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Real Techniques Shade & Blend Duo

4.8 of 69 reviews


4 instalments of $5.00

Or 4 instalments of $5.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $5.00

Or 4 instalments of $5.00 with LEARN MORE

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Real Techniques Shade & Blend Duo allows for perfect eyeshadow application everytime. This powerful pair of makeup brushes can be used with powders and creams, and will leave your eye makeup looking flawless. 


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Real Techniques Shade & Blend Duo Reviews

4.8 of 69 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I have all the RT brushes and they are all so good that I can't recommend these enough. Very well priced.
  1. Great


    I have all the RT brushes and they are all so good that I can't recommend these enough. Very well priced.
  2. Nice pack


    I love these brushes from real techniques. I got a perfect finish eye makeup with these. My all time favourite. Good value too. Perfect sizes as well
  3. Favouriteee eye brushes


    I love real technique brushes, they never disappoint! These blend super well and I've had them for over a year now and they're still working great.
  4. Such amaning brushes


    I love this set and I have now bought 4 of them! They are great, the big round one is great for laying down colour all over the lid and the smaller one is amazing for smoking out shades and blending. I recommend them to everyone
  5. All I need


    Pretty much all I need for eye brushes, so quick and easy with use.
  6. eye shadows


    bought this set for eye shadows, it works well.
  7. Perfecttt


    Perfecttt so gentle around the eyes & smooth. Love the bristle the look & overall everything !
  8. Everyday go to


    verified purchaser
    These are my everyday go to and they are just the perfect brushes! Highly recommend!!
  9. Work well together


    These are great brushes. Love that they work well together and the purple makes them stand out in a makeup bag when travelling.
  10. Amazing


    verified purchaser
    Soft bristles, applies product easily and washes easily too without shedding.
  11. Hands down best eye brush duo of all time


    Hands down best eye brush duo of all time. These were the first eye brushes I had used by Real Techniques, and I have not looked back since! They are so soft, amazing quality and blend my eyeshadows like a dream - definitely my favourite eye brushes!
  12. Amazing value!


    These two will ensure you never need any other blending brushes. Soft bristles, densely packed ensure no harsh lines are left. If cleaned often they will last years and do the job effectively every time.
  13. Great


    Have had these for years and they're still in good condition, soft and great for beginners.
  14. Long Lasting


    I got this as a gift a few years ago and they are in perfect condition too! It is so good with blending colours and I love these brushes! I took a half star off because it is hard to get into my inner eye crease with these brushes alone.


    I really love this little basic eye kit, especially for the price! The quality is what you would expect from RT.
  16. very soft


    The bristles are very soft and so don't irritate the eyes. The overall quality of the brush feels very nice
  17. So soft


    The two brushes are so soft and lovely. Worth the price
  18. Love them


    I love all T brushes and these are no exception. I don't always use the brushes as what they are marketed for. I found these 2 to be great for concealing my undereyes and applying eyeshadow primer. They are also good to blend eyeshadow of course but they are amazing for concealer.
  19. J

    I really like the shape of the handle and the weight of it is really nice and feels smooth to use
  20. Good duo


    Love this duo set of two. Does the job.
  21. Great for eyeshadow


    This two brushes are amazing for blending and applying eyeshadow. There such soft and great brushes.
  22. Great!


    Love these eyeshadow brushes make it so easy to do a quick shadow look on the go, great brushes.
  23. good option


    This is a nice little set. though the range of RT eye brushes seem to blur into the same thing. seems to be a bit too many brushes with similar names/uses and it can all get a bit confusing for beginner or non-experienced eye make up users.

    I have this set and a few others - I probably have too many RT eye brushes that do basically the same thing once you add all the sets together.
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  24. Easy to use brushes


    This brush set is easy to use and works well. I particularly like the blending crease brush which does a great job of blending out colours. The other brush is fine, but pretty similar to most other eye shadow brushes I have encountered. That said if you need a pair of brushes to cover your basics (like I did) this definitely does the job well.
  25. Great eye set for beginners


    This is a great pair to own for beginners to eye makeup. I still have mine and still reach for them quite often deviate moving onto other higher end brands.

    The smaller, stiffer brush in particular is amazing for placing eyeshadow onto the eyelid. Would definitely recommend this set for those new to Eyeshadow application.
  26. eyeshadow brushes


    Soft bristles, that work a treat in packing colour onto my lids but also to easily blend as well
  27. Super soft and versatile


    I LOVE using these for those one eye-shadow looks. They are a little big for the lid, however they blend like a dream. They are also versatile in that you can slightly contour your nose with them and I like to soften the front of my brows with it if they're looking a little too harsh! Highly recommend
  28. Amazing for powder shadows!


    So easy to use and blend, love these with powder shadows! Cheap, easy to clean and long lasting.
  29. Great duo


    This duo is fantastic as I can do the majority of my eye look with it, plus a couple of extra detailing brushes. Brushes are great quality as well, always wash up really nicely and never come out of shape or shed.
  30. Soft lovely brushes.


    I love these brushes. Just the perfect size to blend out my crease colour on my eyelid. The bristles are incredibly soft . Easy to wash and does not shed any bristles during washing. It dries after washing quite quickly as well, in a hour or so. Good quality eye brushes that are affordable.
  31. very soft


    Most brushes on the market these days are averaged at 15 dollars and I think this duo brush set is quite reasonably priced and performs quite well on top of that. The bristles are very soft and the tip is the perfect size even for people with smaller eyes like mine.
  32. Great Duo


    These brushes do a great job at blending colour, super easy to use and last really well with washing.
  33. good


    blends shadows nicely and good price point
  34. Awesome


    rather cheap brushes great for the eye and blends out shadows nicely
  35. regular eye brushes


    i use these brushes daily to put my eyeshots. i have been using them for years and they are still brand new. very easy to clean and product application by using these brushes becomes so easy
  36. Great for basic shadow


    I only wear one colour over my eye , a very light neutral And this works really well
  37. Perfect for makeup lovers and beginners!


    These were my first set of 'proper' eye blending brushes and years later, I still reach for these! They are top quality at an amazing price point. The crease brush is a little too big for my crease but I use it to blend out my concealer effortlessly and use the base shadow brush to blend shadow in my crease! They are so versatile. HIGHLY recommend!


    Perfect for eyeshadows! brought them as a beginner and now they are a staple in my makeup bag
  39. Favourite eye brushes!


    These were the first eye brushes I had used by Real Techniques, and I have not looked back since! They are so soft, amazing quality and blend my eyeshadows like a dream - definitely my favourite eye brushes!
  40. Great Brushes


    I love all of the real techniques brushes, but these are great for eyeshadow! I use one to put the shadow on the lids, and the other to blend in a darker colour. They work great!
  41. Real Techniques staples


    I love this brush set and find it does a basic eye look really well. Takes the guess work out of blending and is very affordable. Mine has lasted for a long time and have both been used to death.
  42. Great brushes


    These were the first brushes I ever bought and I did enjoy them. I like to also have a fluffier big one as well, but that alongside these two are the perfect combo. Also I’m probably a bad beauty person and just wash them with shampoo but they have actually survived so well even after many washes they’re like new
  43. Best starter brush set for eyes


    I recommend this anyone starting out with eyeshadow and on a budget, the bigger brush is great for applying product and the more floppy smaller one is great for blending. They last well, wash well, as soft and good quality.
    I had my set for five plus years and only just gave them away to my 21 year old niece. She loves them.
  44. Good value


    This set is good value for money. I like both brushes, I use one to blend out my eye primer and/or concealer and the other one blends out eyeshadow really well. Good quality, sturdy brushes that will last you a long time if you take proper care of them!
  45. Perfect blending & quality brushes!


    These brushes are such great quality, affordable price point and blend in eyeshadows perfectly. 10/10!
  46. bomb duo


    this is such a good combo of the two basic eye shadow brushes, so soft and fluffy, easy to clean, blends amazingly and good price point
  47. Good quality brushes


    Both brushes are very soft and easy to use. My only reservation is that the crease brush is a bit too big for a crease brush for smaller eyes.
  48. Good


    Makes applying and blending shadow easy
  49. Works well together!


    This is an amazing duo that's especially good as a starter kit for beginners. The quality is fantastic and the price is affordable. I love them!
  50. Amazing starter pack


    This is a really great way to gift someone who's dabbling their toes into eyeshadow, or for yourself! It's convenient and fuss-free with 2 'steps', the price is affordable and the quality is quite good. Would highly recommend!
  51. Love these


    I think they’re great brushes, they hold product well & apply amazing too. & I just love the colours of The Real Techniques brush range.
  52. A set of perfect eye brushes

    perfecting skin

    i am still new to doing my eye makeup but no matter what eyeshadow color or type i use these brushes makes it so easy to put the overall shade and to blend my crease. i dont think i will ever be able to like any other eye brushes. they are very soft too.
  53. Good pair


    Good starting set for beginners. The brushes are very sturdy and wash well!
  54. Good starter kit


    These 2 brushes are the perfect starter kit for shading and blending. All the real techniques brushes are really good quality and have lasted me for a long time. You can wash them out with babyshampoo to keep them in good condition.
  55. love these!


    I love these brushes. SO affordable and they blend eyeshadow beautifully, the last ages and don't shed
  56. Fantastic Value for Money!


    I cannot recommend these brushes enough from Real Techniques. The quality of the bristles and the metal purple stick of the brush makes you feel that you’ve spent a lot more than you have! The bristles are not to compact yet not too sparse so that you get a perfect application each time. The blending brush is perfect when used clean to really blend out your eyeshadow.

    The brushes do ...
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  57. Great quality


    As is standard for al RT makeup tools, these brushes are fantastic quality and really affordable. They’re very versatile, too- I love the fatter brush for concealer, contouring the nose, highlight under the brow etc.
  58. Great little pair


    Perfect for fluffing out and buffing out eyeshadow, lovely bristles and great affordability :)
  59. Bought for the shade but love the blend !


    love this duo . I wanted this pack for the shade brush however I use the fatter blend brush for concealer weirdly enough to blend and reduce creases and love it for that !
  60. pretty good!


    these are great for applying eyeshadow easily as they are great for blending and packing on pigment!
  61. Perfect for Beginners


    I absolutely love these brushes, I have never been very good at applying my eye shadow but with these 2 brushes it pretty much does it for you plus it also gives you some instructions and pointers which helped me a lot! Absolutely recommend.
  62. Blending duo


    Love these 2 brushes for applying my eyeshadow. Both blend product out perfectly and pick up the right amount of product each time.
  63. Amazing


    This is such a wonderful duo for shading and blending, can't recommend enough!
  64. Great for eyeshadow


    I love these brushes for my eyeshadow. They are so handy and very convenient to travel with. The packaging and handles are pretty too. The brushes are soft and made of synthetic hair hence very good for face.
  65. Best for cream product


    Both brushes work very well for cream eye shadows. I used to have a lot of colourpop cream eye shadow and these brushes were a dream to work with those cream shadows. They perform ok for powder shadow.
  66. Massive RT Fan


    I absolutely love all the make up brushes do and cannot wait to add to my collection. These are great. Make applying eyeshadow so simple. They last ages as well
  67. Love these brushes


    I am a huge fan. This is my 3rd Real Techniques brush purchase. I love them!
  68. Beautiful


    These eye brushes definitely deliver. They are so soft and blend beautifully. I have seen these on you tube and have been dying to get my hands on them. And Adorebeauty delivered!
  69. High quality


    I have almost all the RT brushes, they are great quality! So soft and cruelty free. These brushes are a staple for the eyes. The duo pack makes a great gift for make-up beginners too!
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