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OPI Nail Lacquer - France Collection, Tickle My France-y 15ml

4.7 of 38 reviews


$4.99 x 4

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$4.99 x 4

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OPI Nail Lacquer - France Collection, Tickle My France-y

OPI Nail Lacquer - France Collection, Tickle My France-y

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4.7 of 38 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Soft and subtle
Lovely colour! Long-lasting and very smudge-resistant
  1. Cute colour

    I received this as an alternative colour as the one I had ordered was out of stock. The Adore team helped me with the selection and I couldn't be happier with the colour. It lasted just under a week for me and I'm relatively hard on my hands ie I'm not wearing gloves for the dishes and I am washing them a lot throughout the day due to my work. A gorgeous glossy colour that I've had several compliments on since I've been wearing it.
  2. Really nice colour

    Really nice muted colour. Perfect for autumn or winter. I really like this and would recommend!
  3. Worst polish ever

    I work in the beauty industry and this is the worst polish I’ve ever used! Was like water and needed 5 layers just fo get any pigment. Very disappointed especially when opi have such a good reputation
  4. Soft and subtle

    Lovely colour! Long-lasting and very smudge-resistant
  5. Gorgeous shade

    I really love this shade, and I've gotten compliments on it since I bought it from AB and started wearing it to work. It's a great neutral and more of a mauvey/dusty pink colour than a true nude, but I prefer that as it has a big more pigment to it and I personally don't like my nails to blend in with my skin colour. Applies beautifully too
  6. Beautiful dusty pink shade

    This is the most beautiful dusty pink shade. OPI has been my holy grail polish for years. The formula is perfection. It applies easily and dries leaving a high gloss finish. It won't chip for at least a week.
  7. gorgeous mauvey-pink

    Love this colour - looks so gorgeous as a muted pink for everyday wear. OPI is a bit pricey, but I can generally trust that the polish will not chip for at least a week of wear.
  8. Perfection

    The perfect pinky nude. OPI is such a great polish brand - they have a cult following for a reason. If I am choosing a non gel colour, I always go with OPI as the brand delivers
  9. Pretty In Pink

    This is the kind of pink you spend hours in the salon searching for! It's the perfect neutral, great for work but also weekend friendly I love it!
  10. Dare I say the perfect nude?

    This shade is a really good neutral that goes with anything! Worked really well as a shade for a bridal party I was in - a really great every day polish.
  11. Good neutral

    This shade is a really good neutral that goes with anything
  12. Love this

    This colour is a beige neutral with a hint of pink in it. It’s an extremely versatile shade
  13. So pretty

    What can I say. OPI is a cult favourite for a reason. I believe they make the best non gel polished around. This is such a pretty colour. You can’t go wrong
  14. Obsessed with this colour

    Beautiful colour that goes with everything and is easy to apply with that great OPI quality. Definitely recommend.
  15. Too cute!

    This nail polish is perfect for everyday wear... it is just such a gorgeous colour and doesn't clash with any outfit!

    A staple colour for any woman xx
  16. Love it!

    This colour is a different take on a nude - if you're expecting a pure pink or lilac you may be disappointed! It's a beautiful lilac on me, with quite a bit of grey underneat, almost like a taupe & purple combined. It's got a bit of depth to it but still looks very minimalistic and classy.l
  17. The best

    This is my favourite nail polish colour! Looks great on my olive skin tone, much prefer it over a warmed toned nude
  18. Excellent colour

    This is a gorgeous mauve pink. The formula is brilliant, and one coat is enough for me for a good, strong colour. It's maybe slightly darker than I expected, a tiny bit more mauve, but it's still subtle enough for me (I don't like super bright contrast colours except for special occasions). This is great for every day wear and I had lovely compliments when wearing it! Excellent go-to pink/mauve shade, and must admit I love the name!
  19. The perfect nude

    This is the most perfect neutral-nude polish. So office-appropriate or if you want a subtle, natural manicure that still makes your nails look sexy and polished. It's so smooth and opaque, and lasts over a week without chipping! I've had a lot of compliments (surprisingly for a nude colour), and one friend even went out and bought it herself. Highly recommend this shade!
  20. Pretty

    Pretty darker neutral tone
  21. Holy grail!!

    This polish is one I've bought multiple times as it's such a staple in my nail polish collection. It's such an elegant colour and shows up as a bit darker mauve-y colour than shown on the pictures (I have fair-medium yellow toned skin). I find that it's a perfect mix of work-appropriate nude and a more casual funky colour.

    For the formula itself I'd say it gets to full opacity with one thicker layer or two thinner coats (how I prefer to do it) and I've even found that one thin, even coat is a lovely alternative too. Drying time is quite quick like other OPI polishes and the polish lasts like a dream.

    The only reason I wouldn't 100% recommend to all my friends is that it can look quite different on different skin tones so that would be something that you'd have to take into account but overall a fantastic, holy grail polish!

    I love OPI polishes so much, they last really well, go on thin and smooth, and have fantastic colours. They can chip but seem to be one of the best I have used and don't peel off. between my sister and myself wed probably have 50 shades including loads of the new ones so check out my other reviews for colours.

    - colour - SO PRETTY! the perfect girly shade
  23. LOVE

    Great mauve pink (darker than a nude). im always wearing nude colours on my nails and this is a great alternative, usually wear for special occasions
  24. Lovely

    Lovely colour, has satin like finish. Perfect if you want something a little bolder than a nude.
  25. Beautiful mauve pink

    The application and smoothness of this is fantastic. The colour is a lovely, dusky, mauve pink. It is a touch darker than I expected, and a little more mauve, but it's still an elegant colour that doesn't contrast heavily or stand out heavily. Very shiny and pretty.
  26. Beautiful colour

    I love the colour it is so unique. The finish is beautiful satin like and i always get compliments. I think i=the colour would suit most skin tones
  27. very nice

    I wasn't sure about the color at first, but after application it's one of my favorites. It's a neutral so it pairs well with a lot of colors; at the same time it isn't boring or not worth your while like other neutrals I've seen. I've had it on for almost two weeks, and it hasn't chipped once. I'm very impressed by this.
  28. something different

    I basically only ever wear nude nailpolish. This one looked a little different in person than the pictures. Slightly more purple/grey than nude but still a lovely color. Will wear this in winter for sure! (Note i did wear a green skirt when i had this polish on and i can tell you now it did NOT match so id be careful what im wearing!)
  29. Such a nice colour

    Beautiful colour! Great quality and lasts well. Would recommend
  30. Yes!!

    So a nice nude colour! I love it
  31. So pretty

    This is such a pretty nude nail polish. It's a pinky-mauve toned nude and I love it, it's a bit different to your regular beige nude. Two coats gives sufficient opacity.
  32. Love it!

    Beautiful colour and great quality as always with OPI!
  33. Best colour a must own nail polish

    This is a lovely pink nude it's more pink on me as I have fair skin.

    Application is easy the Opi brush is large so it's less strokes so less mistakes. Lasts great too I use Opi top coat for protection and a gloss finish.
  34. Such a versatile colour!

    I absolutely love this nail polish! It's neutral colour looks good on everyone - if you are on the fence, buy it! Everytime I wear this nail polish someone compliments me. The polish is low maintenance because it doesn't chip.
  35. Gorgeous colour

    Love this beautiful colour and how this looks on me. I like the finish and usually do 2 coats which is good enough.
  36. Great formula, average colour

    I love the OPI formula as it always goes on so well, lasts for a long time and is resistant to chipping. I'm not the greatest fan of this colour as it came out a bit more purple than I was expecting. Still nice enough for me to keep for a week.
  37. Gorgeous colour

    I love this colour! It is so flattering and neutral enough to wear for almost all occasions. One of my favourite OPI products!
  38. Je t'aime again and again

    My absolute favourite go-to nail colour. It's perfect for all situations and unlike most colours and formulations, is pretty whether one thin coat is applied or three to build up to a thicker, stronger hue. It looks clean, dries incredibly quickly and isn't streaky. I will keep buying this! It's love.
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