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Pixi Glow Tonic 100ml 100ml

4.3 of 119 reviews


4 instalments of $6.25

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4 instalments of $6.25

Or 4 instalments of $6.25 with LEARN MORE

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Sweep away the day’s impurities as you renew your skin and fade brown spots with Pixi Glow Tonic 100ml. This brightening facial toner lifts away dead skin cells, hydrates, and calms sensitive skin.
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What customers say

GREAT - 86% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Pixi Glow Tonic 100ml Reviews

4.3 of 119 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I never really used tonics before this is my first one and I really love this. makes my skin smoother after using it. just a simple step in my skin routine

Most Helpful Criticism



Decided to give this toner a try because of the hype it has had. I saw some reviews saying this product left a sticky residue on the face and this 100% was not the case for me, no matter how much product I used. I think that overall this product could be amazing, except the one massive downfall is the amount of fragrance that is loaded int. Although it smells great, it is completely unnecessary and all it leads to is irritation - this is why I will discontinue my use of this toner.
  1. great


    I never really used tonics before this is my first one and I really love this. makes my skin smoother after using it. just a simple step in my skin routine
  2. Good but there are better alternatives


    I was recommended this product by a friend. Although it is effective and did help get rid of my milia, I feel there are better alternatives with a stronger percentage of AHA. I also feel as if the fragrance is artificial smelling and unnecessary in a skin care product.
  3. It's good but depends on skin type


    verified purchaser
    Personal I found this slightly over-hyped and did little for my oily skin, but for the price it's not bad.
  4. good product


    gentle exfoliator ... feels nice .. bit of smell but goes away quickly , good so far
  5. Gentle yet effective


    This helps to gently exfoliate and brighten your skin. It truly makes your skin glow. Doesn’t irritate sensitive and eczema-prone skin.
  6. Worth the hype


    I put off trying this for a long time. Too much hype. Turns out it deserves it.

    Does exactly what you want it to. Definitely see an improvement in my skin after using daily. Got that AHA glow. Gentle enough that I can use every day.

    I am sure there are "better" AHA toners out there but for the price, this is pretty great.

    The only thing stopping me from g...
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  7. Happy with this product.


    I used this product both day and night before I put on my face cream. I have noticed that my age spots have started to disappear. My skin looks clearer. This product was purchased as an alternative.
    But this does the job.
  8. amazing


    really awesome way to exfoliate without having to scrub the skin. my skin looks so refreshed and very fresh when i wake up after using this! i love it!
  9. great toner


    I use this toner a few times a week in lieu of my typical toner. My skin is very very reactive//sensitive and I've never broke out or had an adjustment period with this. My skin feels fresh and pores are smaller.
    Haven't used other products by this company, i use it alongside kiehls ultra toner
  10. wonderful


    this has done wonders on my skin. Its not too harsh but leaves your skin looking brighter and has helped with pigmentation
  11. Good Everyday Toner


    I have been alternating the Pixi Glow Tonic with Alpha H Liquid Gold. I like both, and get results when I use either, but the Pixi is much more heavily fragranced, and feels milder. I prefer the Glow Tonic in the cooler months, as its not so drying/stripping.
    I'd recommend this to you, if you're looking for a toner that evens skin tone, and isn't too drying. Not good for those who prefer a f...
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  12. Lovely toner


    This toner has a gorgeous smell and leaves my skin feeling clean, lovely and hydrated. I will definitely buy again.
  13. Too much fragrance


    This toner generally works great to help clear up my skin but the main issue with it is the fragrance which irritates my skin so I can’t use it as often as recommended. Wouldn’t recommend to people with sensitive skin
  14. Magic in a bottle


    Best chemical exfoliating toner in the marker. The price point is good as well. My skin is soft, acne and marks free and glowing!❤️
  15. A nice product to add to your morning routine


    This is just lovely. Glowing skin in one easy step. I love using this after my cleanser in the morning and before I move on to serums etc.
  16. Hydrates the skin


    I bought this as part of a skincare bundle and although this has been around for quite a while now it is my first time using it. In comparison to other toners I've used, I have to say this product didn't wow me very much though it did make my skin decently hydrated before the rest of my skincare routine.
  17. Super helpful


    I'm super stoked with this product. I had dry patches on my face and was looking dull. I wanted to change up my routine - this was my first foray into a glycolic acid product and it's been a great introduction! There's a real tingle when I use it but it's not crazy intense. I also like the packaging as it's pretty but not over the top. I use it every couple of days and it's lasting ages. Glow Toni...
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  18. Best exfoliate


    This is amazing to include in your skincare as it contains amazing ingredients which help remove dead skin and make skin so smooth
  19. Let's glow!


    A really fresh and effective toner! I have sensitive/combination skin and find it great and refreshing to use at night after cleansing. I find it a bit strong and drying if I use it twice a day so I use a lighter toner in the morning. Smells great and a little goes a long way. Will definitely be repurchasing.
  20. You have to be consistent


    I've heard a few good things about this toner and so I thought I'd try the 100ml before committing to the 250ml.

    The instant result of applying this toner is visibly brighter skin. However, I am yet to see some visible long term effects of this product. It's been about 3 weeks and there hasn't been much fade of hyperpigmentation., but I'm hopeful.
  21. GLOWY


    I LOVE this toner! I feel like I'm already so much more glowy even after 2 weeks of use. $25 for 100ml is a little pricey, but the product works well (and will probably last me quite a while considering how little I've used in 14 days). I'm new to any and all acids, and this is very gentle on my face, so if you're wanting something well reviewed and highly recommended, I suggest giving this toner ...
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  22. Really good


    When I bought this toner I was really nervous because my skin is so sensitive and I have allergic reactions to almost all skincare products but this one is not only one of the few products that I don't have a bad reaction to , but my skin always feels so clean , even toned , SMOOTH, and fresh after every use, I would highly recommend this product to anyone.
  23. Instant glow up!


    Since using this product I’ve noticed results VERY quickly. After cleansing (I use Alpha H triple action cleanser and also micro fibre washer and face halo) I apply the pixie on a cotton pad, avoiding the eye area as stipulated on the directions (I do notice that this is a pretty intense product, I have very minor perioral dermatitis and avoid this area for fear of irritation). My skin seems smoot...
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  24. Glow up!


    This toner is great for clearing the skin and giving a nice base to apply your skin care. Nearly finished my bottle!
  25. Lovely toner and great value


    I am addicted to this now! I haven't used a toner for years but this has been a fantastic addition to my regime
  26. Works well!


    This works great with my sensitive skin, no issues and just works really well.
  27. Glowy


    This is quite lovely, effective and non-drying. I could feel it working as I swiped the cotton pad along my fave and neck and it came away with residue even right after I had cleansed. I was expecting some irritation because of the active ingredients and my sensitive skin but none occurred. Great product!
  28. Not for me


    Although this product did make my skin glow I found the consistency to be very sticky and just didn’t feel great on my face. I couldn’t wait to wash this off. There are other timers out there that are cheaper and much lighter feeling
  29. It is ok


    This product receives a lot of hype and I am sure it works super well for some skin types. I have very dry skin but am also prone to spots. It was nice to use to help smooth skin before makeup and worked well with other skincare products, however, I didn't see any exceptional results and prefer other exfoliating solutions. I love the smell and the packaging.
  30. Disappointed.


    Decided to give this toner a try because of the hype it has had. I saw some reviews saying this product left a sticky residue on the face and this 100% was not the case for me, no matter how much product I used. I think that overall this product could be amazing, except the one massive downfall is the amount of fragrance that is loaded int. Although it smells great, it is completely unnecessary an...
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  31. Ok


    I’ve got combination skin and after reading such great reviews about this brand I thought i would be more impressed. It’s not amazing, it’s ok. I’ll finish using it but it doesn’t feel luxe or like it’s doing anything so far. I don’t notice skin brighter nor does it leave skin with a glow.
  32. Recommended by the Adore team


    I was recommended this toner from an Adore Team member on the chat and I am loving it.
    I have oily skin and recommend this if you are looking for an affordable toner.
  33. My go to toner


    I have been using this tonic every day for a few years now and it is great, gives my skin a nice glow and not too expensive. Also helps keep my skin clear from blackheads which I used to suffer from a lot before I started using it!
  34. Great when used correctly


    I have sensitive skin so I only use this every other night (or some times every 2 nights) and it's great! Definitely not for every day use. I follow up with a hylauronic acid serum and a rich moisturizer
  35. great as an exfoliator


    i wouldn’t use it every day to say the least but that’s dependent on your routines and skin type as well! i have oily and just find that it didn’t necessarily stop my face oil production
  36. Quite like this


    I’m not sure about glow but it works well as a toner. Preps my dry 44 year old skin well for moisturiser. Hate the smell though which is a bit grandma.
  37. Not a fan


    It’s kind of sticky and actually dried my skin out. Also not a fan of the smell and texture.
    I’ve got 44 year old combo dry skin.
  38. Good


    This helps exfoliate my skin well and brightens my skin up
  39. not useful for me


    this is may good products but not suit for my skin
  40. Not great


    Just not for me didn't like the feeling at all just felt sticky and got irritated within a few hours.
  41. Not for sensitive skin!


    This toner was very drying on the skin and aggravated my sensitive skin. I have used around 2 bottles and finally after switching to a friendlier toner my skin has been thanking me!
  42. Very dewey and feels sticky


    I have been using this product for over a week and find it leaves a greasy/sticky residue on my face. I’ve also started to break out and not sure if it’s related. It does feel hydrating and cleansing so I will keep using and see if this helps.
  43. Exfoliating toner


    Great way to exfoliate the dead Porous skin that can build up. I’ve noticed my serums and moisturiser has been penetrating better now I’ve been using this 2 times a week. It’s strong but very gentle and hasn’t irritated my skin but it does a good job at keeping my completion smooth
  44. Not at all worth the money


    I have oily, acne-prone skin with large pores and slight hyperpigmentation (sounds like a lot, but I manage it quite well), and this product has done absolutely nothing for my face. It smells amazing and looks pretty, but there is no difference in the texture or appearance of my skin. Would not recommend and would definitely not buy again.
  45. Glowing skin


    I purchased this because I heard a lot of good things, and it has not disappointed. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my skin & haven't had any issues with irritation.
  46. Good


    Good product, helps with fading acne scars. Takes time but worth it.
  47. A new favourite


    Added this to my favourites list. Use everyday and always get a lil glow afterwards. Also not as harsh as I thought it would be.
  48. Such a great, easy product


    I have a fairly simple skincare regime and i love using this everyday. I just swipe it on after cleansing and i feel like it does such a good job of refining and brightening my skin.
  49. Great chemical exfoliant


    I am very new to chemical exfoliant and after so many you tube vedio and reading reviews on that on I decided to use this. I was great for my skin my skin had lots of bumps but its all clear now.
    Thanks for such a great product.
  50. Great toner


    Best toner. Makes the skin so smooth and fresh looking. I have super dry skin and this doesn’t make it any worse.
  51. Interesting


    I’m new to this one but so far so good. Definitely have noticed my skin looks brighter and cleaner!
  52. Light and silky


    I love this toner. Smells amazing and works beautifully in my skin. I feel instantly hydrated and fresh.
  53. Best toner ever!


    This is by far the most amazing toner I’ve ever bought. It wipes away every impurity and brings a glow to my face. It also prevents breakouts too. Love it so much!
  54. An excellent, gentle toner


    I'm really into the PIXI range, particularly their chemical exfoliants. I find this toner works really well in my daily skincare routine. It really removes grime and makes my skin feel super clean.
  55. High hopes


    I had really high expectations for this! i used the whole bottle and didn't really see a difference in my skin! the thing i did notice the most was the nice smelling product! in other words there is fragrance in the product! again rated the best but has fragrance in it?
  56. Life saver


    Everyone needs to add this toner into their beauty routine! Evens out everything, has helped save my skin! Loving this brand
  57. Great toner, can be harsh on broken skin


    I love this toner in my daily routine. It is great for removing dead skin cells and leaves my skin feeling smooth.

    It can be a bit harsh on broken skin, so be careful around breakouts.
  58. An every day favourite


    I love Pixi How Tonic! A friend recommended it to me and I've been using it every day for months now. I quite like the scent and I really like how it makes my skin feel. I've seen improvement to my skin by incorporating this into my skincare routine and I'll continue to use it.
  59. Smooth skin


    I always use this toner in my skin care at night and in morning. And it always leaves my skin smooth and fresh. I have aged and normal to oily skin. It helps to control the oil on my skin too.
  60. Could leave it.


    Packaging is solid. No leaks.
    I don't see much difference when using this product and am not sure what I am meant to expect but it has no ill effect on my skin and happily continue to use it as a toner in my skincare routine.


    Great Toner to boost skins appearance, and give a youthful fresh glow.
    Leaves no residue and improves pores, mixes well under other products and SPF great to use on a no make up day. 100ml is a great first sample size.
  62. Glowing skin


    It made my skin radiant and soft. I don’t feel as though it was too rough on my skin or made it dry, but once I started using retinol, I think it became a little much in my routine and irritated my skin slightly.
  63. Favourite Toner


    My skin always feels clean and fresh after using this, I think my skin looks clearer since using this for the past few months and that it helps my serums and moisturiser absorb and work better afterwards.
  64. Love it!


    This is actually an amazing product! I’m so happy with it! My skin is smooth and glowing...my pores and fine lines are noticeably reduced - Love it!
  65. Lovely


    Nice! I think this gives my skin a lovely glow and the price is nice and low. Good product overall.
  66. A good, gentle, chemical exfoliant


    A good, gentle, chemical exfoliant. I received a sample recently so have only used it a couple of times, but I really like it and am considering purchasing the full size.
  67. Pixie Glow


    i really wanted to love this as it had such high expectations and a great review, however after getting through most of the bottle, i didn't really notice a difference in my skin! also the fact that it has fragrance in it was a no go for me! wont buy again!
  68. Love!


    This is my favourite toner! The Mario Badescu glycolic toner gives my skin a massive rash and irritation so I was a bit nervous to try this one but no irritation at all! It leaves my skin glowy and healthy looking and I always have a bottle of this somewhere in my house. This travel size one lives in my makeup bag for trips away and is so handy so I don't have to take the big bottle everywhere.
  69. Great


    This makes my skin look glowy however i find the ordinary one similar and cheaper
  70. Best toner!


    The best toner I’ve ever used! I love how it makes my skin feel and it lasts a long time too!
  71. LOVE


    Sometimes I use this on the weekends if i'm not going out anywhere... after i've cleansed my face..pop this amazing toner on...my skin looks lovely and fresh:)
  72. Good but not amazing


    This product has a lot of hype so I wanted to try it. I have sensitive skin, and there was no irritation which is a huge plus, however I just generally haven't seen any results after using consistently for a few months.
  73. Smooths


    Smooths skin very well and gets rid of texture. Not too strong, doesn't sting when I apply it
  74. Good toner


    This toner did help my skin in brightening, although once I started using retinoid I stopped this as my skin was getting too sensitive. Love the light scent of this and feel like it did help with my skin texture.
  75. Nice toner


    This is a nice toner. My skin feels clean and clear after using this. Non drying or irritating
  76. Very good for combination skin


    I have a combination skin and feels this tonic really refreshes it and provides benign hydration. I prefer to use it on a cotton pad rather than using my palm as in this case it helps to remove the last bits of make up which seems to always be there even after double cleaning. I use it in the morning and in the evening. It lasts a long time as you do not need much. If you dab it on your lips is pl...
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  77. My skins favourite product


    Such a good product to add in your rotation! I love it so much and it’s gentle enough I can use it day and night and my skin (which can be very fussy) loves it!

    Eric Louise

    I have oily skin skin that at times can be very acne prone. This is by far the best toner I have ever used. Doesn't dry out my skin, keeps my skin clear and smells amazing.
  79. Brightening toner


    This tonic makes my skin look really healthy after use, but is still gentle enough on my sensitive skin. It also removes leftover makeup after cleansing.
  80. No noticeable difference


    I've been using this for a few weeks now and I haven't noticed any real difference. I bought it because I have oily skin and wanted my face to look brighter and less congestion but it didn't seem to change anything. I also wasn't a fan of the fragrance.
  81. Tonic


    Really good for toning oily skin - makes my skin have a subtle fresh glow but controls pore size
  82. Great product


    Lightly scented, not over powering which is nice. My skin feels clean and fresh without over drying after I use this tonic. Would recommend to friends and will be re-purchasing in future.
  83. Fantastic!


    Very brightening and makes the skin feel nice and refreshed. Very happy with this!
  84. Hyperpigmentation


    Lightened hyperpigmentation and somewhat flattened my raised acne scars. I got breakouts less frequently too! You do need a moisturiser if your skin is dry and you'd like to use this though. I was super impressed after 2 weeks of use! Can't wait to keep using and seeing more results
  85. Awesome


    i have oily and acne prone skin and this really clears my complexion and gives me a radiant glow, doesn't strip my skin either
  86. Great for every day use


    This product is not too harsh, I can use it every day and it helps to keep my skin free of breakouts without being harsh. I have hormonal, acne prone skin and use daily but use a stronger acid product a couple of times a week as well. The smell is nice, not too strong and it feels nice on application and doesn’t sting.
  87. Surprisingly good


    I ordered this after seeing Wayne Goss’s review of Pixi tonics. My skin is very sensitive, so I was worried it would inflame my skin. But it hasn’t done so at all. My pores have become far less obvious, and my face is clearer and brighter. I’m also extremely pale, so redness and sensitivity really shows.
  88. glowing skin


    This is a great product. It leaves my skin soft and glowing, and the smell is great.
  89. Glowing!!


    This is a great toner that leaves me clean and glowing. Removes dirt and left over make up after cleansing and is a great dupe for Alpha H liquid gold. Great price point
  90. Love this product

    Regina Fuentes

    Love this toner. Super soft on the skin, very light product. Really good if you have troubled skin.
  91. Good toner


    After reading a lot of positive reviews on this toner I decided to purchase. It’s lovely, helps with redness and really works. I will purchase again.
  92. Love it


    Has a nice smell and my skin feels really nice and soft and clean
  93. Worked great


    Toner definitely added glow to the skin and made it feel nice and clean
  94. small bottle is perfect for travel


    this toner is amazing! it makes my skin that extra bit clean after i wash it and cleans all the remaining gunk out of my pores. I have really seen a difference with my acne since using it, my skin looks a lot clearer! i would definitely recommend!
  95. Really works!


    I have combination skin that can get dry and rough in winter. I've been using this in my night time routine and I have noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin. My skin feels smoother and I have less rough spots.
  96. Full of good and bad ingredients


    Please check ingredient list Contains whole list of dangerous ingredients that should never be put on skin
  97. Helped my skin heaps


    This is great for congested skin. I had little bumps everywhere and this helped me get rid of them. I really liked it a lot and used it all!
  98. love this


    I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use. It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards
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