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Oribe Supershine Travel Size

4.6 of 54 reviews


4 instalments of $7.25

Or 4 instalments of $7.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $7.25

Or 4 instalments of $7.25 with LEARN MORE

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A luxe reinvention of leave-in conditioner, this supreme cream satisfies the thirstiest hair, calming frizz, elevating shine and restoring hair to supernatural softness.

What customers say

GREAT - 89% recommend

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  • 30s
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  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Straight

Hair Texture:

  • Medium

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Oribe Supershine Travel Size Reviews

4.6 of 54 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love Oribe

Hair Crazy

I love this it makes my hair shine & I love this size also, at $29 for 50mls its not a lot more expensive to buy it that way rather than outlay the sort of money needed for the larger size - gives me the opportunity to spend that money on other products in their range :)

Most Helpful Criticism



This was ok but not worth the bucks. Olaplex or Kevin Murphy fat superior. Smells old lady. I don’t get the fuss with this brand. A positive is cruelty free
  1. Love Oribe

    Hair Crazy

    I love this it makes my hair shine & I love this size also, at $29 for 50mls its not a lot more expensive to buy it that way rather than outlay the sort of money needed for the larger size - gives me the opportunity to spend that money on other products in their range :)
  2. Not sure if worth the price


    Leaves hair feeling shiny but not sure if its worth the price. Also has a lovely smell and doesnt leave the hair feeling sticky.
  3. Perfect size


    This is the perfect size if you haven't used this product before and want to try it out before committing to the full size. This will last for quite a while if your hair isn't very long. It smoothes nicely used wet or dry.
  4. Fantastic

    Love Oribe

    Ive debated whether or not buying these sizes is worth it - theyre so much more expensive than the full sized product....but,for me, it gets down to the reality of the high cash outlay for a product that whilst its excellent - just might not be for me - & the wish to avoid that waste, because if isnt good then I wont use it.So,for that reason, initially anyway, ive found these sizes well worth it....
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  5. Perfect!!

    LOVE Oribe!!

    The $ outlay for Oribe is sizeable, although used properly it works, it does what it claims to, smells divine & will last quite a while - its pricey!! this is a good way to first buy the item to be sure of its quality - bc,as much as it gets & deserves rave reviews ...its the most expensive way to purchase these items, just have had to reconcile myself at the time bc thats just how it is with expe...
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  6. Purchased over and over again


    Love this product! I use wet and dry! On dry hair works amazing as a smoother for flyaways! When I travel I take this only as I use on wet to blow dry or to let dry naturally and works well to smooth for both. So easily a few products in one! Smells amazing and leaves hair shiny and soft Bonus is you only need a pearl sized amount to see a noticeable difference
  7. Fantastic for damaged hair


    This is more than a styling cream. It takes frizz, helps with styling and softens your hair. It’s great for my damaged and over-processed hair. It also helps to give definition to curly or wavy hair.
  8. Fantastic for damaged hair


    This styling cream is great for over-processed and damaged hair. It softens your hair, makes it manageable and tames frizz all at once. Only a small amount is needed each time.
  9. Frizzy girls best friend!!


    This is a great cream to tame the frizz. In a travel size means in the bag - fantastic.
    Love it!!!
  10. Have been using for years


    This is one of those "can't live without" products which is why I'm so excited it's in a travel size so I don't have to decant my big one everytime I travel. My hair just loves this product and when I don't have it, you can feel it.
  11. Ok


    This was ok but not worth the bucks. Olaplex or Kevin Murphy fat superior. Smells old lady. I don’t get the fuss with this brand. A positive is cruelty free
  12. Holy grail for volume and soft texture


    I love this product so much. I've been using it for a few years now, and I love it for two main uses.

    1. It's great to use before heat-styling - it makes curls hold better and makes my hair have a lot more volume.
    2. It's great to use as a finishing touch - it adds volume and separation, and it just makes my hair look better. If my hair is flat or the curls are uneven or whateve...
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  13. Great product, but can weigh down hair


    Okay, this product is great, but I'm going to compare it to Supershine Light, which is better for my hair, personally.

    My hair strands are medium and my hair lacks density, but has a lot of body.

    Supershine is very moisturising, reduces frizz and made my hair look shinier and denser, but not more volumised. It's good for styles where I want my hair to look thick and heavy...
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  14. Lovely soft hair


    I purchased this to try before buying the full size tube. I have long natural healthy hair but my ends always look and feel dry and due to the length it was getting harder to manage.
    This lovely cream softens my hair and makes it shiny. It improves the appearance of my ends and also makes blowdrying that much easier. It makes my straight hair even straighter but doesn't weigh down the hair....
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  15. Supershine!


    This is a power product! I'm not much into styling my hair but I do straighten it here and there. This cream is amazing! I apply it lightly through my hair after towel drying and let it air dry. After straightening my hair, it looks and feels so much softer and shinier and my hair lasts longer without washing. This is my hero hair product! Highly recommend!
  16. So beautiful


    Such a beautiful product! Really helped my dry hair! I like that a little goes a long way because I felt uneasy about the price but once I averaged it out it’s a very good investment! :) :)
  17. Lustre and Condition


    With light brown, straight hair, I find it difficult to find a product to add a mirror shine and settle fly-aways without adding weight and losing "movement". Just a tiny amount of this product achieves both beautifully. People actually ask to touch my hair to know the secret!

    The product says to use it on damp hair, but an even smaller amount on dry hair works beautifully.
  18. Does what it says


    Provides hair moisture without makes it sticky, also adds a subtle shine.
  19. Lovely product


    It took me a while to write a review about this product. I was using it with another hair cream so I wasn't sure which one does a good job. I really like this product. It feels so luxurious and it's not like any other hair products I have used before. I agree with other reviewers. This product doesn't add shine to bleached coloured hair but it makes it very soft and lux. It really helps to manage ...
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  20. Great for smoothing down locks


    I have found this product is great for smoothing down fly aways, and also good for curly hair. I pop tis is after a shower and let my hair dry naturally. You only need a small amount - too much and I find my hair is a bit greasy. You can use throughout the day as a 'touch up'. I have also used the light version of this product, which is just as good. This version is better if you have thicker, hea...
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  21. Ignore other reviews..this is incredible


    I’ve read the other reviews and can’t some people don’t like this cream. The best use for this little baby is to de-frizz your hair any time of day, and you only need a small amount. It is lightweight but super effective. I already have a shiny hair so don’t use it for that purpose, only to tame fly aways. I have used so many de-frizzing lotions and potions and this is by far the best. Price is re...
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  22. Very nice, but very expensive!


    I like everything about this as a product - it leaves the ends of my hair feeling good (though doesn't add a great deal of shine to bleached blonde hair) and the scent is really nice. Just wish it wasn't quite so expensive.
  23. don't love it


    i like the scent of oribe products a lot. the cream is lightweight but doesn't add much shine to my dry hair
  24. Too light


    I can't use this alone as it's too light. But I do love using it to refresh my hair and give it some texture
  25. Was ok


    I was really excited to try this having read a lot of good reviews. It didn't really give my hair much shine and I had to use a fair bit of the product. I did notice it leaves a bit of glow/pearl shimmer on my hands, not sure what that is, but I'm not a fan of it. Smells really nice and gets rid of frizz.
  26. Hydrating but Pricey


    I get why people love Oribe products - they smell amazing. This leave in conditioner is hydrating and luxurious, but I feel for the price, there are equally good products out there.
  27. Gorgeous Scent but there are sparkles


    I love everything about this moisturizing cream except the sparkles. I wish I had known about that. It's described as a "pearly shimmer" which gives your hair a nice sheen, but I'd rather that come from my hair actually being healthy and moisturized and not something coating it Having said that, it smells gorgeous as do most oribe products do, it's moisturizing but not too rich.
  28. Amazingly hydrating & perfect style


    This product is amazingly hydrating & perfect for styling. A small amount goes a long way, so you do have to be careful you don't use too much, otherwise your locks can get greasy.
  29. Love This Product


    This product is the bomb for softening hair. I use it after I shampoo and condition and then towel dry. A little goes a long way with this creme. My hair feels very silky and looks lovely afterwards. A little on the spendy side but worth it.
  30. Like it but don't love it


    Bought it has my hair is very very damaged from bleaching.
    I've used it on both damp and dry hair and results are similar. I try not to blow-dry my hair as much lately so bought this to try and tame away any frizziness.
    - Smells great
    - Light texture so does not leave hair greasy
    - Prevents frizziness
    - Can use on both damp and dry hair
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  31. Received a tester bought the product


    I don’t buy hair care products. I have thick wavy hair that needs blow drying and hot ironing just to tame my hair into shape. I received a sample of this product and out of curiosity used it on damp hair. Blow dried as usual then realised I don’t need to use my hot iron! My hair was naturally sleek, shiny, had body but completely manageable. Friends were asking me if I cut my hair because it look...
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  32. Must have for dry bits


    This is just great to smooth out dry over processed hair. It does not overly weigh down hair- love it!
  33. Good leave in conditioner


    My hair is naturally curly type 3a for reference, this product works well as a leave in conditioner without leaving hair greasy. Works well on both damp and dried hair.
  34. Fine Hair Review


    I do love everything about Oribe. My hair has never been healthier or smelt as good. Their products are expensive but if you can indulge then it is definitely worth it. I tried this in the travel size first but I would definitely buy in a full size. A little product goes a long way as I have fine hair, there is a lighter version of this specifically for fine hair so I'd recommend that. I does make...
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  35. Great leave in conditioner


    I have tried many leave in conditioners over the years and this is one of the best. I have used up a full size before and love having a travel size on hand because I always gravitate to this even when I'm trying other products. I love the scent and the way it makes my hair soft without weighing it down and it may look shimmery when rubbed in the palms but it translates to a lovely radiance on the ...
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  36. Loved it


    Love this product. Wasn’t too heavy for my fine blonde hair . Smells lovely too
  37. Fine hair friendly product


    I have thin hair so I was wary to try a product like this, but it really doesn't weigh down my hair at all. Just use the tiniest amount and spread through the ends of your hair. The smell is divine like with all Oribe products.

    I wash my hair every day as it's so fine, and use this afterwards. There's no signs of longterm buildup on the hair at all (have been using for about 2.5 mont...
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  38. Best hair cream


    I purchased a travel size Oribe shampoo and conditioner a while ago and it has been an avalanche of Oribe purchases since then - the whole range meets the hype. I received a travel size of the Supershine with one of my purchases and it is great - I use it sometimes on freshly washed hair for extra shine, or on days I don't wash my hair which freshens it up. Will definitely be buying the full siz...
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  39. Perfect for travel


    I have this in the regular size but it's too big for travelling. Smells nice and leaves hair manageable and soft. I reapply it on the ends when dry as a top up between washes.
  40. Fabulous


    Bought this in the travel size, but will definitely be upgrading to the full size! It hydrated my hair beautifully & I love using it before blow drying to help protect my hair. And the smell is amazing!!
  41. Fantastic product for glossy healthy hair that works !


    This product is fantastic ! I have fine hair and apply this after towel drying and applying the oribe royal blowout heat styling spray . It makes the hair tangle free and so shiny and healthy looking . After the first use I bought the large size straight away as I will never be without this . You can also apply throughout the day and after styling for fly away strays . I use the smallest amount ab...
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  42. light lotion


    the scent is amazing but as a hair lotion it's only lightly moisturizing and didn't give me the shine i was looking for. also it leaves like a glittery residue on my hands. not sure what that is!
  43. A miracle product


    I have coarse, frizzy, blonde highlighted hair and this product is incredible. It makes my hair smoother, easier to manage and resistant to the fizzes. I used to fear the rain and humidity now with this in my hair I can run through light rain and still look smooth and polished. I can even let my hair air dry
  44. Light textured cream


    This is a really light textured cream and has the signature Oribe scent which I love. I'd love it a bit more if it was a bit heavier - I can't use this product by itself, it's not nourishing enough
  45. Not recommended for fine hair


    Wavy Fine midlength dry blonde (coloured) hair
    This product is most suitable for thicker hair, does make hair shinier (the product has a glittery appearance when it comes out of the tube) , smells great but made my hair greasy even with pretty small amounts (applied to ends)
    Applied it to towel dried hair, was expecting it to detangle better than it did considering the creamy texture...
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  46. Smoothing


    I apply this through my hair when it's still damp and then I blow dry it. It protects and smoothes my hair.
    It's very lightweight and is absorbed quickly no residue or stickiness.
    The scent is the signature Oribe scent which is lovely.
    I need more moisture for my badly bleached hair so i use this with the Gold Lust oil. But this would be adequate for someone with normal hair.
  47. New favourite product


    Purchased this after my hairdresser used it in the salon (went with the small size first just in case I had my new-hair-feels glasses on and imagined it), I'm in love. Smells divine, fab packaging, and leaves hair feeling glossy and smooth. Will be purchasing the full size product next time.
  48. Handy for makeup/gym bag


    It’s nice and all of Oribe’s products are usually outstanding but this does nothing special for me. Smells amazing and is a good size.
  49. Has glitter in it


    I don't like hair products that list silicone as one of the first ingredients as I'd rather something that nourishes my hair instead of coats it. This product does make your hair soft and shiny, if you look closely at the cream it sparkles, so I guess it has some kind of light reflecting glittery particles in it, not really making your hair any healthier. That said, it still feels nice in your hai...
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  50. LOVE


    O.M.G!!!! My holy grail, this product is absolutely beautiful. I have been bleaching my hair for 25 years & this is the ONLY leave in treatment that works for my dry broken hair. My hair is soft, shiny & healthy looking. Will never be without it!
  51. LOVE


    O.M.G!!!! My holy grail, this product is absolutely beautiful. I have been bleaching my hair for 25 years & this is the ONLY leave in treatment that works for my dry broken hair. My hair is soft, shiny & healthy looking. Will never be without it!


    So, I basically dyed my hair into extinction, It's dry and gross and hasn't had shine to it in almost 4 years even though it's been like a year since I dyed it last. I've tried a thousand different oils to make it shine and it just looks like oil sitting on top of straw.
    But this lil' guy has changed that! My hair now shines! and it's sooooo soft.
    I'm glad i gave it a try!
  53. A game changer!


    This is the first product I have found that can smooth & soften my very course hair. Love it.
  54. moisturises my dry hair!

    N I

    This product is amazing, it adds lustre and revives my hair instantly. I apply this onto my damp hair, blow dry, and it makes my dry, split-end prone hair appear much more healthier. I will definitely repurchase in the full size as it is truly transformative.
  55. Awesome shine


    Very good product , my hair looks nice and shiny.
  56. This is so good


    This cream is really good is leaves hair soft and shiny can apply to fly always during the day I am definetly going to buy the full size in this product very happy
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