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RCMA 5 Part Series Foundation - Adjuster Palette by RCMA


RCMA 5 Part Series Foundation - Adjuster Palette helps you correct and adjust any cream foundation to create the perfect shade. With five essential pure pigment colours, mixing and creating is easier than ever.


Each color in the RCMA 5 Part Series Foundation - Adjuster Palette is a pure, single pigment and can be used to adjust any silicone, oil or wax based foundation.


Unlike most other foundations, RCMA foundations contain 50% pigment, ensuring they have full coverage and a seamless skin-like finish. Easily masking any imperfections on the skin, the creamy texture blends smoothly and can be sheered out or built up for further coverage.

Vegan and cruelty-free.

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Incredibly versatile - 17-10-2018 by

This was the first RCMA product I ever purchased. I liked it so much I converted over to RCMA foundation, powder, lotion...the lot!

My skin is medium-dark and quite warm - and it changes a lot over the year - so matching foundation and concealer products used to be really tough. A lot of companies just don't cater to my skin tone. Like many people, I had a raft of products that just weren't quite right - too warm, too cool, too dark, etc.. I bought the adjuster palette in an attempt to salvage those products where I liked the formula but not the shade.

Don't think it's limited to RCMA foundations - you can use this palette with any cream product (i.e. foundation or concealer). I even adjusted liquid foundations with it - I just used a thinner to turn the adjuster shades into a liquid and then mixed it through. I fixed entire pots and bottles of products - I won't have to buy anything new for ages!

Another thing you can do is create colour correctors that are perfectly matched to your skin. I made my perfect under eye corrector by taking my concealer and mixing in some yellow and red from the adjuster palette. Whatever shade you need - orange, peach, pink, green....you can do anything with this palette. I've even used the red shade straight to colour-correct really dark circles.

Like all RCMA products, it's great value. I highly recommend this for anyone who finds it hard to find a perfect match in foundation or concealer. This will save you a bundle

Mega Versatile - 27-09-2018 by

i am a makeup enthusiast and would no way call myself a 'pro makeup artist'.

i bought this not fully understanding how to use the product as this is a really underrated product.
After doing some research about RCMA and studying the colour wheel, the things you can do with this palette is truly inspiring!

with this one palette, you can mix the colours for a ton of different things: a custom foundation for any skin tone, lip colours, conceal colours, contour colours, blush colours.. you could almost do your whole face with this one face.

works really well with the RCMA thinner.
it is also really important to remember a little product goes a REAAAALLLY long way

High quality product - 03-04-2018 by

I'm a pro makeup artist and need to have the correct shade for every possible client. These adjusters make it possible to find tune foundations to match to the exact shade. A tiny bit goes a very long way and the formula is very smooth. I have mixed it into Kryolan TV Paint Stick and Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation. I highly recommend.

Perfect Adjuster for Me - 02-09-2017 by

This RCMA Adjuster pallette is perfection to me. It only takes the smallest amount with a thinner of your choice if you can't get your hands on the RCMA thinner. Highly pigmented as advertised. Mixes well to just about any foundation colour, lipstick, blush or concealer. If used alone to make up a face. Great finish. Feels like air on the skin. Gives my foundations and concealers the perfect nudge to match me without making them heavier. Great for personal or professional use. I just love it!!

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