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Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

4.6 of 252 reviews


4 instalments of $4.25

Or 4 instalments of $4.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $4.25

Or 4 instalments of $4.25 with LEARN MORE

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Optimise and simplify your routine. Real Techniques Miracle Complex Sponge gives a flawless base with none of the complicated blending work.

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Reviews

4.6 of 252 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



love these sponges so much. Affordable and excellent application. Have been through so many over the years and Will never stop buying.

Most Helpful Criticism

not inlove


really didn't love this, it makes you need so much foundation and I didn't get a better blend then if I used a brush
  1. love


    love these sponges so much. Affordable and excellent application. Have been through so many over the years and Will never stop buying.
  2. Worth the hype!!


    I don't really wear foundation, but I bought this for special occasions when I needed natural-looking full coverage and it's perfect!! Once you wet it it's absolutely perfect for creating that smooth texture :))
  3. Amazing affordable alternative


    I have so many of these sponges! A great affordable alternative to the original Beauty Blender. I actually prefer the flat surface, it helps me to build coverage easier. LOVE!
  4. The best!


    I really love this. It's affordable, soft, but lasts through months of use without breaking down.
    The flat edge is great for nooks and crannies and it just blends everything so well
  5. A little on the fence


    Overall I do quite like it but nothing too special. Its often said to be very affordable, and compared to a beauty blender it is, but I still find it overpriced at about $20 each. I feel like there's cheaper comparible options out there
  6. a good sponge


    this is really good when you get the hang of it, blends foundation well
  7. Best sponge


    I used to use the beauty blender then I found this. Love this a lot more. Purchased a few more.
  8. Always go back to it


    I've tried a few sponges and I always go back to this one. It is affordable and smooths my foundation and is pretty durable! I replace it when I feel it's starting to get unhygienic, I've never had to replace it for rips or tears.
  9. Love this sponge


    I really love this sponge. It's affordable and easy to use. I dampen it for foundation or use it dry for powder. Love!
  10. Spongey goodness


    I use this sponge everyday, It is perfect. It is affordable, soft but not too soft, spreads makeup easily and evenly and is a great shape to fit in all the little creases of the face
  11. YES


    On the VERY rare occasion that I wear liquid foundation, THIS is what I will always use to apply it. It is lovely and soft, and I don't find that I waste a lot of product with it.
  12. My good first sponge


    Great with different angles. It doesn't just soak up product
  13. Best makeup sponge I’ve found!


    This is the second one I’ve bought now, also bought my mum one too! After trying so many from the chemist that are too firm and don’t do what I need them to, this sponge is the perfect firmness. It’s light enough to work the foundation on my skin and the shape of it is really helpful to get into tricky spots. I highly recommend it but would say you should get the one with the case, that’s great va...
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  14. Must have


    This sponge is a must have for every makeup collection. Been through sooo many in the last few years. Love them
  15. makes foundation smooth


    makes my foundation super smooth, i really liked this
  16. Best sponge


    I have gone through a couple of these in the past few years. They are so soft and apply makeup flawlessly. I cannot fault them!
  17. Great Dupe to a Beauty Blender!


    Exactly the same as a beauty blender yet almost half the price.
    Can be used both damp or dry!
    Gives an excellent smooth finish to foundation and concealer!
  18. Great sponge


    Cheaper alternative as the beauty blender and does the same job.
  19. The best makeup sponge


    It’s the perfect applicator for applying a flawless base love it I’ve tried many other brands and this is the only one I use now and I recommend it to everyone.
  20. soft sponge


    i used these for quite sometime, it does the job of blending out foundation and concealer etc. the sponge is soft, this doesnt beat my original beauty blender though, but this is really good for the price so if you cant commit to paying for the beauty blender, this will be my second recommendation for makeup sponges
  21. Great affordable sponge!


    I use this to blend out foundation even after using a brush as it gives such a flawless and natural finish. Can also be using for cream products like blush and bronzer and even to press powders into the skin! Be careful when washing while wet as it is very soft and can be easily torn.
  22. Good product


    Perfect for applying foundation. The only downside if you need to wash it often to make it clean.
  23. not inlove


    really didn't love this, it makes you need so much foundation and I didn't get a better blend then if I used a brush
  24. great dupe for beauty blender


    Bought this rather than the beauty blender and it gives a nice natural finish to my foundation. Only thing is don't apply product directly onto the sponge as it tends to soak in product.
  25. My go to for years


    I have been using these sponges forever. Very handy tool at getting that perfect foundation coverage. Worth your money
  26. Not the best


    I did like this however I did not love it. It soaks up so much product. It does blend my foundation well but for how much product it soaks it is not worth it.
  27. Beautiful!


    I also love to use it to blend all makeup including bronzer and blushes!I love this sponge for a flawless foundation finish!
  28. Fantastic


    Gives a good smooth base and absorbs less than the beauty blender. easy to clean and easy to use
  29. favourite sponge


    I've tried a few sponges and I always go back to this one. It is affordable and smooths my foundation and is pretty durable! I replace it when I feel it's starting to get unhygienic, I've never had to replace it for rips or tears.
  30. Go to sponge


    Another quality real techniques product. This sponge is perfect for applying liquid foundation. Leaves me feeling dewey and flawless.
  31. Good


    This sponge works well for blending my foundation on my face and neck
  32. Such a great sponge!


    Such a great sponge and a great price! I love it :)
  33. Game changer


    Just damp your sponge with some setting spray before use and the application will be amazing. Such a great price and pleasure to use. I cannot justify spending double the money for a Beauty Blender which is basically the same thing. ICONIC.
  34. Great!


    I love this sponge for a flawless foundation finish! I also love to use it to blend all makeup including bronzer and blushes!
  35. Better than a Beauty Blender


    I prefer this over the pricier beauty blender.

    I use this to bake and it creates a more defined line and also works well for blending.

    If you are a frequent traveller I recommend purchasing the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge with Case, which is the same price.

  36. Love the real technique sponges!


    I love the miracle complexion sponge! Works great like a beauty blender! Helps blend your foundation and concealer effortlessly!!
  37. Amazing!


    Doesn't soak up my foundation and leaves an airbrushed finish. I love this sponge, its large and very soft. Easy and comfortable!!
  38. The best of the best!


    I have purchased this sponge many times because it is so good! It blends beautifully and lasts a long time. This is my go to makeup tool.
  39. Value for money


    Great sponge, blends so well and super soft. I would say its just as good as some of the more expensive brands!
  40. Great!


    Such a nice blending sponge. its way cheaper than the beauty blender and works just as well.
  41. Best sponge ever!


    It's really soft and can make foundation look really nice on the face. The shape of it is reasonable as well, which is suitable for face. But I think it doesn't have a good quality or I use it too much? It has some cracks in a short time.
  42. Great product


    Blends makeup flawlessly. Works just as well as the original beauty blender, but half the price!
  43. very soft hight quality

    Chele Pagno

    At first I thought was little expensive, but when I bought it I understood why.
    The quality is wonderful, extremely soft and when we apply makeup with it the makeup lasts much longer.
    Worth every penny, loved it the same quality of that expensive beauty blender.
  44. A good product, doesn’t last too long though


    I think this is a good beauty blender dupe, the application looks good with this sponge. I am very careful with my sponges but did find this one tended to deteriorate a lot quicker than other sponges, even with careful cleaning.
  45. Amazing


    This is my go to sponge. It blends my foundation flawlessly
  46. As good as the best.


    I bought this instead of another major brand blender because of the lower price point. It doesn't soak up too much product, and it's very soft and easy to use. The pointy end is just right for applying concealer at the inner corner of my eye, and I actually tip the sponge upside-down to use the round, flat edge to apply concealer under my eyes, since the size and shape is pretty similar to the eye...
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  47. Favourite sponge and way to apply foundation


    I love this sponge!! It creates such a beautiful, even, blended finish, and easy to use. I find it used best dampened, which stops it from soaking up too much product during application. They last for ages, especially if washed thoroughly and regularly. Great for anyone, and I would definitely recommend this to beginners too. I have bought many of these and will continue to.
  48. like


    really like this sponge. very soft when used wet and a good price
  49. Great tool


    This is a great make-up tool. Helps blend product well.

    The shape is perfect to hold, and the edges are suitable for different parts on your face.

    I personally didn't find this too soft/ absorbent.
  50. really easy application


    I love this sponge, its large and very soft. Doesn't soak up my foundation and leaves an airbrushed finish.
  51. Great make-up tool


    This is a great make-up tool. Helps blend product well.

    The shape is perfect to hold, and the edges are suitable for different parts on your face.

    I personally didn't find this too soft/ absorbent.
  52. Flawless makeup


    A quality alternative to the beauty blender that evenly blends makeup products in both its damp and dry forms and leaves skin looking blurred and flawless. Absorbs only minimal product if at all and is durable!
  53. amazing


    this particular sponge is a dupe for the beauty blender. But I feel like this feels softer and a little bigger. I love the little curve. Blends like dream
  54. Love it!


    A pro product for blending and is a good size and shape for fixing concealer.
  55. Amazing Sponge


    this sponge is literally amazing at blending out foundation and baking your face, it leaves you looking FLAWLESS
  56. best beauty blender


    this is such good beauty blender and its a dupe for beauty blender. great for the price
  57. Good


    This blends my foundation so seamlessly. This is soft and large enough so I can do my makeup quickly
  58. Awesome Makeup Sponge


    Such a great alternative to the beauty blender. Blends makeup seamlessly and makes everything look so natural. I find this one holds up so much better than other beauty sponges. I find the texture of the sponge is perfect for me, not too firm but also not too soft either.
  59. affordable dupe


    Much cheaper alternative to the beauty blender and does a fantastic job at setting my makeup into place. I even use it for moisturisers
  60. Works well


    Works very similarly to the original 'beauty blender' and it is much more affordable. Applies foundation well and does the job!
  61. Love Love!


    This is a great alternative to the infamous beauty blender. It is great for foundation/ cream blusher application. It is also much more affordable with a great quality!
  62. Favorite sponge!


    Such a good dupe for the beauty blender! Love how smoothly it applies my foundation and it doesn't soak up to much product!
  63. Best quality beauty blender!


    I have been using this beauty blender for many years now as its the best quality, it lasts and it covers blemishes very well. I use the other site to blend concealer under my eye and its so gently. Always go back to this sponge, even though it is expensive, it is worth it!
  64. not for me


    this is a soft sponge and extremely large. could work for a lot of people but for me it was just TOO soft . found it soaked a lot of product up and had to go over the same spot to cover my redness.
  65. holy grail


    I used to swear by applying foundation with a brush, although a friend recommended I try this approach and I've never looked back! Leaves skin looking far more natural, dewy and hydrated.
    I use liquid foundation and dampen the sponge prior to application.
  66. Can’t get it to work for me


    Despite watching countless you tube videos I just cannot get the knack of using it - brushes give a much better finish on my skin (which is pretty good except or the odd flake and some enlarged pores on my cheeks).
  67. Great


    I find that my foundation applies so nicely with this and looks so natural. Will buy again
  68. 5 years and still going strong!


    I’ve been using this sponge for five years and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. It blends my foundation beautifully and makes the application easy. I honestly have no complaints except I will now be buying the version with the case because it makes things more hygienic. I’ve found that it works well wet or dry too.
  69. Does the job


    I had heard many reviews saying that this sponge is just as good as the original beauty blender and after having tried both brands I have to say this is true. For a cheaper price tag, this sponge does essentially the same thing and I honestly prefer its shape over the beauty blender. Will definitely purchase more after I finish with my current one.
  70. Great sponge


    I found this to be very comparable to the beautyblender to be honest. It is soft, bouncy and blends so well. I like the smooth edge for my undereyes as it gets very close to the lashline. Very easy to wash as well. I would repurchase this over the beautyblender.
  71. As good as a BB!


    I find the performance of the RT sponges equal to Beauty Blenders and at this cost these are far better value.
    Also have the flat end if you want that option.
  72. Just as good as BB


    I think this is just as good as a beauty blender and is so much cheaper!
  73. blends like a dream


    Sponge doesnt soak up all my product and blends so well!
  74. Great sponge that is different than the others


    I did not really believe that there is a difference between these sponges but after buying one from Real Techniques and another one by a different brand, I was proven wrong. I have a combination skin and used this sponge to apply cream foundation, concealer, tinted moisturiser and even a powder. It works great, no streaks, patches yet it still covers the blemishes(which was the key for me) and ble...
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  75. Love


    Easy to use, easy to clean and makes my make-up look great!
  76. My favourite


    I love this sponge. It is easy to sanitize. The use with her wet and perfect


    i LOVE this makeup sponge lt really does get the job done
  78. Best beauty sponge !


    I love this sponge so much, I've tried a few and prefer it over the beauty blender ! the flat edge in my opinion is perfect for under eye and setting your under eye with powder. I find this sponge is a good and large size which applies your makeup much faster then the smaller sponges ! It also doesn't soak up too much product
  79. Yes!!


    Honestly, why spend $30+ on the beauty blender when this does the same job, if not better... will continue to repurchase. Love this!
  80. Tip: buy the sponge that comes with a case


    I have no issues with this product, just am a little OCD with what I put on my face and in hindsight, I wish I had bought the version that comes with a little case, just to throw it into my makeup bag and not worry so much about what it comes into contact with.
  81. Not for the rough handed.


    I’ve only had this blender a few months and it’s already torn. This may be because I’m wetting it before every use but never happened before. Really disappointed and have been using a competitor brand.
  82. Just as good as the beautyblender!


    This sponge gives almost the exact same or even better finish than the beauty blender. It is super soft and easy to clean. You're meant to replace them every 3 months or so but I found that they are completely fine for up to a year if you care for it properly!
  83. Excellent sponge


    I normally use the beauty blender however out of all the other sponges I have tried, this is the one that comes closest to the beauty blender. It is also much more affordable than the beauty blender.
  84. Worth the $$


    So I brought this in the hopes it would live up to its price. I used to buy blenders from Kmart, which I'll never do again. This is so soft. Blends so well, definetly worth it's price. I will be buying more
  85. So soft!


    This blending sponge is so amazing! It allows your foundation and concealer to be blended so flawlessly, it bounces off the skin and is super soft!! I definitely recommend to everyone out there that loves soft beauty blenders
  86. better than a beauty blender


    Definately would recommend
    Much cheaper than a beauty blender but works just as well
    doesnt break when cleaned
    spreads my makeup well
  87. best alternative to the beauty blender brand at a good price


    since first buying my first pack of these sponges from real techniques i could never go back to using brushes, they are so soft and bouncy and super absorbent!
    my complexion is always seamless and blended so well.
    a tip would be to spray some setting spray on the sponge and blot over your face at the end of your application to make sure it's all pressed in and not moving anywhere.
  88. Better than a beauty blender


    Way nicer and more affordable than a beauty blender and way better too! Would recommend.
  89. great sponge


    i love real techniques sponges, they are strong and dont tend to break when soaking or washing them!
  90. Good


    Very affordable and high quality beauty blender. It allows my products to blend very easily on my skin and I like the finished look
  91. Go to beauty blender


    I always use beauty blenders with a flat edge and this is a really soft and affordable beauty blender that gives me great foundation coverage on my skin. I also use it to bake and love how well it can blend everything
  92. Love!!


    The RT sponge is amazing and just as good as the beauty blender. I use both and don't notice any difference. The sponge applies foundation evenly and leaves the skin looking dewy and healthy. The flat side is also really handy to get into hard to reach areas.
  93. Great Tool


    I use this one a little 'damp' as when I used dry sucked up all my foundation, really easy to us and gives a beautiful even coverage
  94. Excellent dupe!


    This is an amazing dupe of the overly price of the Beauty Blender. This Real Techniques sponge blends makeup like a dream and I love the flat side for baking!
  95. too soft for me, tears easily


    i found this to be a lot more softer than the beauty blender. its too big for me personally and i like my sponges to be a little more firm (black beauty blender is my go to!) washed only a few times and i could see little tears.
    would be good for someone who uses it everyday for work and is on a budget tho
  96. Fabulous blender!


    Great blending sponge and very soft. I like to use it damp and it gives me nice, even coverage. Easy to clean and also good piece!
  97. Great quality


    Very soft, blends products nicely and find that it blends better and is better quality than the beauty blender.
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