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Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray 300ml

4.4 of 82 reviews


4 instalments of $16.50


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4 instalments of $16.50


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GREAT - 86% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Fine or limp hair
  • Oily hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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4.4 of 82 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Amazing product hall of fame quality


I have thick frizzy coarse hair. This product does the trick, it’s like hair spray, dry shampoo and refresher in one!

It smells divine, calms my fly aways and makes my hair feel expensive!

Most Helpful Criticism

It does what it says


This product gives texture, as described, it smells amazing but it is similar to a sea salt spray, it provides great texture for 1 day. The problem I have with it is that it drys my hair out to the point that I MUST wash my hair the same day that I use it, otherwise my hair becomes dry and very brittle. My husband described it as “crunchy”
This product does exactly what it says, it can make your mane look amazing but given the price, I definitely won’t be buying again.
  1. strong scented hair spray


    I like the scent, and the spray holds hair in place while still giving it bounce and texture. I have found that the scent takes a few washes to completely wash out
  2. It does what it says


    This product gives texture, as described, it smells amazing but it is similar to a sea salt spray, it provides great texture for 1 day. The problem I have with it is that it drys my hair out to the point that I MUST wash my hair the same day that I use it, otherwise my hair becomes dry and very brittle. My husband described it as “crunchy”
    This product does exactly what it says, it can make your mane look amazing but given the price, I definitely won’t be buying again.
  3. Great product but...


    Best texturising spray I've used - perfect for textured, voluminious or messy styles. However, it offers very little in terms of hold and you have to use a significant amount of product to achieve the desired effect which makes it very expensive.
  4. A pretty good product


    This is way too much for me to spend on a hair product but I did have a haircut once at this fancy salon and they styled my hair and put this in. My hair never holds any style, it does straight and flat 2 minutes after I curl it or blow it out so I was amazed when I saw my hairstyle still holding up after 2 days. I called the salon and asked them what that product was and they said it was the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. I looked it up online and soon realised my hair dreams would have to remain a dream.
  5. Amazing product hall of fame quality


    I have thick frizzy coarse hair. This product does the trick, it’s like hair spray, dry shampoo and refresher in one!

    It smells divine, calms my fly aways and makes my hair feel expensive!
  6. The best texture spray

    Brooklyn (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I've been using this and love it! gives my hair texture and the product isn't too heavy. The smell is amazing too
  7. More like dry shampoo


    My hairdresser always uses this product and I love the smell so I thought I'd give it a go. It is expensive, but it;s also 300mL which is double the size of lots of other products.

    I feel like it just has super limited hold, even less than regular dry shampoo. I like making textured waves and doesn't really assist with this. Though I think you need A LOT of this product to get results so maybe I'm just not using enough.

    I also feel like it sorta drys out my hair.

    Prefer KMS Hairplay Dry Wax Spray, you only need the smallest amount. Though it doesn't smell as nice as this.
  8. Great stuff


    I saw a gal on insta using this to style her bob and give it heaps of volume. It looked like magic so I went out and bought this straight away. Does what it says on the tin. You just spray it in and give it a bit of a tussle and go. Don't overdo it, and don't brush it too much. Very pleased with it!
  9. Worth the price


    I love this spray! I was really reluctant to buy it due to the price, but my hairdresser used it on me and I love it. Gives a great amount of volume and texture and I didn't find it gritty, which I loved. I used to use volume powders, but didn't like the build up in my hair. I love the fact that I can use this for a few days in a row without washing my hair - although I do only put it on the ends, but I find that is enough. The travel size is a great bonus!
  10. Great


    Works really well I use it when I've finished styling my hair and it gives me some texture and grit to hold my hair and separate. Beautiful product
  11. Overhyped


    This product did add some volume and texture, but also felt quite gritty and din't have any noticeable hold. Not different enough from dry shampoo to justify the high price
  12. Another great oribe product


    I have thin fine hair so finding volumising products that don't weigh down my hair is difficult business. This worked very well for me, though I HAVE to wash my hair the next day after using it. It has a strong but refreshing scent when sprayed that lingers softly on the hair. The spray force is magnificent, so I'd suggest to use it pre styling for intricate hair do's.
  13. Disappointed


    Saw a lady on you tube saying this product was her Favourite but was very disappointed in the outcome on my thin blonde
  14. Heavenly product


    The price tag of this product is worth it for the scent alone, the fact that it's a great texturising spray is just a bonus.

    This spray leaves no sticky residue at all, and is weightless in the hair. As someone with thin hair, this is a must have for when I put waves or curls in my hair.
  15. Awesome


    I got a sample of this and loved it! I am definitely buying. It absorbs the oil well and left my hair a great light clean texture. I also like the smell.
  16. Great for my bangs


    i have long, fine hair with quite oily scalp, but i also have bangs which get oily too. i use this spray whenever i style/curl my hair and it give my hair a lot of volume and makes my bangs look amazing too. This really helps to hold my hair in place, even until the next day, my hair still looks great! Totally worth the money. highly recommend!
  17. amazing


    i have long, fine hair with quite oily scalp. i use this spray whenever i style/curl my hair and it give my hair a lot of volume, which is amazing! this definitely helps to hold my hair in place, even until the next day, my hair still looks great! it's quite an expensive product but totally worth the money. highly recommend!
  18. Holy Grail


    I have long hair that has oily roots and is dryer at the ends. So my roots lack volume by Day 2 of unwashed hair. This is awesome. I received a pack of 3 as I bought the perfume and am so glad I did!

    It’s amazing for volume. Leaves hair/roots very crunchy so I have to brush it a bit but it gives lots of volume without tangling the roots. So it’s easy to wash out. Will continue to buy this!
  19. No worth the $


    I tried this product knowing Oribe is a reputable brand. I have very long straight hair and was hoping to use the product for volume and hold in curls longer. It wasn't terrible, but for the price, I was expecting a lot more. I could have got the same results from a supermarket dry shampoo
  20. Not as good as the hype...


    I ordered this for my sometimes 'flat' hair, to give it some volume and texture. There is a lot of hype around this product. I don't think it lives up to it! It seems to give a little volume and texture, but makes your hair feel weirdly sticky and dry. I have tried other texturising sprays that cost a lot less and have given me better results, without creating the weird feel to my hair.
  21. Luxury


    This is excellent for finishing hair after styling. It gives my hair separation and a bit of grit to hold my styles in place
  22. Best texturising spray


    Great texturising spray. Gives amazing body to the hair. It’s not too stiff or sticky. Took off one star because of the price and sometimes the smell can be a bit overwhelming
  23. Great styling for that messy natural look


    I love this stuff, I have really fine hair and I can't always be bothered straightening it, so this stuff is great with a quick blow dry, just spray it through all your hair and shake it through with your fingers, looks fantastic and the smell is amazing!
  24. Not bad


    I like this product it gives a beach look/feel but it’s not amazing. I think you still have to put in a lot of work to style the hair first, this is just a finishing touch.
  25. addictive


    i had looked at this so many times but honestly the price was such a put off as i was happy with the product i had been using that was $12

    seriously this is worth every cent and the bottle lasts MONTHS
    im so impressed with this and its definitely worth the hype

    i use this on my fine hair after styling so my hair has some grit to it, makes my heat styling last longer too, the only negative if im searching to find one is some people may not like the texture it gives your hair slightly gritty and feels like you have product in there .

    personally im not bothered by it and would definitely recommend it even though it's price is high it's actually great value give how long it lasts you
  26. Effortless volume!


    I love this spray! I use it to give an extra little bit of volume from the roots and all over as a finishing spray.
    I find it to be somewhere between a dry shampoo and hairspray without the super strong hold or yucky white powder you can get from some dry shampoos.
    It smells incredible too, so it’s great for a freshen up throughout the day!
    Flip hair over, have a little spray and you’re good to go!
  27. I thought it was dry shampoo!


    I thought it was dry shampoo but i think its more like hairspray which i never use and dont really need so probably wont buy again as its not what i need but im sure its great for what its supposed to do
  28. So texturising!


    Definitely expensive but works the best out of all the spray I've used.
  29. The best!


    Love this spray, it instantly leaves my hair feeling softer and gives it a wonderful gleam. Easy to apply and doesn’t have that greasy feeling a lot of other similar products do. I wouldn’t buy anything else.
  30. Amazing


    I have tried replacing this with cheaper dupes, but nothing is as good. It makes a huge impact and is a must in my beauty cupboard
  31. Great for fine hair


    I have long fine hair. This is like dry shampoo sort of but creates volume and build able texture. I find a lot of things don’t work for me as they weigh my hair down or leave it with a weird texture. You spray this in your hair and it creates heaps of body when you scrunch it with your hands. It’s actually really really good. Also coz my hair is so fine it works like hairspray. I’ll keep buying this for sure
  32. Great for dark hair


    Amazing to use as a dry shampoo in my dark hair. If I’ve curled my hair it also works as a hairspray. I love this product because it keeps your hair soft and smells amazing!!
  33. Love this product!


    I have been borrowing my daughter's spray and I finally bought my own. My hair is a fine blonde bob and this product adds fabulous volume while not making it sticky or heavy. love the fragrance
  34. expensive but worth it


    The best texturising spray, you don't need a lot to achieve desired look. Does not dry out hair like some other brands. However, it is more expensive.
  35. Perfect refresher


    I received a travel size version of this with another Oribe purchase and powered through it so I bought the full size. It's like a super-light hairspray mixed with dry shampoo - it freshens up my hair and gives it a bit more texture without leaving hair sticky or stiff. I keep this at home but carry travel sized ones in my handbag for quick refreshers!
  36. Salon feel


    All of the Oribe products give my hair a nice feel - this I love to use when my hairs a bit dirty or out of the ocean it gives good control to my hair
  37. best!


    This is a great product, does what it says on the tin and smells divine. The reason I give it 4* is that I don’t like that it takes the shine out of ur hair, making it completely Matt. My hair is fine hair, which this is designed for, and I’m a hairdresser so a bit fussy about products. I personally think there are other cheaper brands that amplify like this but still keep the healthy shine (sorry oribe). Good product nevertheless.
  38. Texture plus


    I ordered the small travel size of this product first off As a trial. I really liked it for the amount of texture it produced for my fine limp hair. I spray it into the roots and tousle it through and finish off with Oribe Thick Dry Finishing spray apply some heat and my hair just lifts and looks massive. I finish off with a light spray of hair spray and I’m done. So happy to have found this brand. Will try a couple of the other products as well. Price is a bit prohibitive but when it works I am happy.
  39. Holy grail texturizing spray


    This is my favourite for styling. I have fine hair and not alot of it, and this spray not only gives it amazing texture but doesn't weigh my hair down either. Plus it looks like I have a full head of hair! Happy days. Highly recommend it.
  40. Oribe all the way


    I practically have every oribe product now. This is great and long lasting for texture holds without the stiffness. The smell is just divine
  41. Hair Saver

    Sarah Jade

    My hairdresser got me onto this baby, I was hesitant about the price but caved in to his recommendation. My hair is a different texture to my tape in extensions so when it's humid or spitting I used to stress about my real hair going curly and exposing my tape in extensions. However, since using Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray my hair holds its texture giving me the flawless blend of both hairs which I originally styled my hair to begin with :)
  42. Good but not great


    This product definitely helps add texture to your hair, so it is great for styling when your hair has that "too clean" feel. As for the claim that it is an alternative for dry shampoo...well, it's not the best alternative. Hair feels quite tacky and not particularly clean. One upside is that it doesn't leave that white powdery residue that a lot of dry shampoos have. As someone with black hair, that was definitely a benefit
  43. The best texturising spray!


    Have tried a heap of other texturising sprays but nothing compares to this. Volumises my hair without making it feel like straw. Helps to hold a style. Expensive but worth it, the bottle lasts a really long time. I’m on my second bottle and have a back up in my draw.
  44. Not gritty, adds volume!


    Incredible product! I have a lot of very fine hair that does not hold a style well. A small amount of this product at the roots adds a bit of volume and keeps my blow-wave holding beautifully. Also doubles as a great alternative to a non-gritty dry shampoo. Smells incredible too!
  45. Smells so good


    The packaging and smell is so luxurious and the product itself is great. I absolutely love using this product
  46. Best texturising spray


    I was dubious buying this. At a $63 price point, it seemed very extravagant. However after using it, it is now in my must have list. I have incredibly fine hair and this product gives texture and volume like no other. I am just about to finish my first can and have another already waiting in my bathroom.


    I can go day's without styling / doing anything really with my hair, and with a few simple sprays my hair has more volume, and an effortless texture. Whilst the price seems expensive, you really don't need to use much, meaning it will last a lonnnnnnnnnng long time.
  48. Only Hair Product I use


    Obsessed - this is the only product I use in my hair. Its an amazing mix between a hairspray, a seasalt, and a texture spray without being sticky or hardening. I have bob short hair, so I don't know if it's as useful for longer hair.
  49. Expected so much more


    After reading all the reviews I was expecting to be amazed by this product, however I feel it just didn't wow me. It did smell nice which is a necessity for hair products and it does hold well but it unfortunately leaves my hair feeling really dry and coarse. I have fine hair that is prone to frizzing and I feel it just didn't suit my hair at all. Even the nozzle I found temperamental to get a good spray out of.
  50. Favourite Hair Product!


    Amazing texturizing spray adds volume to my limp fine hair! Super light on the hair and doesn’t build up or get greasy. I spritz it all over and in my roots as a finishing spray and smells divine!
  51. Holy grail


    This cult product started my obsession with Oribe. Gives volume and lift to my otherwise limp and flat Asian hair. Have used up multiple bottles and will never be without it! The amazing scent is a huge bonus too.
  52. Light on the hair, easy to use


    I was concerned that this spray would leave a gritty residue on the hair, but it doesn't seem to, and smells divine. A little goes a long way and it gives my fine hair a good amount of lift. I do find that I have to double shampoo my hair to remove product, however I only wash my hair twice a week and other products have had the same effect, so this doesn't bother me.
  53. Gives hair good texture


    My hairdresser used this on my hair and I've loved it ever since! It's a bit pricey so I only use it on occasion to give my hair some texture and slight hold.
  54. I like it!


    I have fine, flat, dead straight hair and I find this gives me some texture. I go for a more natural look and this product works in really well to achieve that for me. I'll definitely re purchase!
  55. not much texture


    i love the scent of the spray, oribe products really do smell amazing! this didn't give me the texture and volume even if i spray a lot at the roots. it does soak up any oil so i've been using it as a finishing spray
  56. Game changer


    This spray has completely transformed my hair! It is like magic spray.. I use it after styling and it keeps my hair in place for days. It gives my hair so much life and body. Will definitely re purchase! Well worth the $$
  57. Didn't work


    I received a sample of this and it just didn't work. There was so much hype surrounding this product but my scalp just got really irritated and didn't really do too much.
    It did smell good however and provided a small amount of texture for my limp hair.
  58. Like it!


    I like how it can be used as a volumizing spray as well as a dry shampoo. Works well as a dry shampoo as it doesn't leave any white residue, but I don't find it gives my hair much volume.
  59. Lovely product


    Firstly the scent - it’s pleasant, but wasn’t anything special - bit of over hype in my opinion.
    Does a great job - instant texture and volume without stickiness or crunchiness. I have a lob, and I use it every time I go for beachy waves now.
    Took one star off for the price. Very expensive.
    Packaging - standard tin, lid is cute with the Oribe
  60. Not giving me volume


    I was expecting this cult favourite to be fantastic but it didn't give my hair any volume. I do love the scent but for this price, it's not living up to standards
  61. Like it!


    I can see how this is a beauty favourite for a lot of people. Smells divine and it does add volume but not a lot for me. It doesn't make your hair too crunchy either though I find it does do it a little bit, as with most sprays.
  62. Perfect for volume and texture


    I absolutely love this product. I first purchased after hearing that Meghan Marlow used it and it is now one of my cult Haircare products. I use it on its own a day or two after washing and in conjunction with dry shampoo when my hair starts getting oily. It doesn’t dry your hair out or make it feel sticky. You can still brush your hair after using and it gives the perfect voluminous textured look. Highly recommended if you have flat, thin hair.
  63. Good product!


    This is a really nice dry shampoo. It smells amazing and adds texture and volume. My hair is wavy and relatively thin. I think it is expensive for what it is though and there are better products on the market.
  64. A must have


    This hairspray smells amazing, it is extremely versatile, as it doubles up as a dry shampoo. A must have for any busy person or to anyone that wants to refresh the hair without washing it and re-styling. It adds texture and an amazing scent to the hair when it becomes dull after some days without washing.
  65. Gorgeous Scent


    The scent of this spray is by far the nicest I've tried. I have long thick hair and I didn't find that it to added much volume unfortunately.
  66. Mixed


    I like it... but very expensive for a dry shampoo/hair spray.
    I agree with other reviewers that it does not leave sticky or hard residue on hair and it does give great volume (when i spray direct on root area). Con is that hair becomes really hard to brush after using it.
    I've had the large can for over 2 years now, could mean that it lasts really long, but i think its that I just don't love it enough to use it often,

  67. Not that great


    Unfortunately, I couldn't get the effect I wanted from this product. I have thick hair cut into a lob that needs volume and texture to be worn out, otherwise it drags down. The volume just didn't hold with this product. I found that it was only good to create volume for an up do and refresh my hair between washes. It was good for this purpose but no better than other products I've used that are a lot cheaper.
  68. Really works


    I have boring lifeless hair and this adds so much texture and volume it is unbelievable. It has an amazing scent and leaves my hair so soft whilst also making it look amazing. I couldn't recommend this enough as this product does precisely what it says!
  69. Work wonder?


    Not really sure if this works. The volume doesn’t seem to hold and by mid-day my hair was flat. A bit disappointed.
  70. Incredible


    I have long thick dark hair and first received this as a sample. I never really use hair products as I never see much of a difference but I tried this and it made such an impact! It gives my long hair so much life and makes it look natural and gorgeous, I get so many compliments! I love this and would highly recommend!
  71. One of my staples!


    I have long thick hair and this is one of the only products that gives me volume. It’s not cheap but it’s worth it!
  72. Worth it.


    Well worth the money, especially for those with shorter or shoulder length hair I think. I have thick, oily at the roots hair that struggles to hold a wave or curl, but this, applied sparingly, made my hair style last and gave great volume. Yes, I did need to give my hair a little zjoosh part way through that day - but don't we all? Will certainly re-purchase.
  73. Temporary volume/texture


    This product is enjoyable to apply, immediate volume and texture, however I don't feel the effects are long lasting. You can definitely re-fluff your hair to boost the texture again for temporary volume
  74. Good for short hair


    I wanted to try this product since there is so much hype around it. I recently cut my long hair into a bob and this product has been perfect for adding some texture and volume. It isn't a strong hold hairspray so it wont completely seal in any hairstyle. I mostly use it on second or third day hair to refresh it a bit if my hair isn't oily enough for dry shampoo. I don't think this product would have done anything positive for my hair when it was longer, but I am loving it right now for shorter hair.
  75. Makes already thick, long, and frizzy hair way worse

    N I

    I used this on NYE, thinking my big voluminous curls would last the whole night but unfortunately instead my hair reacted to the windy weather and the curls dropped down and i was left with a lions mane. It also made my hair stiff and crunchy and dry, i have already textured and thick hair so I guess this product was not suitable for me, however I think it would be spectacular for thin hair! I put a copious amount of oil, serums, hydrating creams into my hair, and this just takes me 10 steps back and undoes all the hard work i've put into making sure my hair is maintained.
  76. Yea please!!


    I purchased this product after reading the reviews and so glad I did! I have a short bob with fine hair and this texturising spray gives it life! (without the build up and super gritty feeling). This is perfect in freshly washed dry hair as it gives me the ability to style (my hair is limp and flat after washing) after spraying this into my hair I have lift and volume - yes please!. I purchased the travel size for my first time but will certainly be repurchasing the larger size next.
  77. Grows on you


    I'm a major dry shampoo fan because 1. I have oily hair 2. my hair never holds a style 3. my hair has NO vol. 4. my hair is super straight. I didn't like it at first because I was spraying at the roots like I would with my other HG dry shampoo & it just made my hair look weighed down & unnaturally waxy looking. The next time I tried cloud 9'ing my hair I sprayed mid length down to the tip with my head tipped over & it was magic - THE only product that has ever allowed my hair to hold a curl/wave/body/any kind of style except straight EVER especially in summer when my hair is normally dead straight after a few hours. I then also finish with the Oribe Humidity spray
  78. 5 stars!


    Yes pricey but worth every cent!
    This product does everything is say and more!
    It create fabulous volume and doesn’t leave hair sticky or oily. A little bit goes a long way! 5 stars all the way!
  79. Staple hair product


    If I could recommend one hair product to a friend, then this would be the one! I have a shoulder length bob hair cut that I like to straighten or curl. When it’s straight, it’s so flat, I spray this into the roots and it leaves a waxy type feel that allows me to give my hair a shake and push and whala! VOLUME! When I curl my hair, I spray this through and it gives volume and creates the perfect beach wave look, keeping the style until the next wash. I struggle for my hair to hold any style and this is a great all rounder to keep the hair looking perfect. Definitely worth the price tag!
  80. Pricey yet Nicey


    Way more than I should have spent on a hair product, but after reading rave reviews elsewhere decided to splurge. Very nice product, does the job of dry shampoo and leaves hair feeling fuller - I have very fine hair after being washed, and very vavoomy after a day or to with this product.
  81. Volume without tacky feeling


    Great product. I have fine hair that gets oily on the second day. This stuff is great because it's dry and takes care of the roots plus gives volume and 'texture'. Will repurchase.
  82. Excellent


    This is very, very awesome product, it is really great for texturizing your hair.
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