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Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Home Treatment Duo 2 x 100ml

4.9 of 155 reviews


4 instalments of $18.73


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4 instalments of $18.73


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The original at-home treatment that repairs the damage caused to hair from colouring, heat styling and environmental stresses is now available in a value pack. Buy two Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Home Treatment Duo and save 25%!
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Colour protection
  • Fine or limp hair
  • Frizzy hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Thinning hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Home Treatment Duo

Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Home Treatment Duo

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Customer Reviews

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4.9 of 155 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Lifesaving product + amazing value


Olaplex has transformed my dry curly hair to soft bouncy curls. It's amazing and this value pack doesn't make you feel bad about spending money on such tiny bottles!! I highly recommend the twin pack as a single one won't cut it, you will fall in love with the product and regret not purchasing the value pack instead. Love love love

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for everyone


I was excited to use this, having heard so many miracle reviews. Unfortunately it just didn’t work for me. My hair is long, thick, wavy/loosely curled and untreated. I am prone to frizz and so straighten sometimes, which is why I decided to give it s go. If anything my hair felt a title coarse after treatment. Also I need to use a lot in my hair, so a bottle only lasted a handful of uses. Maybe best suited to people whose hair is really damaged to being with? I won’t bother again.
  1. Lifesaving product + amazing value


    Olaplex has transformed my dry curly hair to soft bouncy curls. It's amazing and this value pack doesn't make you feel bad about spending money on such tiny bottles!! I highly recommend the twin pack as a single one won't cut it, you will fall in love with the product and regret not purchasing the value pack instead. Love love love
  2. Beautiful treatment product


    I bought this product after hearing raving reviews about it. After 1 application, I’m hooked. Leave my hair soft and hydrated, bring back full body and life to my once lifeless hair. Five star product.
  3. Amazing value for money when purchasing from Adore


    After constant colouring of my hair, and changing from red to blonde to mahogany, my hair has been left dry and prone to breakage. For a super luxurious treatment, I leave this is my hair for over an hour and after washing out as per instructions, I am left with smoother and more manageable hair.
  4. Platinum blonde's best friend


    When I first started using it I didn't really notice the difference it made to my hair but after using it a few more times I could definitely see it made my hair so much softer and stronger. I could finally run my hands through my hair without breaking any strands. Love this stuff!
  5. Olaplex saved my hair


    I cannot recommend Olaplex enough!! My poor naturally black hair has been every colour under the sun.... and throughout every bleaching, Olaplex has kept it strong and resilient. Love love love this product. Would give it 1million stars if I could!

    Remember to alternate your No3. treatments with a hydration treatment to get the best results :)
  6. Great value for great results


    Having thin and bleached hair, I am constantly on the lookout for conditioners or treatments to keep my locks as healthy as possible. I've been using No. 3 Home Treatment for a few weeks now and already notice a difference in the strength of my hair, and by only using it twice a week it really keeps it smooth. I am really happy with the price of the duo pack, too, and have recommended it to some of my friends. :)
  7. Works perfect on virgin and coloured hair!


    Up until a month ago, I had completely virgin hair that was prone to frizz, snapping off and spilt ends. I often used to heat to control the frizz and decided to give this a go. Paired with the Eleven hydrate my hair range, I found olaplex no 3 to seriously help my dull and frizzy hair! It had a natural and lighter bounce and shine to it and the frizz was decreased. I then got my hair coloured for the first time and I have found that this has also helped to keep the natural feel and condition of my hair! This pack is great value for money and I find one bottle last me 8-12 uses (depending on how recently I got my hair thinned out)
  8. Um.. bargain


    We all know how amazing Olaplex is, so if you're a fan, this great value. If you're a blonde, and colour your hair frequently - its actually an investment. In your pocket and in your strands!
  9. Not for everyone


    I was excited to use this, having heard so many miracle reviews. Unfortunately it just didn’t work for me. My hair is long, thick, wavy/loosely curled and untreated. I am prone to frizz and so straighten sometimes, which is why I decided to give it s go. If anything my hair felt a title coarse after treatment. Also I need to use a lot in my hair, so a bottle only lasted a handful of uses. Maybe best suited to people whose hair is really damaged to being with? I won’t bother again.
  10. easy diy


    I'm always surprised by the size of olaplex bottles. So this duo helps! I've got long thick hair that is prone to split ends and after using this my hair is silky smooth. Really recommend this easy DIY treatment
  11. I think I cooked my hair with overuse of this product... But I've worked it out now!


    Okay, I'm pretty sure I really messed up my hair by using too much of this product and leaving it on for too long. I have long, coarse, straight, bleached hair, and once (sometimes twice) a week I was putting this in my hair and leaving it for minimum 6 hours - overnight. Soon enough, my long hair that is probably my defining feature was broken and looked terrible, so I had to cut it all off. Shortly after I was reading the You Beauty forum, and a hairdresser had written a post on how to use Olaplex 3 properly, and outlined that what I was doing to my hair was ruining it. I was completely overusing Olaplex 3.

    So, now I use this product once a week and leave it in for a maximum of 45 minutes. My hair is so much better for it. I also alternate with a hydrating treatment. Olaplex 3 is not a hydrating treatment, so if you're looking for instantly smooth, silky results, then you should look elsewhere. This is strengthening your hair, and it is so worth the investment. Just don't overdo it otherwise you'll stuff up your hair like I did.
  12. Stronger hair


    Treats my coloured hair and leaves it healthy and strong. Love that you use it before you wash so can leave it in your hair throughout the day.
  13. awesome product


    I didn't really believe the hype with olaplex until I had the treatment done at the hairdressers. I instantly bought all the products to use myself at home and it was well worth it. incredible results
  14. easy home treatment


    This duo makes for a really easy DIY home treatment. My hair feels so soft and shiny afterwards
  15. Unexpectedly Great Findings


    I’ve done so much to my hair that I was beginning to lose faith in all treatments. Found Olaplex through research, Adore Beauty has very competitive pricing and decided to give it a go.
    Amazing product, worth the cost and not interested in other treatments anymore. Received compliments from many re noticeable difference.
  16. Great at home treatment


    This is a great at home treatment, makes your hair feel super soft, like you have just been to the hairdressers and received an in salon treatment. Wonderful product for dry , damaged hair.
  17. would not be without


    Actual dream haircare! Once you have tried it you won't go back. This 2 pack is the best value and trust me you'll be needing a second bottle as you won't want to run out of this stuff. My bf even uses it and it makes his hair super soft (even though no colour treatments)
  18. Great


    I've been using the No.3 treatment once a week as a mask treatment, and my hair definitely feels healthier and shinier. It's quite pricey so I'm glad you can buy it in a 2-pack to save a bit of money.
  19. Great deep repair treatment


    I love this product! I sleep with it in my hair over night once a week. I have medium to long hair that hair been colour treated, olaplex gives my hair life!

    The two bottles last me a good 10weeks using the products as a weekly treatment.
  20. This is my holy grail


    I have thick blonde curly hair.
    This is my go to product, I use the shampoo and conditioner as well. This has helped my hair stay healthy and grow
    I use this once a week and cannot recommend it enough
  21. Great Treatment


    Good treatment that leaves your hair feeling nice. You have to use it a lot to maintain results though.
  22. Strong conditioner


    My hair is damaged from styling and highlights so I use it after shampooing on wet hair and leave it until my next wash so around 2 days. That’s what my hairdresser recommended. It does make your hair softer and feel stronger but realistically it will not rebuild them. Good to keep your hair manageable between the cuts if your hair gets damaged quickly. It is the strongest cos ruining treatment I have used and I have used A LOT.
  23. Amazing at home treatment


    Olaplex treatment is the only at home treatment that I find to actually be effective in restoring your hair. My ends have been super dry due to different colour changes and I do this duo once a week and my ends are significantly softer.
  24. Longest and strongest!


    I have been ‘blonding’ my hair for over 10 years and struggled with breakage until I started using olaplex. My hair has never been so strong and long!
  25. Hair saviour


    I use this on my hair once a week to help keep it in a good condition, especially now that I'm bleaching it again. So handy to have the 2 pack as well, great value.
  26. Best treatment ever


    Bought this last month and it really helped my damaged hair from rebonding!
  27. Amazing

    Ingrid Mae

    Used it once and made my hair pretty soft and tamed.. although it's just 100ml but worth buying. Thanks adore beauty for sending some samples and a small treat. Will definitely shop again. Happy customer here :)
  28. My favourite


    I can't use anything else since using this it has changed my hair! So smooth and shiny!
  29. save bucks!


    i dont need to say much as y'all know how effective this one to fix your brooms-looking hair. I like to wash my hair before going to sleep and put this one. I would recommend buying this duo compared to the single one to save $$
  30. Game changer


    I have blonde, thick hair, with some light foils. I bought one bottle originally to test after reading reviews, and have now purchased the double pack, as I know I will continue using it. Others have noticed the change - will be keeping these in my routine!
  31. Nice Smooth hair


    I have been using 3, 4, & 5 for the last 6 weeks and have noticed my hair feels smoother and not quite as frizzy. My hair is thin and very curly, so still get some frizz.. hopefully that will ease more and more as I use this more.
  32. My holy grail!


    I seriously swear by this! My hair is naturally fine. I have been blonde for almost 2 years, but I was always lazy with looking after my hair. It got to a stage where it was damaged, very dull, and breaking off. I then decided to get back into looking after it. I have been applying this treatment once a week (overnight), and it has literally saved my hair!
  33. Great Deal $37.46


    I have been using this product for years and can not live without it. It leaves your hair soft especially after colouring your hair!
  34. Love this


    This product really refreshed my hair and repaired a lot of sun and colouring damage. Its really worth every penny and you can’t go wrong with the duo deal!
  35. Olaplex Heaven


    Considering I sleep in Olaplex twice weekly, it would be silly to just buy one! This is the one hair treatment I can count on that works from the inside out. LOVE!
  36. Amazing


    Amazing duo. All there products work insanely well to rebuild your hair. Love these!


    Have just tried this for the first time and I've fallen in love! My hair feels AMAZING!! I left it on for around 2 hours and the results are insane, can't wait to try it overnight and see how it feels then!
  38. for damaged hair


    this really helps damaged hair. mine got a little fried from perming and this has helped it look much healthier
  39. perfection


    I love how my hair feels after using this, depends on how much time I have and what ill be doing depending on how long I leave it in for, sometimes i leave it in for an hour sometimes I sleep it and it is amazing how great my hair feels and how luxurious it becomes.
  40. Works great


    It leaves my hair feeling soft and refreshed. This is a great deal for two!
  41. Must have for damaged, processed hair.


    Would 100% recommend this if you have damaged hair due to colouring, bleaching, heat etc. My hair has been through a lot of bleaching and colouring over the past year and having, Olaplex has really reduced the look and feel of any damage present. Usually I leave it in anywhere from 45 minutes to a couple of hours and rinse it out.

    Love that the duo comes with 2 because you end up saving as opposed to having to purchase just one. I do wish the bottle sizes were bigger but other than that, I would repurchase for sure.
  42. Silky Smooth


    I've only used my Olaplex treatments a couple of times, but it's that good I'm trying to save it! After using Olaplex No. 3 my hair is incredibly soft, bouncy and almost runway-ready! I use quite a lot of the treatment each time, and leave it in overnight to try and soak in as much goodness as possible.
    After the first use I got stuck in torrential rain on my way to work and showed up looking like a drowned rat. My hair dried quickly and naturally, and looked as though nothing had happened, my blow dry was still intact!

    If that doesn't convince you, I don't know what will!
  43. Worth investing in the double pack


    I have blonde, thick hair, with some highlights. I bought one bottle originally to test after reading reviews, and have now purchased the double pack, as I know I will continue using it. It has made a big impact to my damaged hair - and others have noticed the change. Worth it!
  44. great


    At home diy treatment for hair, really works and my hair looks shinier already
  45. Great at home treatment


    I love using Olaplex and will not use any other at home treatments.
    Leaves hair feeling moisturized and strong. Great for heavily colored hair. I use along with the Olaplex shampoo and conditioner.
  46. Love it

    Regina Fuentes

    Hydrated and keep the hair shiny. Definitely recommend
  47. great duo


    Easy home treatment that made my hair feel softer. not sure I'd repurchase again though, I didn't notice a huge improvement in my hair
  48. Hair so soft


    Purchased this because of the rave reviews. I have long, fine hair which I colour blonde and style most days with a blow dryer and straightener. So I am always very conscious about causing damage. Have only used the Olaplex treatment twice but already love it. Both times, I left it in for about 5 hours or so while I was around the house. Hair felt so soft afterwards. Even my boyfriend commented on how nice it looked!? I also have some new growth / baby hairs around the top of my head, which this is helping tame! Maybe it's because my hair is quite fine, but I don't feel like I have made much of a dent in the bottle. I feel like a little goes a long way. Still happy I bought the two-pack though as it's better value and I know I'll use it.
  49. amazing


    I love this product so much I've been through 4 bottles. It makes your hair feel soft and stronger. Definitely a must-have if your hair is feeling dry and brittle.
  50. Love it!


    Best treatment wouldn't even bother with anything else, and all frizz in the ends of my hair disappears leaving it so silky n soft after one use. I put it in my hair after a shower n braid my hair n sleep in it just so can soak in more
  51. Worth it


    Really worth it! I sleep in this to really get the most out of the bottle. It really is the best treatment out there! Make sure you thoroughly wash it out though, I usually combine it with Kevin Murphy hydration mask :)
  52. Love it!


    Just started using this and has improved my normally dry frizzy hair
  53. Great value


    The twin pack is great value. My hair coloured blonde and I use straightening irons 2-3 times a week. I use Olaplex overnight, hair is kept soft and looking healthy.
  54. must have for


    Olaplex No. 3 is absolutely worth the hype!
    I don't have colour-treated hair but I do use hear on my hair daily which has caused lots of breakage on my ends and have made them look thin and dry over time.
    After buying this duo pack which lasted me 5 weeks (I have medium-length hair) I've noticed stronger, thicker hair with noticeably less breakage on the ends.
    This is my second time buying the duo. The value is great given they're $50 for a single bottle.
    A must for anyone who wants healthy hair!
  55. Overnight treatment


    One of the best treatments ive ever used on my hair. I leave it in overnight and wash in the morning and my hair feels so healthy and easier to manage. This duo is good value. One of the bottles lasts me two full head treatments and I have medium length hair that is not overly thick.
  56. LOVE


    I love Olaplex. I have successfuly been blonde for over a year (I have naturally dark brown hair resistant to bleach) and I have this to thank. I have tried other brands but this is my favourite. Keeps my hair strong, shiny, healthy and less prone to breakage. I definitely notice a difference if I dont use this. Will repurchase
  57. Saves your hair


    This duo pack is really worth your money! I like to use it either before I shampoo and condition and leave it on for 10 minutes or after my treatments sort of as an additional treatment. It makes your hair so silky and healthy!!
  58. great


    Love this
    I put it in before I go to bed and wash it out in the morning.. my hair feels great

    Angel Ais

    Love this product - so useful in defining my curls even more as I have frizzy hair. Buying it on here in the dup pack definitely saves money. I use no. 3 on its own and leave it in my hair for 45mins with my Hot Head heat cap. Best investment if you have curly hair!
  60. HELLLO long hair


    This is perfect not only is it cheaper to get 2 than buying them individually, it has made my hair grow and longer a fuzzy mess!
    I cut my hair very short October last year and it has helped my hair grow back to a gorgeous length, girls dont cut your hair when you're angry you will regret it
  61. Excellent product


    This is an excellent product that visibly improves the condition of your hair quickly
  62. Excellent


    This is colour treated hairs best friend, it’s so strengthening. It’s helped me grow my hair very long. This two pack is better value as it is generally quite expensive. I find the containers quite small and they get used up fast but there’s really nothing else like it. I love this treatment
  63. Life saver


    As a blonde this is a life saver. My hair gets so dry from colouring and this product has honestly revived my hair! The 2 pack is a great saving too.
  64. Good revive of hair


    I only use this product after ive had my hair toned or foiled to help revive it. Its too expensive to use on a weekly basis because one bottle only lasts me 2 treatments or maybe 3 if im using sparingly. If I could use weekly though I would.
  65. If your'e a blonde it's a no brainer...


    Really protects and revives the hair. Fine hair girls this will make your hair thicker. I won't go without it. Buy it in the double pack and save some $$$!
  66. This is amazing value


    I use this once a week on ,my bleached hair and it has helped my hair condition so much! I will continue to repurchase in this pack.
  67. welcome silky soft hair


    i used it on my dull hair and it made them so soft that i couldn't believe that it was my hair that were so soft. this product is totally worth a try but i found out it only softens the hair and does not do anything else.
  68. magic in a bottle and this 2x pack is the best value for money!


    I've been blonde for years and years and my hair has always ended up damaged and dry resulting in going back to my dark natural colour to give my hair a break from the bleached blonde. I've recently gone back to having blonde foils along with using Olaplex and it is the best thing I have ever been recommended. i only use it once a week and that's enough to maintain my hair in the best condition its ever been. Olaplex leaves my hair so soft and healthy, I love it and will continue to use and recommend it to everyone!!
  69. ESSENTIAL for faux-blondes!


    I am naturally very dark at the roots and have gradually become a balayage blonde gal. Every time I visit my hairdresser she says that my hair is in great condition for a faux-blonde, what am I using at home? The SECRET is Olaplex! I put it in once a week and sleep with it before washing out 12-24 hours later. This really helps protect my hair and minimises the breakage.
  70. Effective and necessary


    I always use Olaplex 2 at the hairdresser when I get my balayage done, to combat damage from the bleaching. My hair is always silky and amazing straight after and then I wash it and it's super dry and straw like. Just got this at home treatment and after one treatment hair is already way more manageable and seems more hydrated. I shampooed and then left it on for 10 mins in the shower, without conditioning after and it worked a treat- even without extra conditioning. Will try the overnight trick next time and wash out in the morning. Wish I bought the double pack!
  71. My go-to for the last 3 years


    I’ve been using this product for years now and I think it’s a staple in my regime. I have very fine hair which I’ve bleached many times over the years, leaving it dry and oily at the same time. I feel like my split ends aren’t noticeable when I use this, and it helps balance out the drying properties of Fanola. It feels amazing and doesn’t leave a residue after rinsing - I’ve used this without shampoo or conditioner and my hair still looks fine afterwards.
  72. Nice treat for hair


    I had extremely damaged hair and im going to be honest it wasn't a quick fix and this treatment didn't fix it overnight but after using both bottles over a month or two my hair was in such a better state. Each time I put it in at night left overnight and washed out in the morning. I no longer need to use this though because I moved onto the Bondi Boost range and its kept my hair feeling amazing.
  73. This product is a must in every cupboard


    I was recommended Olaplex 2 years ago when I was pregnant. I used it a couple of times thinking it would be shelved when bub came along due to lack of time, energy etc etc. Most of my makeup and skincare routines were thrown to the side when bub came along, but this one wasn't! I have very thick hair that is also very fine. I find this product works exceptionally. I only use it once a week. It keeps my blonde, very treated hair nice and shiny, but it doesn't weigh it down or make it greasy like some other treatment products. Highly recommend.
  74. Saved my hair


    I use this product once a week, I sleep in in overnight and rinse out in the morning. I absolutely love this product, it has really saved my hair without having to go to the hairdressers. I would definitely recommend this product.
  75. A miracle product


    I do think Olaplex is a miracle product - my hair feels amazingly smooth and silky after using it, I just need to do it more often (I have thick dry frizzy hair)! My previous hairdresser recommended putting it in your hair dry and leaving it the whole day or over night for maximum effect - I do find the longer i have it in the better. It's a great product and the thing that I see the most impact from in my hair.
  76. Alright


    Gave me the same results as my $15 conditioner (which I love) I tried it in several ways to see what works best but did not get great results from any. I would rather get a salon treatment once a month.
  77. Amazing Product


    A little pricey but worth the investment. Olaplex has definitely helped save the integrity of my bleached blonde hair. I usually leave it in overnight and am amazed by how much stronger and healthy my hair feels after rinsing it out the next day. The duo is definitely worth it to save a bit as this product is a little expensive.
  78. Best product


    The only product I’ve ever tried that works on maintaining smooth hair
  79. A product everyone needs!


    I cannot recommend this product enough! I use it once or twice a week and it has completely transformed my hair. It's easy to leave in overnight and wash out in the morning. My hair is so much healthier because of this product!
  80. Best Ever!


    I can not stress this enough, EVERYONE NEEDS THIS!
  81. Amazing


    I've tried so many hair repair treatments, and never had any results. I have colour damaged hair, and after a bleaching (and re-dyeing) disaster I decided to try this. I honestly wasn't expecting much, because there are so many false claims these days about products claiming to restore hair condition by actually repairing the hair structure (most of them just moisturise which is useless when the hair is so porous that it doesn't hold any moisture). So, I applied an intensive moisturising treatment to my hair first, as I was aware that Olaplex isn't a hair moisturiser. This hardly did anything - my hair was still really rough and gnarly. After one treatment of this though, honestly it blew my mind. My hair was back to the condition it had been in before the bleach disaster. Coming from a hair treatment cynic, this stuff honestly saved my hair. I've been using it about once every two-three weeks and my hair continues to improve.
  82. Repairs


    This treatment is so amazing for damaged hair. I had dry brittle hair and after one bottle of this there was such a big difference. I got three treatments out of each bottle and left each in over night while I slept and washed out in the morning. Hair felt healthier after a few weeks of using. I have since found a brand called Bondi Boost and no longer need to use Olaplex because their products seem to maintain my hair at a healthy level!
  83. Saved my hr


    I’ve been using Olaplex for two or so years now after my hairdresser started using it. I use once a week and leave overnight. My hair is stronger and healthier for it, a must have for bleached hair!
  84. Love Love Olaplex No3


    I’ve been using Olaplex no 3 ever since I’ve gone back to blonde .
    It has made my hair stronger , less hair breakage and less damage .
  85. 100


    this product is amazing, the price of it is a little heavy as i find my hair will use this bottle in two uses, i definitely recommend purchasing the 2 as it will save you $$$. once youve tried this product for a while you will find that you wont want to use anything else! just amazing
  86. So glad I found out about this product


    My sister got me onto olaplex from her hairdresser. My hair feels so healthy! It's shiny and smooth and goes a long way! I'm in love
  87. So far, so good!


    My hair dresser recommended I use treatment number 3 in between my olaplex salon treatments. I sleep with it in and so far my hair is feeling and looking fabulous. It looks shiner and healthier and I am already feeling the difference in strength.

    The treatment left me a tad oily so I’ll be washing my hair on the 3 day instead of the 5th like I normally do but I don’t really mind.

    The 2 bottles is a great deal!
  88. HG HG HG


    I didn't think this product was doing anything until I stopped using it. Helps make my hair stronger - doesn't break, doesn't shed and no split ends. Believe the hype. It's real.
  89. Hair Helper

    Pippa (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have bleached my own hair and I colour it fairly regularly (I am not a hairdresser so you can imagine the damage I've done). I always use this product before I recolour and it helps so much, my hair always looks nicer and less damaged after use.

    I prefer to buy it in the two pack as it's more affordable and I use a lot of product on my hair as it's very thick. I would recommend it to anyone who has damaged hair.

    I personally was super reluctant to purchase (because of price) and was very very sceptical about all the glowing reviews, but after using it I wish I had purchased it sooner, having healthy hair is definitely worth the money and this product really does live up to it's expectations!
  90. Best Hair Product EVER!


    I am obsessed with this stuff. I have been using it for nearly 2 years on and off, and I notice a HUGE difference when I stop using it for a bit.
    My hair has become so much stronger and healthier since using this. I used to wear extensions but since using this my hair has not only grown past the extension length, but has become thick enough I get asked all the time if I have extensions in!!
    Cannot recommend this product enough, it will save and rebuild your hair!
  91. Amazing


    This stuff is a miracle in a bottle! Has saved my hair after bleaching. I use it every week.
  92. great value


    This is great value for repeat users of olaplex. It probably takes me 3 months using it twice a week to go through a bottle (I have lots of hair). I recommend taking advantage of the value pack and buying two at a time!
  93. Such a good deal


    I leave this in my hair overnight and when I wash it out in the morning my hair feels so soft and looks so shiny. The two pack deal is so good so I don't run out of it.
  94. So good


    I apply this to my hair and leave either overnight or through a whole day. When I rinse out, my hair feels so much stronger and healthier. I buy the 2 bottles at a time now as I do not want to run out!
  95. Great value


    A great value pack of the infamous Olaplex treatment! If you have tried and love it then this is a no brainer due to the savings.
  96. Really treats damaged hair


    I bought the duo because it was better value for money and I do not regret it. It strengths my hair and prevents hair fall as well. Definitely would buy again
  97. Value for money


    Buying two bottles for cheaper is a win win!

    I like to have one on standby in my cupboard as I use it once a week.
    It does take a long time to get through a bottle but, saving a few dollars is always a good thing!

    I leave the treatment in overnight, and wash my hair out to it feeling silky and soft.
    A big change from my days of having split ends on my split ends!
  98. Great value - Great product


    I love that these come in the two packs now because they're such an investment for damaged or dry hair. I have medium length hair and I get three full treatments out of each bottle and use once a week - leaving the treatment in my hair over night or for at least a few hours. I used to have weak and breaking split end hair from colouring and foiling. My hair was back to a healthy state after a few treatments.
  99. Leave overnight for best results


    The first few times I used this product I only left it in for 10 minutes until I read that its best to leave overnight in your hair and it made a huge difference. Woke up and washed it out and my hair was left silky and smooth.
  100. Would not be without it


    Ever since using this I have not looked back. Being able to save a bit of money on the usual price helps as I always have this on the go. Essential for bottle blondes!
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