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Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo 286ml 286ml

4.2 of 35 reviews


4 instalments of $17.00

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4 instalments of $17.00

Or 4 instalments of $17.00 with LEARN MORE

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FLAMMABLE This item is flammable therefore postage is restricted to Standard Post within Australia

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Extend your blowdry and prevent damage with this transformative dry shampoo.

  • Cruelty Free

What customers say

GREAT - 77% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Oily hair
  • Product buildup

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo 286ml Reviews

4.2 of 35 reviews

77% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Criticism

Great product but overpriced


I love this product, it is lightweight but stays all day. it is just too expensive for me so i'll be holding out to get it as a sample again.
  1. Hair crazy


    This is the best dry shampoo ive ever used, highly recommend it !
  2. Love Oribe

    Hair crazy

    Am not a fan of dry shampoos at all, but I received this as in a set,so,ive tried it & as far as dry shampoos go its very good - but its no replacement for shampooing your hair, massaging that shampoo & conditioner into it, letting each stage penetrate & rinsing it out - along with the dirt. This made my hair look cleaner - but I didnt feel clean. I recommend the splurge on their conventional sham...
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  3. Nice, but not nice enough


    Look it’s good but honestly, stick with Klorane dry shampoo.


    verified purchaser
  5. Fantastic!!

    Hair crazy

    Dry shampoo is something thats been way down on my list of purchase priorities ever since I tried 4 reputable brands that made all sorts of promises (& didnt work at all)......until I received this in a gift set. This actually works & I treat my hair with a good deal of products including oils that would be too challenging for any & all other dry shampoos aside from Oribe.For the price id expect...
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  6. Another Oribe winner


    Amazing - like every Oribe product. Super effective and no grubby residue. I don't use dry shampoo that much but this product is great when caught off guard between washes.
  7. Doesn’t do very much


    I didn’t feel like this did very much at all. Maybe if your hair is only a tiny bit oily it would be okay, but I just didn’t feel like it helped refresh my hair at all. Because of that I would say it’s not worth the cost, there’s many cheaper and better dry shampoos. If you’re looking for something worth the price tag from Oribe, the texturising spray is incredible.
  8. amazing


    this is the most luxurious dry shampoo i have ever used. i use the oribe range so thought i would indulge in some of there other products but this is hands down amazing! a little pricey so only used when completely desperate but wow,
  9. Great product but overpriced


    I love this product, it is lightweight but stays all day. it is just too expensive for me so i'll be holding out to get it as a sample again.
  10. So good


    this is perfect for adding volume and it works great for my flat hair which always looks so full and thick and voluminous after using this. It also smells great. Would highly recommend although little goes a long way with this product and too much can make hair feel gritty.
  11. Freshens up hair in an instant


    I received a travel size in a set of Oribe products and love how it freshened my hair without leaving any residue. I used it in conjunction with the Oribe Dry Texture Spray for super volume and lift. I have medium thickness long straight hair that has zero natural volume. A great, if expensive, option.
  12. No effect


    I received a sample of this dry shampoo with an order. I was really excited to trial this dry shampoo as a tried and true dry shampoo addict. Unfortunately I found this didn’t do anything for my hair and I was left with fairly oily hair in the end. Smells beautiful but didn’t make a difference.
  13. Not effective at all.


    I used a sample bottle of this and despite giving it a good shake beforehand and trying it a few times I found it had no effect on my day 2 slightly oily hair. Iv used heaps of dry shampoos previously to get that extra day out of a blow dry so I was expecting a similiar outcome with this dry shampo. But nothing... apart from a subtle scent. The spray didn’t leave my hair sticky, but it definitely...
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  14. Amazing


    Got this as a free sample. It is great, now I want the full size one, only that it can be a bit expensive.
  15. Smells amazing!


    As a greasy fine thinner haired person this dry shampoo is a god send! It smells amazing and it leaves your hair feeling so refreshed! I suffer from a bit of a sensitive scalp with other dry shampoos but never with this stuff.
    Cons: doesn’t last long I found even though I have thin fine hair I needed to use a lot to get my desired refreshed and voluminous finish and also the price! Daylight...
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  16. Does the job


    I don't use dry shampoos too often but this one seemed to do the job when I needed to. Made my hair look fresh again
  17. Smell is amazing and works a treat


    I received this in a sample size and loved the smell and the feeling on my hair. It definitely didn't leave the white look on my roots I sometimes get with the Batisse spray. It gave my hair great volume but I'm not sure I could pay that much for a dry shampoo.
  18. This product does the trick


    This was a free sample & I wouldl certainly like a full sized bottle. It brings hair back to life and maintains it all day. I have fine hair & it gives it so much volume with a little amount of product needed to gift a fantastic lift.
  19. Still my favourite dry shampoo

    Tina A

    This is still by far my favourite dry shampoo. Yes it’s expensive for what it is. Yes it’s not different to the R+co dry shampoo, but the smell for this one is still my favourite. This is my third bottle and I keep coming back for more.
  20. Fine but not a must have!


    I received this as a sample with my adorebeauty purchase. It was ok, nice feeling, light, no chalky residue etc. If it was cheaper I would maybe buy again, however I really dont think the results were worth the price. Unlike some kerastase products where I can justify the price, this one I just cant!
  21. Perfect but expensive


    I really couldn’t fault this product! I received it as a sample and absolutely love it. It’s light weight, no residue and doesn’t dull my hair! If it wasn’t so expensive I’d buy the full size product! For now I’m just savouring what little I have left!
  22. Soo good but soo expensive


    I don't know if I can justify buying another bottle but it definitely does a better job than supermarket brands that's for sure! Doesn't leave white powdery look and also doesn't irritate my scalp. I found with Batiste my head was actually getting itchy
  23. Mind blown, this is so good


    I am used to using Klorane and Bastiste so using this was a real treat to my hair, it didn't leave a chalky residue but my hair felt clean and refreshed. The price point is a bit of an inhibitor given how much dry shampoo I use but if money was no object I would buy this allll the time
  24. Light effect


    This is a very lighy dry shampoo. It gently cleans my hair but not as strongly as other dry shampoos, but it also doesn't leave my hair feeling dry and gritty, like some stronger dry shampoos do.
    So I think this would be great if your hair is not too oily and dirty. I like it because I don't like how some hair shampoos make my hair feel like straw.
    But it is very expensive for somerthi...
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  25. Pricey but effective


    Doesn’t leave white chalky reissue, doesn’t dry hair out like other dry shampoos. I use this after a blow dry to take in excess oil and extend the hairstyle !!
  26. loveeee


    have never really liked the way all the other dry shampoos leave my hair feeling. This one is absolutely amazing, makes my hair feel as if I really washed it. Definitely worth the price
  27. Where have you been all my life


    I’ve always hated the smells of dry shampoos but after coming across oribe products, it’s changed the whole playing field. Apart from the signature scent, the product works beautifully and doesn’t leave that white powder look!
  28. i like it


    really good dry shampoo that soaks up the oil and doesn't leave a white powder residue. smells amazing too
  29. Beautifully light and fresh hair


    I have just finished using Kevin Murphy's dry shampoo - and I have to say.... I prefer this one to Kevin Murphy.
    Its much lighter and the product is less gritty on the hair. I use a little bit to freshen up my hair after exercise. Smells beautiful, and is great on my fine hair. If you're looking for a spray that adds texture to the hair, this is probably not the product for you. But certainl...
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  30. Wasn't in love


    I'm a huge fan of Oribe products so it pains me to say that this didn't meet my expectations. It's by no means a bad dry shampoo, just not as oil absorbing as I wish it would be. It does make my hair smell nice and doesn't leave any white residue.
  31. Love it!


    I really love this dry shampoo even though it is very pricey! It is one of the nicest dry shampoos I've tried - it doesn't leave a white cast and has the beautiful Oribe scent, so it cleanses and also lightly perfumes my hair
  32. Will never look at another dry shampoo ever again


    I got this as a bonus gift when I purchased a bunch of other Oribe products. I am not a fan of dry shampoo in general and only use it when I absolutely have to.

    This product is amazing. It's unlike any other dry shampoo i have ever used. It doesn't leave a chalky, white residue or make your scalp itch like crazy.

    I will definitely be purchasing the full size product when...
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  33. Favourite!


    I don't use dry shampoos very often, but when I do, this is my favourite. Doesn't leave a white residue and the scent is lovely. Price is not so lovely but it is a good product!
  34. Love this!


    I was never into dry shampoos until I tried this. I hate how dry shampoos make your hair feel crunchy and leave a white residue but this doesn't do any of that and smells absolutely amazing
  35. Love!


    I really love this dry shampoo, it has that signature Oribe scent and doesn't leave a white residue when you spray. Also doesn't make your hair crunchy.
  36. Colourless lift for oily hair


    I used to wash my hair everyday and my hairdresser referred me to this dry shampoo. Not only does it smell fantastic, it doesn't leave any white residue and effortlessly lifts my hair on my "off" days.
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