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In 2001, Pureology was born out of California with a simple, yet powerful idea: to create the purest and most protective proproducts for colour-treated hair. Pureology leads with a clean approach to haircare with their ZeroSulfate® shampoos.


Their highly concentrated 100% Vegan formulas, accompanied with their signature aromatic fragrances, give every Pureology client an indulgent experience with the ultimate respect for colour.


Which Pureology hair products should I buy?

Choosing the right Pureology product comes down to the needs of your hair. Pureology carries a few different ranges, so we’ve broken them down to help you choose.


Our favourite products for dry hair:

The best range for those with excessively damaged or brittle hair is the Pureology Hydrate range. This range includes their aromatic Pureology shampoo and conditioner, in either 250ml or the famous Pureology 1 litre bottles. Their Pureology Hydrate - Shampoo is one of our Beauty Editors favourite hydrating formulas for a reason!


Our favourite products for coloured hair:

One of the best hair care products we carry for blonde hair is easily the Pureology Strength Cure Best Blonde Shampoo from the Pureology Blonde range, we even wrote an article about the unbelievable results.


However, if you’re not blonde, the best Pureology Shampoo for color treated hair is the Pureology Smooth Perfection Shampoo and range. This Pureology anti frizz shampoo helps to smooth and soothe as it cleanses using micro-emulsion technology and Camelia Oil to nourish the hair.


Our favourite styling products and treatments:

One of our go-to treatments for colour treated hair is the Pureology Colour Fanatic, an amazing multitasker that primes, hydrates, detangles and cuts your morning routine and styling time in half. We can’t stop raving about the superior replenishment, touchable softness and extraordinary shine this product gives our hair.


We are also obsessed with the Pureology Air Dry Cream, which is a true miracle hair product that uses micro-emulsion technology to hydrate, relieve frizz and effortlessly style hair with no blow dry or heat.


Is Pureology cruelty free?

Pureology Australia is dedicated to being a Cruelty Free and 100% Vegan Company. But, is Pureology organic? Absolutely!


Is Pureology gluten free?

Pureology does contain some wheat protein in some of their products.

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Pureology Hydrate Trio Pack by PureologyPureology Hydrate Trio Pack by Pureology



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Pureology Strength Cure Trio Pack by PureologyPureology Strength Cure Trio Pack by Pureology


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Pureology Hydrate - Shampoo
Pureology Hydrate - Shampoo

Love this shampoo, especially the tingly effect!

Not sure if it's just me but this shampoo has a slight tingly effect - almost like a 'minty feeling' and I LOVE that about this product because it kinda wakes me up a bit. I use this shampoo / conditioner in rotation with my Aveda Cherry Almond Shampoo. I can't fault the shampoo and it leaves my hair smelling bueno!
Pureology Hydrate Sheer Conditioner
Pureology Hydrate Sheer Conditioner

One of my faves!!

I've been using this conditioner, on and off, for a few years now! It leaves my hair feeling soft, and as the name suggests, hydrated!
Pureology Strength Cure Best Blonde Condition 250ml
Pureology Strength Cure Best Blonde Condition 250ml

Already making a difference

I've only had the product for 2 weeks, but my hair has already shown less breakage/frizzy ends. I was surprised by the size of the bottle, I don't know how long it will last compared to olaplex ones. I've had to wash my hair less with this, I can stretch it out longer. My hair colour is protected as well!! I'm excited to see where it goes!

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