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philosophy purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes 240ml 240ml

4.5 of 95 reviews


4 instalments of $9.75

Or 4 instalments of $9.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $9.75

Or 4 instalments of $9.75 with LEARN MORE

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3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes formulated to gently cleanse, tone and melt away all face and eye makeup in one simple step, while lightly hydrating the skin.

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GREAT - 83% recommend

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philosophy purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes 240ml Reviews

4.5 of 95 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My Best Friend

Jessica Sukkar

This cleanser has become my best friend, as soon as I added it to my skin care routine my skin changed. I highly recommend to anyone that has combination skin!

Most Helpful Criticism

fine cleanser

Kellie J

This cleanser is easy to use, goes a long way, doesn't leave residue, skin feels clean without being squeaky.
I wouldn't say it improves my skin but its fine. A good in between if you don't like foaming and don't like cream. Its like a gel and isn't drying.
  1. My Best Friend

    Jessica Sukkar

    This cleanser has become my best friend, as soon as I added it to my skin care routine my skin changed. I highly recommend to anyone that has combination skin!
  2. Love this range


    I buy purity cleansers for my clarisonic. Love it for makeup removal it's really quick to cleanse off all impurities.
  3. Pleasantly surprised!


    Got a travel sized gift with purchase of this and didn't bother using it for months. Just thought nothing of it, till I ran out of my usual and grabbed it. Omg I love! So gentle, easy and just makes my sensitive dry skin feel good. I was surprised how much I liked it, and especially when I saw the price. Not 100% for mascara but I double cleanse so works for me! Pleasantly surprised!
  4. enjoy


    i love this cleanser merely based on the face that it removes an entire face of makeup, including eye makeup! It does sting however if i get it in my eyes and can leave my skin feeling slightly tight/ dry but overall enjoy. I keep it in the shower
  5. Very disappointed


    verified purchaser
    I think this is the worst product I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot). It has a weird sludgy consistency, the strongest smell of alcohol it almost made my eyes water and it left my skin extremely dry. Waste of $40.
  6. Love this!


    This is amazing! It removes everything and it's so gentle it won't sting my eyes. I keep this one in the shower. And my face doesn't feel dry or tight after use either!
  7. Simple yet perfect


    verified purchaser
    This cleanser has been a favourite of mine over the years, I’ve tried different brands/formulations and I always end up going back to this old fave. It does what’s its supposed to do, it’s priced ok (it might seem quite a bit for a cleaner but it lasts for so long, as only a small amount does the job) and it’s great for my skin, doesn’t dry it out. I highly recommend it.
  8. too drying


    I found this cleanser left my skin really dry after using it so I wouldn't recommend for dry skin. I used it as a second cleanse and it didn't really get rid of make up residue left behind from my first cleanse.
  9. lovely soft cleanser


    Received a tester for this product. Gentle cleanser that leaves my skin clean and soft
  10. Prefect 3-in-1 cleanser


    I received two samples of this cleanser last year. I found them this week. I didn't expect that they are so perfect to use, can remove makeup and clean face. It's so convenient. I will buy large bottles.
  11. fine cleanser

    Kellie J

    This cleanser is easy to use, goes a long way, doesn't leave residue, skin feels clean without being squeaky.
    I wouldn't say it improves my skin but its fine. A good in between if you don't like foaming and don't like cream. Its like a gel and isn't drying.
  12. Makes my skin feel great!


    I have been using this product for years and it is excellent. I have very sensitive skin and just about everything irritates my skin and causes a break out or dryness. This product works the clean my face without any negative effects. Takes off dirt and make up with ease, very natural pleasant smell and always leaves my skin so soft, smooth and bright.
  13. exactly as described


    This is a pure and simple cleanser which easily removes even long-wearing makeup. It leaves skin soft and clean, and doesn't sting eyes! All good.
  14. Nice 2in1 cleanser


    Very nice 2in1 cleanser. It’s gentle but efficient enough to clean the skin.
  15. simple and effective.


    Beautiful cleanser. Love that it's not overly scented. Removes and cleanses quickly without drying skin or leaving residue. I feel like this would suit all skin types!
  16. A Philosophy products fan!


    I love all this brands products! This cleanser is amazing, and so is their exfoliating scrub! Leaves skin clean, smooth and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Definitely worth it!
  17. The best for sensitive skin


    Such a lovely treat to use this as part of my skin care routine! My skin felt clean without that horrible tight sensation. The gentle formula didn't aggravate my sensitive skin and little goes a long way. Helps with my texture issues to allow smooth application of makeup after using. Highly recommend!
  18. Worth it!


    I purchased the full-size after receiving a deluxe sample. I love the way it cleans my skin and doesn’t sting my eyes either. Has a lovely texture, foams well but doesn’t dry the skin! Definitely worth the price
  19. Love this cleanser


    Foamy and deep cleans the skin.

    Good for dry and oil skin.

    A must have in my bathroom.
  20. Light and hydrating cleanser


    I received a sample in my Adore mystery bag. This cleanser is a nice change as I was feeling like my previous cleanser wasn't completely cleaning my face. I found this to be a lovely cleanser. My skin is left feeling clean and soft and the scent is lovely and subtle. Considering purchasing full size
  21. Skin friendly


    Very good everyday morning cleanser. Just enough to freshen up your day. Lovely scent, and one big bottle almost last me few month !
  22. Good cleaner, unusual scent


    I really enjoyed this cleanser. I found it to be effective for removing make up and I feel it assisted in clearing up a few blemishes. The only down side to this cleanser is its scent, I am not a huge fan; as scents are high on my list, I’m unsure if I’ll be repurchasing.
  23. Have Used Better Cleansers


    Received a premium sample of this product and it does cleanse however it's not truly effective at removing excess oils and impurities from my skin type.

    I've not any adverse effects from the formula and the scent is negligible. It's just a pity that other brands of similar price point are more effective.

    I did give my other premium sample that I received to a friend th...
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  24. hydrating, no irritate, light


    efficient enough for removing light make up includes foundation, eyebrow, lips, blush. need to go bit harder on the waterproof mascara and eyeliner. not stripping your skin at all. will definately buy it again.
  25. Ok but not great


    This was my go to cleanser many years ago as it had a light foaming consistency and didn’t leave my skin feeling too overly uncomfortable following use. It works well to remove makeup and grime when double cleansing and was available at a good price point. I have since however found many other better options for my combination skin which cleanse well and don’t leave my skin feeling tight and uncom...
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  26. Holy grail


    This is the best cleanser I've used, I just keep coming back to this. It is so effective in removing all makeup. I have very sensitive eyes, this does not irritate my eyes and effectively removes makeup. I have combination skin that tends to get dry with some cleansers, this is one that does not dry out my skin while cleansing so well!
  27. great product with good price


    my friend (who is a pro make up lady) introduce me this product and am loving it... not only good price but it works! I've got a combination skin and this 3in1 cleanser just made my cleansing step much easier (even skipped double cleanse sometimes) and do not need to worry my skin get irritated/redness, like other strong products did. It also left my skin feel entirely smooth clean and soft.
  28. My go to


    I love this face wash for its simplicity, its a no brainer and it cleans my face completely. Makes my face squeaky clean and provides a great clean base for toners and moisturisers, or makeup. would definitely recommend.
  29. Gentle cleanser - great for oily skin


    This is my go-to cleanser and it's affordable!

    I have oily skin, prone to breakouts and I to wear makeup all day.

    I'm a big advocate for using cleansers that are good for your skin and don't contain harsh chemicals.

    This cleanser has a subtle smell, removes all traces of makeup and what's particularly great is it's nice around the eyes (don't need to rub ha...
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  30. Perfect with my cleansing device


    Having used two bottles of this cleanser, I find this product works really good on my oily skin. It melts away my sunscreen and makeup. My blackheads are under control when using it with Foreo Luna.
  31. Not for dry skin


    I really wanted to love this cleanser as it has such great reviews and a reasonable price. I have tried it a couple of times but it always leaves me with an uncomfortable tight sensation which I really did not enjoy. I have mildly dry skin. Does smell amazing though! If you are not dry I think it would work well.
  32. Great cleanser


    This is one of my faves. It removes makeup and cleanses the skin without drying. Lightly scented. Just love it.
  33. Nothing Special


    I received this cleanser as a sample.

    I wear very full coverage make-up and needed to double cleanse and use bioderma also to ensure all was off.

    Gentle which is good but really nothing special.

    Not a fan.
  34. Great


    My holy grail cleanser. I’ve used a lot in the past and although they have been good, none of them have ever surpassed this one. It melts away makeup and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. A must have for everyone!
  35. Amazing cleanser and remove trace of make-up


    i love it! it is so creamy and not stripping my skin.
  36. Gentle cleanser


    I recently started trying out this cleanser and really enjoying for this time of year (cooler drying weather) it doesn't feel harsh but effectively removes makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. It also has a really nice subtle scent. Will buy again
  37. best ever!


    My holy grail cleanser. I’ve used a lot in the past and although they have been good, none of them have ever surpassed this one. It melts away makeup and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. A must have for everyone!


    This product was super hyped and I just didn't feel it lived up to the hype.
    I wasn't a huge fan of the smell and feel there are many other better value cleansers that do a-lot more for my skin.
  39. Great


    I wish i could give this like 10 stars. helped clear up my skin so much. smells so good too!!! i would recommend this to anyone.
  40. Gentle face wash


    I like the mildness of this face wash. It doesn't make your skin feel stripped and the smell is pleasant too. I think it's expensive for a product that doesn't have active ingredients.There are many other cleansers do a similar job for me.
  41. Great Cleanser - a bit too pricey for me though


    Love this cleanser, it works really well.
    Skin feels really clean, soft and not stripped of moisture after using.
    I would continue to use if it was a bit more affordable for me.
    As my stepdaughter also likes to share my cleansers and beauty products it ran out too fast being only a 240ml bottle so this was really disappointing considering how much it was.
    The high price is ...
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  42. Ok, but a bit overpriced.


    I find the scent of this too synthetic and it feels harsh on my skin. It removes makeup well but overall I think there's nicer cleanser options out there for less money.
  43. hydrating, no irritate, light


    gel like of texture, creamy and light. doesn't dry your skin afterwards, remove light make up beautifully.
  44. Gentle and effective even on my sensitive skin


    This is my favourite facial cleanser as is gentle and effective on my very sensitive skin. As only a small amount is needed, it lasts a long time. My skin feels soft and clean afterwards.
  45. It's fine but....


    I just prefer other cleansers I have tried
  46. Simple cleanser


    This cleanser is really good if you're looking for something basic just to wash your face. I didn't notice any drastic difference in my skin but it does the job.
  47. Holy grail cleanser


    My all time favourite cleanser! Will melt away any left over makeup, yet is gentle enough on my dry skin. And the clean scent is so beautiful! Will be repurchasing!
  48. Highly effective


    I have used it for years. It can replace all the cleansers or make-up removers, which means it saves a lot of money and time. It suits sensitive skin as well.
  49. I don’t like it


    This product broke me out like crazy! I never really suffered with acne before this but it messed with my skin big time. It’s super expensive for what it actually is and I don’t feel like I ever got a proper clean feeling when I used it to cleanse. I wouldn’t recommend unfortunately!
  50. Underwhelming


    This is a product with a lot of hype and I wasn't overly impressed. The scent is a bit much for me and the product did not do much to improve my skin. Definitely think there are better options for more sensitive skin types!
  51. I don't love it


    Decided to give this a go because it's always in the best sellers. Wasn't really a fan. Texture was okay, smell was okay, wasn't overly drying and face felt relatively clean afterwards but it did make my breakout horribly and I haven't finished the bottle. Have been using it to clean my beauty blender and brushes and it's doing a very good job at that.
  52. Takes off make up and is so gentle on the skin!


    I’m kinda lazy with my skincare routine and I love that this removes all make up, while still being ultra gentle (you can use it on eyes!) This was my second purchase of this, and I think I’m totally converted now. A small amount goes a really long way, and it smells divine while also leaving skin soft and not dry or tight
  53. Clear skin


    I bought this for my boyfriend and he used to get breakouts every week. After using this for a month he has not a had a breakout since. Its amazing
  54. Cult product


    Really good cleanser. Definitely worthy of its cult following. Cleans skin so well and leaves it soft and supple instead of feeling stripped. Love the creamy formula and foams nicely but doesn't leave skin feeling stripped. Only thing I dislike is the slight herbal scent but nothing unbearable.
  55. Love!


    This is my absolute favourite cleanser - so concentrated works beautifully on it's on or with my clarisonic. Gently removes all makeup and leaves my face feeling cleaned and refreshed and not dry or tight. Highly recommend.

    perfecting skin

    i recently got it and i am loving it. it left my skin smooth and not at all dry like other cleansers do. it removes makeup in one go and i do not have to double cleanse. i have dry and sensitive skin but it does not irritate my skin at all or dry it out.
  57. Such a beautiful cleanser


    I have combination/sensitive skin. I started using this cleanser as the one i was using previously did not remove my makeup well enough. This one removes all my makeup and doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped of its natural oils at all. It is so gentle yet effective! I cannot recommend this enough.
  58. subtle scent and gentle on skin


    This cleanser is gentle on skin yet does the perfect job of removing makeup and cleansing the skin, leaving it fresh and soft. The product has a very soft subtle scent and I do recommend it for someone looking for a product like this.
  59. Great gentle cleanser to start the routine


    Oily Skin. Concerns: Large Pores, Blackheads and Excess Oil.
    For my skincare routine I normally have a lot of active ingredients in every product so I like to make sure I begin with a nice gentle cleanser without any active ingredients. I really liked this because it was gentle yet managed to put in work to prepare my skin for the next steps. My skin felt so soft and this is really good for ...
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  60. Great cleanser


    This cleanser works great. I find that using this, I don’t need to double cleanse when wearing makeup, but even when I do it doesn’t dry my skin out.
    Also has minimal to no fragrance so it’s great for skin sensitive to artificial scents.
  61. Holy Grail Product!


    I have been using this cleanser for 2 weeks now and it has completely changed the condition of my skin. It is a super gentle cleanser which is suitable for sensitive skin (I have eczema and it did not irritate my skin). It does not dry out your skin like other cleansers and it works really well as a makeup remover. I highly recommend this product
  62. LOVE this cleanser


    Absolutely love this cleanser! It is the best cleanser that I have used to remove makeup. Smells great and deeply cleans yet gentle on the skin and non drying.
  63. Fantastic cleanser!


    This cleanser cleans make-up off very easily and foams up slightly although it does not feel like you are stripping your skin which I find a lot of good ones do. I love that you can take off your eye make-up also. A deep clean without stripping your skin.

    The fragrance is nice and supple too!
  64. Gentle but effective


    Very gentle cleanser without a soapy texture that leaves skin feeling clean but not completely dry
  65. A gentle, yet effective deep cleanser


    As someone with sensitive skin, I'm so glad a friend recommended this cleanser to me a few years back. Gentle on the skin and eyes, but more than capable of removing all the grit of long-wear, all day make up and city elements, it's miles ahead of other cleansers I've used in the past which have taken repeat washes to get rid of all of my make up. I always feel clean and refreshed when using, plus...
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  66. Very gentle cleanser that removes all the dirt and makeup


    This cleanser is very lovely and feels very silky on the skin, leaving your skin with a radiant and clean glow without stripping all the oils from the face.
    I would recommend it for everyone who does not have any significant concerns that a more targeted cleanser could address.
    After using the cleanser for a few months, I've really enjoyed the feeling of my skin after using it which i...
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  67. One of my favourite cleaners of all time


    Soooo good.
    Non drying, washes away everything including heavy foundation, no tight feeling. Nice smell and packaging and well priced.

    What’s not to love?

    For ref I have 43 year old dry combo skin that is finicky about cleaners and most make it feel dry and tight. This doesn’t at all - in fact it makes it feel soft and smooth yet still very clean.

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  68. Amazing cleanser!


    This is a really gentle cleanser that removes all trace of make up!! It foams up really nicely and leaves the skin feeling instantly refreshed and bright. I notice that I run to it when I wake up because my face feels instantly refreshed and awake after sleeping.
    I have sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts and enlarged pores so a cleanser that thoroughly gets rid of all the dirt and gri...
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  69. Can't go wrong


    I didn't mind this cleanser. I wouldn't rush back to get this as I didn't notice a difference in the overall look and feel of my skin by using this, but it certainly does the job of removing makeup and cleansing my skin.
  70. Amazing everyday cleanser


    I’d forgotten just how amazing this cleanser is for freshening up with my Clarisonic in the morning and for removing a full face of make up at the end of each day.

    I had been using for years and had sidetracked to Cream cleaners and waters but now realise just why I love this product and won’t be switching again! I have dry skin however this product doesn’t strip my face and I don’t g...
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  71. Good for make-up removal


    Make-up removal = tick!
    Doesn't do anything else but remove make-up.
  72. Go-to


    This is my favorite cleanser, ive tried hundreds of different brands but always seem to come back! i use this morning and night - it takes off light makeup too which is an added bonus!
  73. Good for dry skin


    I received this cleanser as a sample. The packaging is nice and clean looking, but I would appreciate a pump for ease of use. This is a great cleanser for dry skin, as it cleanses your skin thoroughly but still creamy enough to hydrate.
  74. One of my best cleansers


    I have fairly dry skin and I'd heard about this product around the beauty community a while ago, so I decided to pick it up. I've now gone through maybe five bottles of it and it's by far the best cleanser at removing makeup, and even more; it doesn't hurt the eyes.

    I always go in with another cleanser after, not because the product doesn't do the job, but because I just believe heav...
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  75. Overall does the job


    I have sensitive skin and this product doesn’t make me break out. It has a creamy consistency whilst I prefer my cleansers to be lighter and gel like. It smells a little like glue, but it does a nice job removing makeup and leaving the skin feeling nice without a squeaky feel.
  76. bathroom staple


    I have been using this cleanser for years , great price and does what is says takes all traces of heavy makeup off even eye makeup
  77. Amazing


    Have been using this product for about a year now. I have very sensitive skin so it is hard to find a make up remover which works without leaving my skin dry and flaky. I absolutely love this stuff. It removes all my make up including waterproof eyeliner/mascara without residue and does not dry out my skin at all. The smaller size bottle is great for travelling too!
  78. Great with heavy makeup


    I love that this cleanser removes all of my makeup even on days when I have a lot on without drying my skin out. Works really well with my Clarisonic as well.
  79. So good


    Such a good cleanser. I feel that this gets rid of all the yuckiness on my skin and I feel so clean after I use this.
  80. Best cleanser ever!!


    This is such a gentle cleanser. I have combination skin that can get pretty dry in winter. This does not make my face feel dry or tight after. I love that it foams but not too much and it takes off most of my makeup. The smell is amazing too! Would recommend
  81. Miracle at removing makeup!


    I have sensitive skin and also have eyelash extensions, so i can't use any oils to take eye makeup off. That's when i turned to this stuf and it truly gets all of my waterproof mascara off in one go-i'd say it's even better than the oil cleansers i've used and i love my oil cleansers! It's seriously gentle on my eyes and sensitive skin, so doesn't leave me with breakouts and dry patches. I absolut...
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  82. Love!


    I love this product! It’s something I continue to repurchase over the years. Not only is it great value, if removes my makeup easily whilst leaving my face hydrated and perfectly clean. I find it works great with my Clarisonic too.
  83. Makeup Remover & Cleanser


    This product is such a good one to own as it has the ability to remove makeup and cleanse at the same time. I was initially scared to use it on my eyes, but was surprised at how gentle it was! I have bought this cleanser time and time again and have not been disappointed.
  84. Powerful stuff!


    This stuff is amazing. I have dry skin with a very oily t-zone, and I use this after pre-cleansing with oil to remove makeup. My skin is also quite sensitive, and prone to breakouts if it doesn't like products I use.

    I love the way Purity completely cleans the skin of all products- your face feels so fresh and clean after using it. I wouldn't use it twice a day as it can be quite dryi...
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  85. The easiest thing ever!


    Having a cleanser that works for your entire face and eyes is amazing!!! It is so easy and cleanses the skin beautifully without drying it out - love this product.
  86. Incredible!


    I have combination and sensitive skin and this cleanser is one of my favorites. It is super effective, very worth the price and has a great sent. It removes any makeup, dirt, and oil really well and leaves my skin fresh and plump. Definitely worth trying.
  87. A bathroom staple


    I’ve been using this cleanser for almost 5 years, I use it morning and night and it’s hoenstly amazing. It doesn’t dry out your skin like a lot of cleansers do and I have sensitive skin and it doesn’t irritate my face at all. It also removes light everyday makeup in one wash. Would highly recommend!
  88. Not bad


    I have been using the Dermalogica ultra calming cleanser but thought I would give this a go. It is good but I would have to say not as good as the Dermalogica unfortunately. A friend of mine is a huge fan though so always depends on each persons skin
  89. simple and effective


    I like this to remove makeup, it really gets the job done. I think its honestly the first cleanser I have used that leaves my pores clean on the first cleanse. On my dry combination skin it doesn't feel super nourishing, but I wouldn't say its drying either. I take off a star for the scent, to me its part nail polish remover part morning fresh, but at least its not overpowering.
  90. Miss it when I dont use it


    I love purity 3 in 1. I use it daily and if i forget it i miss it. The smells not great but it works so well.
  91. Amazing product


    I have purchased this cleanser 3 times. I have had to use other cleaners between orders and I get a bit anxious that my skin will break out again. I'm nearly 30 and until I started using this cleanser I had bumps like a teenager. It removes waterproof mascara with ease and my skin is left feeling clean and hydrated (but not oily). It doesn't smell fantastic, but I guess that's a hint of the qualit...
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  92. Smooth, Effective, Good Value, Non Greasy Cleanser


    When I ordered philosophy purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser I was sceptical of the claims, having never found a cream cleanser that both did the job and didn't leave my skin oily (I have combination skin).

    philosophy purity made simple lives up to its claims, removing both my eye and face makeup and leaving my skin non-oily, but soft and clean. Great product.
  93. Amazing results!


    Out of nowhere I had a major outbreak of acne (sores) all over my chin and cheeks and usually being combination my skin went super dry, I saw reviews on YouTube from Jaclyn Hill about Philosophy one step cleanser and I tried it and the results were amazing. My skin was no longer dry, the sores that I assumed were acne went away pretty much straight away and I can now say I have found my life long ...
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  94. Worlds Greatest Cleanser!!!


    I can't say enough good things about this product. Been using it for years. Then I was given a Beauty Hamper of another brand and used their cleanser (all natural/organic one). My acne breakouts started happening again. Finally I finished that one & bought a new bottle of this. Within weeks my skin is back to almost acne free. Although it doesn't state anything about acne on the bottle, this has p...
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  95. Quick. Easy. Essential.


    It's a cleanser that ticks all the boxes. Quick. Smells great, feels luxe and really gets everything off with no fuss. A must have in your bathroom and travel kit. Also excellent value as you don't need much.
  96. Best Face Cleanser


    My first bottle lasted my just under a year! I love this cleanser so much! It leaves your face feeling so fresh.
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