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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

4.6 of 162 reviews


4 instalments of $5.75

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4 instalments of $5.75

Or 4 instalments of $5.75 with LEARN MORE

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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is an ultra-firm, dense yet soft brush for broad application. Whether you need to blend cream or liquid foundation, or you want to blend out a cream or powder contour, this cult-classic brush has you covered.

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SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush Reviews

4.6 of 162 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

RT Foundation brush


I really like this product! It was a good price point and none of the bristles have come out and off on my face. It’s very soft and lots of bristles so I’ve found it blends well without any streaky lines. It washes well and dried over night fine and ready to use the next day! Will purchase more styles from this brand.

Most Helpful Criticism

Great first foundation brush


I loved this brush when I first bought it 5 years ago. I think it's a really good brush for what it is: an inexpensive foundation brush. It was a GREAT first/entry level foundation brush.

I've recently decided to splurge on a more high-end foundation brush as I wanted something softer that would give me streak free results.

Maybe it's just my skin but I found that if I used this brush for foundation everyday, my skin became very sensitive and sore. The brush bristles don't feel rough or anything to touch, but I guess the micro-exfoliation of buffing foundation in with this brush was too much for my skin.
  1. Good starter brush


    verified purchaser
    I'm not sold on this brush, but it wasn't terrible. The bristles are super soft and stay in really, however I found that they really soak up the product so I had to use more foundation than necessary which was frustrating.
  2. Great first foundation brush


    I loved this brush when I first bought it 5 years ago. I think it's a really good brush for what it is: an inexpensive foundation brush. It was a GREAT first/entry level foundation brush.

    I've recently decided to splurge on a more high-end foundation brush as I wanted something softer that would give me streak free results.

    Maybe it's just my skin but I found that if I u...
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  3. RT Foundation brush


    verified purchaser
    I really like this product! It was a good price point and none of the bristles have come out and off on my face. It’s very soft and lots of bristles so I’ve found it blends well without any streaky lines. It washes well and dried over night fine and ready to use the next day! Will purchase more styles from this brand.
  4. Amazing! BUY IT


    verified purchaser
    This brush was recommended by one of the staff from adore beauty and i'm so glad I bought it. It is so good for blending your foundation perfectly :)
  5. Blends foundation perfectly


    This is the best foundation brush I have used! makes my liquid foundation go on so smooth
  6. Love love love this brush


    verified purchaser
    I have combination skin with some acne scarring, and I've found it difficult to apply make up to cover this evenly. I was at my wits' end and ready to fork out for an expensive brush but then read that this was a good dupe for a brush recommended to use with the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. This brush allows me to buff foundation into my skin beautifully for a natural finish with great cov...
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  7. Great application


    Love this brush - applies product evenly and leaves no streak marks. Blends in my foundation really well and is soft on my face.
  8. Super smooth finish


    verified purchaser
    Love this brush! Gives the smoothest ever, natural and easy to blend finish to foundation. Best applicator I have ever used - better than a beauty blender and definitely better than fingers!
  9. My go- to for liquid foundation


    This brush is my go to for liquid foundation application. It's super easy to use and always gives a flawless finish with little effort. Highly recommended!
  10. Flawless application


    verified purchaser
    I have been searching for years for a new foundation brush to replace my very, very old Real Techniques foundation brush. I don't know why I didn't buy this sooner! Tightly packed bristles make for a flawless application, perfect for buffing in liquid foundation. This brush also doesn't soak up loads of foundation which is what Ive found with others, meaning your foundation ends up on your face wh...
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  11. Favourite liquid foundation brush


    Honestly, for this price point, these brushes are fantastic. I use this one for liquid foundation and it effortlessly blends.
  12. a great brush


    this is affordable, easy to use and pretty good quality, makes my foundation look nice
  13. Good affordable brush


    This was my absolute favourite foundation brush, but not for too long because all the bristles starting falling out.
    For my first few uses it was awesome and it left my liquid foundation with such a flawless finish.
    But then the bristles started falling out on my face which wasn’t nice. I would probably pay a bit more for a brush that wouldn’t fall apart so quickly
  14. Blends perfectly


    Really happy with this product! I use it to apply liquid foundation and I find it blends it perfectly, doesn't leave streaks and retains its shape. It's dense but not stiff which is great. And the price point is perfect too!
  15. Great brush

    Makeup brush

    Great product, blends my foundation perfectly
  16. Loving it!


    I don't know how I've gone this long without this brush! Absolutely loving it and highly recommend. I use a liquid foundation and it goes on flawlessly..
  17. Wow


    Great foundation brush for the price, blends foundation well without being too stiff and streaky.
  18. Holy grail brush


    Buffs make up smooth and easy! When I’m running late for work I can trust I will still look decent because of this brush!
  19. New favourite foundation brush


    I bought this a couple of months ago to help me apply a new foundation I had bought that was full coverage. I was finding it difficult to apply because the foundation set so quickly. This brush made it sooooooo easy to evenly distribute the foundation and also get a flawless full coverage look. No streaks! Cleans easily as well. Absolutely recommend buying this and I'll continue to buy if or when ...
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  20. soft and dense


    I recently purchased this to use with my RCMA foundation as it's a good dense, synthetic brush while still being soft. It's good quality, no shedding after cleaning and returns to its original color bristles buffs really well and gives a good natural seamless finish. I'll definitely keep using and will be purchasing the mini to travel with
  21. Beautiful!


    I also use it for buffering blush. Extremely happy with it. This brush is perfect for blending and buffing foundation.
  22. So versatile!


    This is easily one of my most-used and most versatile brushes! I use it to apply foundation, cream bronzer and cream blush, and the finish is flawless every time. I have never experienced any shedding with this brush, which is a huge bonus!
  23. really good


    I have been using this to apply bronzer and blush and cannot fault it at all. Excellent.
  24. Overrated but does the job


    I wanted to splash out on a nice foundation brush but this really didn't live up to the hype. It's a nice looking brush and I love the colour, but I would prefer softer more flexible bristles. I mean it does the job, but it's just a bit underwhelming.
  25. Love it for cream contouring on my cheekbones


    I always found cream contouring so difficult until I found this brush. It makes it so easier to spread product without it looking patchy or muddy. I also sometimes apply foundation with this brush if I can't find my makeup sponge. It's so good I would definitely recommend it.
  26. Super soft!


    Works great as a foundation buffing brush. The bristles are so so soft, I can use the brush even when my skin is feeling sensitive.
  27. amzaing


    this bush is amazing for applying foundation. gets the job done
  28. Wanted to love


    I really wanted to love the real techniques brushes but unfortunately I don't. This was the first and only brush of theirs I bought and although it did the job it is so hard to clean, you cannot get foundation out of it, I cleaned and washed and scrubbed for 30 mins and it just would not budge. I think I will stick to my nude by nature brushes. Disappointing.
  29. What made me love RT!


    Amazing brush. The RT face brushes are what got me into RT! specifically this brush and the buffing brush. I am not a fan of beauty blenders, RT face brushes for me hands down.
  30. not the best one


    i bought this for foundations but its bristles are very short and awkward and makes foundation lines on my face. but overall is okay. the bristles are soft
  31. Foundation application made easy!


    This Real Techniques brush allows you to apply foundation so easily and without the mess of using your finger/sponge!!it is easy to clean and blends your foundation in really well. I always purchase Real Techniques brushes as they last a long time, clean easily and apply your make up effortlessly!
  32. Fantastic!


    I bought this brush after I saw a friend at work applying foundation with a similar brush and her face looked amazing. I have been using a blender sponge for a few years, and a flat paintbrush style foundation brush before that. This is a huge improvement on both. Applies easily and evenly, uses much less product than both my previous options, and gives a lovely fine coverage of foundation which i...
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  33. A great brush for foundation


    I used this brush for a long time when I first started getting into makeup. It is so dense and applies foundation beautifully. My only small qualm is that the head is a bit small, so takes longer to get a full face done. Apart from this, a great brush that I would recommend.
  34. blends super well


    i’ve used this brush for a year now and it always blends out my foundation so well ! doesn’t shed and still so soft !
  35. Not for me but could be due to use


    I personally didn't have much luck with this brush, but I know everyone is different in terms of preferences and abilities though so don't let me turn you off it. It was too dense for me (however that might be an advantage to others) and I didn't enjoy it for blending foundation. However I haven't used it for something like cream contouring, it may be better for that. I also used it when I was sti...
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  36. Good


    This blends my foundation really well. Leaves a smooth finish
  37. So so soft!


    The bristles are SO soft, I can use the brush even when my skin is feeling sensitive. Works great as a foundation buffing brush. Great price too ;)
  38. Cheap and Effective


    This is great value. It is a great price and a good brush. Dense, blends well and lasts a long time
  39. Great foundation brush


    I love the real techniques brushes! My skin is often weirdly sensitive to brushes and I'll break out in a bumpy rash but these have never done it to me. This particular brush I don't use often but it is great for buffing out foundation (I just prefer to use a BB!)
  40. Large expert face brush


    Bought the small one for travelling but wanted to get the larger one for my home kit. Great for all liquid/cream products. Sometimes do my whole look sing this.
  41. Multipurpose


    Great brush for buffing foundation. I often use it to buff in cream contour/blush too. Good quality brush
  42. Love this brush


    This brush is perfect for blending and buffing foundation. I also use it for buffering blush. So so happy with it.
  43. Favorite cream blush brush


    I actually don't use this for foundation but for applying my cream blush. It's PERFECT for applying colour and blending it seamlessly. Just be light handed if using this for blush as it can pick up quite a bit of product! I don't really use it for foundation but that is because I prefer a sponge instead.
  44. Great foundation brush


    Love this brush for smoothing our foundation and buffing into the skin. Leaves a flawless finish with no streaks.
  45. Excellent foundation brush.

    Emma C

    This was the brush that converted me to using foundation brushes. I'd only ever tried the flatter style before without much luck. This brush is really reliable - soft bristles that never fall out, the handle is comfortable to use and it buffs foundation smoothly into the skin without any streaks. I switch between this and a beauty blender for my normal routine, because I find certain foundations s...
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  46. Soft and durable


    Fairly inexpensive brush. Very sturdy but soft. It's a great brush for beginners and experts as it is good quality and works well with any liquid foundation. A great addition to any brush collection.
  47. Great brush for foundation!


    I love this brush for blending out foundation. This is hassle free compared to using a sponge, it is super quick and the foundation doesn't loose its coverage.
  48. Go-to foundation brush


    Have spent the past few years going between this and a morphe brush, but most times I end up reaching for this again because it's easy to use and is a complete fail safe - I know exactly what I'll get with this brush
  49. Great to blending in liquid foundation


    I used for my liquid foundation to blend it in and for my banana powder. Really good although would prefer the site to be bigger.
  50. Perfection


    I tend to find most make-up brushes don't work for me, this one however is fantastic! A well as the fact that it actually applies product well, i love that it has multiple uses, I will pop my foundation and concealer on with it and then anything else: brush, highlighter, powder etc - it is my all over expert face brush!
  51. Great for foundation


    I love using this brush for applying and buffing out my liquid foundation. It has dense bristles to effectively apply foundation. Blends your foundation really well so it doesn't look streaky or caked on. The bristles are quite soft and do not shed while washing. Lovely brush.
  52. God send


    I literally use half the foundation I used to and get a more full coverage. I am not great at makeup so have always just used my fingers to apply foundation but this was a game changer!! Foundation goes on flawlessly with little effort.
  53. perfect brush for foundation


    i find this brush is perfect to blend all foundation out seamlessly! It gives a beautiful finish to all foundations and allows application to be simple and fast. The bristles are so soft as well and really good quality! The brush lasts for ages and its very easy to clean. Definitely recommend!
  54. Great foundation brush


    I LOVE this brush! My foundation application has never been better!
  55. Best foundation brush


    I love this brush! Perfect for foundation, blends so nicely on the skin and such good quality!
  56. Best foundation brush


    I love this brush! Perfect for foundation and such good quality!
  57. love this brush


    great for a foundation brush but can also use it for a blush brush or even a powder one! can be used as a multi brush!
  58. good quality for price


    This brush is so good for anyone looking for an everyday decent-priced brush with great quality It's incredibly soft bristles make it excellent for buffing and blending liquid foundation/concealer. But it's a bit small, which takes a bit more effort to use, and I've had a few loose bristles here and there.
  59. Beautifully soft


    A beautiful extremely soft brush that makes my skin and foundation look flawless
  60. Best brush!


    I love this brush. It is amazing for applying and buffing foundation and doesn't leave foundation looking streaky. If I don't use a sponge, I reach for this brush. It's also great to buff over blush and bronzer if too much has been applied.
  61. Love this for foundation


    Love this brush to blend foundation, gets to all the hard to reach spots around the nose and chin but blends colour beautifully.
  62. Good brush


    Love this brush. Use it everyday to apply foundation. Great at blending and does not soak up much product. Have similar brushes from other brands but would defiantly recommend this one
  63. excellent


    this brush is so nice i love it and it makes applying foundation so easy
  64. Great brush


    I really like this brush, it blends my foundation evenly and gives a great finish. The bristles are so soft. Highly recommend.
  65. Better than i expected.


    This brush isn't just good for foundation you can also blend cream highlighters, concealers, everything. happy with this!
  66. the ULTIMATE brush


    This is the most perfect brush for light-medium coverage foundations, cream bronzers, blushes, and highlighters! Blendes products like a dream and helps meld all the products together so it looks perfectly blended and flawless. I don't think the brush is as great for full coverage foundations, as it does leave brush strokes but quickly using a damp beauty blender afterwards solves that really easi...
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  67. great for applying foundation


    great brush for blending in foundation and streak free. brush also doesnt absorb all the product which is great
  68. Affordable foundation brush


    The best!! Really good value. I have owned mine for years. Doesn’t shed and buffs foundation in awesomely
  69. Great for foundation


    This brush gives skin a flawless look. I’ve had mine for a few years now and it’s still in really good condition
  70. flawless application


    i have used this for years to apply foundation. it gives me flawless full coverage and does not soak up any of the product. would definitely recommend
  71. The best foundation brush!


    100% recommend! Ever since I got one I have told all my friends to get one and they love them. It easily blends your makeup, effortlessly and precisely. I would never go back to any other foundation brush. I clean mine weekly, and never seem to have hairs come astray either!
  72. GREAT Affordable brushes!


    I really Loved this brush. I think it's great quality for so cheap, super soft and applies product so well!! I have this one in my brush kit today, and will continue to repurchase. LOVE
  73. Best Foundation Brush!


    I have been using this brush for around 5 years and it has never let me down - perfect for applying foundation. Will keep repurchasing again and again and again!!
  74. Great Foundation Brush


    I love this brush from Real Techniques for when I want a slightly more full coverage look to my foundation (I often use a beauty sponge or fingers to apply). The density of the brush gets the product on really well, and blends it out evenly without streaks. Whilst it seems some think it is too small, I find the smaller size and shape of the brush works well for really getting the product everywh...
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  75. Real Technique is amazing in general


    Great brush for blush & powder application. I like it
  76. A go-to


    Love this brush for my foundation, have had mine for over 5 years and it still works like a legend. Definitely a long-lasting brush and does exactly what I want it to do.



  78. Awesome


    Love the brand as the price is really low for how great the quality of the brushes are. I think this tool has helped make my foundation nice and even on the skin.
  79. Undecided


    I bought this brush with the intention of using it for foundation but I feel like it did not work very well in that sense. I am used to a flatter topped brush so this could be why. I am using it as a blending brush however and am happy with it for that.
  80. best foundation brush


    The best foundation brush for the price point. Before this, I used to use a flat foundation brush to apply foundation and then a flat top buffing brush to blend it in. This brush does both. It's dense enough to pack on product but fluffy enough to buff it in. It makes applying foundation so much faster and more seamless
  81. Great


    I always reach for this! perfectly fits around the face.
  82. Go to contouring brush!


    This is my go to contouring face brush - it's soft and easy to blend with, yet dense enough to give me a defined and sculpted contour. Definitely recommended!
  83. good foundation brush


    I keep this in my makeup bag for foundation and concealer!
  84. Great quality


    Perfect brush for applying foundation. It applies foundation evenly onto the face. It is also a great price for the quality.
  85. Must have for quick, effortless and flawless application.


    Being a mum of a toddler, I am very limited with the amount of time I have to apply my makeup. This brush has ticked all of my boxes! It is so easy to blend out and gives perfect coverage, the handle is so comfortable to hold and maneuver. It helps cut down the time in which I apply my make up. And my favourite of all is that I don't waste anywhere near as much product as I do when I use a Beauty ...
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  86. Great brush for foundation


    This brush is great for a flawless finish of foundation. I’ve been using this for years and I always love the results it gives
  87. Affordable Foundation Brush


    Great brush for foundation, super soft bristles which doesn't absorb too much product. I usually go over my foundation with a sponge after using this just to press it into my skin, giving it a more flawless and blended look.
  88. Excellent quality brush for blending foundation


    This is great quality makeup brush, I use this to apply my foundation and goes on very well. Highly recommended
  89. Great Quality Brush


    I love this foundation brush! It is of a very high quality, with super soft, high density bristles. It makes smoothing out foundation a breeze. Sometimes I will use the brush to spread out the foundation and then bounce the Real Techniques sponge to create a flawless finish.
  90. Best Foundation Brush Ever


    Real techniques brushes are always high quality however this one has quite a small surface area for a buffing style brush - so allows you to get into all the cracks and creases. I love it
  91. Nice


    One of the best affordable brushes. Definitely a must-have, highly recommended!
  92. Good Brush


    I love using this brush for my new Clarins Skin Illusion foundation. Goes on and blends perfectly with no streaks and even. I have had it for a few years now and I think it does better at applying lighter more serum like products than heavier products.
  93. Such good quality


    Love real techniques brushes they’re such good quality they’ve lasted me so long. I love this brush I use it as a buffing brush, the brisles a shorter and a little firmer which makes this amazing to spread and buff out any liquid foundation!


    This makes your foundation spread like a dream , it always looks absolutely flawless, never any fall out from the brush and is so soft.
  95. Flawless makeup application


    This is the second time I've purchased this brush which shows how much I really love it. I use it to blend liquid and cream foundations and it makes application a breeze. The bristles are soft but dense enough to prevent streaks.
  96. Streaky


    Bought this before beauty sponges became huge and was looking for a good way to apply foundation and thought this was the answer because I always heard such good things about it. Unfortunately it made my foundation EXTREMELY streaky. Especially on my nose. I had to pat out the streaks with my fingers and really had to finesse the foundation in with this brush. It also feels kind of scratchy on my ...
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  97. Good for heavy foundation


    Firm and blends great, only bad thing is that my brush has deteriorated and some bristles have come loose after a few years of use
  98. Great for foundation


    At first I thought this was too small for foundation but after using this multiple times I really like it. Small enough for precision and no streaky lines.
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