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Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - 2 pack 2 Pack

4.7 of 61 reviews


4 instalments of $7.25

Or 4 instalments of $7.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $7.25

Or 4 instalments of $7.25 with LEARN MORE

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Real Techniques most popular complexion sponge is now available in a convenient two pack! Famous for the revolutionary design, the Miracle Complexion Sponge works to evenly blend makeup for a smooth, enhanced finish.

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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4.7 of 61 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Great value for money and these sponges are amazing!

Most Helpful Criticism

OK but nothing amazing


I bought these to help apply foundation and get a really lovely flawless look. I personally find using face sponges too much effort to blend in my foundation. I have gone back to using the real techniques foundation brush as I can blend my foundation so quickly. However, I am still using these to help blend out concealer under the eye and they work really well for that. The price is also much more affordable than other brands.
  1. OK but nothing amazing


    verified purchaser
    I bought these to help apply foundation and get a really lovely flawless look. I personally find using face sponges too much effort to blend in my foundation. I have gone back to using the real techniques foundation brush as I can blend my foundation so quickly. However, I am still using these to help blend out concealer under the eye and they work really well for that. The price is also much more...
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  2. Great!


    Great value for money and these sponges are amazing!
  3. favourite sponge


    I prefer this over the original beauty blender so it's a bonus that this is so affordable and this pack save you even more money. I like the large flat surface, makes doing my face a quick process and the tip is great for the under eyes. Its very soft that I find I can even use it dry if I'm too lazy to go to the bathroom to wet it!
  4. Amazing makeup sponge!!


    I’ve been using this for years for application of my liquid foundation and concealers. I love the shape of the sponge it makes blending concealer on the under eye area easy, the ‘pointy’ end is great for applying concealer to a very small area like blemishes leaving the makeup undetectable. The packet says discard after a month but mine have lasted far longer than that with regular washing. I also...
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  5. Goodbye Beauty Blender


    The price for these sponges is so good. You can buy two in this pack and its still cheaper than one beauty blender. The sponges apply liquid foundation so well and can also use it for cream contouring. It is such a good dupe for the beauty blender and makes it hard to justify spending $40 for the real thing. I absolutely love these sponges and they can last a very long time. Just make sure its a b...
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  6. Good sponge


    I use RT sponges all the time, I think it's the best sponge I have used ever. But last week I bought this pack, I found it's not as soft as the old one I used. I don't know why.....
  7. Great Product!


    It blends my foundation perfectly and I love these beauty blenders and this pack of 2 lasts me such a long time.
  8. Make-up's best friend


    Lifesaver for this girl. I got to my late 30s and suddenly foundation wasn't siting nicely on my skin any more. This sponge sorted me out. They are well priced and fun to use, you can use them wet or dry and they blend the product into the face / neck perfectly.
  9. The only makeup sponge you need

    Julie (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I don't know why anyone would buy a beauty blender in Australia when we have these. The shape of it means you can get all crevices, you can use the flat top for basic foundation blendig all over face, and the pointy bit for under eyes, around the nose, and the sides for overall blending and sheering out.

    The easiest way to wash these sponges & foundation stains is actually just with ...
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  10. Good


    This is such a great value and the sponges do a great job in blending foundation
  11. amazing


    this particular sponge is a dupe for the beauty blender. But I feel like this feels softer and a little bigger. I love the little curve. It blends like a dream. Never could go wrong with two
  12. best beauty blender


    it comes in two with great price and you could never go wrong with having two. This is such good beauty blender and its a dupe for beauty blender. great for the price
  13. Doesn’t apply well for me


    I use brushes all the time but can’t get the hang of this sponge. I’ve tried using it countless ways and i’ve Watched stacks of you tube tutorials but no luck getting a good finish.
  14. better than beauty blender


    this is the perfect sponge. i love the shape and the softness of it. it does an amazing job
  15. Buy these before buying BB!


    I find the performance of the RT sponges equal to Beauty Blenders and at this cost these are far better value.
    Also have the flat end if you want that option.
  16. My go to


    Honestly the only blender I’ll ever use. Have used it for years!
  17. Better than the beautyblender!


    This sponge gives almost the exact same or even better finish than the beauty blender. It is super soft and easy to clean. You're meant to replace them every 3 months or so but I found that they are completely fine for up to a year if you care for it properly!
  18. Amazing


    I love these beauty blenders and this pack of 2 lasts me such a long time. It blends my foundation perfectly
  19. Love the packs


    I love this product and I love I can purchase in a pack to save some coin
  20. value pack


    these sponges are excellent for foundation and under eye concealer. this pack is a great value pack and these sponges lasts for a long time
  21. The more the merrier


    Anyone who wears foundation should buy this sponge. RT is amazing as a brand and this product is no exception. It is the only thing that blends my foundation the way it does- making it look like a second skin. I totally love it and can’t recommend it enough. I love that there’s a twin pack for a better price.
  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!


    This is the MOST AMAZING beauty blender that I have ever used. It really does work miracles. I'm so set on this product and will always use the Real Techniques Sponges moving forward. I'm so in love with this product and quality is 10/10 well done !!!
  23. One of the better sponges


    I love my beauty blender but also always pick these up, they're good to have on hand cause they're a great dupe, and the double pack is fantastic value.



  25. love the sponge


    perfect for when you lose or misplace your sponge as it comes in a 2 pack, worth every penny and almost compares to the beauty blender
  26. Surprisingly good


    I have tried many different brands of beauty blenders including the original and I never notice a different between brands regardless of how much is spent on them.
    I found these to blend the makeup really well and found when I washed them they maintained their shape.
    These little ones are perfect for getting under neath the eye area or for baking.
  27. Perfect applicator


    Great for applying my foundation flawlessly and without the blotchiness or patches that often come with other sponges. 10/10 would purchase again!
  28. Perfect blender


    Cheaper than beauty blender and works just as well. Needs replacing every few months for hygiene purposes
  29. My go to blender!


    I use this everyday for over a year now and it’s blends quickly and perfectly after brush application.
  30. OK, but not the best


    Does the job, but does not last long, so not the best value
  31. Beats a brush


    I’m no make-up artist but these little sponges are so much easier to use - and with better results! - than a blending brush. I get a flawless finish every time. I will never go back.
  32. Awesome


    I bought these cause my old ones need replacing and I love them. Blends out my foundation really nicely and they're nice and soft
  33. Love these


    Great beauty sponges! The flat side is perfect for blending in foundation and concealer under the eyes and around the nose. Also works really well with powder. Have already repurchased many time and will continue to do so.
  34. Best blenders


    These are the best beauty blenders out there. They last for ages and can be washed with warm water and baby shampoo and dont deteriorate. I have been using these and particularly this brand for a year or 2 now and they are worth the price
  35. Alright!


    Not as soft as the beauty blender but works very well! Great shape to blend foundation and concealer.
  36. Good value


    If you use sponges a lot then this is a really good value pack. These little sponges work great and are easy to use and clean
  37. Great foundation blender


    The two pack is a great price and the little sponges work just as well as the original beauty blender. Helps me blend foundation really easily
  38. Great value


    One of these sponges lasts me a few months, so this 2 pack is great value, because I use them every day. Love these sponges.
  39. Love these!


    I cannot go past these blenders! They help me achieve perfect application and they last a lot longer than cheap alternatives I've tried!
  40. cheaper alternative to beauty blender!


    I love these, the 2 pack is cheaper than one beauty blender and works nearly the same.
  41. I love the flat bottom on these sponges


    The flat bottom means they don't roll away from me at my makeup desk! Yes! I find these packs are great value for money and the sponges last a lot better than cheaper ones. They're quite firm, don't break apart even when washing and don't absorb too much product. Would definitely buy again.
  42. great dupe for the beauty blender


    they work just as well and a lot cheaper
  43. Almost as good as a Beauty Blender


    I sometimes find myself going through sponges, a lot faster than my wallet can handle, and there is no doubt that the original Beauty Blender is the best on the market - but if you're looking for a cheaper alternative that does almost as good a job - this guy here is your product! The two pack makes it even more affordable, and I also really like that it has a slant on it so I can liquid contour o...
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  44. Best sponges


    This is one of the few sponges out there that actually compares to the beauty blender's sponge! This is my number 1 chemist/drugstore choice. I actually prefer to use this to apply my foundation dry rather than wet. I use a beauty blender wet but this dry and I find that’s how the sponges are the most comparable for me. The 2 pack is such great value.
  45. Great!


    Good alternative if you cant get your hands on the beauty blender. I prefer the sponge texture/density but i much prefer the shape of the real techniques sponge as it has the flat surface for all over and the point really gets in between the nose and under the eyes.

    Love that this comes in a two pack, these sponges only last a couple of months if used every day so its always good to ...
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  46. So soft!


    I've been using the Stila Double-Ended Blending Sponge, and I've officially converted to the Real Techniques one after giving it a go! It's soft, but firm enough to evenly spread product on the face. It doesn't leave my foundation too cakey, and it works wonders when wet.

    The best part is that it's super easy to clean with the Real Techniques brush soap. Love it.
  47. no beauty blender


    i know people buy this because its a cheaper alternative to the spendy beauty blender, but truth be told, it just doesn't compare. it's definitely firmer and doesn't feel as nice to use. i don't love the shape for foundation either, i prefer the bulbous end of the beauty blender. if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the beauty blender and didn't like this either, try the chi chi blending...
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  48. Great product


    These sponges are such a great makeup tool and the value pack is really worth getting. You only pay $10 for the extra sponge.


    Love this like all my other RT sponges! Highly recommend. Better value then purchasing individual sponges and works amazingly!
  50. perfect!


    I love the straight edge on this so much, as it makes creating a straight line for contour so easy and effortless! the small tip is good for getting in the smaller areas and it's a great price for two products! love it
  51. Essential


    The original sponge is the best, and they last a really long time.
  52. Great beauty blender alternative


    As others have said before, this is as good, if not better than the original beauty blender. This is a little squishier in texture which i like, so that you can really bounce product into your skin. The price is also significantly lower than the beauty blender. An overall win.
  53. Dupe for the beauty blender


    I've been trying to find dupes of the original beauty blender (because the original is too expensive) but they always end up failing, until i tried the real techniques miracle complexion sponge and... I WAS SOLD. This sponge to me, is honestly way better than the original beauty blender as it is less coarse and gives a more dewy even look. And you can get two for the same price as one beauty blend...
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  54. As good as the Beauty Blender


    This is definitely one of the best quality blending sponges available. It's a good quality sponge that's just the right density so you don't bruise your face when you're beating for the Gods, and it doesn't fall apart or get tattered like others I've tried. The flat edge is really good for sharp contouring, and I don't find it absorbs too much liquid makeup when I'm applying. Love it.
  55. Best sponge


    This sponge is the best for applying liquid products as well as powder! This sponge also lasts the longest out of all the beauty sponges I have used
  56. better than the beauty blender


    I love this sponge! It's cheaper and better than the beauty blender.
    Simply wet and then dab on the skin for a natural and flawless foundation look.
    I love that this has a flat side to help blend (where the beauty blender doesn't).

    The only thing I don't like is the orange colour (but I think they have other colours now right? )
  57. The Best


    In my opinion, this is the best blender. This is the only sponge blender that I will purchase. It can be used dry or wet, lasts a great amount of time and that BLEND! I love love love. Great value pack!
  58. Fantastic


    I fell in love with the Beautyblender and could not apply makeup without it anymore, but it was getting very costly replacing it regularly.
    So I decided to try these sponges and they are very comparable indeed!
    For the price you really can't fault these.
    It applies and blends in foundation so flawlessly and effortlessly.
    The flat side is great for underneath my eyes and the...
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  59. Best sponge ever!!


    This is one of the best sponges I have used and is even softer than the original beauty blender!! It blends foundation flawlessly and is the perfect size and has made applying my makeup so much easier
  60. Game changer


    My sister in law introduced me to these sponges. I'd always used my fingers to apply foundation previously, having struggled to work with brushes. They make it so easy to get smooth flawless coverage. They seem a bit overpriced to me for what they are but I will keep buying. You need to replace them at least every 3 months.
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