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Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Set

4.7 of 105 reviews


4 instalments of $12.38

Or 4 instalments of $12.38 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $12.38

Or 4 instalments of $12.38 with LEARN MORE

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Real Techniques Everyday Essentials is your one and done brush set to master professional-quality makeup looks. With everything you need for foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter and eyeshadow, this brush set is perfect for building up your brush collection, taking on holiday or giving as a gift.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Set Reviews

4.7 of 105 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great Value


Amazing value for the price. Great quality brushes. Definitely recommend!

Most Helpful Criticism

All in one


Great set of brushes that can be used for everything.
  1. Great Value


    Amazing value for the price. Great quality brushes. Definitely recommend!
  2. The allrounder set


    This set has it all. And because it's real techniques, the quality is there and you will have them forever. Cant get enough of this brand and the fact that it is a lady start up, I love it even more!
  3. Favourite


    This is a great set! I have purchased many of these individually and love these brushes, amazing value as a set
  4. This set has got amazing value and all of the brushes are useful


    This set has got amazing value and all of the brushes are useful
  5. great


    these are my favourite brushes, affordable, work well and cruelty free!
  6. Great brushes


    I have owned a lot of makeup brushes. I went through a stage collecting brushes trying to create a perfect kit. I stopped trying after getting these. I use the buffer so much I can not believe it is still going. No hair loss, easy to clean, works beautifully. I have gone on to add to my collection with some other brushes of this brand. I can't really recommend the eyeshadow brushes, they are ok, ...
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  7. Love this!


    These brushes are all good quality and work and wash very well. I am happy with them
  8. My fav


    This is my fav set from RT. I especially love the blush brush but all these brushes and the sponge work great and give a flawless application. Incredible value for money.
  9. Essentials


    Love this set because it contains the basic, every day brushes and tools that you'll need - nothing too fancy but they do the job well and at an affordable price
  10. Great value


    Love these brushes, they’re so soft, they don’t lose their hair and are comparable to the more high end brushes.

  11. fave brushes


    these brushes are amazing quality and not at a crazy price point its a win win in my books!!!!
  12. 10/10


    This was one of the first brush sets I got when starting makeup and it is SO, SO good. They are super affordable for the price, and such good quality as well.
  13. fave brushes


    affordable yet super high quality brushes! love this brand. they are soft and do not shed at all
  14. My favourite makeup brushes


    These are first branded makeup brushes and these certainly did not disappoint! The brush hairs are soft and doesn’t make streak marks and they blend products flawlessly. Also very durable with washing as I never experienced hair fallout and stays soft after washing. For drugstore brand they are really good quality. Highly recommended!
  15. Still a staple for my makeup routine


    I love these brushes so much. I purchased this a long time ago and it is still going strong.
    I was going to deduct a little from my rating because I am not a fan of the sponge at all - it didn't last long as it got a few holes and it felt rough on my skin.
  16. Love it!


    The only brush set you'll ever need - super great quality and blends product really well.
  17. Great


    These brushes are great for beginners and those who don’t wanna spend alot on high end brushes as they do the same job and they are nice quality.
  18. Half good, half bad.


    I really enjoy the blush brush, sponge and contour brush in this kit, but found that the highlighter and eye shadow brush weren't super effective. I'll always love how soft these brushes are and still try and use them for makeup that doesn't need lots of blending.
  19. Best brushes ever


    This is a set of all your essential makeup brushes those can be used in different ways. I really like this combination in one pack.
  20. Great value


    Got this for my sister as a gift when she started using makeup, she loves the quality! Great value for all that you get in one set
  21. amazing


    best brushes ever, recommend them to everyone
  22. So good


    These brushes are so nice! Not only are they beautiful to look at but they also perform really well. They are super soft and I have no problem with shedding when I wash them. I personally have tried better sponges, but the brushes are great!
  23. Make up bags best friend


    I recommend this brush set to anyone looking to update their brushes, it covers all your basics and they’re such great quality especially for the price point!
  24. great set for beginner


    great set for beginner that covers everything you need for a full make up. The brushes are very soft and not irritating my sensitive skin.
  25. Love this set


    Great essentials set. Everything I need for a quick face. Brushes are good quality, soft and don’t shed.
  26. Excellent value


    Truly all you need to do your face. An excellent assortment and everything is useful. Particularly love the egg shaped fluffy brush.
  27. Excellent brushes


    This pack is a bargain for the quality! They absolutely hold up against more expensive makeup brushes. They’re very soft and don’t shed.
  28. Good starting set


    Nice brushes with soft bristles. They don't fall out and seem to go the distance. A good set to start with.
  29. Great Brush Set for Everyday Use

    Amy W

    Love this set. I literally use them everyday. They are somehow incredibly easy to clean, haven't lost any bristles yet (in about 3 months) and look shiny in my bathroom. Highly recommend for a daily brush set.
  30. Good quality basics


    This set it perfect! I wear very basic make-up each day and this set is all I need. I bought this set to replace my original Real Techniques brushes that I bought 6 years ago! The texture of the brushes is lovely, they are easy to clean, and the foundation and bronzer brushes are particularly useful. I would recommend this set for anyone who is looking for a good quality set of brushes.
  31. Perfect beginners set


    this set is perfect if you're just starting your makeup journey, has everything you need and is very reasonably priced.
  32. perfect


    This has everything you need to apply and set your base. Great quality brushes :)
  33. Essential


    Good set of brushes. Nice for beginners. Soft and gentle, but still strong enough to keep make-up powder on the bristles. As it says- the essentials.
  34. Beginner friendly!


    i have a younger cousin who has just recently gotten into using makeup and for her birthday I gifted her this set. She absolutely loves it and I think this is such a nice starter set for those who don't own many brushes since it has both brushes for the face and eyes as well as a blending sponge.
  35. perfect


    perfect beginner set of brushes in my opinion. can be used multipurpose. brush bristles are great quality and no shedding
  36. Amazing brushes


    These brushes are so soft and amazing at applying makeup! Love them!
  37. Bargain


    This set is such a bargain. The brushes are super soft, excellent quality and wash well with no fall out. I use them daily.
  38. Fantastic!


    Definitely worth the hype! Will be purchasing more brushes from this brand.
  39. Fab!


    These brushes are so soft and gentle. They don't lose shape or lose bristles (like other brands I've used), and the sponge makes for great blending! I'm a huge fan of the RT 200 - one of my favourite brushes to apply foundation for an even, gorgeous blend. Adore Beauty were quick to dispatch my order (even in this pandemic).
  40. Beautiful


    I adore Sam and Nic Chapman so always had to have their brushes. They are such high quality and apply makeup seamlessly. The colours are fun and the price is just right.
  41. A must have set


    I was looking for new brushes to replace some of my older ones and honestly couldn't go past this set - $50 for 5 tools is crazy cheap! But the quality is seriously just as good as MAC & Hourglass. Couldn't be more thrilled with this purchase.
  42. Classic favourite


    These brushes are so great if you do a basic make up routine. Has everything you need, always find myself replacing old brushes with these!
  43. Love this set


    Great value for the set consisting of 4 makeup brushes and 1 makeup sponge for base makeup, don't need much else besides an eye brush. The quality of these brushes are great and last me forever.
  44. Great starter kit


    I bought a kit very similar to this years ago as a starter kit. It has still proved great although I have since invested in better quality brushes. Overall great for beginners.
  45. The best


    This is the best everyday use brush set. Soft bristles, apply the product nicely, give a flawless finish. These are so easy to wash and they don't lose bristles or their shape. It is a good investment and I highly recommend.
  46. Very good basic brush set


    This is a great set of makeup brush for normal, everyday makeup looks. It has all I need for day-to-day and its easy to clean and doesn't shed. Really good quality for the price.
  47. Best brushes ive owned


    These brushes are amazing for the price! Mine are three years old and still look new.
  48. Great set!


    This is such a great set of brushes - literally the only ones you need for every day makeup.
    Such great quality and mine have lasted for over 5 years. Would definitely repurchase once I need to.
  49. Brushes are 6 years old, still perfect condition


    I have had these brushes for six years and they are still in perfect condition! I haven't noticed the brushes loosing shape or thickness.
  50. good basic brush set


    good mix of brushes for an amateur like me who doesn't need a set of 20 makeup brushes. They seem to be good quality and are doing the job for me!
  51. quality you can trust


    A great set of quality brushes that will last years without being expensive. The only thing missing is some eye brushes
  52. Holy grail


    I was looking for new brushes to replace my old ones but also being on a budget I didn’t want to spend too much, these definitely do the trick!! They’re super soft and hold product well
  53. All in one


    Great set of brushes that can be used for everything.
  54. Number one fan


    Love these brushes they’re soft and do all the work. Easy to blend with and perfect for travelling
  55. #1 fan


    I recommend these to anyone and everyone that will listen to me! Beautiful, soft, durable, not too pricey and easy to clean - you can’t go past them!
  56. Give it a try


    Considering this price is less than one makeup brush by some other high-end brands you definitely have to try it. I found it as a good opportunity to try all the brushes that real techniques have made. I still use all these brushes and so glad I bought it. I even loved the concealer brush so much that I have bought multiple since because they're good to put in your wallet when leaving the house an...
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  57. Good pack


    It's a good pack with reasonable price and design. The brushes are so soft and I like it very much!
  58. so soft


    Real techniques has amazing brushes. They so soft and you don't need so many brushes. These are like everyday brushes that ones needs. Great for travelling.
  59. Great!


    Love this starting set, great gift idea. These brushes are great, all very soft and makes my makeup look great.
  60. good quality

    Chele Pagno

    Their quality is wonderful, super soft and super durable.
  61. Great value set


    Such a great value set for $50!!! My top 3 would have to be the blush brush (large, fluffy, soft), the highlighter brush applies highlighter perfectly, and the sponge creates a flawless and well blended finish. The eye and face brushes though are also amazing, you can’t go wrong with this set. I love Real Techniques value for money and no matter how many times you clean them, you won’t lose hairs!
  62. Amazing


    I have been using this set for over a year now and it is so soft, does the blending well and lasts a long time.
  63. good


    I love all of real techniques brushes. This set includes some of my favourite brushes. They are all so soft and work so well
  64. Amazing


    These are such high quality brushes at an affordable price. Love them. The sponge also helps blend my foundation flawlessly
  65. Amazing brushes


    I have so many makeup brushes and real technique brushes are amazing there so nice and soft. Plus it comes with the sponge.
  66. Amazing value


    The Real Techniques brand delivers high end brushes for lower end prices. I was originally only looking for a new foundation brush but couldn't go past the opportunity to update my other brushes at such a great price. I love that they are cruelty free!
  67. Great value set!


    Nice soft brushes, good range good price
  68. Great value set!


    Nice soft brushes, good range good price
  69. great value!


    I really only needed a new powder brush when I came across this value set that had most of the essential brush types as well as a makeup sponge so I ended up getting this anyway. I think this is great for any makeup beginners and anyone who doesn't own many brushes already since this would save a lot of money compared to purchasing them individually.
  70. Great Kits


    I love these makeup brush kits for beginners. Not only are they are they are a bargain, they are also decent makeup brushes! I purchased this one for my niece who is starting to get interested in makeup. They won't fall apart quickly and are great for building up your arsenal :)
  71. Must have set


    I was always curious about real techniques brushes and finally took the plunge with this set. Now I know why some of the top male artists and influencers use these brushes. They are super soft and blend seamlessly. I can’t wait to add more to my collection.
  72. Hero Product.


    The powder and blush brushes are my go to. They are good value, pack on product, easy to clean and last a long time. Highly recommend
  73. Amazing value


    Best value for money
  74. Great set


    This is a great brush set with versatile brushes! The sponge is definitely my favourite. All of the brushes are such good quality, don't shed when washing and are nice to hold/handle.
  75. Fantastic especially for sensitive skin!


    I love the real techniques brushes! My skin is often weirdly sensitive to brushes and I'll break out in a bumpy rash but these have never done it to me. This particular set has a great variety of brushes with multiple uses and the beauty blender in my opinion is just as good as a real BB
  76. Amazing


    Wow, for the price these are amazing quality. My foundation looks more flawless. Bristles are super soft and the handles feel nice to touch and not slippery when using them.
    Would recommend to all my friends.
  77. Perfect for both beginners and professionals


    This was my first 'proper' brush set and I still use them to this day!!! Such good value and they're really high quality products. I love all the brushes but I think my favourites are the blush and small setting brushes. If you're on the fence about this product, take the plunge and BUY IT. You will not regret it, I promise!!!
  78. Best Brushes!


    I have recently been loving the Real Techniques brushes! my favourite out of this set is the large fluffy one, it applies my powder so evenly and doesn't look cakey at all! their soooo soft and wash so well!!
  79. Like a professional!

    Jess M

    I upgraded my brush set to the RT everyday essentials and am so glad I did! These brushes are soft and blend so well. I love the blush brush especially as it adds colour without the obvious blush line.
  80. Best brush pack


    Everything except the concealer brush is an essential
  81. Great value & quality


    I love RT brushes as they are very durable and soft. The small buffing brush is amazing for concealer application and it looks super natural. You can't go wrong if you have been looking for some quality brushes. And they're cruelty free which is a bonus!
  82. Great Set


    These have lasted super well, they wash really too, have been using them nonstop and the bristles are really durable, love this brand, for the price this value pack is amazing
  83. Great price point!


    This is a great set to get your started. It has all the essentials, the brushes are reasonable quality and a great price point.
  84. No more gross rubber handles!


    I'd bought real techniques brushes years ago and though the brushes themselves were still fine after a lot of use, the rubber handles were deteriorating so much I had to throw them away. I am so glad they've upgraded the brushes to have a plastic handle now. Perfect travel or starter kit of brushes, don't pay too much attention to what they say they are to be used for - I use the eyeshadow brush f...
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  85. Awesome value for money


    This set is perfect. The brushes are so soft and the sponge is the best I have ever used.
  86. Soft


    I love the real techniques brush quality! These are super soft and don't shed - I've had them for ages!
  87. The Perfect Set!


    These brushes are amazing! They are the best I’ve ever used - the Face Brush is so easy to use and gives a gorgeous coverage. The blush brush is heavenly and gives me a beautiful natural flush. The blender is the best shape and the eye shadow brush blends beautifully. And the setting brush is epic for highlighting! Amazing!
  88. Great value


    such great value for this set! The quality of the brushes is so good and makes it so much easier to apply my makeup
  89. amazing quality, amazing price


    amazing quality brushes for a really good price. Has every brush you need for a full face of makeup!
  90. Great beginner brushes


    This is a great set if you're just starting out as it has everything you need. There are definitely better brushes out there but the fact that this one is made a set makes it extremely easy for beginners to use.
  91. Perfect brush set!


    This brush set is the perfect set if you are just looking for the basics for an everyday look. The brushes are such good quality and are so soft! These brushes are definitely my favourite and I definitely recommend!


    Perfect for someone just getting into makeup as these are very high quality but at a decent price! Recommend getting a kit instead of buying them seperately
  93. good set


    Good brush set
    all the basics you need in one set for a decent price
    nice and soft and applies makeup nicely
    good quality
  94. Love this set!


    This set is all the essentials you need! It is such good quality and really does make a difference to your makeup when you use these brushes.
  95. Soft


    One of my absolute favourite brush sets! Everything you need in one set. Bristles are soft and sturdy. Only wish it came in a case.
  96. great brush set! good price!


    good brushes for a good price! easy to clean!
  97. Great basic brushes


    This brush set is excellent! Really nice quality and you get all the basics you need. Great price too.
  98. love these


    very high quality brushes, great value set aswell my fav would be the beautyblender which is the best for blending out foundation or concealer
  99. Love these brushes


    These brushes are the best in the business for the price.
    They are soft and blend beautifully and if you look after them they last a really long time. I’ve tried many different brushes over the years and these are up there with the best.
  100. All you need in one kit


    I love this kit- i've repurchased the sponge for years! and the RT 402 Setting brush is the best highlighter brush i own. Strongly recommend these brushes as they're so durable, dont scratch or irritate the face and are easy to clean
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