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Pixi Glow Tonic 100ml 100ml

4.4 of 44 reviews


4 instalments of $6.25


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4 instalments of $6.25


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Sweep away the day’s impurities as you renew your skin and fade brown spots with Pixi Glow Tonic 100ml. This brightening facial toner lifts away dead skin cells, hydrates, and calms sensitive skin.
  • Cruelty Free

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GREAT - 88% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.4 of 44 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My skins favourite product


Such a good product to add in your rotation! I love it so much and it’s gentle enough I can use it day and night and my skin (which can be very fussy) loves it!

Most Helpful Criticism

Don’t understand the hype?


This toner was fine, slightly helped with lightening hyperpigmentation, but I didn’t see a significant increase in the glowiness of my skin. I think this toner has glycolic acid, which I usually find too harsh/irritating for my skin, but saw multiple reviews of how gentle it is, but I think this is too gentle for my skin.
  1. Good toner


    This toner did help my skin in brightening, although once I started using retinoid I stopped this as my skin was getting too sensitive. Love the light scent of this and feel like it did help with my skin texture.
  2. Very good for combination skin


    I have a combination skin and feels this tonic really refreshes it and provides benign hydration. I prefer to use it on a cotton pad rather than using my palm as in this case it helps to remove the last bits of make up which seems to always be there even after double cleaning. I use it in the morning and in the evening. It lasts a long time as you do not need much. If you dab it on your lips is plumps them up a bit and I love it. It will not make a drastic difference to your skin hence why 4 stars but overall very good product which I would recommend to incorporate into your daily skincare routine.
  3. My skins favourite product


    Such a good product to add in your rotation! I love it so much and it’s gentle enough I can use it day and night and my skin (which can be very fussy) loves it!

    Eric Louise

    I have oily skin skin that at times can be very acne prone. This is by far the best toner I have ever used. Doesn't dry out my skin, keeps my skin clear and smells amazing.
  5. Brightening toner


    This tonic makes my skin look really healthy after use, but is still gentle enough on my sensitive skin. It also removes leftover makeup after cleansing.
  6. No noticeable difference


    I've been using this for a few weeks now and I haven't noticed any real difference. I bought it because I have oily skin and wanted my face to look brighter and less congestion but it didn't seem to change anything. I also wasn't a fan of the fragrance.
  7. Tonic


    Really good for toning oily skin - makes my skin have a subtle fresh glow but controls pore size
  8. Great product


    Lightly scented, not over powering which is nice. My skin feels clean and fresh without over drying after I use this tonic. Would recommend to friends and will be re-purchasing in future.
  9. Fantastic!


    Very brightening and makes the skin feel nice and refreshed. Very happy with this!
  10. Hyperpigmentation


    Lightened hyperpigmentation and somewhat flattened my raised acne scars. I got breakouts less frequently too! You do need a moisturiser if your skin is dry and you'd like to use this though. I was super impressed after 2 weeks of use! Can't wait to keep using and seeing more results
  11. Awesome


    i have oily and acne prone skin and this really clears my complexion and gives me a radiant glow, doesn't strip my skin either
  12. Great for every day use


    This product is not too harsh, I can use it every day and it helps to keep my skin free of breakouts without being harsh. I have hormonal, acne prone skin and use daily but use a stronger acid product a couple of times a week as well. The smell is nice, not too strong and it feels nice on application and doesn’t sting.
  13. Surprisingly good


    I ordered this after seeing Wayne Goss’s review of Pixi tonics. My skin is very sensitive, so I was worried it would inflame my skin. But it hasn’t done so at all. My pores have become far less obvious, and my face is clearer and brighter. I’m also extremely pale, so redness and sensitivity really shows.
  14. glowing skin


    This is a great product. It leaves my skin soft and glowing, and the smell is great.
  15. Glowing!!


    This is a great toner that leaves me clean and glowing. Removes dirt and left over make up after cleansing and is a great dupe for Alpha H liquid gold. Great price point
  16. Love this product

    Regina Fuentes

    Love this toner. Super soft on the skin, very light product. Really good if you have troubled skin.
  17. Good toner


    After reading a lot of positive reviews on this toner I decided to purchase. It’s lovely, helps with redness and really works. I will purchase again.
  18. Love it


    Has a nice smell and my skin feels really nice and soft and clean
  19. Worked great


    Toner definitely added glow to the skin and made it feel nice and clean
  20. small bottle is perfect for travel


    this toner is amazing! it makes my skin that extra bit clean after i wash it and cleans all the remaining gunk out of my pores. I have really seen a difference with my acne since using it, my skin looks a lot clearer! i would definitely recommend!
  21. Really works!


    I have combination skin that can get dry and rough in winter. I've been using this in my night time routine and I have noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin. My skin feels smoother and I have less rough spots.
  22. Full of good and bad ingredients


    Please check ingredient list Contains whole list of dangerous ingredients that should never be put on skin
  23. Helped my skin heaps


    This is great for congested skin. I had little bumps everywhere and this helped me get rid of them. I really liked it a lot and used it all!
  24. love this


    I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use. It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards
  25. cleared my skin


    the results are perfect! my skin doesn't feel tight after i use it unlike harsher toners. has evened up my acne scarred skin and makes my skin so hydrated and healthy
  26. Makes skin glow


    I wanted to try alpha gold but heard about this one and am pleased to say I have found a forever product. Only bought a 100ml but wish they sold it by the litre! You can feel it doing your skin good.
  27. Made skin glow


    This has been the biggest game changer in my routine (so far). I'm very new to toners/exfoliants, and found this excellent for a beginner. Doesn't dry out skin at all (my skin is/was dehydrated and dry), very easy to use.
  28. Amazing but need to understand how it works


    I have been using the pixi glow tonic for the past couple of days and I have seen an overall improvement in the texture and brightness of my skin. My skin has a really nice glow now which is really nice. Before i saw improvements my skin purged for 2 days and I had tiny little pimples popping up, however it has now calmed down and my skin looks amazing. I barely have any impurities and my skin looks so healthy.
  29. Amazing


    This toner has done wonders for my skin and now I cannot live without it. Absolutely love it.
  30. excellent


    this toner is amazing! it is a little pricey but its so so good! it makes my skin so clean but doesn't dry it out at all
  31. Love!!


    I purchased this after reading that glycolic is safer for pregnant women. I usually use toners with aha and bha's but had to switch up my skincare to make it "baby safe".

    I have been using it for months now and I love it. I feel like it did help keep my pregnancy acne to a minimum however it did very little with my hyperpigmentation. I love the smell of it (a bit citrusy) and will even try out other Pixi skincare.
  32. Clear skin in a bottle!


    Glycolic acid isn't for all skin types, however this product uses a very low molecular concentration of it making it perfect for sensitive skin. There is a slight tingle when you first apply the product, I have found using a slightly dampened cotton pad helps. The results are perfect! The skin doesn't feel tight and a pulling sensation, instead it feels clean, the tone is even and bright and upon daily use the skin builds up its tolerance to the glycolic acid and the stinging isn't a factor anymore. I love how even my skin tone is after using this!
  33. Don’t understand the hype?


    This toner was fine, slightly helped with lightening hyperpigmentation, but I didn’t see a significant increase in the glowiness of my skin. I think this toner has glycolic acid, which I usually find too harsh/irritating for my skin, but saw multiple reviews of how gentle it is, but I think this is too gentle for my skin.
  34. Amazing toner


    This is my first product from pixi. I really enjoy using it I definitely feel like it helps remove any dirt or impurities left after I have cleansed my face. I usually use it ever second day and I have noticed my skin has an extra glow. Highly recommend
  35. results


    usually I find toner a step not worth including in my regimen as I dont see results from it. this toner however did improve the texture and clarity of my skin. my skin is really sensitive though so I do find sometimes I stings so I don't use it every day. still the best toner I've ever tried though.
  36. Glowing


    After using this for more than one week now my skin is definitely glowing !
    It has never stung on my skin when applying which is funny cause my skin is sensitive.
    100% helped with the hyperpigmentation on my face and has given me a more even complexion.
  37. Nice


    I have been using this product for only 2 weeks now and it is a gentle on my skin and gives it a small glow. Has not done anything for my acne but it hasn't made it worse, will continue to use for more results.
  38. Holy grail


    I use for evening skincare routine... a must have for a clear skin and even skin tone
  39. Everyday Essential


    I love this product, its gentle enough to use every day and leaves your skin looking clear and smooth. I apply with a cotton pad after cleansing. Packaging is effective and spill proof. Use at night and make sure to wear an SPF when using this product as it increases UV sensitivity.
  40. Great


    My skin has been so much brighter and clearer since using this! I’ve even had people comment on it. It’s very gentle and pleasant to use. Definitely a staple in my routine from now on.
  41. great for sensitive skin


    great product to try if you have sensitive skin and wants something that's a bit gentle but exfoliates at the same time. leaves my skin bright and smooth which I really love. I don't use it every day, probably about 3-4 times a week is enough for me. great way to try the product if you don't want to commit to full sizes like me.
  42. not sure


    I used this every night for a few weeks and I didn't really notice a difference... It didn't do anything bad but I didn't feel like my skin was clearer or brighter after use. This small bottle is a good way to try it though if you're unsure
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