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O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz 250ml

4.6 of 52 reviews


4 instalments of $7.97

Or 4 instalments of $7.97 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $7.97

Or 4 instalments of $7.97 with LEARN MORE

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O&M styling range has been designed to work in conjunction with heat styling and protection from the elements. O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz is a spray-in product which, as the name suggests, will help to temporarily thicken the hair shaft.

  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Straight
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine

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O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz Reviews

4.6 of 52 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

love this


I really like this product and I use this every morning

Most Helpful Criticism



Not sure if I would use again - the voluming spray adds much more volume than this product if that's what you're after, though this still feels nice on the strands. :-)
  1. love this


    I really like this product and I use this every morning
  2. Worth the hype


    verified purchaser
    I became curious about this brand after noticing that their products are favoured by a hairstylist that I go to. Big bonus to them being Australian and not testing on animals. This product does not disappoint! I was looking for something to smooth my hair and prepare it for blowdrying, and this does the trick. My hair is left smoother and shinier day one of washing, instead of being on the dry sid...
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  3. Heard that it's great


    My sister loves it & saw a massive difference with her hair !
  4. Heat Protector


    Im not sure if this is a styling product or heat protector. I had my hair professionally done and the stylist used this product before styling my hair. I’m not a fan of styling products but this one didn’t make my hair feel dry or heavy. I purchased this last week and use it before I use a heat tool. Smells like oranges too.
  5. Awesome for thin hair!


    Recommended by my hairdresser cause I wasn’t using a heat protector (oops) and it doubles as a thickener for my thin, limp hair! Amazing! Love this product!!
  6. Adds volume to fine flyaway hair


    I spray this on my roots when my hair is damp before blow drying. I find that it adds volume to my fine hair.
  7. Unsure


    Not sure if I would use again - the voluming spray adds much more volume than this product if that's what you're after, though this still feels nice on the strands. :-)
  8. Without it, my blow dry looks flat!


    Can’t be without it! It makes my hair shiny and protects it from the heat. It also gives great volume to my limp, fine hair when I blow dry. Repeat purchaser.
  9. Without it, my blow dry looks flat!


    Can’t be without it! It makes my hair shiny and protects it from the heat. It also gives great volume to my limp, fine hair when I blow dry. Repeat purchaser.
  10. Not bad


    I use this when I want to braid my hair or do any updos. I already have thick hair but this kinda gives a volume that helps with braiding. So no bad.
  11. Investment you need


    After i have washed, blowdry'd and straightened/curled my hair i use this to set the hair in place, it has a semi hold which keeps the hair in shape, without making it feel crusty and hair like a lot of hair sprays, gives my hair volume and dimension
  12. OK


    This thickening spray is ok but there are better out there. It makes hair a little crunchy and the volume doesn't last in my fine to medium hair.
  13. Spice up your blowave


    A few sprays of this baby, focusing on the root of wet hair, and your blowave will get that professional look! Definitely improves volume and overall finish. Love it!
  14. Perfect for travelling


    Perfect for travelling or even just to try it out. Surprisingly it lasts a long time. I have very thin long hair and I love this product. I spray it Into my ponytail to give it volume. A small amount is all I need and doesn’t weigh my hair down. Would recommend
  15. Perfect for travel


    I have fine hair which has a wave - this little beauty gives me hold and body and protects my locks from heat styling.
  16. Good


    I've been using this product for around 6 months and love it.
    Bought this little travel size for an upcoming trip.
    Perfect for fine hair. Non Greasy - Gives Natural Volume.
  17. Perfect Heat Protectant


    I was worried at first with the thinkining aspect of the spray but it just makes your hair follicles smooth & ready for styling & heat.
  18. Love it!


    I’ve been using this for a month or so now and I’m loving it. Will definitely be getting a full-size when it runs out. I usually use the nioxin thickening spray but I feel this works just as well if not maybe a bit better. I have fine/thin blonde hair so I need something to give it a boost and this does the trick. It’s not too drying/sticky like some products like this can be.
  19. Not exactly what I was hoping for


    I bought this thickening spritz to use on my roots to help add volume. It makes a little improvement but definitely not my favourite product. It tends to set a little like hairspray if not blown/brushed out properly and really doesn't do too much for volume.
  20. Don't use too much!


    this spray is excellent for giving texture to hair, making it look rough and bed head like. but don't use it near the roots, or use too much of it, as it will make your hair lank and greasy, like it desperately needs to be washed.
  21. Not bad


    It's not bad, but it's not amazing. Seems to add a little volume to my short hair and it smells nice enough. I wouldn't purchase it again but I still would recommend people try it for themselves and see if it works for them.
  22. Love it!


    I'm a sucker for mini products and this one didn't disappoint! It's so cute and great size for your handbag. Not sure if it does thicken my hair but it does smell great and makes my hair feel nice.

    I would definitely recommend and will probably repurchase because it's so cute haha
  23. Second time purchasing


    I love this product. Every time I go to the buy the bigger one, it's sold out but I have found that you only need a little bit for it to make a difference. So I just brought another one of the travel size. I love it!
  24. Worked well


    I have a long bob, wavy hair. Sprayed this in my damp hair, left to air dry. Gave my hair nice loose wave and no frizz. Different to a curl balm, good for days I want to fight frizz.
  25. Great Little Product


    I found this easy to use, very effective, and super fun to use after plaiting my hair loosely and then really thickening it by spraying and then pulling on the strands. Instant super wavy beachy hair.
  26. Not for me


    I have very fine hair and not much of it. I bought this product to give me volume. This product did nothing for my hair sadly- the only thing I can say about it is it smells nice but otherwise it was a waste of money
  27. Working wonders!


    Wow! My hair has actually really thickened up after using this. I naturally have pretty boring thin hair but after going blonde I saw it thinning out more. This has helped it a lot!
  28. Incredible product!


    I bought this product on a whim as I hadn't used the brand before but was looking for a thickening product and I'm so glad I tried this!! The smell is lovely, it's very easy to use and most importantly it actually works, really well!! It makes my hair keep feeling clean longer too- it seems to inhibit the scalp from getting oily too quickly after washing so my hair wash lasts longer. The voluminou...
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  29. It passed the beanie test with flying colours


    I'm yet to meet an O&M product that I haven't loved. For me, this thickening spritz was love at first sight - and first spray. And unlike most first Bumble or Tinder dates, this little beauty looks and does exactly what it "says on the tin".

    The scent, the delivery system and results are en pointe. I use it to provide my ponytail with a little extra oomph and it even withstood my four...
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  30. Great heat protector


    I have long, fine, slightly frizzy hair. I heat style every 2 days and always use this on damp hair beforehand. I like that it's barely noticeable, not sticky or leaves residue, but you know it's there doing its job. Sometimes if I skip heat styling and decide to leave my hair wavy, it also makes my hair more manageable and holds the waves together better. So I use it after every time I wash.
  31. Love!!


    I absolutely love this product! I recently removed tape extensions from my hair and my hair was feeling so dull and thin but this product fixed that problem! My hair ends up feeling so bouncy and full afterwards and as long as you don't spray too much at the roots your hair won't get oily. I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants a bouncier blow dry!
  32. incredible!!


    every time I purchase an o&m product I think the scent cant be better then the last but this just smells absolutely insane! I'm obsessed with oranges nd this is such a vibrant yummy smell, makes straighten my hair so great and really gives me a nice shine.
  33. Amazinggg!!


    This stuff is phenomenal. My hair has been really dry, falling out, itchy, lifeless and frizzy of late. Nothing has worked to make it look decent. Except this stuff. Now I put this in daily and it gives it a healthy shine, thickens it and smells fresh like oranges! Love this stuff and would definitely recommend :)
  34. I use this as a heat protector


    I have been using O&M for years.
    I have fine hair and I use this as a heat protector.
    Love this product. .

  35. Going through my third bottle


    I LOVE this product.

    You can get good coverage without it getting sticky and tangling your hair.

    It does what it says it will.

    It is a good price.

    It lasts for ages.

    It’s easy to use.

    And it’s not an aerosol so you can take it on carry on without needed to take it out of your bag at security.

    What’s not t...
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  36. Great


    Bought ad a color and heat protectant. It smells good and my hair feels soft. Not much volume though.
  37. Great


    This stuff is awesome. It really does thicken the hair without making it crunchy or stiff like sea salt sprays. I will definitely repurchase
  38. Great product


    I have fine hair so this product works very well for me to give me that extra volume I'm longing for
  39. Love!


    I first tried this by buying the mini version. I love it so much that I purchased the bigger bottle. It smells delish and it makes a different to my stubborn hair. I find I don't have to use too much either for it to make a difference. Highly recommended!
  40. Just lovely


    This works and not only that, it smells so fresh and lovely! I have blonde, fine hair and this does a lovely job of thickening it without making it tacky. Fine hair people should purchase!
  41. Actually does what it says!


    Smells fresh and adds a good boost to thin hair after wash. I use it on both wet and dry hair to give extra volume to hair style. Don't need to use much, a couple of sprays goes a long way. It doesn't fade hair colour or turn blonde hair orange when used. Good alternate to sea spray products as well
  42. 70s dream hair is just a spritz away


    This stuff works! It smells delicious (like all O&M products!) gives me that 60s/70s Dream hair I’ve always wanted!
  43. A necessity for me


    I had a bottle a few years old of this and finally got around to giving it a good go. This is the best my fine flat hair has looked for years after blow drying. I bought a new bottle and it now smells like orange. There is no mention of a formula adjustment on the bottle and I’ve only used it a couple of times so my review is only for the older product. If someone could find out at Adore if the fo...
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  44. Hair is thick for days


    I got this as a sample to try it out.

    It's definitely gives my hair body and last for a couple of days.

    I now use it instead of dry shampoo and my hair is never oily after using it
  45. Works great... with other products


    I got this as a free gift with purchase. The first few times I used this, I felt like it made my hair more oily than what it should have. On the third time I used it as per Adore beautys recomendation in conjuction with the O&M Detox shampoo and I've never seen my hair so bouncy. The product did exactly what it said it would but it was a shame that it only worked in conjunction with another produc...
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  46. It really does what it says.


    I've never written a review before but felt compelled to do so this time. This product really works. I have fine, straight, flat hair and have tried many many products over the years only to find they generally weigh my hair down and make the problem worse. This product makes my hair look full and lustrous and doesn't weight it down and leaves it soft and moving normally. I had to give myself a se...
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  47. Best Product in Town!


    My hair has gradually been thinning over recent years due to stress and other factors, so I really wanted to find a product that would not only make my hair appear thicker but find a product that actually worked. This little spray does everything, it's perfect!
    If you have fine hair, spray on before blow-drying your hair and you will see instant results. A brilliant, confidence boosting prod...
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  48. Yes, its worth it.

    Freelance Dragon

    I have long fine curly hair that can be a bit frizzy. By adding volume, this product seems to control the frizz and gives the curl more body.
    Excellent product dispite being a little expensive,. But anyway, we are worth it!
  49. Does what it says.


    Great little product. Does exactly what it is supposed to do..
  50. Just what I have searching for !


    First of all, thank you to those who took the time to review this product. It is because of those reviews that I decided to buy.
    I have short very fine hair, and this gives you brilliant volume when you blow dry your hair. The volume actually lasts all day and it does not leave your hair feeling brittle or looking dull like many volumising products do.
    I initially bought the travel siz...
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  51. Simone

    I have tried so many products to help my hair look thicker and more healthy and I was unsure that this product could do anything as all the other products in the past hadn't done a thing or weighed my hair down even more! I have been using this product now for 3 days and it is amazing - really amazing!
  52. Anonymous

    O&M Atonic Thickening Spirtz is a godsend for those with fine hair like mine. I apply the spritz evenly to damp hair prior to commencing my blowdry using a large round natural bristle brush. The spritz temporarily thickens the hair shaft allowing lift and volume to be easily achieved and gives the impression of having thicker hair than you actually do. O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz is weight...
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