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Pixi Glow Tonic 250ml 250ml

4.6 of 180 reviews


4 instalments of $11.50


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4 instalments of $11.50


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Pixi Glow Tonic 250ml

Pixi Glow Tonic 250ml

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4.6 of 180 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Bed exfoliant ever
I use this every other day and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth without drying it out like other similar products. Love it!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not what I hoped
I tried over and over to get this product to work, but it never did anything. I must say it was always nice to apply and never irritated my skin or broke me out, but after using it for months I never saw any difference in my skin.
  1. Bed exfoliant ever

    I use this every other day and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth without drying it out like other similar products. Love it!
  2. Great!!!

    Really great toner that doesn't strip and is perfect for my skin
  3. Super luxurious toner that gives the best glow

    I haven't stopped using Pixi Glow since it was delivered. It removes every last trace of make-up / dirt plus leaves my skin glowing. I use this before I use The Ordinary Buffet and other The Ordinary products,
  4. Awesome and afforable!

    This alcohol-free toner has saved my skin and my wallet. I use it twice daily after cleansing and am left with my skin feeling clean, soft and healthy. I have noticed an improvement in skin texture, less cystic breakouts, and brighter complexion. I have sensitive skin and am always nervous to try new products, but I had no purging problems or difficulties since day 1. Also really affordable for my budget. 10/10, will use again.
  5. very hydrating

    it is very hydrating and doesn't dry out my skin
  6. adore this

    I love to use this before bed. I wake up with very smooth skin! I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky!
  7. Great toner

    this is a great alcohol free toner - so far it is working a treat for my skin!
  8. Nice glycolic

    This feels like a hydrating toner, my skin isn't as tight as normal toners, I didnt purge and suspect I need something stronger, but this did feel luxurious, didnt break me out but didnt do a ton for me sadly.
  9. Awesome

    I have been using the pixi glow tonic for the past couple of days and I have seen an overall improvement in the texture and brightness of my skin. My skin has a really nice glow now which is really nice. Before i saw improvements my skin purged for 2 days and I had tiny little pimples popping up, however it has now calmed down and my skin looks amazing. I barely have any impurities and my skin looks so healthy.
  10. My absolute fave

    i will always come back to this toner, ive tried different variations of the Pixi tonic and much prefer the glow tonic overall. its so fresh, smells so nice, actually works and does it job! works well both morning and night, just love it.
  11. Yes!!

    Love this!!! Makes my skin glow! That being said I have very blemish free skin so I don't have much to say in that department!
  12. Amazing

    A huge came changer.

    I naturally have pretty good skin but I've really noticed an evenness in texture.

    The first few times my skin was a little irritated but after a few days my skin calmed down and now it is a must do every morning.
  13. Great toner!

    I love this toner for evening my competition and making my skin look brighter. It doesn't feel too strong on the skin either. My brother has very sensitive skin and this made his skin quite irritated though. If you have very sensitive skin, suggest doing a patch test first.
  14. Love this product

    I started using the glow tonic about 4 months ago. I have sensitive skin and was worried it would cause flare ups with my skin. Instead, I can't recommend it enough! It's gentle on my skin and leaves it spotless and glowy.
  15. Good

    I apply this toner every time before moisturiser and it gives my skin a glow and helps the cream on top sink in better. Totally recommend
  16. Gentle exfoliation

    I found this gentle enough to use on my sensitive skin. Can’t use it every day but twice a week is enough for me and helps smooth my skin.
  17. Beautiful product

    I absolutely love this product, it truly does make your skin glow.
  18. Great for my sensitive skin

    I tend to struggle to find and exfoliant that doesn't inflame my skin or damage my skin barrier. This however, doesn't do that. My skin was definitely more glowy and smooth from using this toner. My only issue with this is the smell
  19. Glowing and refreshed!

    I wanted to know what all the hype is about so I purchased one. I alternate between this in the morning and TO Glycolic Acid at night and it provides the skin with a nice glow and prepped for serum layering.
  20. SO glowy!

    I absolutely LOVE this toner. It just does what it says it will - refreshes your skin leaving it glowy and tight, but not too tight! I use it morning and night except for the few nights a week I use exfoliating pads because it stings a little because of the acid. Will definitely be buying again!
  21. Daily must.

    This product does what it says such a nice toner not too harsh on sensitive skin. Daily use and leaves the skin with a beautiful glow. Definitely recommend trying this
  22. Lovely refreshing toner

    This toner is so gentle and refreshing. I've definitely noticed my skin tone appears more even and hydrated since using this product. Perfect for use in the morning or at night. Will definitely re-purchase this!
  23. love this stuff!

    this definitely makes my skin glowy and lit from within! it smells really nice and the packaging is super cute too. would definitely recommend
  24. Deffs worth the hype

    This product is highly raved about on lots of platforms and I decided to give it a go.
    I have tried toner in the past and was sceptical about trying another one, as I didn't think the ones I have tried prior did anything.
    However, with this one, I found that it really helped my skin heaps.
    My skin is acne prone with lots of small under my skin pimples and after using it my skin feels very soft. Other toners I find dry out my skin but not this one!
    totally worth the hype and would recommend!
  25. Not what I hoped

    I tried over and over to get this product to work, but it never did anything. I must say it was always nice to apply and never irritated my skin or broke me out, but after using it for months I never saw any difference in my skin.
  26. better than expected

    I thought this was overhyped but no, it's actually amazing. excuse me while I just buy the rest of the range. so good.
  27. I love this!

    this is my go to toner after cleansing i use it every night and it leaves my skin and pores feeling cleaned
  28. Clear Skin

    Love toner that contain glycolic acid. The Pixi product seems to have the perfect % of glycolic acid for my skin type. I have normal/combination skin type. I feel that it keeps my skin calm and free from breakouts. I love the rose scent in this product too.
  29. Not for every night on me

    After seeing Chloe morello use this as a staple, I thought i’d Try it. I normally use alpha h liquid gold which works better on my skin. Something in this leaves my (very) sensitive skin am bit red, and i can’t use it often. That said, a quick sweep does take off the very last bits of makeup after cleansing, and skin is smoother in the morning.
  30. Gentle exfoliating toner

    I have sensitive dehydrated skin and find this glycolic acid to be a gentler alternative to AHA/BHA exfoliating toners. Doesn’t sting and smells good. Does the job and gives me a nice glow too!
  31. perfect for acne

    I used to use the Mario toner (2% glyolic acid concentration) but then came across this Pixi 5% glycolic toner. For the first month, my sensitive skin did purge - at first i thought i was reacting badly, but it was just the bacteria beneath my skin coming to light and getting cleared out, ie - success!
  32. Amazing for dry skin

    I’ve always had a problem with having flaky dry skin on my nose and using this pre-makeup during my prep has really changed the way I do my makeup. My nose looks much smoother without it feeling like it’s been stripped. Love glycolic acid for dry skin!
  33. Good

    This was pretty good, not as strong as the alpha h liquid gold but still good nonetheless
  34. Great

    So I started using glow tonic based on the recommendation from fabulous Jackie Aina some time ago and I have made it a staple in my beauty regimen. This product is a must have people! And the price is unbeatable. My pores have shrunk, my face is glowing and it is NON drying! Try this product and you won’t be disappointed. Trust me on this.
  35. Love this exfoliating tonic

    Nothing got on top of my dead skin like this product. Only use it every second day and it's wonderful
  36. Favourite toner!

    Wanted to try this for ages but always sceptical about switching products, so happy I did it’s the best toner I’ve used
  37. Surprisingly Good. Smooth Glowy Skin.

    I discovered Pixi Glow Tonic when I received it as a sample. I was so impressed with how well it worked that I stopped using a more expensive glycolic acid product and feel inspired to try other Pixi products.

    I am 34 with combination/oily skin, large pores on my nose and occasional dry patches. I use Glow Tonic 1-3 times a week and it makes a difference to the dry patches and gives me an even, youthful and glowing complexion. My pores look the same after use. I also like to do this before applying facial fake tan as tan likes to stick to the dry patches. This product is worth the hype!

    I recommend it, but I am not usually a toner user. Glow Tonic is so watery that I sometimes mix it with a thicker cleanser so that it stays on my face and can spread around evenly. Doing this gives me time to manually scrub my face to work in the Glow Tonic's glycolic acid which does wonders for my complexion.
  38. Love it

    I tried this product on the recommendation of a make up artist & have been so surprised at how much I love it. It has really evened out my skin & makes it feel so clean & fresh without drying me out. Great price too!
  39. Clears out pores and leaves a glow!

    This was the skincare step I never knew I’d been missing. My pores sometimes get clogged, but one swipe with this Tonic and all the sebum is gone. Completely cleared out. Wow! I love how it gently exfoliates and leaves a glow, perfectly preparing your skin for serums and moisturisers. I won’t be without this again. I have dehydrated skin and this doesn’t dry me out! 10/10!
  40. don't see much of a difference

    I used this every night for a few weeks and I didn't really notice a difference... It didn't do anything bad but I didn't feel like my skin was clearer or brighter after use
  41. Great exfoliator!

    I have really oily skin so exfoliating is something I do on the regular. I use this at night maybe 2-3 times a week in conjunction with other exfoliators and my skin really does look smoother, brighter and overall less congested after. When I used it the first time it did slightly flare up my rosacea, but any new skincare item tends to do that anyway, but after a few more uses my skin got used to it. It kind of instantly just brightens and leaves a natural glow to your skin, make sure you moisture a lot after though because it is a tad drying. Also, make sure to not use it with vitamin c or AHA or BHA serums, as your skin will hate you for it, just a regular moisturiser or oil works great with it!
  42. made me glow

    does what it says and makes your skin look glowy. great for oily skin and doesnt break you out. helped reduced the inflammation on my acne too
  43. Love!

    Bought the large version of this after using it for the first time in a pack and now I'm super sold on it. Make my skin feel fantastic
  44. Not sure if it works - will stick with it

    I was excited to try Pixi Glow Tonic after hearing amazing things, but haven't noticed a huge difference. It is an effective toner for taking off dirt and makeup after cleansing. My skin is quite tolerant to acids and exfoliation so could be that the strength is not strong enough... Maybe better suited to those with sensitive skin.
  45. A staple

    This is a staple in my skin care routine. I heard of pixi tlow tonic from Caroline Hirron, and it’s never disappointed me. I recommend this product to everyone who wants to invest in a good routine. It keeps my skin in great shape.
  46. Fabulous

    I love this glow tonic, leaves my skin feeling fresh but somehow it isn't drying. Has a beautiful scent and feel on the skin. I've definitely noticed results, skin is brighter and glowier. My husband uses it too and its really helped reducing pores and giving a more even tone. Amazing product.
  47. Good starter acid

    This is a nice and gentle starter acid that beginners can use. The glycolic acid will help with turnover but it is not at such a high percentage that needs extreme caution when used.
  48. Cant live without it!

    Been using this product on and off for about a year, and I find myself always coming back to repurchase.This lightens up my acne scars and marks so much faster than any other toner I've tried and helps keep my skin soft, glowy and smooth. I enjoy trying new products, and this is the best toner I have in my collection.
  49. Repeat purchase!

    I was skeptical that this would do anything but after months of use I really do love this tonic. It makes my skin feel so fresh and renewed! Price isn’t too bad considering how long it lasts for me and how much my skin seems to love it. It makes my skin overall much brighter.
  50. Make

    I absolutely love this Glow Tonic...it definitely does leave my skin with a glow! I love to apply this overnight and in the morning I wake with super soft, smooth skin! I love how this gently exfoliates as I sleep, getting rid of my dry,flaky skin, revealing new glowing skin underneath! This doesn't strip or dry out my skin in the slightest, instead it does the complete opposite - making it look and feel nourished and glowing! I highly recommend!
  51. Smooth glowy skin

    I love this product, my skin feels so smooth and it looks so glowy and radiant after use. I definitely notice a difference when I am not using it. 100% recommend
  52. Great product

    I have been using this each morning and have noticed a great difference in my skin. I have sensitive skin and this product has not made my skin react in any way. My skin always feels so soft after using it, and I've noticed a great improvement to my complexion.
  53. A must have!

    This product does exactly what it says!!! It cleared up my congested pores and blackheads, and it has also prevented cystic acne!
  54. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Amazing toner, can tell such a difference after only a week. Skin is glowing and so soft.
  55. Can't live without!

    This is my favourite Pixi product. Really cleans away any impurities and residue make up and leaves a nice clean finish without drying my skin. I find it really tightens the skin and gives a fresh glow. Good to prep for make up application, though I find it best works for me at night after a day of wearing make up. I'm onto bottle, and could not live without now. Well worth the money and compares well if not better to the higher priced brands.
  56. Pretty good

    My friend recommended this for me because she loves this product, I have finished a bottle of this (using it twice a day, daily). It doesn't make any difference to my combination skin but works pretty great to use before sheet mask or any serum. I find this product a bit pricey to my liking because it's for a daily use. Otherwise, pretty good product!
  57. Skin does glow!

    I use this everyday and feel like my skin has improved in overall appearance. My beautician however has told me to stop using as it’s too strong for my skin. Ive not had any noticeable reaction.
  58. Decent Glycolic Toner

    Used this a few years back and decided to repurchase now to see how I go with it.

    The packaging recommends for it to be used x2 a day morning and night, however this may be a little irritating for some so find your perfect balance before committing to this regimen.

    I feel like it will help in cleaning out your pores, encouraging cell turnover and therefore helping you achieve a somewhat clearer and glowier complexion.

    The toner is a good every day AHA but I feel like there's definitely better alternatives on the market such as Liquid Gold.

  59. Worth the hype!

    I’ve been using this for a little over a week now (after cleansing and before moisturising) and I’m starting to notice a difference in my skin. I tend to get acne on my cheeks and along my jaw, and all but a couple of my spots have faded significantly since I started using this. My pores aren’t as noticeable, and my skin feels softer and healthier. The scent is lovely, and it sinks in really nicely; it doesn’t sting or make my skin feel tight at all. Hopefully I’ll continue seeing the same great results!
  60. Beautiful Product

    I'm about to order this product for the fourth time... Both my daughter and I love it and we find it works well on both young and mature skin types .. it has a slight "tingle" when working properly...
  61. A very impressive acid toner

    Pixi glow tonic has become a staple skin care product in my routine. I have combination skin and use this product each morning. I find using it once per day is enough for my skin but perhaps more congested/oily skin types could benefit from twice per day. Pixi Glow has a lovely subtle scent and, very importantly, does not irritate my skin (some acid toners are too harsh for me) while managing to do a great job of exfoliating and leaving my skin glowing!
    I recommend this product to literally anyone who asks for my favourite skin care products!
  62. Smells beautiful

    This product is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been using it for a week now and I’ve noticed a huge change in my skin. The product smells great, and is gentle on my skin. Will certainly purchase again.
  63. Must Have

    I recommend this product to all my girlfriends. It's amazing. I use morning and night after cleansing and I find that it keeps texture at bay and quickens the life of any hormonal spots I get. It never ever stings and I find using SPF daily means my skin is protected. Works super with the Pixi Glow Serum. I use Glow Tonic night and day and the serum after just in the evenings.
  64. love ittt

    Love itttt,

    My cousins bought it and it's realllyyyy goooddddd!!
  65. Not sure about the difference

    I bought this after reading the rave reviews on Caroline Hirons. I've been using it for a little more than two months and am not sure I'm seeing much difference to my skin.
  66. Glow In A Bottle

    I use this product twice a day after double cleansing and it makes my skin feel super firm and glowy!
  67. Unsure

    I just didn’t notice much of anything with this toner.

    The scent was also too strong for my liking and I think the strength is too low, but I guess it would suit sensitive skin?
  68. LOVE

    I love this toner. my skin has improved so much. I use this along side other Pixi facial cleansing products and cannot be happier. It feels cooling when applied and doesnt leave my skin feeling dry afterwards as other toners have done in the past. I have noticed less break outs.
  69. Great for sensitive skin

    I have sensitive/combination skin and this toner didn't leave my skin irritated or angry. I've noticed less breakouts and ingrown hairs when I've used it, but I'm not sure about any anti-ageing or dewrinkling effects. It smells fresh, not overwhelming. I prefer using this to the Alpha-H Liquid Gold.
  70. Amazing

    I haven’t used a toner for about 20 years but thought I’d give this a go based on other reviews. I am amazed. After just a week of daily use (sometimes not even twice) my skin is smoother and my pores are visibly smaller. It hasn’t had an effect on my pigmentation but the other effects are amazing so I will keep using it.
  71. Glowing skin

    I have some fresh acne scaring from pimples and boy overnight i woke up with glowing skin. The scars have decreased and skin just looks healthy and radiant. This does not help with brown spots but I do like it for a fresh look in the mornings.
  72. Lots of hype!

    I bought this product over a year ago when there was huge hype. I did like it, however for the price i feel you can get better results. It is compareable to The Ordinary toner (less than half the price) or Alpha H Liquid Gold. For me i will not be repurchasing - but it is a good toner.
  73. Gentle exfoliant

    Gentle exfoliant, seemed okay on my sensitive skin but think I prefer a Lactic to Glycolic acid
  74. Great exfoliating toner

    Very gentle exfoliant and hasn't irritated my skin. Since using my skin feels really soft and looks really clear.
  75. Absolutely Amazing Product!!

    This is a great exfoliant and an added bonus it has a nice smell.
    I use this morning and night and can already notice a difference in my skin complexion and the smoothness.
    You won’t regret buying it!
  76. Regenerating

    I use this every few days to regenerate my skin without irritating it too much, follow with a good moisturiser
  77. Ok

    I haven’t seen a much difference as I thought it would but it is effective at removing the last traces of makeup after micellar water
  78. Great liquid exfoliant

    I was using the Alpha gold product for years and decided to swap with the Pixie Glow tonic and so far I am loving it. The texture and tone of my skin is nice and clear and extra glowy. Definitely recommend
  79. Love it

    Have gone through several bottles of this toner. I apply it during my night skin regimen. However I do not use it everyday as I found it a bit drying.
  80. Great!

    There's a reason this product is so popular, its amazing! I use this every day after cleansing before moisturiser and it makes my skin feel refreshed but doesn't give it that tight feeling that a lot of toners do. Great product
  81. Ready and refreshed!

    I’m liking this product already. Admittedly on day 1 but I can already visually see the difference on my skin. No longer do I have dried up patches of skin on my face, but it feels so soft and glowy. I will definitely continue to use this adding to my skincare routine after my cleanse!
  82. Nice toner

    Good to use after removing makeup to thoroughly cleanse
  83. Okay

    This isn't my favourite glycolic acid product because it contains fragrance and i believe that is what caused some irritation to my skin. Though this product has also helped to diminish my acne scarring i wouldn't recommend to sensitive skin.
  84. Whoa!

    I have pigmentation under my eyes, combo oily/ dry skin with odd patches and I'm prone to acne. I use a glycolic cleanser and scrub but I had heard amazing things about this!

    My skin seems generally smoother and less inclined to break out AND I feel like some of the pigment under my eyes is breaking up. I put a little on two cotton pads, fold them in half and hold them under my eyes for a few minutes.
  85. Great toner, especially for my combo skin!

    This is a fantastic toner. I bought after watching lots of Youtube reviews, and was not disappointed. I use after cleansing, and this removes any leftover makeup. My skin feels incredibly soft after using, and it helps with my combination skin (I am acne-prone and oily on T-zone and chin, yet dry on my cheeks and around my eyes). Definitely makes my skin dewy whilst magnifying my oily areas, and a bit 'glow-y', without making me break out. Bottle lasts a long time too, so worth the cost, especially in comparison with other 'luxury' brands. Definitely give this one a try, amazing!
  86. Great for oily skin

    Effective on oily skin, helped control my acne really well. Best to use only once a day or it tends to dry out my skin if used both morning and night. The only downside is that it is a bit expensive.
  87. Love it

    I disliked the smell at first - Slightly like a nursing home! Mix of disinfectant and rose perfume but I got used to it when I realised how well it works. I use it before all skincare and it preps the skin well. Also good for acne prone skin when you’ve neglected your usual treatments.
    I’ve got dry ageing skin.
  88. Smooth glowing skin

    I bought this after seeing several YouTube beauty influencers recommend it. I was tired of my dry, dull, lack lustre skin, and since introducing this into my skincare routine a few nights a week, I've seen big improvements! My skin glows, it's soft and smooth and I haven't had dry patches in months! This gives a slight tingle, but my sensitive skin has coped really well with this product. I highly recommend this, especially if you are new to using AHAs. It's not as scary as you might think, and my skin is the better for it!
  89. Wow

    I hesitantly purchased this after hearing so many glowing reviews (see what I did there?) and I was not not disappointed. I have a great skincare routine however I feel something was missing between exfoliating to keep the stray dry patches at bay and this is it. Also has helped with sebum control throughout my T zone which in effect has improved the appearance of my areas with larger pores. A little goes a long way too! I have been using mine a while and it looks like the bottle has barely been used!
  90. Yet to see results

    Everyone says this is amazing but I haven’t noticed much difference yet after a few days of use. Will continue use and hope to see results soon! Good at removing last traces of makeup though.
  91. Highly recommend!

    I love this product! It really improved the texture of my skin and helped in fading my acne scars. Would highly recommend!
  92. Holy grail

    This is my third bottle of this stuff and it's amazing, i use it as a toner. All of it's claims ring true it gives me a glowing complexion, Although not much in the way of clearing any breakouts but great for getting rid of dry or flaky skin
  93. So glowy!

    This product does what it says, it gives you that glow! I've received so many compliments on my skin after using this and I love that I got it so fast too, adore beauty has the best shipping
  94. Highly Recommended

    ❤️ all Pixie products .. slowly trying them all .. have purchased this one three times now plus one for my daughter.. I use it every day .. just turned 60
  95. Exfoliates, soothes and brightens

    I didn't hesitate to buy this after reading the fantastic ingredient list! For an acid product, it's perfect for sensitive skin - mild and soothing while gently exfoliating and reducing pigmentation.

    TIP: To save product, I pour a little into the palm of my hand, rub hands together and pat onto skin rather than using a cotton pad.
  96. LOVE IT!

    This product sat in my bathroom cabinet for a few months before I got around to using it. I had read so many rave reviews and was excited but sceptical to use it.

    Once I did get around to using it, I wish I had started to use it sooner!

    I have some problem areas around my jawline and my cheeks and using this product has really helped clear them up and even out my skin tone without experiencing any redness, dryness or sensitivity.

    Really happy with this product!
  97. amazing product!

    leaves my skin feeling fresh and glowy. makes my skin feel less textured and made my skin more even! would buy again! love love love!!!
  98. great product

    I have been trying lots of toners to try and find the perfect one for me. This one is definitely my top 3 toners. It doesn't sting but it really cleared up my pores and helps with breakouts (I have oily/combination skin). Its been great to help keep my skin clear in the lead up to my wedding. Only thing for me was that I loved the ordinary toner too and based on price I would probably purchase that one again instead of this one.
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