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Real Techniques Blush Brush

4.6 of 113 reviews


4 instalments of $6.25

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4 instalments of $6.25

Or 4 instalments of $6.25 with LEARN MORE

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Real Techniques Blush Brush gives a flawlessly blended, high definition result. Use this tapered brush to precisely apply blush exactly as you want it. Tame the most pigmented of blushes with a soft focus finish.

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Real Techniques Blush Brush Reviews

4.6 of 113 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My favourite blush brush!


This ultra soft brush picks up the perfect amount of blush pigment for an effortless and beautiful blush application!

Most Helpful Criticism

Good for bronzer


I know this is for blush but I find it's huge size means I cannot apply it precisely enough so don't tend to use it for blush. I find it's very good for bronzer though and does blend it out very well
  1. My favourite blush brush!


    This ultra soft brush picks up the perfect amount of blush pigment for an effortless and beautiful blush application!
  2. Great!


    Real Techniques brushes are amazing and this is no exception. This was a staple brush in my kit for a very long time however given its constant use and age, the silicone/rubber bit at the bottom of the brush started to go sticky and I ended up having to throw it out as a result. That being said it was well loved for about 3 years.
  3. Great quality for the price


    I've been using this brush for a few months now and I'm super pleased with it's performance. Very soft hairs and the shape is perfect for applying super pigmented blushes.
  4. I understand the hype!


    This makes using blush soo much easier - I never used blush until now because I was so scared I'd look like a clown but this is amazing to use!
  5. A brush everyone needs


    This brush is hyped up for a reason! It has the most beautiful, soft bristles which still hold their shape after repeated washing. It's huge! So you can use it for diffuse blush/bronzer application, or even as a powder blush (like I do). I also use it to blend products together once applied, and it works very well in this capacity. I can't recommend it enough.
  6. Nice


    I like this brush, much better than others from more expensive brands with the same kind of synthetic material. Only other brush I choose over this one is from Hakuhodo. Good price.
  7. Blends in blush perfectly


    My blush always looks natural and well blended when I use this brush, its my favourite! The quality of the brush is very nice for the price and the brush hairs don't fall out after washing. Such a soft brush and feels nice against the skin.
  8. So soft


    This brush is soooo soft! It’s stunning, I use it as an overal powder brush because it’s so fluffy and soft.
  9. Surprisingly good


    Bought this brush on a whim for bronzer/blush and I have not looked back! It's the only one I use, and product goes on seamlessly compared to my old Sigma contour brush. So easy to blend too
  10. Fabulous brush!


    Love this brush! Perfect for both blush and face powder. Easy to hold, use and clean.
  11. Awesome


    Great brush for both blush and face powder. I love to use it on light colour blushes. It gives a soft effect for the cheek.
  12. Love


    I know this is a blush brush but I use it for bronzer and I absolutely love it! it is nice and soft and fluffy and it distributes a lovely blown out bronze all over the skin.
  13. Classic blush brush


    I have had my real techniques brush for 5 years now and it is still in excellent condition. I wash it every month and it still applies make up flawlessly!
  14. Bronzer


    I find this a bit larger for blush and use it for powder bronzer instead. It picks up a good amount of product but not too much and diffuses well.
  15. Excellent - but large


    This is a gorgeous egg shaped brush, it is larger than a typical blush brush so some people may use for bronzer - but i find it a great all rounder. Mine RT brushes have never shed on me .
  16. Too big for blush (on my face)


    This blush brush was just too big for my face. I saw everyone raving about it and didn't really think about my facial features and how I might need a smaller brush for my face. The size of the Real Techniques contour brush is actually a much better size for blush (or bronze) for my face shape/size.
    I like to be able to be quite precise with where and how much blush I apply... this brush is ...
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  17. Best bronzer or blush brush!!


    This is the BEST bronzer brush! The shape is really great for subtle blush or bronzer, there’s no worry of putting too much on! Great quality and lasts forever - I’ve had mine for years!
  18. Great for bronzer


    Love how fluffy and soft this brush is! I find it works best for bronzer or for blending instead of using for blush
  19. love RT


    This is my 100th RT brush. They are such a high quality. I use this one for powder and blush. Worth it
  20. As described but better suited to apply bronzer


    I have combination skin with acne scarring exactly where I would apply my bronzer. I had a lot of difficulty finding a brush that didn't dislodge my foundation to reveal my acne scarring below. This soft and fluffy brush does the job beautifully at a great price, and is just as described - but not well suited for blush as it is too large. This works for me as I purchased it to apply bronzer anyway...
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  21. Great brush


    Love this blush/bronzer brush. It applies product evenly without leaving streaks on your face and without hairs falling out. Have not tried with liquid products. But I would imagine it would work well.
  22. Good for bronzer


    I know this is for blush but I find it's huge size means I cannot apply it precisely enough so don't tend to use it for blush. I find it's very good for bronzer though and does blend it out very well
  23. the best blush brush


    applies the product evenly onto the face. it is best with powder blushes. i have not tried it with cream or liquid blushes yet. but i love the brush so far.
  24. Best brush for bronzer!


    I regularly use this brush for my bronzer - it disperses the product perfectly. However, I find it too large and fluffy for blush, as it disperses too much product at once and leaves the blush looking a bit messy.
  25. So soft and easy to use


    This brush makes powder bronzer application precise and the bristles are so soft. It’s a great size for bronzer or blush.
  26. Really good bronzer brush


    I love this blush brush for my bronzer! It's so fluffy and gives a really blended finish. I've had it for years and still in reaaaaaallly good condition despite being used every day and washed frequently.
  27. The best!


    my favourite brush for blush, setting powder, illuminating setting powder, bronzer and blending any product seamlessly. So soft on the face!
  28. Love this brush


    I use this as my overall powder brush to apply my translucent powder over my foundation, and it has quickly become my favourite powder brush!
    It distributes the product so evenly across my face.
  29. A Good Brush


    I really like the real techniques brushes in general and the blush brush is particularly soft and applies blush really softly. The only thing I hate about these brushes is the ugly, colourful, thick handle that really doesn't look good on display. If you don't care about how the brushes look, they're great.
  30. A staple brush!


    This is a great soft, fluffy brush for a diffused application of blush, powder or bronzer! It works well with all powder products and is a great staple for any collection.
  31. Light and fluffy


    I exclusively use RT brushes and this is perfect for blush or bronzer where you want a light or buildable finish.
  32. best


    This is such an amazing brush. It so soft and amazing. I love applying my blush and bronzer with brush.
  33. Love this brand


    Great brush! Blends powder blush well.
    It also works as a face brush too
  34. Great!


    Grabbing product is no problem w this bad boy and the tapered shape helps guide specifically where I want product to go!
  35. A classic blush brush, perfect for diffusing


    This brush is very soft but be aware that this means the bristles are also not that dense. I use the ‘cheek’ blush from Real Techniques first to apply the colour to my cheeks, as that brush is much more dense and picks up colours.

    This brush is then perfect to go over already applied colour to diffuse it out. I don’t want to look like a clown with my blush, and this helps to make sure...
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  36. A favourite


    This is my all time favourite blush brush. It's a perfect size, still nice and big and fluffy but great size application wise. Mine has lasted a long time being washed regularly and maintained it's beautiful feel. I love it for both blush and bronzer, particularly when I was more of a newbie and didn't own as many brushes. Definitely recommend, real techqniues have been amazing purchases for me fo...
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  37. My favourite brush


    My favourite brush ever! Distributes the colour so amazing and makes putting my makeup on super easy!
  38. Good


    This is a soft blush brush and it packs the right amount of product
  39. Wonderful blush brush


    This has been my favourite blush brush for a couple years now. It does apply product quite lightly, as it's not a very dense brush, but I personally love that! I love using a shimmery blush, and this applies it perfectly, but defusing the product so it's not too overwhelming. I purchased a second one to use for bronzer, however I think I prefer it for blush application.
  40. Light coverage brush


    I love the real techniques brushes! My skin is often weirdly sensitive to brushes and I'll break out in a bumpy rash but these have never done it to me. This particular brush I find doesn't pick up a huge amount of product/only gives quite a light coverage initially so I like to use it for blush or a high pigment bronzer and it gives a beautiful finish. Highly recommend just make sure you work o...
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  41. Recommend


    Great brush for blush as it doesn't pack too much product on. Soft and fluffy and doesn't shed when washing.
  42. AMAZING x 3


    I have three of these brushes and they're honestly my favorite. Great for building up color and seamless blending. Real techniques brushes in general are amazing but this has to be one of my favorites from the brand. Highly recommend
  43. Excellent blush application


    This brush is really nice and soft, and still holds product really well. I don;t like a heavy blush application so this gives me a light and softly flushed look! It looks lovely and is not expensive, I really recommend Real Techniques' brushes!
  44. good brush


    This brush is the perfect size to apply blush. It allows for a precision application of blush because it is tapered at the end. You could also use it for powder contorting if wanted. The bristles pick up product well and are very soft and fluffy. There is no fallout of bristles when washing, retains its shape and it and it dries relatively quickly in a couple of hours.
  45. Super soft for light coverage

    Sally S

    When I purchased this brush I was going to use it for my bronzer but when it arrived it was much larger and fluffier than I had expected. It's really soft and works well to apply a light layer of blush but couldn't give me enough definition to use with bronzer. It feels lovely on your skin and it's hard to be heavy handed with product so overall I would recommend it.
  46. May take a while to get used it but great for a blusher


    I use it with my MAC blusher and although it took me a well to learn how to use it I must say I am very happy. It gives an even cover so you do not end up with patches of colour.
  47. A favorite!


    This is a really good blush brush, its the perfect size and good for easy build-up of color. I have it for almost 4 years not and it has help us really well.
  48. Amazing


    This is amazing. Really soft and perfectly blends blush for a very soft natural look, as you don’t want to be too heavy handed with blush.
  49. Better Highlighter Brush


    I like this brush but prefer it for my highlighter on my cheek than for my brush.

    I personally find it doesn't pick up enough product - but I admit I am heavy on the blush!!

    Good quality brush overall.
  50. Great brush


    Tapered to pick up product. Lays blush beautifully, blends seamlessly. Can be used for a soft contour and bronzing. Soft, fluffy, synthetic. Easy to wash, holds shape, long lasting. Only downside is the brush is abit large so requires practice ladies
  51. Great for a light application


    I like this brush, however it only applies a light coverage. I tend not to reach for it as it doesn't pick up enough product (blush, bronzer) for my liking. It is good for covering a large area, as it is a big brush.
  52. Great Brush


    I use this apply bronzer, really light to use so I don't put too much product on, gives a really lovely light dusting.
  53. Soft brush


    I really like this brush, it’s the great all rounder I use it to apply my bronzer and highlighter. The bristles are so soft.
  54. Nice for bronzer


    This is way too big to be a blush brush on me. I prefer it as a bronzer brush. The only thing I don't like is that the more you wash it, the scratchier it becomes. However, I will still continue to repurchase it as I love the shape of this brush!
  55. Sooooooo soft!


    I use this brush for all over powders, setting powders and bronzer. It’s so versatile and fluffy. Really great quality
  56. Great all-rounder


    I love this brush! Whilst it is marketed as a blush brush, I mostly use it for application of powder bronzer, and it works so well for that! It picks up the perfect amount of product, and blends it out seamlessly. It is also a very soft brush making it enjoyable to use. It works equally well for blush however, and I think could even be used for other powder applications.
  57. Great for bronzer


    Despite being a blush brush, I actually prefer this for my bronzer. Gives an even application of color across the entire cheek, without having to put it a lot of effort.
  58. versatile


    the brush is great for applying blush, bronzer or dusting off a bake. its nice and fluffy and holds just the right amount of product. definitely recommend as the brush itself lasts ages too.
  59. Somewhat overhyped


    This is by no means a bad brush, it's just a bit overhyped in my opinion. It is a very high quality product for sure but I did not find applying my blush to effortless at all, it is quite large and would make my blush go further than I wanted it to go. I don't find myself reaching for it all the time.
  60. Use for blending powders


    I do not have an extensive brush range however I have used cheaper branded brushes until I was recommended to use these brushes for blush, bronzer and mineralising powder. I find these brushes are comfortable to use and the brush itself is extremely soft. It applies powders beautifully on the skin for larger surface areas. I do not highly recommend for blush but for basic setting powders and bronz...
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    this is super soft and I use if it a lot. find that i reach for this every single time i'm doing my make up. i use it for blending out or applying bronzer or for blushes. gives me good control and good grip on the brush. It's a staple in my vanity!
  62. very soft


    very soft and applies blushes very easily and quickly. i always use this brush for putting on my blush.
  63. Each to their own


    I really like the Real Technique brushes. This one in particular is great because it doesn't make harsh blush lines like others I have tried.
  64. Favourite brush from RT


    This was my first purchase from the brand and let me tell you, this is my favourite brush by far. It is soft, picks up enough product so that you can build up your blush and blends like a dream. 10/10
  65. Love this brush


    I use this brush for blush, bronzer and setting my face with powder. Such a versatile brush and one I reach for a lot
  66. wonderful


    So nice and soft and perfect for building it up if you need to
  67. 10/10 Blush Brush!


    I loooove this brush!!! It's super soft and can be used with so many products: blush, bronzer, setting powder, etc.
  68. Great


    I have two of these brushes, one for blush, and use the other for bronzer.
  69. Average brush


    I am not sure about the hype on this product. I did not find it to apply and blend my blush particularly well and I really could not find many uses for it being the shape that it is. So this now just sits in my drawer until I can find good use for it. It is a good quality brush if this is the shape you need for some reason.
  70. The best of the best!


    This brush is incredible for so many things! I love it for power, bronzer, blush, setting the under eyes and for blending cream products too! It’s incredibly soft! I have a lots of makeup brushes but I find myself using it literally everyday! Definitely on the cheaper side for a nice makeup brush too!
  71. Best for blush


    My fave brush blush! Pretty big but blends blush so perfectly and great quality. I’ve had mine for over 2 years with no issues.
  72. Nice brush but better for powder


    I know the purpose of this brush is for blush but I never apply too much blush to my face so I prefer a smaller brush. I think this is lovely, however, for applying setting powders or a light dusting of banana powder. Nice and fluffy.
  73. Great!


    I love all real techniques brushes! This brush is easy to hold, applies the right amount of blush, doesnt shed and is cost effective!
  74. I like it


    A very large fluffy brush head that applies blush well
  75. Nice brush


    This blush brush is very soft and fluffy. I love using this to apply powder blush, blends and diffuses blush powder beautifully, creates really flawless and natural looking complexion, Washes well and bristles stays really soft.
  76. Pretty but..


    I was excited to get the Real Techniques Blush Brush cause the handle is so pretty and I have seen lots of good reviews about it. However for me personally, using quite a lot of different brands of makeup brushes - its quite average. The brush bristles was too soft for me and the shape of this brush makes it quite hard to apply blush properly. I would look at other Real Techniques brushes however ...
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  77. Great


    Blends powder blusher well
  78. Favourite


    As with all RT brushes this is great. Holds just the right amount of powder and is easy to clean
  79. Love this brush for setting the face


    This brush is the best shape and size for setting under eyes and the face. It's really soft and doesn't shed!
  80. Soft and great for powdering the face


    I use this brush for the Houseglass ambient light in Dim and it's perfect. Super soft and the perfect size. Good value too and I'm glad I didn't spend $85 on the Hourglass one.
  81. Good


    I like how this brush applies the blush. It's very soft and spreads the colour out very naturally.
  82. Good


    Does what you need it to, base of brush is slightly annoying as so big
  83. Perfect size


    This brush is so soft, and is the perfect size for applying blush. It picks up the perfect amount and makes it very easy to it out seamlessly.
  84. Flawless


    Large and fluffy for seamless blusher, blends beautifully.
  85. Applies blush powder nicely


    This product applies blush powder really nicely, and the brush keeps its shape after multiple washes - can't fault it!
  86. Amazing


    This brush is great for contouring and bronzing, I couldn't recommend this enough!
  87. Love this brush


    I use it daily to apply my blush or bronzer. It is comfortable to hold, applies the right amount of product and is such a great price!
  88. Favourite


    This is my favourite brush from Real Techniques. It is the perfect size, shape and fluffiness-level for blush. Just make sure you buy a REAL Real Techniques brush, as the fakes are everywhere - so buy from a proper retail outlet, not eBay!
  89. Good shape


    Such a great powder brush. This is one of the most versatile brushes I own and can be used for many different aspects of the makeup. The shape of this is great for a soft blend and diffused look.
  90. Jack of all trades!


    This brush does everything! I can use the sides to set my makeup and the tip to apply bronzer/blush. Just make sure you spot clean after each use to remove the colour off the brush. If you have a small face use a light hand so you can apply the product exactly where you want it.
  91. Great


    So good for powders especially blush, bronzer and overall face powders. Very large and fluffy and blends out powders well.
  92. wrong shape


    while this brush is beautifully soft and feels lovely on the skin, i found i have struggled with the shape of this brush for applying blush, and i now reach for different, much smaller brushes. i'm sure i could enjoy this for a different application, however i just don't like it for blush. it's too big, flimsy and rounded, where i prefer something more precise.
  93. Great for powder


    Love this brush for powder application as it is large and fluffy
  94. Love it


    I love that we can buy a brand like real techniques in Australia - such great brunch quality at an affordable price. You really can’t go wrong with their brushes.
  95. Highly recommend


    Such a versatile brush which you can use for all over powder to set makeup, Blush of course and also bronzer. I love it and would highly recommend
  96. so versatile!


    this brush is great for a variety of makeup applying uses! Super soft and easy to use, I really recommend this product!
  97. Wouldn't use anything else


    Perfect size for small blush pans and perfect shape for applying blush to the face.
  98. Would recommend to anyone!


    I can use this for everything! From setting my face to contour to blush it’s so versatile! I love it so much! The bristles are super soft and blends everything out effortlessly
  99. sooo fluffy


    the bristles are so soft and just feels so nice on the cheeks. It’s the perfect size for bronzer as it can fit right under the cheekbone but it is also fluffy and big enough to brush blush around your cheek. this hasnt shed after 3 washes and has maintained its shape and softness!! 10/10
  100. So soft!


    I use this brush for bronzer and powder mainly as it is quite large, soft and fluffy. Blends really easily!
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