OPI Drip Dry Drops 9ml

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OPI Drip Dry Drops 9ml

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Don't have time to wait for your nails to dry? Drip Dry is for you - one drop on each nail and they are touch dry in 60 seconds, completely dry in 5 minutes! Also treats your cuticles with Jojoba and Vitamin E. Note: This product is only guaranteed to work with OPI brand nail lacquers.


Silicone, jojoba oil, vitamin E.


After completing your OPI manicure, wait 60 seconds then apply 1-2 drops of Drip Dry to each nail. Wait 5 minutes for the lacquer to dry completely, then massage any excess into your cuticles.

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Reviews (11)
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For perfect nails - 28-01-2018 by

This product does everything it says it will. I always have problems with smudging my nails but not anymore!

Actual Magic - 25-01-2018 by

I have spent so much time patiently waiting for my nail polish to dry, only to have it smudge anyway after an hour of being careful. NO MORE.

So happy I purchased - wished I had done earlier! - 28-11-2017 by

Excellent product that saves annoying drying time by adding a drop to each nail to set. Won't do nails without it now!

Fantastic product - 22-05-2016 by

Fantastic product, does exactly what it says!

You CAN buy time! - 29-07-2014 by

This product is perfect! It literally dries my polish faster and harder than time does!
I am using OPI Nail Envy and put a coat on each night. The OPI Drip Dry works so well, I can put on a coat of polish, use Drip Dry and crawl straight into bed without a single smudge! Pretty wonderful!

Great product! - 04-10-2013 by

Do yourself a favour and buy this product. I stumbled upon it by accident in NZ and was very doubtful, but I was very happy to be proved wrong. I've been using it for years and can't do without it!

Can't live without it! - 03-07-2013 by

I genuinely do not know how I survived doing my nails for so long without this product!

It is the easiest, simplest and most incredible liquid and I do not have a single bad thing to say about it!
So easy to apply, doesn't mess up all your hard work and gives you the ability to go on with your day in no time!

love love love~

Don't do your nails without it! - 23-01-2013 by

These drops are a godsend for finishing off a manicure. After applying these drops to your nails they are touch dry after about 5mins which comes in handy when you have kids believe me. I just wish OPI made this in a bigger bottle though.

- 12-11-2009 by

I love this product - don't know how I ever lived without it! The drops go on smoothly and easily and don't cause any bumps or mess up your mani. Nails are pretty much ready to go after 5 minutes - it has made such a difference as I like to paint my nails often but hate the waiting! I'd tried all the supposed 'quick drying' top coats on the market without success - this is the first thing that does what it promises.

- 25-08-2009 by

This stuff is great !! dries polish really well and is fast too.Though I did find that when I left the dropper top on it for a couple of weeks quarter of the bottle disappeared when I hadn't even used it yet!!It must evaporate through the rubber. So I recommend keeping the little cap that comes with it and replacing it after each use.

- 15-09-2008 by

These drip dry drops are great-one on each nail and my nail colour is perfect, and for once, smudge-free. Purchase these if you're a girl who likes her nail polish without the usual half-hour wait-you won't regret it!

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