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Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner 250ml 250ml

4.7 of 164 reviews


4 instalments of $12.49

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4 instalments of $12.49

Or 4 instalments of $12.49 with LEARN MORE

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Change your hair game with a genuinely restorative conditioner. Specially formulated with Olaplex signature ingredients that restore the bonds in the hair, Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner delivers on hair that looks healthier, feels more manageable and is more resistant to damage.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Colour protection
  • Dull, lacking shine

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner 250ml

Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner 250ml

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Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner 250ml Reviews

4.7 of 164 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great conditioner!


Love this conditioner when added into my routine with other Olaplex products!

Most Helpful Criticism

made my hair oily by the end of the day


I wanted to love this conditioner as I use it with the matching shampoo. However, I found that by the end of the day my roots/ hair were so oily and found i was washing my hair more frequently when using this conditioner.
  1. Great conditioner!


    Love this conditioner when added into my routine with other Olaplex products!
  2. Great shampoo!


    I use this shampoo after leaving Olaplex No.3 in my hair and find that a little goes a long way making if efficient and economical. I love all of the Olaplex products and this is no exception. Only thing would be that if you have an oily scalp, this may not help with that.
  3. Preferred bond maintainer


    Having tried other bond maintainers, ai much prefer this one. It has a pleasant scent and I do not experience any feelings of residue. My hair feels fuller, softer and more manageable. It is about as good for detangling as any other conditioner. May be a bit heavy for finer hair types
  4. made my hair oily by the end of the day


    I wanted to love this conditioner as I use it with the matching shampoo. However, I found that by the end of the day my roots/ hair were so oily and found i was washing my hair more frequently when using this conditioner.
  5. Overpriced mayo in a bottle


    I'm going to be the odd one out here and say it's not my favourite conditioner. I bought the shampoo and conditioner together, and absolutely adored the Shampoo. But I was a little let down by the conditioner. It has a strange odor and feels icky on my hair. No extra softness or de-tangled effects after use.I feel as though I'd have better results putting literally anything else at the end of my h...
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  6. Expensive but worth it


    The price is really worth it, unfortunately I can't stand to use any other conditioner now when I occasionally decide to give a cheaper one a chance. Olaplex is the reason I now have thick, bright blonde hair almost down to my waist which I now have to keep cutting back now it's growing so well! I wouldn't have believed it was possible for my hair to get like this a few years ago as I've had reall...
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  7. Incredible


    I was initially concerned about buying such a small product for such a high price - considering how much conditioner I love to put in my hair. I bought this with 3 and 4 and combined they quite literally saved my hair from death. I had bleach the life out of it, it was dry, brittle and porous. After only 2 weeks of committing to olaplex treatment my hair has shine, movement and strength, even with...
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  8. Wasn’t a fan


    I am obsessed witj olaplex number 3 but when I decided to give the shampoo and conditioner a go, my hair did not love one bit. The next day I felt like my hair was really greasy and I needed to wash it again. And kept getting that feeling every time I washed it. I’ll continue to use number 3 but not a fan of the 4 and 5
  9. Good


    I’ve been using olaplex for a while, I normally use no3 weekly but for an extra kick I use the shampoo and conditioner as well and just after 2 weeks it’s made an impact!!! I’ve recommended to family and friends and they’ve loved it!!! Hair has never felt or looks amazing as it does now!
  10. really great


    this really is a great shampoo, works well and helps repair my hair. Only thing is that it runs out quickly
  11. it is just so GOOD


    i am recommended by my friend, and she said I must try it, then it changes my mind, it keeps my hair smooth and healthy. After that, i am into it.
  12. Amazed


    Thank you sooooo much. I have ver fine thin post menopausal hair which was frizzy and dry from over bleaching

    One wash and condition was all it took to see a major improvement

    I cannot praise Olaplex enough
  13. Nice, but a little heavy


    I like the olaplex range. It's great for colour treated hair. However i have found this conditioner especially to be quite heavy and thick. It's a little too much for me unfortunately!
  14. So nourishing


    This is such a nourishing conditioner for my fine hair, and it definitely lasts you a long time. Such a great investment product for my frizzy hair!
  15. very good maintenance conditioner


    i dont use this everyday and i alternate it with another brand. But when i do use this, my hair always feels like i just came out from the salon! worked well on the first day and this has been my new favorite hair brand!
  16. love it


    I will always buy this product. I've noticed a great difference in the dryness of my curly hair.
  17. Great but doesn’t last as long as shampoo


    Love this! The texture, the smell! It’s really great. Restoring the health of my regularly bleached hair
    However, doesn’t spread as easily as the no.4 shampoo.
  18. Works well enough but makes hair heavy and too much effort I hardly reach for it


    It's a rich formula which weighs down my fine hair down. I tend to only use it after doing the no. 3 treatment but can't be bothered otherwise. Main reason being the product is so thick that it takes a great effort to shake it out of the bottle unless the bottle is stored upside-down - in which case I tend to have a different issue with the product leaking out and generally being a bit of a waste....
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  19. Good product


    I have very fine hair and even though this product is thick it doesnt weigh my hair down. Leaves my hair soft and hydrated.
  20. Fine hair


    I bought this after being recommended to try it in a salon after having my hair coloured. I have fine very straight hair. It doesn't weigh my hair down and gives it some bounce. I feel my colour has also been protected quite well as compared to other brands which won't stop your hair from going brassy quickly.
  21. Makes your hair so soft


    This conditioner is perfect for bleach damaged hair ! It makes your hair so soft, I think it also has given my hair some of its shine back which is amazing !!
  22. Love


    Love this conditioner! works so well paired with the matching shampoo and together makes your hair so healthy and soft. Recommend!
  23. Lives up to the hype


    I tried this mostly because I kept seeing it EVERYWHERE and wanted to give it a go. I held off for ages due to the price, but I'm so glad I tried it! As long as you know what you're buying (ie not a conditioner) it's great. My hair has been coloured pretty much every colour there is, and I was suffering a lot of breakage. This has well and truly sorted it out - my hairdresser even asked what I'd c...
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  24. Does what it says on the box


    I've been using Olaplex 3, 4 and 5 for over a year and my hair has never been better. It has helped reduce breakage and has definitely strengthened it. It's quite heavy so a little bit goes a really long way.
  25. Can't live without


    Olaplex saved my poor over bleached, damaged hair that was also thin and ruined by tape in extensions. I use this conditioner along with the shampoo and treatment, and my hair is noticeably thicker, longer, healthier looking and I have no split ends. I would recommend using the whole system if you have over processed, bleached or damaged hair. The conditioner is lovely and rich without weighing my...
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  26. Makes a difference


    I have definitely noticed a difference since I started using Olaplex on my damaged hair. I went into isolation thinking I needed a haircut. I started using Olaplex at the same time and surprisingly, I think my hair might even be a bit better. I use the treatment along with the shampoo & conditioner. Packaging and smell is nothing special but the results are.
  27. Amazing, brought back my hair from drab to fab!


    After using the shampoo I decided to add the conditioner to my collection and it did not disappoint! Noticeable growth and less breakage from the first use. I wouldn’t use anything else.
  28. More like a mask


    This conditioner is great, you can feel it working and repairing your hair, however it is very thick and heavy so it weighs down your hair meaning it is not an everyday one.
  29. Olaplex conditioner


    Makes hair really soft and is hydrating
  30. In home salon quality


    I’ve been using the Olaplex system for around 12 months now. I noticed a difference after first having an in salon treatment (Steps 1 & 2) so went ahead with 3, 4, 5 and now 6 at home.
    The difference in my thick, usually coarse & brittle hair was clear within a month or two easily. I didn’t tell my hairdresser I was using them and she commented on how much better the quality of my hair was!...
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  31. Thick like a mask - amazing


    My hairdresser put me on to olaplex 3,4,5 to treat my dry/damaged ends that easily split and tangle. My hair is uncoloured. I am trying to grow my hair from shoulder length and it was splitting easily and needing cuts often so I couldn’t get any length. With this system I have only started getting split ends after 12 weeks, which is a big improvement! Sure, it’s not cheap, but #5 lasts 5 months fo...
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  32. Great


    This conditioner is a little on the expansive side but it is worth every cent. It is so moisturising and I have less breakages and my hair has actually grown substantially.
  33. Restores hair texture and shine


    - Hair feels soft
    - decreases frizz
    -Little goes a long way
  34. Not your usual!


    I love Olaplex Conditioning and here are my reasons: 1. Does not have “bad” and “harmful” chemicals. 2. Taking care of my blonde/damaged hair. I have noticed less breakage and hair loss. 3. Smells amazing. 4. Olaplex Conditioning make my hair healthy. When I use regular conditioner (very good quality) my hair is is very soft, detangled but thin. When I use Olaplex my hair is soft and detangled but...
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  35. A bit too heavy - but will help repair your hair


    I really want to love this product and have been using for a few months now. Yes, it has definitely helped improve the overall condition of my hair. The major downside for me is it feels quite heavy on my hair. Even after through rinsing, once my hair dries it is still greasy. I probably would not repurchase, as my hair has recovered really well. But would still recommend if you need to bring your...
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  36. Amazing for bleach blondes


    This conditioner has been a life saver for my bleached hair. No other product has made my hair so silky after use so it's worth the price. The one downside to it is that it weighs my hair down, making it flatter and get oily faster
  37. Great Conditioner


    I really like this conditioner! Works really well to strengthen my hair and improve its overall health. It is quite expensive, so I use it sparingly once a week.
  38. L O V E


    Have been using these products for over a year now, and all I can say is - if you're a blonde, or someone who regularly dyes/bleaches their hair - meet your new best friend!
    Olaplex is AMAZING. I even ask my hair dresser to ensure she's got 1 & 2 so that I'm always using the full system. Fabulous results.
  39. So soft and clean


    I use this for my highly damaged, fine hair along with no 3 and 4 and I'm so happy with it. Its an investment in my hair and I would rather spend money on something that works rather than spots of money trying 3 or 4 different cheapo chemist options. Go for it, give your hair love!
  40. Amazing


    Similarly to the shampoo, this product makes my hair feel a lot thicker and also reduces the frizz after washing. My hair feels stronger and I find it also help hydrate the ends of my hair.
  41. Soft hair without the grease


    I love this! My hair is so so soft. Normally with any conditioner that makes my hair this lush, it goes oily. Not this one. So healthy!
  42. Incredible conditioner for damaged hair


    I have very dry, damaged and frizzy hair from colouring/bleaching. This is honestly the best conditioner I have ever used. I left it in for 3 minutes in the shower and the result was instantaneous. My hair felt soft and silky, such a good result only after 1 application. I will be re-purchasing, highly recommend this!
  43. smells great


    this conditioner smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling very soft and thick. I would recommend this!
  44. OLAPLEX saved my hair


    After a tragic chemical straightening in Thailand, my hair was so badly damaged. Getting onto Olaplex was the best thing I could have done for my hair. Currently using the CGM, so have switched brands to avoid silicones but would definitely recommend to help restore damaged hair
  45. Awesome product


    This Conditioner and the Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo were recommended by my hairdresser and I have been using them since September 2019. I have thin hair that is prone to breakage and dry split ends. This product has really made my hair turn a corner from being super fine and dry on the ends and now feels and looks much thicker and healthier - so much so that last time I saw my hairdress...
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  46. great product range


    have been using this in combination w No3,4,5 - and loving the results! my hair feels much healthier! my only issue would be i wish the condition bottle was larger as i use SOO much more conditioner than shampoo!
  47. Did not disappoint


    I always thought about using olaplex but was unsure if it would be worth it.... boy am I glad that I gave in and tried it. My hair LOVES it. If you’re sitting on the fence deciding what whether to get a bottle... do yourself a favour and buy it!!!
  48. Thicker, healthier looking hair


    I've used Olaplex for months now. You don't needs heaps of product and I feel like my hair is stronger, it looks thicker and others have noticed. Its worth it!!
  49. A must-buy


    If you buy the Olaplex No. 4 you must buy this conditioner. The two work really well together. Both lightweight, don't weigh your hair down and super concentrated so a little goes a long way. To reduce frizz and restore my dry ends, I often leave in overnight spraying water thru my hair before applying it.
  50. Heard a lot about this product


    Let's be real this product has a lot of clout! I tried it because I saw it on youtube and then was recommended it by my hairdresser. I've used it twice and can already see a difference in the health of my hair. Can't wait to see the long term results. Bottle is a little small for the price point though...
  51. Good!


    I couldn't see the results straight away but with a few uses I can now say that it is good and does a decent job
  52. Heavy but does not leave residue


    This condition is heavy compare to others, its more like a mask and needs to be left on for at least three minutes. Having said that, it washes out and doesn't leave build up in my hair like other cheaper products. Very happy with it and have bought several times over.
  53. Thick conditioner


    This conditioner is very thick in consistency and reminds me more of a hair mask than conditioner. Really helped tame my dry, bleached hair
  54. Brilliant


    I have hair that was incredibly damaged from almost on scalp bleaching it. I had breakage everywhere and now use the entire olaplex system and my hair has never been better, even before the bleach it wasn’t this good. The conditioner is super thick and feels great on the hair but rinses our totally so my hair doesn’t feel weighed down afterwards. Would 100% recommend.
  55. Soothes chemically treated hair


    My hairdresser recommended this range, so when I saw a promotion on the Adore Beauty site for the shampoo and conditioner, I bought it. After the first wash I noticed the bleached parts of my hair were less frizzy and dry. I've used it 3 times and my hair seems to have regained it's pre- coloured and foiled softness and shine.
  56. I hate that I love you so


    I hate how spendy this is, but it's truly been responsible for getting my bleached hair back to health so I can grow it out. I have had it for a while because I don't use it every wash, but I do use quite a bit at a time. it smells like bo peeps (those tiny boiled lollies that came in jars that you had as a kid) so the scent is a nostalgia trip too.
  57. Amazing


    I love what this combo has done for my hair! I also use no 3 every 2 weeks and no 6 after washing. This is the bomb
  58. Nice


    Wasn’t sure it was moisturising enough first few times I used this, with shampoo, but seems to be lovely now. Really like how soft, smooth and glossy my hair is after use
  59. Nice


    At first I didn’t find this had enough moisture in but after a few uses, I am really happy with how my hair looks and feels
  60. THE best conditioner I've ever used


    I've been using the full olaplex system for a few months now and my hair has never felt or looked better. The shampoo is so rich and concentrated you only need a tiny amount. The conditioner is unfairly called a "conditioner" as it's really thicker than a mask! So buttery to use and also only a small amount. I had my dark brown hair highlighted to an almost platinum blonde and this combination has...
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  61. Love


    The olaplex conditioner is not as creamy as you would expect but it does give results, I just found it took a few applications before I started to see great results. There is no other product liked it, such a game-changer.
  62. Love it


    There is no other product range like Olaplex. It really has helped my bleached hair. I thought I was going to have to stop dying my hair due to dryness. The reason I have taken half a star off it because I found it works best with using step three before which is not always ideal if I am in a rush and like number three it took a few times till I really saw results. Otherwise, it is great and smell...
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  63. Great


    Really happy with the results I've been getting from using the Olaplex shampoo, conditioner and no.3 treatment. The conditioner is really thick, so a little goes a long way.
  64. Best conditioner out there


    This product is amazing! I’ve been using it for a week and already have seen such a big difference in my hair! 10/10 would recommend especially for those with dry ends from dyed hair
  65. Worth the price


    I recently went blonde & my hair had started feeling dry & frizzy, even breaking off just brushing it!
    I started using this along with no 3 & no 4 and WOW my hair feels like it's old self again - soft, shiny & has volume again! Definately worth the price.
  66. The best conditioner I’ve ever used


    My hair has always been damaged. It’s thin but there’s lots of it and it’s coloured and heat styled. The front is shorter due to damage and breakage and it’s never grown past my shoulders. I really needed to do something and olaplex was what I was hearing so much about. Well this is for a reason, this conditioner is rich, creamy, smells amazing and is clearly working hard to reverse all the damage...
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  67. Olaplex range has saved my dull and fluffy hair


    Firstly, the value for money that Adore gives with the different Olaplex kits is amazing! My colour treated hair was quite damaged and prone to breakage. While I have used No. 3 for quite sometime, I have only been using No. 4 & No. 5 for a couple of weeks but can already see improvements in my hair. It is super soft and shiny and way less fluffy in the ends. As the products are quite thick, you o...
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  68. Save my bleached hair!


    It's an incredible product! My hair was bleached and heat-treated so it's very dry and hard to brush.
    I use it once a week and have it stay on my hair for 30 min each time then I wash out. It makes my hair shinny, soft and healthier. I will definitely continue to use it. worth the price!
  69. Soft & Strong


    Leaves hair feeling soft and strong. Would recommend
  70. I use the whole range!


    I use the entire Olaplex range!
    1 & 2 every time I have my hair coloured (every 8 weeks).
    3 once a week at home. I leave it in my hair for about an hour or so, it really makes a difference to the feeling of your hair and helps tame frizz
    4 & 5 two out of three washes per week (I feel like it may be a bit heavy for every wash, as it’s so moisturising)
    6 & 7 I mix these, a p...
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  71. Obsessed with Olaplex


    I adore anything Olaplex creates after their products revitalised my dry and damaged hair. I use the conditioner as a quick in-shower hair masque. My hair never feels heavy after use and always moist.
  72. Olaplex has saved my damaged/bleached hair!


    This conditioner by Olaplex is incredible! I had used their in-salon products and at home treatment previously (No.3) so when they released the shampoo and conditioner I just had to try them. My hair is quite dry and brittle from being bleached and heat-treated so I am always looking for products that can improve the quality and softness of my hair. From the first wash, this shampoo and conditione...
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  73. good but not the best


    I found this to be good but not the best/most hydrating conditioner I've used given the price, I was expecting it to be very rich and smoothing
  74. Fabulous conditioner to complement the OLAPLEX system


    I have been getting my hair bleach treated with foils for the past 15 years and had pretty much forgotten what soft smooth hair on on me might be like, I felt it was a one or the other trade-off; colour enhanced bright blond WITH breakage and frizz or smoother hair but keeping it the mousy, dull blond that my natural colour was.
    Until I discovered OLAPLEX. My hair has never felt softer, smo...
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  75. My least favourite product in the range


    I've been using this conditioner with the shampoo for a couple of months now. My hair definitely feels smooth after I use it, but it's not an outstanding product - no different to any other professional conditioner I've used.

    I'll probably keep buying it because I'm truly devoted to Olaplex and am trying my hardest to repair my very damaged hair.

    It's pretty expensive fo...
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  76. Good but expensive


    I really like this product as I do the shampoo, it made my bleached hair feel soft and less knotty but I would only use once a week as it is heavy on my fine hair. It's quiet expensive too.
  77. Good stuff!!


    I’m lovin This conditioner since bleaching my hair which has made it pretty dry this product has made a noticeable difference it’s added extra moisture back into my hair this is my go to conditioner love it!
  78. best conditioner ive ever used


    smells amazing and has helped improve my hair drastically!! will forever repurchase this
  79. dry after rinsing


    I'm not sure why this was weird for my hair, it felt really rich when I first applied it, but after rinsing, my hair actually felt dry!
  80. Excellent product


    I've been using the entire olaplex range for a while now and they are excellent products. The shampoo is very concentrated so you only need a small amount and it makes the hair super soft and shiny. The conditioner is SO thick it's more like a mask and an amazing one at that ... the only problem is that it's so thick it's almost impossible to squeeze out of the bottle which is why I cut the bottle...
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  81. Great conditioner


    Really happy with the results I've been getting from using the Olaplex shampoo, conditioner and no.3 treatment. The conditioner is really thick, so a little goes a long way.
  82. Ok but don't expect No.3 results...


    I'm pretty disappointed with this product, partly due to the results and partly due to my expectations after reading reviews and using no.3.
    Lovely sleek packaging and nice pineapple scent. A little goes a long way (something I have found with Olaplex products in general) but the results on my hair were just ordinary.
    I have fine hair that is coloured and suffers from heat styling fre...
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  83. A must have!


    This conditioner is really thick and acts like a treatment for your hair. My hair is always so soft after using it. I find it goes a long way if you brush it through
  84. Very nourishing


    This conditioner is so thick and nourishing - it’s almost like using a hair mask. You don’t need to use a lot of product but make sure you store the bottle upside down so it’s easier to squeeze out. It also lasts such a long time so it’s worth the price!
  85. Nothing can compare


    Nothing compares to olaplex, actually amazed how much it does for the hair in terms of repairing damage. It’s amazing.
  86. Love how it makes my hair feel


    Makes my hair feel so soft and really compliments the olaplex shampoo. Loses half a star for the smell and the bottle - really hard to get out if not stored upside down and almost impossible to get the last bits of product out when you are nearing the end of the bottle.
  87. Makes hair feel amazing


    Love the smell and leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy. It’s nourishing but not heavy and oily like many products. My hairdresser agrees, used in conjunction with other olaplex products, the overall health, appearance and thickness of my hair has improved dramatically over the last six months of use.
  88. Feels like a mask


    This conditioner works like a mask I love it!
  89. Thick and rich


    I feel I do get results from this, if I skip this and use a regular salon conditioner I feel it drys out quicker before the next wash. Only downside I found it a little too thick to easily apply though mid to ends but in saying so was easy to leave in for a few minutes and didn’t drip out.
  90. Nice smooth hair


    I have been using 3, 4, & 5 for the last 6 weeks and have noticed my hair feels smoother and not quite as frizzy. My hair is thin and very curly, so still get some frizz.. hopefully that will ease more and more as I use this more.
  91. Quick results


    I have dark brown, really thick and long damaged hair from colouring and straightening so much. After the first use of this conditioner I instantly seen results, my hair was smoother, less knotty, healthier and shinier. I love the creamy texture of the conditioner and smells really nice too. A little bit goes a long way too so you don’t need to use too much
  92. rich


    like this a lot, the scent, the richness, leaves my hair so smooth!


    I had really damaged hair due to bleaching, I had tried SOOOO MANYYY products before this and nothing had made an improvement!! Within a week of using this shampoo & conditioner my hair felt so much healthier, was super shiny and was far less tangled. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
  94. undecided


    not sure if I like this, it makes my hair feel kinda weird, like a bit thicker but at the same time a bit dry
  95. Love love love


    A little goes a long way so don't fret over the price, it is worth every penny. I have noticed a massive difference in my ends. They are so much smoother and softer now as opposed to when they were dry and damaged from colouring and styling! Also, it smells divine!
  96. Excellent conditioner


    This product is amazing! You only need the smallest amount. I use it with the shampoo 2 times a week and it has changed my hair. I have dyed my hair blonde for 15+ years. It has grown more in the last 6 months (since using this product with the conditioner) than it has grown in years. It is a game changer. I recommend it to everyone, particularly if you dye your hair!
  97. Luxurious


    I use this with the shampoo and my hair has become so silky and healthy now! I am so happy!
  98. Liked it


    I was a skeptic. This is a great product. I was surprised to notice a difference in only one use.
  99. makes my hair feel dry


    I bought this in conjunction with no.4 and strangely, this makes my hair feel dry! It feels rich when I put it on, but when I rinse it out, my hair feels kinda straw like
  100. THE BEST


    This conditioner was recommended by my hair stylist. She said if I'm to decide on 1 thing from her recomended product list this should definetly be it.... and I'm glad I did.
    It hydrates my colour treated,south asian curly, dry hair like no other.. I have tried everything I could find in drug stores to give my dry damaged hair some life and this is the only one that worked like a charm. The ...
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