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Real Techniques Mini Multitask Blush Brush

4.9 of 79 reviews


4 instalments of $3.00

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4 instalments of $3.00

Or 4 instalments of $3.00 with LEARN MORE

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Take the classic with you, anywhere. Real Techniques Blush Brush features a full size brush head so you get all the benefit of your favourite brush, with all the benefits of a travel-friendly size.

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Real Techniques Mini Multitask Blush Brush Reviews

4.9 of 79 reviews

99% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



RT blush brush is my fav blush brush ever. It is so fluffy and so soft and packs the product nicely. This small size is equally good as only the handle is small but the fluffy head is still the same size.

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice and compact


I purchased this brush to use with my loose translucent setting powder. It was ok but not good for setting under the eyes or around the nose. Good option for travel or to keep in your bag.
  1. Amazing


    RT blush brush is my fav blush brush ever. It is so fluffy and so soft and packs the product nicely. This small size is equally good as only the handle is small but the fluffy head is still the same size.
  2. Perfect size for your handbag.


    I love these brushes I own several of them. They are perfect size for your handbag. And I'm sure I will purchase more.!!
  3. Great for handbag powder


    Good to keep in bag for powder touch-ups when looking a little oily after a while.
  4. love this


    great brush, perfect size for travel, soft and good quality
  5. Cute and functional


    Very cute brush! It has a small handle with a regular size head (same as the Multitask brush). It's fairly wide and soft, good for powder application, brush bronzer etc. Blends very well.
  6. Great for travel and work


    verified purchaser
    I keep this brush in my small make up bag for 'throughout the day' touch ups. It works well with all my powders (face, bronzer, blush). I really like RT brushes but some tend to have bulky handles and take up space. This brush however is a perfect travel size and it's also really cute.
  7. So cute!


    I love the full size of this brush and jumped when I saw the mini version; wish we could travel to be able to use it though! It is oh so cute
  8. Brilliant


    verified purchaser
    This blush brush is excellent value for money. It is soft yet sturdy. I will be using this for a long time I hope.
  9. Unexpected favourite


    I bought this brush only because the full-size blush brush was out of stock. This brush has ended up being my go-to brush for bronzer and blush when I'm rushing to do my make-up in the morning. The small size also means that it fits perfectly in my make-up bag. I have been using this brush for 3 years, and none of the hairs have fallen out, and I've been able to clean it regularly with normal soa...
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  10. really like


    verified purchaser
    I really like this brush and have been using it with powders a lot. I love to dip it into my setting powder and do a quick dusting all over my face
  11. Amazing brush


    Such a great brush, works really well with my translucent powder and blush. love it.
  12. Best Brush for on the run


    So my best make up lives in my car kit and this is the perfect travel size and works amazing at blending my bronzer. So its a winner!
  13. beautiful


    very goof brush. Does not pick up too much products and applies it very naturally. Love
  14. Handy all rounder


    I was skeptical about this brush but have bought a second one. I use this to apply my mineral foundation (Jane Iredale pressed powder base, and the loose powder base), pressed blush and pressed bronzer. The bristles are just the right balance between soft and firm. The brush picks up the right amount of powder. I prefer short handled brushes as they are lighter and allow you to get closer to the m...
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  15. Excellent value.


    I needed a travel brush and couldn’t go past this for the price point. It packs the punch of a full size brush while being compact enough to carry around in my bag. Worth every cent.
  16. Fab brush, compact


    I bought this brush to take on holiday with me to save space in my makeup back (now keep it in my handbag) - so glad I did. It's a great size, easy to use and just as good as my larger real techniques brushes. Applies product evenly and the hairs don't fall out.
  17. Perfect blush brush


    I don’t think you need anything fancy in a blush brush. This one blends well, doesn’t shed and is cheap. What more could you ask for.
  18. Such a great brush!


    I love Real Techniques! I purchased this for both my handbag and my travel bag. I find it easier to use with the smaller handle - so compact and a great multitasker.
  19. I love this brush


    I looooove this brush - super great to keep in the bag
  20. Great blush brush.


    I love this brush it's perfect to just throw in your handbag so that you can touch up your blush while your out. It's super soft on your skin and goes on smoothly.
  21. SUCH good value!


    I love these mini brushes of Real Techniques because they are so much more compact for storage, and yet have the same size head as the full size brushes! So they're excellent value if you don't mind a shorter handle.
    The brush itself is incredibly soft- perfect for a barely-there brush of powder. For me, it's not quite dense enough for bronzer as I like to have a fairly defined, contoured b...
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  22. Nice and compact


    I purchased this brush to use with my loose translucent setting powder. It was ok but not good for setting under the eyes or around the nose. Good option for travel or to keep in your bag.
  23. Perfect size


    Small size, perfect for traveling
  24. Perfect Blush Brush


    I love, love, love this brush, I have the mini and the normal size. The mini is excellent for travel and doesn't differ from the large except for the handle size.
  25. amazing


    The minis are such cute brushes. I buy them mostly for my little cousins but I have a few for travelling. This is are great for those moments for touch up.
  26. Great for travel


    Perfect little brush for travel. Even for their size, they work so well!
  27. Amazing!


    One of my favourite brushes for travel. I use it for all powder when I'm on the go, translucent powder, blush or bronzer!
  28. Love love love!


    I absolutely love all of Real Techniques mini brushes! They're always my go to for traveling and this brush is so soft and applies my blush and/or bronzer so beautifully onto my skin.
  29. perfect for applying blush


    This real techniques mini blush brush is perfect for a applying blush on the go, as it is small and compact. There real techniques brushes are great quality and I love using them for applying my make up.
  30. Fantastic, versatile brush for travelling


    I bought this brush recently and I love it for travelling! The short handle makes it easy to carry around in my makeup bag. I use it first to apply powder all over my face, and then to apply blush. I have a different brush I use to apply my bronzer, but i’m sure it would work well for that purpose as well!

    The bristles are not limp, they do have structure which I think is what makes ...
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  31. best brush out there


    this is my number one go to brush! it can be used for so many things and makes putting on makeup so easy! it blends out the makeup beautifully and gives you a flawless look. The bristles are so soft and the brush is the best quality! Definitely recommend!
  32. I love it


    I love Real Techniques! I purchased this for my travel bag and it sure doesn't disappoint. I find it easier to use with the smaller handle. Easy to clean too. I washed it with a facial cleanser that i didn't like and it's good as new.
  33. Perfect brush for blush or bronzer


    I bought the full-size for my blush and loved it so much i wanted one for my bronzer but needed it to look different so I wouldn't get them mixed up, so the mini is perfect for this.

    I love how soft the bristles are and how evenly it distributes product so you can softly build colour without it going patchy.
  34. Mini size is great


    Same head brush with shorter handle and half price. I really like it as it is so cute and cheaper than the normal one. Light pink is lovely!!!!!
  35. Great brush!


    Travel friendly, convenient and so easy to use! Can also be used for setting your makeup with powder.
  36. Mini brush - Big results


    If you are looking for a brush to take with you on the go - this is the one!!
    It's so soft and a pleasure to use. I would recommend all the mini sized brushes by Real Techniques, they are at a great price point and work like a dream :)
  37. Mini Blush Brush


    So cute and convenient!! Great for powder blush and bronzer
  38. Amazing


    Super cute brush thats perfect for travelling. So happy I purchased this. Save so much space in my travel makeup bag.
  39. The Best Brushes!


    I’ve owned the full size blush brush for years and whilst it is just the BEST brush, the inky downside was the size for travel. then RT release MINIS - Genius! The same full size brush head and all. I’ve tried some seriously high end brushes and nothing I’ve tried has lasted as long and with no shedding as Real Techniques brushes! MUST BUY!
  40. Great for the handbag!


    This is great for keeping in your cosmetics pouch in your bag for when you want to touch up your makeup after school/work!
  41. Full Size 'Mini'!


    Love that these 'mini' brushes still have the full normal size head on them as I love the RT brushes. A must have for anyone who ever packs an overnight bag!
  42. Best blush brush ever in a mini size!


    The real techniques minis are genius! The exact Norma size brush head on a smaller handle so they are super easy to store and travel with. I use this with powder blushes and it hands down gives me the most natural flush of any brush I’ve ever used. Light and easy to handle and can be used as lightly or as heavy handed as you choose. Wouldn’t apply powder blush with anything else.
  43. Best blush brush ever in a mini size!


    The real techniques minis are genius! The exact Norma size brush head on a smaller handle so they are super easy to store and travel with. I use this with powder blushes and it hands down gives me the most natural flush of any brush I’ve ever used. Light and easy to handle and can be used as lightly or as heavy handed as you choose. Wouldn’t apply powder blush with anything else.
  44. Essential for on the go touch ups


    Essential for on the go touch-ups. I tend to carry this in my bag so that I can re-apply setting powder if I'm heading out for a big night.
  45. Nice multi purpose brush


    Lovely brush with soft bristles, great for applying blush or bronzer. Quality brush from Real Techniques.
  46. Great


    I apply powder all over my face with this and use it for blush. The brush is so soft and lasts me forever
  47. Great!!


    I love that I have started to use this brush myself! It's the perfect sized brush to apply powdered blush as the head of the brush fits onto the apples of my cheeks and cheekbone area perfectly! It blends the powders easily and effortlessly and has made applying powdered blush easier! It's a practical sized brush for touching up powders on the go due to the shorter handle then the original .
  48. fave!


    super soft. never sheds. absolutely love this for blush. will continue to buy more. please never get rid of these :( great size for a bag!
  49. Don’t know why I didn’t buy this sooner !


    I don’t typically use brushes in my makeup routine, as I hate carrying them around and prefer applying with my fingers. However I bought a bronzer and bedded a brush to apply and wasn’t a fan of a lot of brushes I came across until this. So soft and luscious and I am in love with the mini as it is the perfect size for my and to chuck in my little makeup bag ! Best thing I’ve bought in ages .
  50. new blush brush


    i take this brush with me when i am travelling and i can put blush and over all powder with it. the brush head is same of the full size brush but its handle is small so it fits in my purse and i can do touch ups on the go with it.
  51. Great blush brush


    This brush is amazing for the price! High quality and the perfect blush brush. The brush head is the same size as a normal brush so it makes a great option for travel or those looking for a more affordable makeup brush.
  52. Fantastic brush


    The compact size is so convenient (and cute), and the fact that it still has a full-size head means it's awesome value for money. I like that the head isn't too large though, as I find using a huge brush for blush/bronzer makes it really hard to do it well. This is the perfect size for targeted application and it blends really nicely. I'm about to buy my second so I can use one for blush and one t...
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  53. great


    great brush. compact and good to stick in your bag for touch ups!
  54. Compact, blends well


    Great compact brush that blends really well. Good to have in travel bag or for touch ups. I was very impressed for the price
  55. Cute


    Pretty brush that’s handy for on the go, blends well
  56. Travel ready


    Perfect for travel and gives you more control I've found
  57. Great for powder


    This travel brush is great for applying powder to the face. It is a great size for a travel brush. I like that only the handle is small and the brush is full size for completing good make up looks.
  58. Cute and practical


    I already loved the full size version of this brush so I was sold on this travel size brush the minute I saw it. The bristles are soft and the brush is perfectly sized for travelling.
  59. LOVE!


    I really love this brush and carry it in my everyday makeup bag for touch ups. I love that it has a full sized brush with a mini handle. Perfect for touching up my powder during the day and small enough to carry in my clutch on a night out. Have bought multiples of this brush already I love it that much! Would definitely recommend it!
  60. so soft


    perfect for multi uses, i generally use for nights out when im taking a small clutch out and need a small powder brush for touch ups throughout the night and is perfect for travelling
  61. Cute handy brush


    Love this brush for blush - the head appears large but gives a perfect sweep of blush!
  62. Handy


    Great little brush for travelling
  63. perfect blush brush

    perfecting skin

    i am in love with this brush. it is super soft. the brush head is of the same size as the original multitasking brush. i used it for blush and fr applying powder all over my face. truly recommended and is great for travel
  64. So soft


    Love this brush. The bristles are so soft and light. And feels amazing on my skin.
  65. Good


    This brush has become my go to for my bronzer and can double as my blush brush too.
  66. So soft!


    Received this today, and already in love with this great brush! I am using it for my bronzer. The bristles are so soft, yet dense enough to pick up the colour.
  67. Blends well


    Better than the full sized as the handle is too big!
  68. Flawless


    Does exactly what you need it to, blends blusher out seamlessly. Mini handle is convenient too.
  69. So cute


    I love these mini sizes! They are so handy for travel and they fit into your purse so easily for touch ups on the go! And it is so soft! I’ll definitely be buying a couple more minis in case they discontinue them
  70. Perfect


    This is the perfect brush, I use it for powder or blush and love it. A cute travel size, very affordable, pretty and good quality.
  71. One of my favourite brushes!


    Long story short, I spent $$$ on Zoeva brushes but always find to always reach for my real technique brushes! Honestly they’re the most useful and best brushes, they don’t shed and clean well and will last for years if taken care of!
  72. Perfect travel size!


    I have bought the full size of this product and love it as it is perfect for applying my blush or bronzer. It is comfortable to hold, applies the right amount of product and is such a great price! The mini is even better in my opinion as it fits in my makeup bag and even costs less!


    It is so cute and perfect for a mini makeup bag in your purse for on the go. I use it to touch up power and blush throughout the day! highly recommend
  74. Blush Brush or All-in-one Brush?!


    I think the latter. Pop in your handbag for any on the go touch ups. Whether its blush, bronzer, powder or foundation you can use this brush for all of it! Just simply wipe on a baby wipe after you've finished in case you need to use a different product next time.
  75. Excellent


    The Real Techniques brushes are the best I've used, and these "mini" brushes are probably my favourites of the whole bunch. Lovely texture, non-irritating and cruelty-free - all in a nifty, handbag-friendly size. Love!
  76. Does the job


    I use this brush for my powder foundation and it does the job, ive used it a few times now and no hair has been left on my face so , so far so good lol its definitely worth the cheap price and does the job could also be used for a blush brush ...
  77. Great Bronzer brush


    i really love this brush! the bristles are really soft and the brush is a little bit tapered so its great for bronzing up my cheeks. this brush is a great size and is great to throw in my handbag to touch up my makeup during the day.
  78. Great as a powder brush


    I use this brush to top up my mineral foundation throughout the day when my t zone starts to get shiny. It applies just the right amount of powder and leaves a nice fresh finish. Great price for a quality bush. It only loses a star because bristles can feel a little spiky at times.

    N I

    I love real techniques brushes, i cannot fault them for their price. This mini multitask brush is easy to take around for travel. Although I like it because of the small handle and the fact it takes up less space in my drawer I can fit many of them. I use this brush to apply my face powder under my eyes and on my face, for brush, bronzer and so forth. It is extremely versatile, affordable yet giv...
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