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Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer - GOLD 50ml

4.5 of 242 reviews


4 instalments of $14.75

Or 4 instalments of $14.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $14.75

Or 4 instalments of $14.75 with LEARN MORE

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Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer ia a gentle moisturising pre-makeup base that ensures perfectly smooth, undetectable application of foundation.
  • Australian Made

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer - GOLD

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer - GOLD

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Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer - GOLD Reviews

4.5 of 242 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Holy grail primer


There is a reason this primer has been around for years - it’s the original and best.

Smells great, applies flawlessly and gives a beautiful natural finish.

My makeup always lasts the entire night when I use this primer.

Most Helpful Criticism



this is a very hydrating primer it doesnt make the skin feel smooth like a traditional primer though so it was a lot different to what i was expecting. i find i only use this when i wear light makeup like a bb cream and some powder
  1. Hydrating


    this is a very hydrating primer it doesnt make the skin feel smooth like a traditional primer though so it was a lot different to what i was expecting. i find i only use this when i wear light makeup like a bb cream and some powder
  2. Holy grail primer


    There is a reason this primer has been around for years - it’s the original and best.

    Smells great, applies flawlessly and gives a beautiful natural finish.

    My makeup always lasts the entire night when I use this primer.
  3. It's ok


    I was hoping to love this as I own and love quite a few napoleon products. But unfortunately I didn't love this as it made my face a little oily. But everyone's skin is so different so it may work for you.
  4. Good primer


    Puts a nice barrier between my skin and my makeup. It doesn't minimise my pores but it sets up a nice base and stops my makeup from dissappearing in a few hours. Doesn't make my skin too dry or oily. I repurchase often.
  5. Really good


    Hydrates without making the skin greasy and provides a really good dewy base.
  6. My favourite primer


    This is a very hydrating primer for my dry skin. It make my foundation looking awesome and last longer. No more dry patches for me.

  7. I looovvvve this primer so much


    Oh my god. What a primer!!!! It's part of my daily makeup routine now. I saw a makeup artist recommending it somewhere on YouTube and decided to give it a go. Never looking back now. It's very hydrating, moisturising and ends up in a glowy finish makeup.
  8. Amazing primer


    One of the most lovely primers ever. Once used, you wont be able to use your foundation, without wanting to use a primer first. This one is nice and light, moisturising and hydrating, really is great feeling on the skin.
  9. Friend for dry skin


    This primer is the best thing I have bought in my makeup kit. It's so hydrating and soft. It does not stick to dry patches. It gives your makeup a beautiful glowy finish. It can be worn on its own for the day you don't want to put on makeup. Best primer out there.
  10. Helps makeup stay all day!


    This was the first primer I was ever introduced to at the Napoleon makeup counter when I had my formal makeup done. After all these years, it sticks with me as being a great all-round priming product.
    The smell is lovely, the packaging is sleek and functional, it feels luxurious on the skin and it creates a perfect base for makeup application. For the price point, I do not purchase this prod...
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  11. Ultimate primer!


    This primer can be worn by itself or as a primer under foundation. Feels light and moisturising on your skin.
  12. The OG primer!


    My first primer - the smell is divine, it works, feels light and moisturising, and gives me a glow. I like to try new primers and products but this is just a really reliable now I know I can always go back to. And did I mention THE SMELL!?!
  13. A great hydrating long-lasting primer


    I have heard the NP primer for many years and it is always the bestseller. Finally tried it out recently and loved the hydration it provides. It has some skincare ingredients that boost some hydration into the skin and smooth the skin. It almost feel like adding another moisturizer on top but this is a makeup long-lasting one! The only complain it does not minimize any pores on my face, but I see ...
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  14. Great Product


    Love this product. I find it super light and hydrating and it acts as a nice barrier between my skincare and makeup. I especially love wearing this under a matte foundation as it gives it a dewey feel.
  15. absolutely divine


    this is a real treat for my face. my skin feels so moisturised and ready for foundation after using this. it doesn’t crease into my skin and fills my pores nicely.
  16. an absolute classic


    I have been using this product for over 10 years. I just put it on after moisturizer each morning on my chin and forehead. Keeps makeup in place and even for a no makeup look it keeps skin dewy all day and not oily.
  17. Amazing


    I have combination skin and this hydrates just enough and the foundation on top of this looks flawless.
  18. Hydrating


    Very hydrating face primer. Even and feels good on the skin. Very calming.
  19. I didn't notice a difference


    I didn't see a difference in skin texture or ease. However, it did make my face very oily very quickly.
  20. My favourite primer


    This primer is fantastic. Always makes my makeup on the top look great. I have been using this Primer for years and won't be changing.
  21. Best primer


    I love this primer, it leaves my foundation looking flawless
  22. There’s better


    I used to product a few years ago and maybe they’ve changed the ingredients. I thought it was a good base primer, but I didn’t think it really did anything for my skin. Pore were still visible and complexion was similar
  23. Primer not so great


    This primer is okay. I have deffinately used better primers that covers pores a lot better. This left my face feeling dry and does not go well with my foundation.
  24. lovely primer.


    I really like this primer. Great for before foundation, and had no break outs.
  25. Decent Primer


    This is a an oldie but a goodie.
    It does the job well without a fuss.

    Smooths your skin for foundation and gives you a nice canvas.
    It doesn't prolong the wear of your foundation.
  26. Greasy


    It’s ok but not the best. I find it makes my skin feel very greasy, and makes my foundations look more oily throughout the day
  27. The best I've tried


    This has been the absolute best primer I have used. First purchased 6 years ago and it improved my skin so much which I did not expect! over time I have tried to find something a bit cheaper but nothing comes close to this primer and is well worth the price! I have very sensitive skin and asthma and have never had an issue with this, it has a very faint scent which is lovely
  28. Cult fave with good reason!

    Elle H

    I purchased this in an amazing value set over Christmas and remembered why I loved this primer growing up! It’s one of the originals and the best. Helps makeup glide on beautifully and works so well with my dehydrated skin. Hides those fine lines and keeps my makeup looking lovely all day!
  29. Wasn’t for me


    I found this very greasy and siliconey feeling on my skin. Felt lik my foundation was sliding all around with this
  30. Gold


    Its light and non oily and helps keep my makeup on.This is such a great primer and I have been using it for a few years now.
  31. Classic


    A cult fave for a reason. So moisturising and has that classic scent!
  32. Love Love Love


    I love using this primer. I use it after I've applied Napoleon Perdis Complex Skin Renewal Serum which makes my skin feel wonderful and hydrated. My foundation lasts longer when I'm using the primer.
  33. Must have


    Hydrating, smoothing and long lasting. It's the perfect makeup base!
  34. Cult product!


    There's a reason this is a cult product. It's a great staple primer and suited to most skin types. It's hydrating, somewhat smoothing and makes makeup last longer. You can't go wrong with this primer!
  35. Amazing!


    Foundation lasts much longer with this primer. its so hydrating and makes skin soft and smooth.
  36. My holy grail!


    I'm confident I have tried nearly every primer under the sun, and this is the only one I keep coming back to. I have dry to normal skin - this moisturises it perfectly and keeps my make-up looking tip top all day. The scent is beautiful too but not overpowering. I recommend this to everyone when they ask me what primer to buy.
  37. Beautiful!


    I was trying to find a primer and recommended by a friend. Goes on really smooth and stays put all day. Really happy with this product.
  38. Nice primer


    It has a good scent and it's a light primer so that can be absorbed very quickly. After using it, the makeup can last more time on face without messy, especially in the hot days.
  39. Tip of the day!


    Omgoodness! This product is one for every makeup lover! Not only is this the most perfect primer - primes but also makes your skin feel incredible but.... this fixes ANY makeup mishap without having to remove and reapply - I PROMISE!!! Accidenrly sneeze while putting on mascara? No worries, apply this serum to a cotton bud and gently remove!!! Totally worth the price and you will never go back to ...
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  40. Hydrating


    So hydrating and makes skin smooth. Foundation lasts longer.
  41. Perfection!


    I fell in love with this primer the instant I used it. It is the perfect base, allowing your makeup to apply flawlessly. It is lightweight, hydrates but doesn't leave my skin feeling oily and honestly just feels fresh. This was the first primer I ever tried and truth be told, it's still my favourite!
  42. Best primer!


    I have been using this primer for years now and its my go to! It is light on your skin and keeps your hydrated, whilst also keeping your make up on too. Wonderful!
  43. consistency is amazing


    this is such a great primer ive been using it for such a long time, i always purchase the new primers to try them out and i always find myself reaching for this one. its lightweight in consistency, and always drys down without leaving a layer on the skin, leaves the skin feeling like velvet
  44. Gold level Primer

    Napoleon Primer -Gold

    This is such a great primer and I can see why its one of the best sellers with Napoleon! Its light and non oily and helps keep my makeup on.
  45. Not the best :(

    Emma Loves Makeup

    I used this for so many years and always found it just okay. Now that I've tried a dozen other brands I'll never go back. My skin is super oily and this one just doesn't cut it for me
  46. All time favourite!!


    I always come back to this, ever since I use to get my makeup done when I was 16 at Napoleon (lol). It smells divine and gives your skin such a FRESH feeling! Sooooo hydrating and the perfect base for makeup. I’ve tried a loooooot of primers but nothing compares.
  47. A bit overrated


    This feels lovely and refreshing, smells great, nice and moisturizing etc but I think it is a bit overrated and didn't live up to the hype for me personally. Didn't assist that much with foundation wear and definitely think there is better out there for the price.
  48. good primer


    this primer is good it does create a nice base for my makeup however I have very sensitive skin and I break out very easily so unfortunately this primer broke me out
  49. Best primer.


    My foundation glides on and looks fresh, dewy and radiant. My makeup lasts all day. Honestly this stuff is amazing. Can't live without it.
  50. Glowing skin


    Have bought this primer a few times now & it doesn’t disappoint. Always makes my skin feel plump & fresh under my makeup. Definitely recommend!
  51. affordable price and not-bad performance


    I was looking for a primer that is suitable for acne-prone and dry-combination skin type, and recommended by a lovely sale assistant. This is my first-try on this brand. i'm about to use it for days and come back to review again.
    However, up until now, it is working well
  52. affordable price and not-bad performance


    This is my first-try, and also the first time i heard about this brand. I was trying to find a primer and recommended by a sale assistant. This little staff was described as a good choice for acne-prone and dry combination skin type. I'm about to use it for days to check out how it works
  53. The one and only.


    I have been using this for many years and it is just brilliant on my sensitive skin.
    Calming and so light..the perfect base for your makeup.
  54. Cool and calming


    This primer smells great and is really refreshing and cool and calming on the skin especially the morning but I personally think the price is way overrated. I’ve used other primers that are the same or better quality that are half the price.
  55. The best


    I have used this primer for over 5 years and it is still my holy grail. I have tried and used other primers but this is the one and only primer that I always come back to. It is hydrating, feels nice on the skin and smells divine.
  56. Great


    This is a nice primer that works with my dry skin. My makeup lasts all day with this
  57. Great primer!


    This is a great light weight primer. I use it daily after moisturising before applying any make up. It makes my make up easy to apply and leaves a flawless moisturised finish. It smells great and helps my make up last all day. I have been using this primer for years and would highly recommend to anyone!
  58. My go to primer!

    Gemma (Adore Beauty Staff)

    A beautiful lightweight formula that works to hydrate the skin prior to foundation application.
    My skin is on the dry side and I find this to be just the right of hydration before applying any foundation. A staple in my makeup kit.
  59. Lovely primer


    Lovely primer that leaves my skin very soft and the perfect base for my makeup. My makeup seems to last all day when I use this primer
  60. This primer has changed my life


    This is the best primer I have ever tried. I have enlarged pores and this primer makes it look like I don't. I don't even bother putting foundation over my primer on the weekends as this primer does such a good job. Does not give a dewy look either and my skin feels amazing
  61. Nice non-silicone primer


    This is a nice non-silicone based primer which gives foundation a smooth base. I can't tell if it makes my foundation last longer, but it does make it feel a lot nicer going on.
    Lovely light scent too.
  62. best primer ever


    this is the best primer. I really love this product
  63. Smoothing


    Definitely gets that tacky but not sticky texture just right. Smooths fine lines, but not quite effective on pores. Very expensive for what it is
  64. Holy grail primer!


    This has been my go to primer for years and for good reason! The quality is incredible and didn’t cause any breakouts or issues on my skin! Makes my makeup last so much longer too!
  65. Great


    I like wearing primers underneath foundation when my skin feels extra dry and this one gets the job done and my foundation glides beautifully
  66. Pretty average


    Pretty similar to other primers nothing very special about it. For the price of this I expected something really good, I felt disappointed with this.
    I moisturize before using this but cant seem to get it to work around my eye and between eyebrow area it just looks dry and my foundation doesn't stick.
  67. It's good but..


    The coverage of this product is good but make sure you moisturise otherwise i found it made my skin look worse with dry skin patches. If you don't have dry skin this product would look amazing.
  68. Napoleon primer


    One of the best bits from the Napoleon line. Primes my skin to make it ready for foundation. Perfect amount of tackiness to grip my foundation. Foundation lasts a good amount of time with this on.
  69. Favorite Primer Ever!


    This primer has been a favorite of mine for many years and still performs amazingly at keeping my make up in place all day long! It is easy to apply, it is a light cream formula and absorbs well until my skin. I apply it after putting on moisturiser, before foundation, for a flawless base!
  70. hydrating


    This is an old favourite. I found that this primer left my pores smoothed over so I could layer on my concealer and foundation easily without a thick or caked look
  71. Amazing primer!


    The Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer felt hydrating on my skin, particularly during this cold, dry winter. It also did an excellent job of priming my skin so when I applied foundation, my pores were invisible. Great product!
  72. Not the best


    For the price of this I expected something really good, I felt disappointed with this. It works that same as a $10 pharmacy primer. Wouldn’t repurchase
  73. Best primer for dry skin


    This primer makes any foundation look flawless, definitely the best primer I have used for my dry skin.
  74. glides on


    make sure you are well moisturised first, it glides on and once dried foundation goes on like a dream and stays there. great for oily T zones.
  75. Fave!


    I lovee this primer so much. It is really refreshing and cooling on my skin and the texture and smell is soo lovely!
  76. Favourite primer


    I love this primer so much! It glides on so smoothly and feels so nice on my skin. You also don't have to wait for the primer to dry as the foundation can be put directly over the top immediately if desired.
  77. perfect for prepping your face for makeup!


    this primer is absolutely perfect! It goes on so easily, it makes all the makeup over the top look flawless and amazing! It gets rid of all appearance of pores, without clogging them and making me breakout. 100000% recommend
  78. Beautiful primer


    This primer is a great product that has been around forever. It's like a moisturiser and leaves the skin lovely, moisturised and dewy. It goes a long way too
  79. Great


    Such a good primer! Very light weight on the skin and smells so good!
  80. Yuck!


    I hate this primer. It makes my skin feel so greasy and yuck. Plus I hate the smell. Wouldn’t recommend
  81. Best primer


    I love this primer it’s a go to for me! It gives a lovely dewy finish and is not drying at all. It makes my makeup go on so smoothly and helps with any dry patches. Even better, Napoleon is cruelty free. You can’t go wrong!
  82. Best primer


    This primer is so good!
    Makes my foundation look so much more natural and glides on beautifully . Love it
  83. The original and best!


    I honestly can’t live without this primer. It feels so beautiful and lightweight on the skin, I have been using it for over 10 years and the difference it makes to the staying power of my makeup is truly incredible. You only need the tiniest amount, so a tube lasts me 6 months using every day.
  84. One of the best!


    Super lightweight. Love this primer. Goes with any foundation. Creates a good barrier between the skin and foundation!
  85. Part of a three step routine


    Definitely need to make sure I have moistured well before, and then it does glide on with a dewy glow before I put my foundation on. I am not sure if I really need to use it daily, but its great when wanting to look my best for a special occasion or an evening out.
  86. Expensive but Feels Great!


    For a primer, I feel this is on the steeper-side of the things, but it has a wonderful cooling effect and I really like how light it is, never leaving any stickiness on my face. Holds my make-up well though I'm not sure if it's my make up itself that I can give credit to the holding power, or the primer?
  87. Recommend


    This is my favourite primer out of a lot that I’ve used. It evens out my skin tone well and hiss my pores. So good to have
  88. Smooths and controls oil


    Great primer for controlling oils and creating a smooth and even base for makeup. Extends foundation wear time for me. Very pricey for a primer though.
  89. Makes face feel yuk


    Makes my face feel so greasy and oily. Really yuk primer. For the price there’s heaps better out there
  90. poreless


    Incredible for minimising pores. Just as good as hourglass’ primer, and doesn’t irritate skin. Also works super well if you ‘dab’ it over eyelids (let it dry for a good five minutes) before loose eyeshadows.
  91. Love this primer - it stands the test of time


    One of those products I've used since I was a teenager that I always come back to - it creates a lovely smooth base and is a good primer. It does last a long time for the price too.
  92. An absolute beauty


    I just love this primer and I have been using it for many years. It gives me a smooth and perfect base for any type of foundation and really keeps my skin hydrated. It's well worth the price and it lasts forever!
  93. Good primer but expensive


    This primer is good but probably not worth the price. I was looking for one with bit of a shimmer/glow which this doesn’t have. Will use the tube though as it works ok and try another brand next time.
  94. must have


    It makes such a difference to how my foundation goes on and how it lasts through the day. I hate feeling foundation or layers of product on my skin and this always feels so fresh and clean. Totally love it ... would recommend without hesitation.
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