A high-end shampoo I can ACTUALLY use!


    I was blessed (not) with an oily AND dandruff prone scalp, so many beautiful, fragrant, high-end shampoos are a big no-no for me... but I've been using Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo for around 6 months and LOVE it! My hair has never felt smoother and my scalp is healthy. Hot tip - this shampoo works wonders when used after conditioner instead of before... life changer!
  87. Holy grail for those with seborrhoeic dermatitis/dandruff!


    Initially I was a little put off by the price for the size/amount of the product, but I'd pay triple for this product! I've had seborrhoeic dermatitis/dandruff and an itching, flaky scalp for years - and at times it's embarrassing. I've tried so many products and none have worked well.

    For some background I'll usually have to wash my very long, very thick hair every 2 days because of...
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  88. Doesn’t do much for me, but will likely work for people with dandruff


    25-29 age group, fine hair, natural roots, no dandruff.

    I’ve been using this 1-2x weekly in response to increased scalp oil production related to hormonal changes. Unfortunately it hasn’t decreased how frequently I need to wash my hair. However, the active ingredients are good stuff (clomimazole and piroctone olamine containing shampoos have been shown to be effective in treating sebo...
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  89. Only Product that works for me


    After trying numerous shampoos this is the best!! It soothes my scalp & gets rid of all the dry skin. My hair is clean and so soft!
  90. Fantastic


    I previously used this and really liked it but decided to try another high end product. Big mistake. My scalp started to become irritated again. My scalp has never felt as good as when I use this product. Highly recommend.
  91. Finally free of my flaky scalp!


    I've been looking for something to help my scalp for years--nothing worked. After one use, there was a significant improvement, and I used the scalp treatment as well. I've used at least five times now and there is no more flaking. Nothing. I am actually shocked. I wash once, leave it on for a few minutes, then follow up with the intensive repair conditioner. I can easily get an extra day be...
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  92. Occasional use

    Manju Elizabeth

    This is a great product especially for those who have dandruff and a challenging scalp. I don’t have either of this but I bought it thinking it would get rid of my oily scalp. It is a great product however a lot of my hair drops out when I wash with this - like a huge bunch. For those who don’t have this issue, that’s wonderful. Now I use it once a week just to wash my hair off all the gunk and im...
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  93. Sodium Laureth Sulfate


    The shampoo was ok. It gave my scalp a nice tingly feeling (I believe due to the menthol) and made it feel really clean. In saying that, this product does contain sodium laureth sulfate which is an ingredient that can actually dry out your hair more than it should, especially if used continually. I bought this under the impression it would fix my dandruff, which it did temporarily but in the long ...
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  94. Psoriasis sufferers - here’s where your journey ends!


    Just an absolutely outstanding product. Tried so many products, so many natural alternatives, so much disappointment. My daughters scalp went from severe psoriasis to beauty healthy skin in a matter of weeks. Results from first wash though. She had lost hair on the worst spots, which has fully regrown now. WORTH EVERY CENT.
  95. Flakiness no more!


    I've battled a flaky and itchy scalp for as long as I can remember. I've tried many brands of shampoo however none have really made a difference.. until I tried Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo. It targets my concerns and after a few washes, I noticed most of the flakiness had disappeared. The only negative is that my scalp is still itchy at times and this is what bugs me the most. I've been using this sha...
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  96. Miracle Shampoo


    I'm 27 and have had a severely dry scalp all my life. I've got dry frizzy hair as well, which makes for such a bad combination. Over the past year my scalp has gradually been getting worse and about 4 months before using the Sachajuan shampoo it had gotten to a point where my dandruff was insanely out of control. I would wash my hair and before it had even dried (naturally) there were flakes every...
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  97. Holy Grail Shampoo...


    I bought this shampoo reading reviews and was recommended by adore beauty. Though pricey, it was worth every penny.
    I have used all shampoos from drugstore to salon certified. But nothing helped my hair fall, dandruff, oily roots and dry hair. This shampoo has ticked all these boxes.
    It is the best and you won't regret it.
  98. irritable scalp paradise


    my scalp has never felt better. i've been through so many different shampoos and this one has to be the best one i've tried so far. i'm prone to having my scalp irritated and itchy/flaky and this leaves me not having any of those issues.
  99. Great for scalp psoriasis


    I suffer from psoriasis on my scalp (seborrheic dermatitis) and have tried most treatments/shampoos, both medical and natural. This shampoo has made a noticeable difference to my scalp after only three washes. It's easy to use and doesn't have a strong smell. Very happy to have found this shampoo :)
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