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OPI Drip Dry Drops 9ml 9ml

4.7 of 62 reviews


4 instalments of $6.24

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4 instalments of $6.24

Or 4 instalments of $6.24 with LEARN MORE

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Don't have time to wait for your nails to dry? Drip Dry is for you - one drop on each nail and they are completely dry in 5 minutes!

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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OPI Drip Dry Drops 9ml

OPI Drip Dry Drops 9ml

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4.7 of 62 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I used to only paint my nails for special occasions because I couldn't trust myself not to ruin them. Drip Dry actually does what it says and stops me from having to repaint my nails several times so they look good.

Most Helpful Criticism



Not the best
  1. Simple to use and effective


    Easy to apply and did what it said. I found my nail polish set harder and faster. Usually when I paint my nails at night time, 9 times out of 10 I will wake up with at least 1 ruined nail, not anymore! Very impressed :)
  2. Wow it actually works


    This really helps make my nails dry instantly. Only really works on thin coats though, so don’t try it on thick layers
  3. Effective


    verified purchaser
    I used to only paint my nails for special occasions because I couldn't trust myself not to ruin them. Drip Dry actually does what it says and stops me from having to repaint my nails several times so they look good.
  4. Helpful


    Good if you’re in a rush or are impatient waiting for nails to dry
  5. Instant dry


    Add this to your nail polish and it dries it instantly, keeping them rom chipping and smudging!
  6. Can't live without


    I'm so impatient when it comes to waiting for my nails to dry and this product is seriously awesome! It speeds up the drying and helps with avoiding those annoying smudges just after you've finished and you thought your nails are dry!
  7. Actually works!


    verified purchaser
    Love this to speed up my manicure - it absolutely works!! Didn't last long enough though as I use it all the time.
  8. Speeds up the drying process


    Definitely speeds up the drying process. Great for those, like myself, who do not have the time to sit and wait for finger nails to dry.
  9. A life saver


    A lifesaver. This has been such a big help with drying my nails quickly, so I can run out of the house and not worry about smudging them.
  10. Brilliant Innovation!


    Great product - really effective at speeding up drying time. I detest painting my nails but this product has been so helpful and making the process faster and less painful! Highly recommend!
  11. Nice


    This drop effectively speeding the process of drying up. Definitely recommend.
  12. Did not work for me


    Surprisingly, this did not work for me. I like the ease of use it promises but my nails remained tacky for a while when using this. I prefer the regular old top coats from the drugstore for a fraction of the price which also hardens the polish.
  13. Love this a lot


    Helps a lot with nails drying quickly. It’s great, I will continue to repurchase!
  14. Amazing


    Such an amazing product!! It does an amazing job at speeding the process of drying up
  15. Very helpful


    This product is great. The dropper is so much better than similar products in a spray bottle.

    Whenever I do my nails I apply only OPI products
    - base coat
    - colour (2 coats)
    - top coat

    Between coats I apply the drops and wait half an hour for the colour to cure (not just touch dry). My colour lasts at least a week and often starts growing out before ...
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  16. Amazing for a quick dry but manicures last for less time


    I love these when I'm in a rush and need a perfect mani. I do find that my manicure lasts for a significantly less time when I've used the drops but still love that I can paint and go
  17. Time saver


    These drops are great for when you don't have time to wait for your nails to dry.
  18. Dry dry


    What an innovative product. Who has time to wait for paint to dry? Great idea!
  19. Definitely a need in your nail kit


    I'm definitely a fan of this, cause seriously who has time to sit and wait forever for nail colour to dry?! Definitely helps with avoiding those annoying smudges just after you've finished your colour!
  20. great for drying any nail color

    perfecting skin

    i have used this on all sorts of nail polishes and this works wonders and magically dries off the nail polish in seconds
  21. Works only on thin coats


    This works wonders only if you’ve applied the nail polish colour as thin coats. If they are thick this won’t really dry the build up
  22. Great little hack!


    These little drops are magic! Perfect for busy women who don't have time to sit around waiting for their nails to dry. The only thing is that they don't really last that long. My bottle ran out really quickly and I think it could be sold in a larger amount for the price.
  23. Nail Kit Must Have


    I came across these drops and haven't looked back since. I always paint my own nails weekly and these come in handy each time.
  24. Fast drying


    Good if you’re in a rush and need quick drying nails
  25. So Clever!


    Great handy little product for when you're on the go and don't have time to wait for polish to dry
  26. Game Changer


    I'm a massive OPI fan, but this little beauty is an A+ invention. It's amazing - so clever, a few drops instantly dries the nails. Very good for the time poor!
  27. Genius


    Great handy little product for when you're on the go and don't have time to wait for polish to dry aka never!!! Very clever invention - works especially well with OPI polish

  28. Works a treat!


    I am super impatient when it comes to waiting for my nails to dry so this was super handy for me. Did two coats of OPI black waited the time and sure enough they were dry. Great on the go product when you don't have half an hour to wait.
  29. Great product


    Great handy little product for when you're on the go and don't have time to wait for polish to dry
  30. Didn't dry completely until about 15 minutes


    I am a bit sceptical of this product. I use a white OPI nail polish colour so i have to do 3 coats plus a top coat. I waited the minute it advises then put 2 drops on each nail. I checked after a minute and it was dry-ish but when touching it left a finger print on my polish, about 10 minutes later i bumped my nail and it wasnt completely dry. Unsure if this is because i did 4 coats of polish all ...
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  31. Works well


    These instant dry drops surprisingly work really well! I have only used it with OPI nail polish so i don't know how it will work with other nail polish brands but from what I have seen it has dried my nails in about a minute!
    I have used this on top of each coat of polish without any issues.
  32. One of the Best


    This product is by far one of the best for nail drying. I always stuff up my nail coat as I don't have time to wait for 1 minute before I forget the paint is still wet. This product saves me a lot of time and it doesn't smell too strong. Great product.
  33. Great product


    Love to use this when I'm in a rush - or when I do my nails before bed and I don't want them to crease on my sheets! Dry to the touch in a few minutes!
  34. Must have!


    I never paint my nails because I'm so impatient and always smudge them when drying. This product definitely dries them to touch in a minute and within 5 they are almost completely dry. And that's with putting three pretty thick coats of color on and my top coats. I've tried it with multiple brands and it always works. I'm even able to shower within 15 minutes of doing them. Definitely a necessity ...
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  35. Excellent quick dry


    1 min touch dry and definitely 5 min hard dry. Good cuticle oil also.
  36. Great


    This obviously doesn't instantly set your nail polish so you have to be sure to be careful for the first few minutes. But it does dry the top layer which is super convenient.
  37. Works quite well


    Ensures nails are touch dry but you still have to be careful with them, doesn't completely set nail polish. Overall very good product though!
  38. Works perfectly


    These drops really do work so well. Whenever I paint my nails I always end up ruining them after 5 minutes before they dry. But with these drying my nails so quickly I don't have to worry about that anymore!
  39. A life saver but not a miracle worker


    These drops definitely work well and can have your lacquer or polish dry to the touch in minutes!

    Keep in mind that dry to the touch is not the same as completely dry, so you do still need to be careful with them as the colour may buckle!

    Additionally, it's relative to how many layers of lacquer you have just applied, so if you've overloaded your nail and not waiting in ...
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  40. Time Saver


    I don't know how many times I had to redo my nails because top coat is not drying quick enough. But with this one, I don't have to worry that much. It's that quick to dry.
  41. Quick nails


    Perfect for drying my nails super quick. Its perfect for when ur in a rush and dont want to wait forever for your nails.
  42. Great when you're in a rush


    OPI Drip Dry Drops are great for drying your nail polish quickly when you need to get out the door in 5 minutes or less. This doesn't leave any noticeable residue on the nail or affect the resulting nail polish colour. You'll still need to be careful for the next hour or so with the polish but the drops leave your polish dry to touch so that the surface isn't destroyed the minute you come into con...
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  43. Super fast drying


    These drops work like magic. They help to dry my nails so fast I was shocked.

    I love how shiny the drops make my nails and that I can use this and my nails are done.
  44. 100%


    I discovered while in a nail salon on the Gold Coast at Marina Mirage Versace Hotel and was astounded how quick this dried my nails as opposed to the mini nail fans. It dried to a great finish almost like gel. I then purchased my own drops from Adorebeauty and saves me going to shellac expense. Nails dry quick and high shine.
  45. Dry as a bone


    This drip dry is fabulous. When I've just done my nails and am in a rush it drys my nails in no time saving me from embarrassing smudges.
  46. it actually works


    i was sceptical about this product but whoa it actually works. Dries super fast but it is a bit oily so have a towel under your hands.
  47. Life-changing!

    Erin Marie

    I read about this product in Adore Beauty's newsletter with great scepticism. At the time, I was a die-hard SNS fan so I scoffed at the need for it. Sadly, due to a run in with the overzealous use of a dremel file on my bare nail, I had to forego my regular SNS manis for the foreseeable future, forcing me back to twice-weekly nail painting at home. I quickly grew tired of having to wait forty m...
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  48. Such a genius idea


    This product makes your nails dry so much faster. It is a little oily though so have a towel handy.
  49. For perfect nails


    This product does everything it says it will. I always have problems with smudging my nails but not anymore!
  50. Actual Magic


    I have spent so much time patiently waiting for my nail polish to dry, only to have it smudge anyway after an hour of being careful. NO MORE.
  51. So happy I purchased - wished I had done earlier!


    Excellent product that saves annoying drying time by adding a drop to each nail to set. Won't do nails without it now!
  52. Fantastic product


    Fantastic product, does exactly what it says!
  53. You CAN buy time!

    Rebecca Lynn

    This product is perfect! It literally dries my polish faster and harder than time does!
    I am using OPI Nail Envy and put a coat on each night. The OPI Drip Dry works so well, I can put on a coat of polish, use Drip Dry and crawl straight into bed without a single smudge! Pretty wonderful!
  54. Great product!

    Nail Diva

    Do yourself a favour and buy this product. I stumbled upon it by accident in NZ and was very doubtful, but I was very happy to be proved wrong. I've been using it for years and can't do without it!
  55. Can't live without it!


    I genuinely do not know how I survived doing my nails for so long without this product!

    It is the easiest, simplest and most incredible liquid and I do not have a single bad thing to say about it!
    So easy to apply, doesn't mess up all your hard work and gives you the ability to go on with your day in no time!

    love love love~
  56. Don't do your nails without it!


    These drops are a godsend for finishing off a manicure. After applying these drops to your nails they are touch dry after about 5mins which comes in handy when you have kids believe me. I just wish OPI made this in a bigger bottle though.
  57. Anonymous

    I love this product - don't know how I ever lived without it! The drops go on smoothly and easily and don't cause any bumps or mess up your mani. Nails are pretty much ready to go after 5 minutes - it has made such a difference as I like to paint my nails often but hate the waiting! I'd tried all the supposed 'quick drying' top coats on the market without success - this is the first thing that ...
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  58. Anonymous

    This stuff is great !! dries polish really well and is fast too.Though I did find that when I left the dropper top on it for a couple of weeks quarter of the bottle disappeared when I hadn't even used it yet!!It must evaporate through the rubber. So I recommend keeping the little cap that comes with it and replacing it after each use.
  59. Anonymous

    These drip dry drops are great-one on each nail and my nail colour is perfect, and for once, smudge-free. Purchase these if you're a girl who likes her nail polish without the usual half-hour wait-you won't regret it!
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