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Pixi Rose Glow Mist 80ml

4.5 of 53 reviews


4 instalments of $7.50

Or 4 instalments of $7.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $7.50

Or 4 instalments of $7.50 with LEARN MORE

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A dual phase elixir that draws on the natural protective properties of plants. A unique blend of 7 different flower oils, your skin is drenched in essential fatty acids and skin-saving antioxidants.

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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Pixi Rose Glow Mist Reviews

4.5 of 53 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

I love it


Feels soothing on the skin, hydrates very well and smells nice. Also, the mist is very fine which I like.
  1. recommend


    Absolutely love it. Instant glow and radiant and definitely glowing effect can be seen throughout the hours, However it doesnt last for days of more than 8 hours.
  2. Pixi Rose Glow Mist


    If you find this burns when you start using it, that’s ok. Follow up with a nourishing moisturiser. Just lay off for a few days and build up use. You can apply with a cotton pad that is soaked in some water to dampen the strength.
  3. Skin sensitivity in a bottle


    Contains bergamot, which serves no purpose outside of fragrance and instead just sensitises your skin (and, if you're lucky like me, gives you a reaction), which kinda counteracts the nice skin nourishing ingredients.
  4. Another winner from Pixi


    I've tried a few products from Pixi now and have been super impressed! I'm hooked on this mist and I spray my face a few times throughout the day for an instant refresh
  5. Glowy skin


    Feels nice on the skin, makes skin glowy and smells nice too.
  6. I love it


    Feels soothing on the skin, hydrates very well and smells nice. Also, the mist is very fine which I like.
  7. Really lovely


    I like this product a lot. I don’t reach for it as often as other but when I do use it my skin looks wonderful and glowing! Really happy with it!
  8. lovely for day and night routine


    ive only tried one other product from pixie not enough to determine what would suit my combination oily skin but this mist does the job nicely, especially if my serums and moisturiser dont feel like enough hydration. you could even spray on after base makeup is done (i do that!)
  9. Smells divine and so fresh


    I use this throughout the day to refresh my skin and my makeup lasts longer. I Love it. The smell/scent alone is a lift me up type of spray.
  10. Super glow!


    Wow, I love this so much, I'm hooked and I spray my face so many times throughout the day for an instant refresh. Works well on top of makeup too
  11. works for me


    Lovely packaging. The mist is really a mist!! It's pretty light. And it's a really nice toner used before any other products. Not sticky, and it works well with my skincare routine.
  12. So refreshing and hydrating


    I love spraying my face with this at the end of my skin care routine for extra refreshment and dew. It’s really great to use throughout the day when I’m feeling a little dry.
  13. Love it


    This is refreshing, hydrating and makes my skin radiant. It's my best friend in summers, keeps the oils at bay and smells amazing too.
  14. So refreshing


    LOVE this product, it is so refreshing and really helps with hydration and giving a lovely glow to my skin. Will be purchasing again and again!
  15. Beautiful scent!


    I love spraying this over my face when my skin is feeling particularly dry.The best thing about this mist is that the scent isn't too overwhelming, many of the mists I've purchased in the past have such overwhelming smells.
  16. so refreshing


    so refreshing just lovely I love how it instantly refreshes you with a few sprays. I particularly love using mine on days when I'm so unbothered with makeup it gives this glow making me look good and ready for the day :) love it
  17. A must buy - magic portion!


    Love love love this product. I came across this little magic portion and instantly bought it. It has helped clear my acne scars and leaves a lovely lingering rose smell. Excellent toner and also can be used to remove makeup/dirt end of the day.
  18. Holy grail


    I used to get a lot of breakouts and nothing ever helped until my mom gave me this and it has been so amazing at calming my skin. A staple in my skincare routine. I hardly get breakouts anymore and this hydrates as well as primes as well as refreshes and smells amazing. One product that I can't live without.
  19. Very refreshing to use first thing in the morning


    Very refreshing to use first thing in the morning. It makes my skin feel really fresh and hydrated.
  20. So refreshing


    Overall I liked this product, it smells amazing and gives my skin a quick pick me up.
    Wish the bottle was bigger, I've gone through it so fast.
  21. Lovely scent!

    Emma Loves Skincare

    Beautiful refreshing pick-me up! I started with the Pixi Glow mist and have now ventured on to this one and am now trying the Milky Hydrating mist too. I love the scent of this one and it is such a nice pick up during the day at work!

    For reference my skincare is oily combination skin and I am 30 years old
  22. Smells great and works


    I love a spritz. I love to keep one in my handbag, one on my desk. This is a gorgeous smell and definitely freshens up your face. It won't dramatically change your skin, but it feels nice and won't harm it. Apparently full of antioxidants...I would still use a proper serum or an oil for that though.
  23. Perfect


    This product is faultless. I wish I could have an endless supply.
    The product sprays in a beautiful mist with no large splashes on your skin.
    The formula is so moisturizing without leaving you oily and the smell is beautiful.
    I would use this in the morning straight out of the shower and sometimes in lieu of a moisturiser. It leaves you feeling so refreshed and moisturised.
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  24. The rose scent is beautiful


    I honestly just love the scent of this one. It is so fun to spritz on before applying makeup.
  25. Amazing!


    I seriously rate this mist. I love it for helping to set my makeup. I get dry skin and this feels so nice on my skin as well as smelling great! I also used this on a long haul flight with felt refreshing and didn't dry me out.
  26. Lovely gentle face mist

    I buy too much makeup

    A lovely face mist with a gentle scent. The spray is super fine, and the most works well to moisten the face and meld makeup products together for a dewier finish.
  27. Beautifully refreshing


    This is perfect for normal to dry skin types as it's hydrating and leaves skin refreshed with a healthy glow. I love the light fragrance.

    TIP: Use as a setting spray or to give skin a quick pick-me-up during the day. x
  28. The best thing about this mist is that the scent isn't too overwhelming


    The best thing about this mist is that the scent isn't too overwhelming, many of the mists I've purchased in the past have such overwhelming smells. I love spraying this over my face when my skin is feeling particularly dry.
  29. The best thing about this mist is that the scent isn't too overwhelming


    The best thing about this mist is that the scent isn't too overwhelming, many of the mists I've purchased in the past have such overwhelming smells. I love spraying this over my face when my skin is feeling particularly dry.
  30. Great


    I like this spray and it lightly hydrates my skin but i prefer fragrance free products
  31. Pure heaven


    Hydrating, luxurious smelling, soothing but not setting.
  32. Makes your skin glow


    This product does what you want. Spray this and it instantly hydrates. Creates a very healthy glow. The smell is also very pleasant.i have normal to dry skin and this is perfect.
  33. Amazing glowy skin!


    This is one of the best mists I've used. It's perfect for when your skin needs that extra hydration. Gives an instant healthy glow and smells divine! Will recommend!
  34. glow mist


    love this mist! cute little packaging! great to carry around in your handbag
  35. Good hydrator


    Makes my skin feel very hydrated and smells incredible!
  36. Smell and Quality AMAZING


    This beats ALL my other face mists. Some of my others contain ingredients that dry my skin out. This doesn’t do that. It leaves everything feeling dewy and fresh. I love using this during the day if I’m feeling hot.
  37. Good


    I use this mist when my skin needs some extra hydration. Good product
  38. Smells amazing


    This is by far the best spray out of the Pixi range. The mist is so fine compared to the pixi glow mist so you could easily set makeup with it if you wanted to. I use it instead of a primer and it gives the most amazing dewy glow and preps my skin for makeup. Never had an issue with it being too oily or with foundation clumping up on top. And the best part is that it smells amazing!
  39. Hydrating and glowy


    This spray can be used in so many different ways - once you find the trick that works for you it can really change your makeup routine. If you spray too much it can look oily, but if you go in with lighter sprays and fan dry with your hands it works as a lovely glowy base or a dewy finish on top. Very refreshing on bare skin and adds a touch of glow on no-makeup days!
  40. Gives the skin a lovely glow


    This most is amazing! It gives the skin a beautiful glow!
    I love the entire pixi line and this is deffs close to the top!
    Also another winner is the sprayer, it distributes the mist over the face so nicely without drenching the face with product!
  41. Gorgeous glow


    This makes my skin look so glowy and retry. I love it!
  42. Like a multivitamin for your face!


    I love this mist! It smells great, leaves skin beautifully dewy and doesn’t drip. I use it after makeup to give my skin a beautiful glow and mid afternoon as a pick me up to freshen my face and stop my makeup creasing into fine lines. A really nice take on the original Pixi glow mist!
  43. Lovely Mist.


    This is a really lovely mist. I like the scent and it gives the skin a light sheen making you look like you have a natural glow.

    It’s a bi-phase product so you need to shake well before use, however no matter how well I shake it I feel it’s still a little to oily for me. I am not sure what it is, possibly the Argan oil in it that causes me to break out a little.

    Over ma...
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  44. Great


    I have tried quite a few setting sprays by quite a few brands over the years but the Pixi rose glow mist is THEE spray for me! It stands out above all others I’ve tried, and I’ve been finding that I reach for this every single day since getting it. The fragrance is lovely and delicate, and it makes my foundation look fresh and dewy all day. I will definitely be coming back to this one for a while.
  45. Gorgeously good


    I tried a sample of this and it's so much better than I expected
  46. Pick me up


    I love drenching my skin in this to give it a glow and feel fresh
  47. Great product


    I love everything about this mist. It smells so nice and always leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and dewy,
  48. Dewy


    Good to use after the glycolic toner for hydration or before and after makeup for dewy skin
  49. Love it!


    I love the smell of this mist, I have only used this product as a setting spray so far but it gives a beautiful finish and my makeup stays fresh all day. I really like it :)
  50. Lovely


    Has a lovely subtle scent and is lightweight and refreshing. Not overly hydrating, but gives my skin a quick moisture boost when needed. Light dewy finish so my skin is gleaming perfection.
  51. Smells divine!


    This mist is packed full of nourishing oils to hydrate and sooth the skin anytime during the day. It smells absolutely amazing without being too strong or overpowering. I particularly like to use this product after acid toning - I have dry/sensitive skin and have also had no issues using this product.
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