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Pureology Colour Fanatic 200ml

4.6 of 80 reviews


4 instalments of $11.24

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4 instalments of $11.24

Or 4 instalments of $11.24 with LEARN MORE

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Pureology Colour Fanatic  is a multi-tasking hair beautifier that provides 21 essential benefits to prime, protect, and perfect colour treated hair daily after shampoo and condition.

  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Colour protection
  • Dull, lacking shine

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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Pureology Colour Fanatic

Pureology Colour Fanatic

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Pureology Colour Fanatic Reviews

4.6 of 80 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

It's fantastic


I use this mist in damp hair before blow drying. It does such a great job of making my hair soft and shiny and controlling frizz in my thick wavy hair.

Most Helpful Criticism

Smells great!


I'm not sure this product does everything it claims to do but I have found this is great at detangling my hair. My hair is quite damaged from bleach and gets quite knotty, this spray helps quite a bit! The smell is great too! I like to combine this spray with some argan oil for a more nourishing effect.
  1. It's fantastic


    I use this mist in damp hair before blow drying. It does such a great job of making my hair soft and shiny and controlling frizz in my thick wavy hair.
  2. Great de-tangler and heat protection


    I really enjoyed using this product as a de-tangler and heart protection. I have very fine hair and unlike some other sprays this one wasn't too heavy for my hair and didn't leave it greasy.
  3. Smells Lovely


    verified purchaser
    This is good and it smells lovely - so much so that I wish the scent lasted longer in the hair. It won’t do anything life changing but it’s a nice spray.
  4. What can't this bottle do?


    I use this product without fail every time after I have washed and conditioned my hair. It smells divine. This is great for de tangling hair, giving it extra shine and a great boost for silky soft hair. You can also spritz before you apply heat as it is also a heat protectant and boosts coloured hair condition. What can't it do?
  5. Great detangler


    I received this product as a sample and actually preferred it over the product I actually brought (similar item). It works fantastic as a detangler, smells fantastic and can use on wet or dry hair
  6. Smells great


    I do quite like this product, I received a sample of it in another Adore Beauty order, and have enjoyed it. It detangles well and has a great scent, and doesn't make my hair feel too weighed down or greasy. Would purchase a full size.
  7. smells nice


    it is a good hair beautifier smells so nice. i always enjoy using it. can be used on dry and wet hair.
  8. Great protection & smelly beautiful


    Amazing for hydrating and detangling hair. Smells like fruit tingles.
  9. Smells great!


    I'm not sure this product does everything it claims to do but I have found this is great at detangling my hair. My hair is quite damaged from bleach and gets quite knotty, this spray helps quite a bit! The smell is great too! I like to combine this spray with some argan oil for a more nourishing effect.
  10. Disappointing product from Pureology

    Abbey MS

    I am a big fan and long- term user of pureology shampoo and conditioner, but given how good their products are I was disappointed with this! I have fine hair and I find the leave-in product weighs it down and leaves a noticeable residue/ isn’t fully absorbed. Love the brand but won’t be buying this again!
  11. Pretty good spray

    Bridget B

    This treatment spray is nice, but i'm not sure that it does everything it claims. I use this spray to refresh my hair when its dry and knotty. Probably could get a similar spray for cheaper
  12. My hair Vitamin!


    I have color-treated hair and I style my hair every day (Curl, straight, blow-dry). I trust this with my life. My mother told me to never color or heat style my hair because she's afraid it will get damaged. The first time my hair got colored the ends did dry up (The ends are probably 5 years old since I have long hair) so it's normal for it to get damaged. I just use this after shower, it makes c...
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  13. Fantastic all in one product


    I have really unmanageable curly/frizzy hair and I'm loving this product. I initially received it as a tester in a previous order and realised pretty quickly I was becoming reliant on it. I love how versatile it is: heat protectant to aid in styling when freshly washed, to smooth frizz and slick hair back if you're running out the door, and to help detangle hair. Also a good price point conside...
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  14. Great detangler and enhancer


    Most detangling/leave in products make my hair oily by the second day, but this really is as weightless as it claims. I noticed extra shine and smoothness without the weight and it was so easy to get a comb through. With thick hair, I often get knots in my ponytail, but it has been knot free with this spray.

    Used on my 4 year old and also noticed increased shine and ease of brushing.
  15. protects colour


    best product to use before heat and it protects the colour of the hair as well. I would recommend this!
  16. Seems too good to be true!


    I'm so excited for this to arrive!! I'm always looking for authentic products from a site like this which i really trust, and the reviews on this make it seem like it does absolutely everything!! I have dry and damaged hair and I'm hoping this works well! I'm just reading some of the other reviews and they truly seem like someone paid them to leave a good review! So I'm really hoping this is as go...
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  17. A lovely spray conditioner


    I have fine, colour treated hair, and this is a great option for a leave in conditioner that is also a heat protector, a colour protector... and won't weigh my hair down, which is really important!!
  18. smells delicious


    this helps soften and detangle my hair and it smells great! doesn't weigh down my hair either, will keep repurchasing
  19. Best


    This stuff has been amazing for me. Have gone through countless bottles and it makes my hair feel so good
  20. Excellent!

    Emma Has Damaged Hair

    I love this product!! I spray it on my ends after towel drying my hair and it smells so good! It makes it softer and more manageable too. Very happy with it :)
  21. Great!


    I love using this to untangle my thick hair and as a heat protectant! So lightweight and smells amazing. Highly recommend!
  22. Hair heaven in a bottle!

    Felicia Anastasia Bardan via BeautyCrew.com

    Hair heaven in a bottle! I was introduced to this product in a salon when I complained that my hair was thin, fine, lifeless and limp, but also at the same time quite dry. I needed something that wouldn't weigh down my hair (as nearly every other conditioner does) but would also provide the level of hydration, repair and protection that my hair needed. I've been using this recently as a substit...
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  23. Pureology, my bright, shiny, beautiful new hair care friend, I am back with another gushing review of one of your pretty little products, so sit back and relax, you'll probably feel your ears burning more than once.

    Jordana Taaffe via BeautyCrew.com

    Pureology, my bright, shiny, beautiful new hair care friend, I am back with another gushing review of one of your pretty little products, so sit back and relax, you'll probably feel your ears burning more than once. I am almost fanatical about what products I use on my long, fine, dry and colour damaged hair, to ensure it is protected and maintained and made shiny, glossy, tangle free and beautif...
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  24. I tried this after reading some amazing reviews and it is a really great leave in conditioner and heat protectant.

    Jasna Blackwell via BeautyCrew.com

    I tried this after reading some amazing reviews and it is a really great leave in conditioner and heat protectant. It’s so easy to use and really delivers on what it promises. I found that my somewhat fine hair was not weighed down by the product and the shine is amazing. The one draw back I found was that my hair became oily more quickly than usual, but I am still using and find that my hair look...
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  25. pureology products are so beautiful and I would recommend this hair beautifier to anyone.

    debbie p. via BeautyCrew.com

    pureology products are so beautiful and I would recommend this hair beautifier to anyone. Such a gorgeous product and so easy to use for truly beautiful head turning hair. Simply apply to damp hair and style as normal. I always blow dry then straighten my hair and the heat protecting properties in this product are amazing. My hair is stronger and healthier when using this product. It controls friz...
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  26. One of the best hair products


    I don't even have coloured hair but I still use this and it is great. I use it to tame frizz, as a heat protectant, as a leave-in conditioner after shampooing, as a soft styling spray. It is so versatile and useful and I haven't found anything that matches it in quality so I wouldn't be without it.
  27. Good for fine hair


    My hair is fine, damaged, dry. I bought this thinking it would nourish my hair, but it doesn't add any moisture or shine to it. I'm using up but won't RP. If you're after a heat protectant it's fine, but it's not something you can add on dry hair to add moisture.
  28. Works miracles for damaged hair


    This product is worth every cent - lightweight, and effective detangling for my bleached, damaged blonde hair. With consistent use I also noticed my condition also improved. Well done pureology - home run.
  29. Well scented


    The product has a very nice scent. However, it seems to leave a bit of a residue even when sprayed into wet hair (as opposed to dry). The effectiveness of the product wasn't overly noticeable but this tends to be the case with most colour protecting and heat protecting sprays.
  30. Lightweight and de-tangling


    I have thick, straight hair and I typically like to use an oil based product for frizz control and shine. I've used this a few times now and have been impressed by the lightweight texture - it doesn't leave your hair oily or greasy. It also soaks into your hair and detangles. I will continue to use.
  31. Average


    I prefer a cream to a spray. This one feels as though it dries out the hair.
  32. My daily go-to


    I received a sample of this and quickly realised I had to buy. It’s very light and doesn’t weigh my hair down like other products do. I have very fine blond (bleached) hair, i don’t blow dry so rely on a product that leaves my hair soft and with a natural bounce (but with no frizz!) this does exactly that. It is a bit pricey, but, I think it’s worth it.
  33. Detangles the Toughest Knots!


    I received my sample of this with another purchase I made and I just had to tell you that this is the best product I have ever used - it actually does untangle my hair and leaves it really smooth even while I am blow drying and styling it. When I run out of my samples, I will definitely be buying this. All the other products I have used, don't get out all the knots in my hair. This one does and...
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  34. Smells amazing


    After using this product I didn't notice any difference to the texture or appearance of my hair. It's quite light which is nice as I find some products weigh down my hair but it's probably more suited to really fine hair. I find oils are much more effective on my hair, however it does smell amazing so I'd nearly use it just for that
  35. THE BEST


    Pureology kills the game!!! By far one of my favourite hair care brands and think it’s made a major impact on the way that my hair looks after going blonde! Lovely!
  36. Great


    I have received two sample sizes of this with previous orders and I love how it doesn’t make my hair greasy. It feels like it’s made my hair stronger and I’ve had less split ends. I have fine bleached blonde hair and after using this and blow drying my hair it’s so much smoother and softer than if I don’t use it.
  37. A favourite daily product


    After initially receiving a small sample trial size, I loved the results so much I purchased the full sized product which I now use daily.
    Having long, fine, and coloured hair which gets blow dried each day, I find this spray to be essential.
    It is an incredible detangler, helps to protect the hair, is weightless, and smells amazing!
  38. Great product!


    My hairdresser introduced me to Pureology and this spray, I am so grateful to her! I have fine, blonde hair and need products to be lightweight or my hair will instantly become oily -- so this spray is absolutely perfect. It smells amazing, it is super lightweight and makes my hair so nice and shiny. My hair is less tangled, smoother and feels healthier after using this spray.
  39. Love it

    roxxy galll

    I have been using this product for almost 2 years now and have had friends go and purchase it because they've fallen in love with it. I have super fine, thin, blonde hair and it leave it feeling smooth and looking shiny - not heavy at all. I like to use it before going to the beach as well as after when my hair is dry from the salty water.
  40. Detangling babe


    Wish my mum had this when I was little brushing my hair. Detangles like a champ. Protects from heat, I don’t know how to quantify this yet. But I’m trusting that it is. Smells great, which is key to my favourite hair products.
  41. Cannot live without


    Cannot live without this. Detangles, keeps hair shiny and protected, smoothes, hydrates, heat protected and helps keep colour for longer. What more do you need? It is pricey but it lasts for such a long time. A bottle lasts me for almost 8 months. Love it!
  42. Shiny


    If you want soft and shiny hair I definitely recommend, done wonders for my hair
  43. Brilliant!


    I received this as a deluxe sample and have been using it ever since. I have bleached hair and this keeps my hair soft and shiny. It has so many benefits in one product and is as easy as spraying in wet hair prior to drying or heat styling. Wonderful product and reasonably priced for how many products it could replace!
  44. Great for soft hair


    I recieved this in the bag with my last order and it’s a beautiful product. I hadn’t used pureology before but I will keep using now. I love it as I feel my hair is softer and use when hair is still damp. I even use it on my 6 year olds hair and find it’s getting less knotty
  45. smells so good


    i have coloured hair and whenever i spray it on it smells so good and adds life into my hair and makes it easy to untangle.
  46. good


    this is a great little leave in for colored hair. smells great also which is a bonus but will leave your hair feeling silky and smooth
  47. Such a great Pureology product!


    Perfect product with a multitude of benefits in one bottle! :) :) Great value for money as you are nourishing and protecting your hair in one lovely product! Excellent variety of hair revitalising ingredients packed into it too!
  48. Best leave in treatment ever!


    Have tried many different products- this is by far the best. Have colour treated hair, and I wash my hair daily.. this is great for a multitude of sins, dry hair, heat protector, detangler, shine.. its sunshine in a bottle.. I use with shampoo, conditioner and treatment.. is my new favourite brand!
  49. love it


    This smells delicious and leaves my hair feeling super soft. It doesn't weight your hair down either and I find that even if I go a bit crazy and spray too much on it doesn't leave a residue or weighty feeling to my hair
  50. Love the smell


    Love the smell of this hair product, seems to do a great job also my hair always feels soft after using it
  51. Excellent product


    I have fine coloured hair but this isn't too heavy, detangles really well and protects my hair before drying. And it smells lovely.
  52. Love, love, love!!!


    This is hands down the best hair product ever! Even though my hair isn't coloured, this stuff is my holy grail. My hair is usually a dull, knotty mess. But this leaves it so super soft, shiny and manageable when used before blow drying. I can go so much longer between washes and my hair still looks relatively clean and shiny.
  53. Smells divine


    This product took a while to take effect. It wasn't until around the 3rd week that I started seeing and feeling a subtle difference to the texture of my hair. As the weeks progressed, more positive changes to the body but minimal effect to the ends. Also, I don't think it is a "wow" for a detangler. However, you will fall in love with the smell! I'll just finish this bottle then I'll go back using...
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  54. If you haven't already bought this, buy it now!


    I have very blonde, wavy hair, damaged from colour and styling, I was on the look out for a product that would help and saw an online review that said this product made their blonde hair healthy again. With nothing to lose I ordered it and never looked back! Smells delicious, decreases frizz, adds volume, highlights colour and definitely reduces the dry dead-end look many blondes face when heat-st...
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  55. Best Hair Care product hands down


    Hair: Very Bonde naturally with a few foils here and there. Oily scalp. Hair condition pretty good.

    So having naturally blonde hair any one that has blonde hair knots when you get out of the shower no matter what your hair goes knotty. This product detangles so must easier, faster and if also give lots of amazing shine. I love to spray it in my hair even if I how styled it and let it ...
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  56. good product for untangling hair

    perfecting skin

    i got this as a sample, but this makes my dry hair look very healthy and i can comb my hair easily after shower. this is an amazing product for making your hair look healthy. i have shoulder length hair and they are color treated too.
  57. Life saver


    This is such an all rounder - amazing detangler, wave in conditioner and anti frizz. Beautiful scent too. I’ve been using it for years and never wanted to change!
  58. The best!


    This is hands down my favourite leave in conditioner/protector I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried soooo many! It provides hydration & also acts as a heat protector. Leaves my hair so silky soft. I’m on to about my 4th bottle & can't imagine being without it.
  59. My Fave!


    Absolutely LOVE this Pureology product! I use it after each time I wash my hair and through out the week if my hair needs a little extra moisture! Super light weight so perfect for fine hair aswell (my mum uses this aswell and has very thin hair) bonus that it smells amazing!
  60. Amazing for my thin, breakage prone hair


    I recieved this as a sample from Adore Beauty and could not believe id never tried it before. Ive used pureology shampoos and conditioners for years and this product is also fantastic.
    Makes my hair smoother, easier to blowdry and just healthier looking. Also seems to extend my blowdry..im finding I need to wash my hair less often which is amazing
  61. Great product


    I received a sample of this from Adore Beauty. I don’t usually use leave in conditioners or detanglers, however after going blonde I feel my locks needed a bit of extra moisture! I love that this product is lightweight and it doesn’t leave your hair feeling like it’s got product in it. Also love that it’s a heat protectant for days when I straighten and blow dry!
  62. Nothing else will do.


    This is my cant-do-without-hair-must-have product. I blow dry and straighten my coloured hair every second day and this protects my hair better than anything else I've tried in the past. I spray it on wet and it's a great de-tangler before the drying work begins.
  63. Love!


    I read a review a while on this product and was sceptical. However I received a sample size with shampoo/conditioner and love it, so I also bought the full size too! Detangles hair, leaving it feel super soft.
  64. Great product


    I received a sample of this product with an order and was suprised at the results. I have extremely dry and frizzy hair, but after using this my hair felt so soft! It also helped detangle my hair, and left my curls actually manageable. Will definitely be buying this product
  65. New Fave!


    I received a sample of this with my pureology shampoo and conditioner order and had to buy the full size as I loved it so much! Makes your hair feel so smooth and makes it a lot easier to blow dry. Definitely feel like my hair feels healthier since i’ve been using this.
  66. Great to use pre style


    Love this in my wet hair straight out the shower before blow drying. My hair dries smoother and is softer compared to when I don't use this.
  67. What I've been searching for


    I got a sample of this from adorebeauty months ago, but never tried it. I gave it a go a few weeks ago, and immediately bought the full size.
    I have fine, thin hair that tends to frizz so much, especially at the ends. I've tried a few other leave in conditioners, deep conditioners, and they all made my hair soft, but didn't sleek-ify the ends.
    Now, I have smooth hair from root to end...
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  68. Nice product, can’t even tell it’s there


    I usually don’t like using any hair products as I can’t stand the feel of “stuff” in my hair. I have long, course, coloured hair, prone to a little frizziness and dryness. Apart from my hair feeling smoother and softer, I can’t even tell it’s there. Very lightweight.
  69. it does for what it claims


    I love this heat protector and so many other benefits it has, I use it every day after washing my hair and it is like a magic, so far I have bought 3 bottles of it. I highly recommend this.
  70. Love this


    It smooths out my really frizzy hair, protects it detangles it. It also keeps it looking healthy
  71. It’s the goods!


    So so so happy with this product! It really does wonders for my overprocessed blonde hair. My hair was always frizzy and rough after blow drying even with using other styling products. But since using this, my hair is so soft and a lot less frizzy. My hair is quite damaged so it’s not going to work miracles but It’s very close! Love the smell! It doesn’t leave hair feeling sticky or oily as some o...
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  72. Great Heat Protector!


    I got this product as a sample and it has now become one of my favourite heat protectors for blowdrying and styling my hair. It has 21 benefits in it and smells divine!
  73. Leaves hair shiny and smooth!


    I first got this product as a sample as I use a shampoo and conditioner from this brand. I wanted a new heat protectant so I used this and my hair came out frizz free and smooth after blow drying with this product.
  74. Fab product


    I have curly, frizzy Color treated Hair and this product is amazing. It helps reduce frizz if I apply pre blow dry and it smells delicious.
  75. Recommended by my hairdresser


    My hairdresser recommended this to me as I have very fine, long hair that can get super knotted. (He said it's WD40 for hair - it can fix anything!) I use it religiously after washing my hair, as otherwise I can't comb all the knots out! It's a side benefit that it keeps my colour in check too!
  76. Nice product for coloured hair


    I got this as a deluxe sample and I like it - it made my hair feel soft and manageable without weighing it down. As I only had a sample I don't know how effective it would be over the long term for colour maintenance.
  77. Great treatment, but overwhelming smell


    This works so hard for your hair, and provides a beautiful nourishing finish. I found the smell very overpowering, like a hairspray, and it lingers once your hair is dry.
  78. In love!


    This is my third bottle of the product and it is worth every cent!
    I have gone about two weeks without it and my hair looks like a frizzy mess.

    I have fine dark hair but a lot of it and this just makes brushing it after a wash so much easier! it also smells delicious! It smooths out frizzy hair, protects it from heat, detangles it and keeps it looking healthy and glossy!
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  79. Used mine up, and I'm back for more!

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I'm usually of the opinion that all hair protectors are the same - I used to use any cheap old thing, but since working here I've tried quite a few. This is the first one that has prompted me to actually give it a review - and I really like writing reviews, so think of that as you will.

    My hair is brunette, it's very thick and quite fine and soft. When I first saw this product I thoug...
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  80. Time-saving and hard-working


    Long, fine, colour-treated - my hair has a lot of things to work with! This product is a wonder treatment for those wanting to reverse damage as quickly as possible. Strands are left hydrated, smooth, delicately fragranced and as smooth as anything. I like that it doubles as a detangler when hair is wet, too!
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