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Redken Extreme Length leave in treatment 125ml

4.5 of 95 reviews


4 instalments of $9.00

Or 4 instalments of $9.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $9.00

Or 4 instalments of $9.00 with LEARN MORE

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If your hair never seems to grow, Redken Extreme Length Leave In Treatment may well have your name on it. This post-wash treatment is made with biotin and castor oil to help hair live its best, longest, lushest life.

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Redken Extreme Length leave in treatment Reviews

4.5 of 95 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

HG leave in.

Emma K. via BeautyCrew.com

Have been using this for a week only 2-3 times and am already noticing a difference in the strength of my hair.

Much less breakage and much less frizz !!

Highly reccomend

Most Helpful Criticism

Use sparingly

Yvette S. via BeautyCrew.com

I had been wanting to try the Redken ranges for a while now and there are no regrets about it at all! Used this along with the shampoo and conditioner. I’d been struggling with frizzy and static hair before this and this range really settled it down. I like having this at the last step, but I did not use every time and had to be careful not too use too much even though I have very long hair. But is quite a heavy leave-in, so use sparingly!
  1. Too heavy

    Kayte B. via BeautyCrew.com

    I’ve been using the full Extreme Length range, Shampoo, conditioner and this treatment. As far as leave in treatments go I find this to be on the heavy side, you only need a tiny bit and it can definitely make your hair feel greasy if you use too much. I‘M not a fan of using this as I haven’t found it to have any benefits and it’s hard to get the application right so my hair doesn’t look greasy.
  2. Honest review from someone who has thin long hair!

    Jennifer H. via BeautyCrew.com

    The shampoo and conditioner within this range was a complete fail for my thin long hair. At this point I didn’t have high hopes for this leave in treatment. It’s ok, but from all the damage both the shampoo and conditioner from this range did to my hair this barely could help. It gave it the slightest bit of hydration but nothing to save my hair from the birds nest it became after using the S+C.
  3. Use sparingly

    Yvette S. via BeautyCrew.com

    I had been wanting to try the Redken ranges for a while now and there are no regrets about it at all! Used this along with the shampoo and conditioner. I’d been struggling with frizzy and static hair before this and this range really settled it down. I like having this at the last step, but I did not use every time and had to be careful not too use too much even though I have very long hair. But i...
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  4. Lovely texture and fragrance

    Rosa M. via BeautyCrew.com

    I received this product by the beauty crew.

    A lovely lightweight formula and soft fragrance.

    It left my hair less frizzy and as with the rest of the products in the line, a little goes a long way.

    I just didn't get the dramatic results others have so perhaps not the products for me.
  5. Light weight & fabulous

    Melissa M. via BeautyCrew.com

    Really light weight leave in treatment, was able to style my hair with ease. loved using as a overnight leave in treatment also with out any oily residue. love the smell
  6. Nice product

    Laura M. via BeautyCrew.com

    This is not a bad leave in product. It didn't wiegh down my hair or make it feel greasy and oily. I really don't put stock into a topical type of hair treatment into increasing the growth rate of hair and would recommend vitamins instead. Overall not a bad product in general and may suit someone who likes Redken hair products.
  7. Redken Extreme Length Leave-in Treatment

    Jessica L. via BeautyCrew.com

    I do like this product and use it after every wash in the ends of my hair, but I haven't noticed it growing any faster. I usually lose a fair bit of hair too and that hasn't changed either! When using this product I found it was a bit heavy for my hair and as I really like my hair to be super shiny, I had to add another product often to get the shine and smoothness I wanted as I don't feel it gave...
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  8. Treating treatment

    Des R. via BeautyCrew.com

    Loved the addition of a leave on treatment in the range. I used this as a quick fix when I skipped conditioning in the shower and found it did it’s job well. Felt slightly greasy and thick upon application but landed hair loook and feel great after a day or two. Would highly recommend
  9. Nice add on, but not 100% needed

    Stephanie M. via BeautyCrew.com

    I used the treatment alongside the shampoo and conditioner- just like the other products, this treatment smells really good! It was easy and hassle free. i only ever needed a tiny amount- I found if I used too much it made my hair sticky. While I did really like the treatment I'm not sure what benefit it really offered when using the entire range.
  10. Good treatment

    Kathy K. via BeautyCrew.com

    The Redken Extreme Length Leave-in Treatment was like most leave in treatments it didnt make my hair feel oily or like there was a leave in product In it. It did smell nice but i dont think my scalp was itchy from the leave in treatment as i never put Any leave in products near my scalp. I do believe it goes well along with the shampoo and con and did help with lengthening my hair. It soften my ha...
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  11. On the fence

    Lev K. via BeautyCrew.com

    This product was nice and light on the hair (word of caution don’t be heavy handed or take to far up the hair.)
    I found it didn’t help with my oily roots and if I put too much on or took it too far up then I would need to have a shower the next day as my scalp would feel itchy.
    I have tried better leave in treatments in terms of hydration and breakage. I did notice a difference with m...
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  12. Ok treatment

    Lauren G. via BeautyCrew.com

    I have been using this product in conjunction with the Redken Extreme Length Shampoo and Redken Extreme Length Conditioner (both of which I love).

    While the treatment has definitely helped with my ends, it's left my hair feeling pretty greasy and heavy. Tried to use less of the product but it didn't seem to improve.

    I will definitely be purchasing the shampoo and condit...
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  13. Not great for fine hair

    Kelly B. via BeautyCrew.com

    I love the shampoo and conditioner in this range and intend to keep using them, however the leave in conditioner wasn’t well suited for my hair. Product smells great but was too heavy and left my fine hair greasy, no matter how little I used.
  14. hair saviour

    Sarah L. via BeautyCrew.com

    After using this with the combination of the shampoo and conditioner I found my hair vibrant and strong. After receiving 18 months of chemo and loosing my hair, my hair grew back brittle and wirery. This made my hair feel like it came back to life and it felt softer to touch and stronger and not so brittle.
  15. Easy to Apply

    J C. via BeautyCrew.com

    After cleansing and conditioning from Redken's Extreme Length range, we were instructed to apply the treatment to the ends of our hair as a leave-in treatment.

    I applied the leave-in treatment to towel dried hair from the chin down. Because of social distancing, I'm not styling my hair as usual but leaving it to air dry. Once my hair is dry, I notice the hair strands clump together. ...
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  16. Nice finishing touch for your hair

    May M. via BeautyCrew.com

    The Redken leave in treatment is great to use right after you have taken a shower and your hair is still damp. Only a small amount of the product was needed and I applied it to the middle and ends of my hair. The product is creamy but not thick, it's manageable to use and you just apply it wherever your hair needs it the most. It has a nice scent just like the rest of the products in the range and...
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  17. Great if you want stronger hair

    Tamara H. via BeautyCrew.com

    This leave in treatment is wonderful. You only need a five cent piece sized amount for it to really help with flyaways and dry hair. After using it for 2 weeks my hair felt softer, straighter and stronger. I noticed a slight change in the length of my hair and I will definately be purchasing.
  18. Redken Extreme Length Leave-in Treatment

    Elly C. via BeautyCrew.com

    I don't always use leave-in treatment or treatment for my hair because I am always time poor and I find I always have so much housework and normal work to do.

    I use this product after shampoo and conditioner in this same range.

    My hair feels so soft, bouncy and really lovely. I don't think I've seen or felt my hair like this before. I love it!
  19. Redken extreme length leave-in treatment

    Michelle H. via BeautyCrew.com

    I really love this product - it smooths and adds strength to my hair without making it oily. It reduces frizz which has been great for this wet weather we’ve been experiencing lately and it leaves my hair feels soft and silky.
  20. Silky smooth

    Samantha W. via BeautyCrew.com

    Wow! What a great product, from the moment I put this in my hair I could feel it was instantly hydrating. Super impressed and will definitely be recommending this to family and friends
  21. Smells Great and Easy To Use

    Natalie S. via BeautyCrew.com

    I used this product in conjunction with the Redkin extreme length shampoo and conditioner. This product is only small, however I found you only need a really small amount to get the desired affect. The product smells great and I found it really helped to manage my fly-aways and tame my hair when styling. I would definitely recommend this product to others.
  22. Pleasantly surprised

    Ashleigh B. via BeautyCrew.com

    I normal stay away from leave in treatments due to them leaving my hair feelings heavy and dirty. Thankfully this Redken leave in treatment was completely different, it was light and left my hair feeling smooth without any oily residue.
  23. Brought the 'bounce' back

    Joyce C. via BeautyCrew.com

    Redken shampoo and conditioner, followed by this leave in treatment makes the perfect trio. My hair is healthier than it’s ever been, and it’s refreshing to see that ‘bounce’ that I used to have. I usually shower at night before bed, and I’ve found that this leave in treatment is absorbed by my hair so well that my pillow case isn’t left stained or looking greasy. If you’re looking for the full pa...
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  24. Smells great

    Jessica A. via BeautyCrew.com

    Using the leave in mask with the shampoo and Conditioner. It has left my hair feeling nice and soft, with the ends of my hair looking noticeably smoother and minimal dead ends. I can’t tell if it has helped with the growth of my hair, but it is slow to grow. Unsung a small amount the leave in mask goes a long way
  25. Smooth

    Sarah B. via BeautyCrew.com

    I liked the 3 part system that this came in: shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatment. The treatment is nice to use with a creamy texture that is moisturising yet light on the hair. It leaves the hair soft and smooth. I have caught myself a few times thinking I should get a hair cut, which means my hair is growing and maybe this product was a help with that. I would recommend it.
  26. Leaves hair soft and healthy

    Amy N. via BeautyCrew.com

    I am often skeptical of leave in treatments because my hair is quite fine and leave in treatments can leave my hair looking oily and flat. This product didn't do that, my hair still felt light enough and soft. It calmed my flyaways down a bit too. The smell is nice and too overpowering which is perfect for a leave in product. At the end of the day it isn't the best treatment I have ever used in my...
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  27. Less is More

    Debs C. via BeautyCrew.com

    I used the Redken Extreme Length Leave-In Treatment as part of the 3-step system with the Shampoo and Conditioner. For reference, I have thick hair (and quite a lot of it) which is dry. The leave-in treatment is packaged in an upside down tube compared to the shampoo and conditioner bottles. Easy to squeeze a dollop of treatment.

    After using this with the shampoo and conditioner, I di...
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  28. Salon soft in the comfort of your home!

    Emma C. via BeautyCrew.com

    Paired with the shampoo and conditioner, the treatment made my hair soft and shiny. I loved how easy it was to use and the slick package makes it easy to store. This treatment has a nice soft smell that isn't too overpowering. I feel like the treatment gave my hair the nourishment it needed and made it feel super soft and healthy. My hair felt equally as soft whether I blowed dried or air dried,...
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  29. Easy peasy leave in treatment

    freya p. via BeautyCrew.com

    The Redken Extreme Length leave in treatment is so easy for a lazy hair person (me). Just pop it in after you wash your hair and away you go! The first time I used this I used a bit much, and probably put it a bit close to my roots as I found my hair got oilier quicker than usual after the wash. The only thing I would like to see on the tube is a guide of how much to use. After I worked it out, it...
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  30. Leave-in treatment for a Healthier hair!

    Nour A. via BeautyCrew.com

    Redken Extreme Length Leave-in treatment is amazing. It literally do what it claims to do to your hair.

    Hair seems healthy and not oily after using this along with its shampoo and conditioner from this range.

    I recommend this to all specially those with oily hair as this doesn’t seem to have make my hair more oily or weighted down the hair.
  31. A good everyday product

    Kristin Z. via BeautyCrew.com

    After using this product consistently day after day I would say it is a good protector for when blow drying your hair, and you don't need to use much, so it does look like it is going to last for quite some time. It doesn't build up or make my hair sticky or oily, which I definitely appreciate. My hair does seem fairly healthy after not having had a hair cut for several months now, and especiall...
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  32. Great

    Ray R. via BeautyCrew.com

    Well I didn’t notice any growth but it did help me with my split ends. It also left my hair looking quite soft and healthy.

    It smelled great and I even got my sister using this on a daily basis. Love hit it makes my hair look good without making it greasy and oily
  33. Best product for the price

    Catherine L. via BeautyCrew.com

    Using this product in conjunction with the matching shampoo and conditioner, I have to say Redken really nailed this combo!

    After using the two other matching products prior, I found using a small pea sized amount of this product in towel dried hair really improved the shine and condition of my hair. I noticed my hair was easier to blow dry, I didn’t need to ‘style’ it as smooth as b...
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  34. Converted fan

    Leanne S. via BeautyCrew.com

    I am not normally a fan of leave in conditioner treatments, as I find they tend to leave my hair feeling oily . However I was pleasantly surprised with this leave in treatment and how light it was. I found a little goes a long way but with just the right amount it left my hair feeling smooth and hydrated and definitely helped with detangling.
  35. A must have treatment!

    NATHALIA T. via BeautyCrew.com

    My hair is really long and dyed, so leave in treatments for me are a must. If I don’t apply a small amount of leave in, I can’t detangle my hair and it felt so dry. So trying this light weight treatment form Redken was really exciting. My hair felt instantly hydrated, smooth and shiny. The texture is really creamy with a nice smell and using just a small amount on damp hair you can feel the differ...
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  36. HG leave in.

    Emma K. via BeautyCrew.com

    Have been using this for a week only 2-3 times and am already noticing a difference in the strength of my hair.

    Much less breakage and much less frizz !!

    Highly reccomend
  37. luscious locks

    Jess E. via BeautyCrew.com

    Firstly, love the packaging. This treatment has a lovely sweet scent to it which I love! I've used this in a set with the shampoo and conditioner. Combined, makes hair look luscious and healthy, while leaving hair feeling silky smooth and frizz free. I absolutely recommend this!

    Tina E. via BeautyCrew.com

    I love this product, I've never used a leave-in treatment that doesn't weigh my hair down. My hair is also really frizzy when it air dries naturally, but I find that using this product my hair is smoother when it air dries but doesn't feel heavy or feel like I'm adding anything to my hair. I straighten my hair a lot as well, and with this product my hair just feels softer and I just love this prod...
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  39. Love it!

    Talila R. via BeautyCrew.com

    Great leave-in treatment! I got thick curly hair and this treatment doesn't weigh your hair down and it smells pleasant too.
    When air dried it's not stiff and holds my curls naturally.
    Not sure if I'd use it with hear but great to use after washes
  40. Smells nice!

    Natasha M. via BeautyCrew.com

    Firstly I am not a huge fan of leave in treatment as I have really thick fine hair that is weighed down by product easily. I did really enjoy trialling this treatment as it had a very pleasant sweet scent, which was not overpowering. Didn't leave my hair feeling heavy but smooth. Although as always I found my blow dry didn't last as long, just getting oily quicker than with no product. Overall wou...
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  41. Love it

    Aliza K. via BeautyCrew.com

    Love this leave in conditioner. It makes my hair soft without weighing it down and gives it volume. Haven’t found a similar product that is so good for my hair. Keeps my hair straight even after sleeping on it. What more can I ask for !!
  42. Concentrated, works extremely well!

    Heather D. via BeautyCrew.com

    This product is an absolute star. It does wonders for my hair! I would definitely repurchase however this tube will last me ages as I only need a really small amount to get amazingly smooth hair. The scent is beautiful, like fruity lollies. I really enjoy using it. My hair is dry and damaged from previous colourings and I'm finally starting to grow it out and I've stopped all the colouring to impr...
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  43. Salon like finish

    Natasha M. via BeautyCrew.com

    I don't usually use any leave-in treatments but this product has me converted. I have long fine hair and Redken Extreme Length Leave-in Treatment gives it a salon like finish. The hair is straight and very sleek. As a bonus, you only need a tiny amount of the product.
  44. Worth its weight in gold

    Kylie H. via BeautyCrew.com

    This leave in conditioner smells amazing and you only need a small amount. I learnt this because the first time I used it, I used quite a lot and my hair got oily very quickly. If you just use a small amount, it goes a long way and leaves your hair feeling like you just stepped out of the hairdresser. I used the shampoo and the conditioner and the leave in conditioner before my hair dried. All 3 ...
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  45. Perfect leave in conditioner for long hairs

    Abeera f. via BeautyCrew.com

    Redken extreme length is perfect for pampering hairs ...i use a small amount on my towel dried hairs esp on strands and style them however i like them .. my hairs smell beautiful for days and they have definately improved my hair texture ...they are more healthy and getting a good length ...
    Love this
  46. Perfect end to a great regime!

    Bianca W. via BeautyCrew.com

    "*disclaimer: I use hair growth supplements and was using a very popular regime of hair products before trialling the below

    Thank you for the chance to review this product!

    After using both the Redken Extreme Lengths Shampoo & Conditioner I lightly towel dry my hair and then worth this through the mid to end of my hair.

    Styling my hair as normal with a blow...
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  47. Brings my hair back to live!

    Helen T. via BeautyCrew.com

    "My hair type: Long hair, dry , thin and colour treated.

    My hair suffer from extreme dryness during winter and breaks easily. Have tried many affordable hair treatments and hair masks but some doesn't give enough hydration while others feels greasy. FINALLY, the Redken Extreme length leave-in treatment gives the right balance. I started using this leave-in treatment for few week now ...
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  48. Smoothing and Hydrating

    Loreen L. via BeautyCrew.com

    "I've used this as part of a 3-part system. This is by far the most amazing product of the system! I find this treatment incredibly good at keeping my unruly and damaged hair manageable enough to brush. My hair is much softer (still not great) and less frizzy but it doesn't weigh your hair down even with the bit extra amount I use.
    I definitely recommend this product and plan to buy another...
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  49. Awesome leave in treatment

    Nidhi G. via BeautyCrew.com

    "Thanks for giving the chance to review this product range.
    I have been using this leave-in treatment together with other products in the range and I have to say this is my favorite product from the range.
    I love the light purple tube and fragrance is amazing too.

    I have long, dry and colour treated hair which breaks easily. I apply this to my wet towel dried hair, focusi...
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  50. Amazing product!

    Emma E. via BeautyCrew.com

    Winner out of the 3! Shampoo is lovely, Conditioner is beautiful but this one is amazing! Makes your hair feel beautiful and smells awesome! Allows you to brush your hair without any tangles and really goes well with the other products in the range!
  51. Hair has never felt or looked better!

    Renee K. via BeautyCrew.com

    "Hair Type: Fine, Coloured (lightened ends)
    Concerns: Thinning, Limp, Growth
    Have been using this product alongside the shampoo and conditioner for approx. 4 weeks now.
    I love the feel of this product, it absorbs well into the hair and when dry your hair looks shiny and frizz free. Less is definitely more and a little goes a long way.
    This product doesn't weigh your hair d...
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  52. great treatment

    Belle T. via BeautyCrew.com

    The redken extreme length range i found was very good for my hair, I have coloured hair and it has helped keep the colour in and also have found my hair to be more healthier. A little goes a long way too which is great, it has a really pleasant fragrance which isn't overpowering,the leave in treatment is my favourite out of the 3 products, after I have shampooed and conditioned i towel dry my hai...
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  53. Love this treatment!!

    Kimberly B. via BeautyCrew.com

    Gorgeous product, i have used all 3. Shampoo, conditioner and treatment and its gorgeous. Hair feels lovely after. Cant wait to try some more!
  54. Good product

    Sika R. via BeautyCrew.com

    I’ve been using this with the shampoo and conditioner and although I can’t say it helped me with my split ends it totally made my hair look a lot healthier than it was before
  55. Hair saviour

    Maz N. via BeautyCrew.com

    "I used this product alongside the shampoo and conditioner. I must say this really surprised me. I enjoyed using it and will continue to use it to help keep my hair in good condition going forward.
    I have fine , thin , colour treated & damaged hair. I felt with continuous use, of this product especially, it made my hair feel less brittle , more manageable and hydrated and seemed to help wit...
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  56. Perfect for softer longer hair

    Kate H. via BeautyCrew.com

    I found this treatment worked magic! My hair felt so soft and shiny after using it for a week and I have already purchased another tube. I noticed quite a difference in my hair length too! My hair has become stronger and it is a lot easier to straighten my hair after using it.
  57. Absolutely amazing

    Lauren O. via BeautyCrew.com

    I have been using this leave in treatment in line with the shampoo and conditioner and find that it really is the key to making my hair feel luscious and soft. Will be buying again.
  58. Amazing

    Milly S. via BeautyCrew.com

    Love it! Lovely packaging, feels amazing in the hair. Too soon yet to tell but I do feel my hair looks great! I've never received compliments on my hair before and now I am so it must be doing something right!
  59. Redken leave in treatment

    Hayley O. via BeautyCrew.com

    This product is used after shampooing and conditioning, and you use it once you have towel dried your hair out of the shower. I love the smell of this product and my hair felt very soft and silky afterwards. It is hard to say if it helps with the growth of my hair as I have only been using it a month. In saying that I will continue to use this product
  60. Best Hair Treatment

    Renee H. via BeautyCrew.com

    "This leave in treatment is fantastic.

    I have long blonde hair that is damaged from colouring and straightening.

    I have noticed a lot less hair fall out and breakage from using this product.

    A little of this product goes a really long way and I have noticed when using it my hair styling time has been lot quicker.

    My hair is softer and shiner sin...
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  61. Hydrating treatment

    Laura F. via BeautyCrew.com

    Loved this product! My hair felt soft and hydrated after using and helped my curls to sit nicely. It didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy at all like some leave in treatments. You only need a small amount so the bottle will last ages.
  62. Must have for growth

    Taylor R. via BeautyCrew.com

    I used this as the final step of a 3 part regime. I love it.

    The conditioner was a little lacklustre for me, but this leave in treatment was the saving grace. It left my hair, smooth, soft and has absolutely minimised any breakage or split ends. Not to mention it smells amazing. I think I’ll be adding this to my staples list.

    My next haircut will be for an extremely min...
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  63. Best leave-in treatment

    Kirsty J. via BeautyCrew.com

    I love this product. Often leave-in treatments make my fine hairy look greasy, this one does not. It smells great and leaves my hair soft and tangle free. I tried it with another brand shampoo and conditioner and while it worked well it performs best when used with the shampoo and conditioner from the Redken Extreme Length range. I have waist length fine blond hair, I get oily roots and have spli...
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  64. love love love

    Joy A. via BeautyCrew.com

    "I have been using this leave in treatment along with the shampoo and conditioner in the same range and this is my favourite product !
    I have mid length hair which is very curly but dry, frizzy and filled with split ends. I have tried almost every hair treatment/masque, spent $$$$ on products which did nothing to my hair. I was surprised to see the results of this treatment on my hair (& ho...
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  65. Moisturising and light!

    Alana D. via BeautyCrew.com

    "I am so impressed with this leave-in treatment! In the past, I’ve struggled to find a leave-in product that hydrates my hair and makes it more manageable without weighing it down.
    The Extreme Length Leave-In Treatment manages to be simultaneously moisturising and light. It keeps my hair feeling hydrated until the next wash, without leaving it greasy and flat (a must for my fine hair!). I l...
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  66. Will be repurchasing

    Michelle G. via BeautyCrew.com

    "My Hair is long, thick and course. I have been using this Leave in Conditioner in combination with the Redken Extreme length Shampoo and Conditioner and my hair feels soft and manageable.
    I apply to towel dry damp hair concentrating on the ends but also run my fingers from roots to tip to coat all the hair. I feel that this product has made blow drying my hair quicker and takes out all of ...
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  67. Hair treatment and styling product in one!

    Anyssa C. via BeautyCrew.com

    This product is great - I found it it functions both as a leave-in treatment, and an awesome styling product too! I can have frizzy hair, and this left my hair smooth. It didn't dry out, or become greasy, and gave me great texture and hold without being stiff. I tend to have wavy hair, and this gave natural movement on the ends, whilst keeping my roots smooth and straight. Love this product!
  68. Love this hair mask

    Niamh F. via BeautyCrew.com

    "I love Redken so I was delighted when offered the opportunity to review. This was by far my favourite product when using it along with the shampoo and conditioner in the same range. I used this mask once a week as per the instructions on the product. I loved the texture of this product and my hair looked and felt amazing after using this.

    I would definitely recommend this and will m...
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  69. Salon quality treatment

    tracie L. via BeautyCrew.com

    Love this leave in conditioner. I used it in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner range and got the best result with the leave in treatment. After the hydrating conditioner, I apply this on wet hair and blow dry abd it leaves my hair soft and silky just like how the salon blow dry it. I think its a good product to use if you got brittle and dry hair like mine. It gives your hair life esp...
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  70. Love this range!

    Kahla W. via BeautyCrew.com

    I really enjoyed using this leave-in conditioner. I have found with other leave-in treatments that they are too heavy for my fine hair and make it feel oily, however this one made my hair feel so soft! I definitely noticed the difference when I forgot to use this after washing my hair. I used this in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner and I would highly recommend the whole range!
  71. Redken Extreme Length Leave-in Treatment - Winner!

    Karly R. via BeautyCrew.com

    "When it comes to treatments I am quite picky as there are so many out there. I have used another brand for years, but after trying the Redken Extreme Length Leave in Treatment I won’t be going back and will definitely continue to use this product.
    This is the icing on the cake after using the shampoo and conditioner.
    I apply it to damp hair and I literally feel like my hair is longer ...
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  72. Effective Treatment

    Amanda S. via BeautyCrew.com

    "I have curly dry hair and I've just started to use this product recently. I have noticed that after using this treatment, my hair is left feeling soft, shiny and looking more healthy.
    I will continue to use this product as my treatment."
  73. A great leave-in treatment

    Sikta S. via BeautyCrew.com

    I usually use a bio-oil after washing my hair however was pleasantly surprised with how well this leave-in treatment worked. It smells great, a small dab goes a long way and it truly made a huge difference to the texture of my hair. It made my hair smooth, frizz free and allowed styling to be much easier.
  74. Smooth, healthy and helps frizz

    Katarina K. via BeautyCrew.com

    Out of the whole 3 step, I love this leave in treatment! It’s made my hair feel and look smooth, healthy and helped ease the frizz. I’ve been using the treatment in my daughters hair too and it’s made a big difference in restoring moisture without being to heavy.
  75. Best leave-in treatment

    Shantelle W. via BeautyCrew.com

    The Redken Extreme Length leave-in treatment is the best leave-in treatment that I have used. It is a light formula that doesn’t leave your hair heavy or greasy but it does make it sleek and hydrated. It is easy to use as you can put it in damp hair. Would definitely recommend.
  76. Loved it!

    lisa s. via BeautyCrew.com

    Loved trialing the Redken Extreme Length Leave-in Treatment. It gave me a noticeable difference compared to the nights that I didn’t use it. On the nights I didn’t use the treatment my hair felt a little wiry but when I did use it my hair felt so soft and thick! Would definitely recommend using the whole system.
  77. Perfection

    Angy O. via BeautyCrew.com

    Finally! A leave in conditioner that looks great, smells lovely and helps my hair feel stronger and better. Most leave ins make my hair oily by morning or the next day. The redken extreme lengths was a perfect balance of conditioning yet nourishing. I will be purchasing this to use weekly.
  78. Love this!

    Hannah M. via BeautyCrew.com

    This treatment is great as you don't need to use a lot of product and it doesn't weigh the hair down too much or leave it feeling greasy. I was using this product along with the Extreme Length Shampoo and Conditioner and noticed that my hair is a lot healthier with less breakage and split ends. It also feels thicker however, I am unsure whether it increased the rate at which my hair grows. Either ...
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  79. Does what it says it does!

    Jovel C. via BeautyCrew.com

    I’m not one for leave in treatments, I always thought that they left my hair sticky and sometimes even greasy, depending on the type I was using. With so many half-used bottles in my bathroom cupboard, I ruled out leave in treatments altogether, until I tried Redken’s leave in treatment. It was so light that it didn’t leave my hair looking greasy. It also made my hair look healthier, which was suc...
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  80. Say hello to long, strong hair with less breakage

    BELL A. via BeautyCrew.com

    "Thank you to Beauty Crew and Redken for this amazing trial opportunity!

    I have been so fortunate to participate in ReviewCrew and this Redken trial is one of the highlights of being a ReviewCrew member.

    The generous package contained a shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in treatment.

    I have long hair reaching bra-strap length, which is dry, coloured and fairly...
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  81. Loved it!

    Rebecca G. via BeautyCrew.com

    "I am a big fan of leave in treatments and this one did not disappoint! I loved this treatment!

    It left my hair feeling nourished, smooth, hydrated and tangle free!

    And it smells delightful!

    It works fabulously when used in conjunction with the matching shampoo and conditioner from the same range!

    Loved it!"
  82. Lovely LIGHT leave in treatment.

    Jacinta M. via BeautyCrew.com

    I was lucky enough to trial this product which I loved! The packaging was on point and it made my hair feel healthy and soft. It was nice and creamy without being heavy on the hair like I find most leave in conditioners to be! Will be repurchasing this in the future!
  83. Ah Redken, you’ve done it again!

    Alex T. via BeautyCrew.com

    This leave in conditioner is a must have. My hair drys so much more nicely naturally if I have applied this to damp hair. I have noticed stronger and longer hair after only a few weeks - and as an added bonus, super silky hair!
  84. All hair types- please use!

    Emma J. via BeautyCrew.com

    "I am never a person to go for a leave in treatment ( I have fine hair). So obviously the worry is being weighed down!
    Well I can eliminate those fears- lightweight!!!!!
    Again this whole range has smelt amazing, the length factor is a benefit, but I believe it takes a bit of time to notice any major growth.
    Great for taming frizzy hair! Helps with split ends and shine. So worth ...
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  85. Lovely treatment

    kate R. via BeautyCrew.com

    "I was lucky enough to trial the Redken Extreme Length Leave-in Treatment and I will definitely be buying this product! Nice packaging with a lovely, subtle fragrance.

    I normally find leave in treatments a bit heavy for daily use but this product had great consistency and didnt leave my hair hair feeling greasy. My hair was softer and easier to manage and I have noticed a significant ...
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  86. Perfect leave in treatment.

    Joanna M. via BeautyCrew.com

    "I received this as part of the review crew and I have loved it! I for one am always drawn to leave in treatments because my hair is super fine, this treatment really left a noticeable difference to my hair. It looked and felt cleaner for longer, felt much healthier too.

    It's definitely a product I will be purchasing again when I run out."
  87. Hair felt soft and silky

    Phuong C. via BeautyCrew.com

    This leave-in treatment is on the lighter side. After shower, I would towel dry my hair and squeeze a 10 cent piece into my hand. This was more than enough needed for the treatment to do its job. My hair did not feel weighed down by this leave-in treatment. In fact quite the opposite, it left my hair feeling soft, silky and light. Would recommend if you have normal hair, however this may be too li...
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  88. Amazing leave in treatment

    Chloe M. via BeautyCrew.com

    I used this twice a week and kept it in all day, it left my hair soft and shiny and I have definitely noticed my hair length has grown. The smell is really pleasant and a little goes a long way.
  89. Leave-in treatment convert!

    Lawrie A. via BeautyCrew.com

    "As a general rule of thumb I tend to stay away from leave-in treatments. This is largely due to having fine hair (but loads of it), I often find they leave my hair looking greasy and flat (I’ve had some truly horrible experiences). I was so surprised to find this product didn’t yield those same disappointing results, in fact, my hair is light and gorgeous with the added bonus of feeling stronger...
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  90. The star of the show!

    Jenny F. via BeautyCrew.com

    "By far my fav out of the products in this range - this is really the star of the show!
    Smells divine, has the consistency between a gel and a cream, and leaves no residue or any stickiness whatsoever. This definitely absorbs better into wet hair, so I'd recommend popping it into the ends as soon as your hair stops dripping.
    With the current covid crisis I've not had the chance to pop...
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  91. Love love love

    Jennifer M. via BeautyCrew.com

    Absolutely in love! Such an easy process. My hair feels so great after and smells so good!! Would recommend!
  92. Hair felt smooth and light

    Joy P. via BeautyCrew.com

    "I used this along with the shampoo and conditioner and it's worked a treat - my hair felt nice and smooth after it dried, I wanted to keep running my fingers through my hair.
    The leave in treatment itself didn't weight down my hair, which was surprising as my hair is thick and usually feels heavy when I use a lot of treatment products.
    Definitely will buy this next time."
  93. Love this leave in treatment


    I started using this leave in treatment along with the Redken Extreme Length Shampoo and Redken Extreme Length Conditioner upon the recommendation of my hair dresser.
    My goal is to have long, thick & healthy hair after years of colouring and hoping this regime will help.

    I use this leave in treatment on towel dried and brushed hair after washing. The product is thick so it is a ...
    Read More
  94. Good but thick in texture


    I do like this product and do recommend it however be sure to know it is quite thick in texture and I found it a littler harder to disperse than my other products however it smells amazing and did leave my hair feeling amazing.
  95. High quality leave in treatment when my hair is lacking nourishment


    I colour my hair frequently, because of that my hair is always parched at the ends and looks dry and matted. This has really helped improved the ends and mid lengths of my hair from the inside out.
  96. Review & Earn
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