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MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment 100ml 100ml

4.6 of 194 reviews


4 instalments of $15.99


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4 instalments of $15.99


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The Original Moroccanoil Hair Oil Treatment is a cult hair styling product sure to transform your tresses.

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MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment 100ml

MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment 100ml

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4.6 of 194 reviews

95% recommend this product

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This is the best conditioning oil I have ever used! Makes my hair so soft and shiny!

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice and light


This is nice and light on the hair not heavy or oily. It keeps my hair shiny and the frizz down. It smells really nice too.
  1. If you have dry or frizzy hair you should get it


    My hair is dry due to highlighting and styling and this helps to make them at least feel and look less damaged. It is will not repair your hair but will make the more manageable. I only use it for the ends.
  2. Amazing!


    This is the best conditioning oil I have ever used! Makes my hair so soft and shiny!
  3. Mixed feeling for this one


    I like to apply the treatment to my semi-dried hair (by towel) after shower; it has definitely made my hair smoother and less frizzy in the morning; however in my opinion, the smell could be more pleasant.
  4. Smells great!


    This stuff smells so good, I’m not sure if it even does anything to my hair if I’m being honest, but it makes me hair smell great!
  5. The only thing I reach for..one stop shop


    A friend put me into this several years ago....I swapped to it and haven’t looked back...
    I have thick, curly, frizzy hair. When I want to wear it curly, I rub this in after washing and twirl and scrunch...minimal frizz..keeps the curls together and soft.
    Or if I’m going straight, I use two pumps (I have very long hair) through the mid section and ends and blow dry it boofy, then straighten it with irons...it is the best product I have ever used.
    I don’t use leave in conditioners or straightening balms or anything else, this is it.
    It lasts ages, and I would definitely recommend for thick hair.
  6. Been using for years!


    I've got super frizzy hair and this smoothes it out so nicely!!
  7. Amazing!


    I received this as a sample and omg i could not believe the difference i felt! my hair was so soft but not oily? will definitely re purchase.
  8. Good hair oil


    My hair feel lot softer and sleek after using this oil. However I think the original version is still a bit oily and heavy for my hair type. Will try the light version after finishing this bottle.
  9. Shiny shine shine!


    Almost unbeatable for the shine, and smells good to boot! Only downside is my hair gets dirty looking after two days when I use it, and I prefer to wash my hair less often.
  10. dry hair


    Fantastic product. I use on my own hair on a daily basis, would definitely recommend to others with damaged or dry hair.
  11. Looove this oil!


    I absolutely love this hair oil!
    I've been using it for around 8 years and every time I've gone to a hair dresser, they've made comment about how healthy my hair is. I used to bleach my hair a lot & this oil would help maintain hair health.
  12. Love this


    I love this leave in hair oil, it smells great and hydrates my ends. I use a small amount to smooth down fly always.
  13. An essential to hair kits


    Rich and moisturising this is an essential in every girls hair care bag. Great for keeping moisture in the ends of hair (especially for me as a I have blonde fine hair). It does not leave a greasy look when applied to wet or dry hair. Love and totally recommend.
  14. Amazing


    I use this on the ends of my hair and on my hair below my shoulders. It leaves my hair very soft, smooth, silky and shiny. I never skip this step after shower anymore
  15. great oil


    this is a great oil to use if you have damaged or dry hair. i have dry hair i found this to make my hair a little too oily too quickly so i took off 1 star for that. i absolutely love the light version . if ur hair is fine/thin/ not that damaged from bleach/dye etc then try the light version
  16. Rich and nourishing


    I put a small amount in my hair after washing and it helps keep my hair feeling soft and smooth. Rich but doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy.
  17. Hair is soft and strong


    I’ve heard a lot about moroccanoil but never knew what the fuss was all about. Until one day I went to the hairdressers and they put some on the ends of my hair to finish it up. I went home and couldn’t notice how healthy my hair looked. So when I finally decided to purchase it, I’ve been using it after I wash my hair, and it’s never looked soo good! It doesn’t weigh my hair down either (I have dead straight Asian hair).


    I have super dry, low porosity hair and have tried every oil to work with my hair but none have worked. HOWEVER, Moroccanoil oil treatment is literal magic in a bottle. It soaks into my hair and adds life and shine to my hair while protecting it. I'm in love.
  19. Nice oil


    I really like this oil and I used it for a very long time. Makes hair so soft and shiny and easy to manage, however, the scent is the real seller!
  20. Magic for your hair


    My hairdresser uses this on me all the time! I finally purchased a bottle for myself and after a few days of use, I could already see my hair was smoother, a lot less frizzy on the ends, and just healthier!
    I can't recommend this to people enough!
  21. Smoothing and nourishing


    Love this product. So lightweight yet deeply nourishes hair and is perfect before heat styling. I apply it through my damp strands after washing and it makes them so soft and smooth when they dry and get straightened. My hair is wavy and coarse but this oil has made a huge difference in the moisture and appearance.
  22. I like this product


    It's the most famous hair oil and is not cheap. But every time just one drop and your hair will be soft and smooth.
  23. Expensive but excellent


    I love this product! It adds shine and is deeply nourishing. I have thick, wavy hair and use Moroccan oil as a styling product as well as a treatment. My only hesitation... the price. It does ease the parting with my cash when I read that the company does a lot to support local people and industry in Morocco.
  24. The original!


    Easy to use after washing hair. Love the smell and leaves hair feeling so moisturised. Keep in mind to only apply to ends of hair and not roots or you'll get an oily scalp!
  25. My favourite


    This is one of my favourite hair oil. It tamed and nourished my hair. I use it day and night after shower. Amazing.
  26. great for frizz


    Amazing!! Tamed my frizzy curly hair and left it feeing so smooth and hydrated, love it
  27. Nice and light


    This is nice and light on the hair not heavy or oily. It keeps my hair shiny and the frizz down. It smells really nice too.


    Amazing, couldn't recommend highly enough. Tamed my frizzy hair & left it feel smooth and hydrated.
  29. Amazing


    I love this brand and this kit is super cute and truly works wonders for my dry and frizzy hair. My locks feel strengthened, nourished and highly moisturised, and what's more, it has a lovely subtle scent. My go-to for brand for all things hair-related.
  30. Smells divine


    This oil tames my dry/damaged hair without weighting it down. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t make my hair greasy at all, especially since I have an oily scalp/hair. I’ve been using it for years and a little bit goes on a long way. The one thing I love the most about this oil is probably the smell. It’s soooo good!
  31. Still good


    I always have a bottle of this in my cupboard. I have lots of long wavy/lightly curled hair. I don’t use it all the time because I find it builds up, especially on my roots. But for nights where i’m Doing a proper hair style you really can’t beat it. Unlike others I don’t love the smell, but it fades pretty quickly.
  32. Great!


    I love using small amounts of this oil to de-frizz my hair as I have naturally curly hair!! It also works great as a weekly mask but for the price you pay I much rather using small amounts to just de frizz so the product lasts a bit longer
  33. Pretty good


    My hair was quite damaged and it tamed the frizz
  34. Great multipurpose product


    This product makes blowdrying a dream! Hair turns out so smooth and frizz-free! I love the smell too. Although this is an oil, this does not feel heavy on my fine shoulder length hair.
  35. All I need


    The best for my super damaged and dry hair. I have dark Asian hair so olaplex doesn't really work. But this and everything in this moroccanoil brand will work.
  36. Great All Rounder


    I got this product as a gift with purchase and it is wonderful and very versatile. You can use it as a treatment and as a heat protectant. I love the smell and the consistency, best used on damp hair before heat styling. I also use it to tame fly-aways and to smooth down my hair after brushing it in. I will definitely be buying the full size
  37. A must have


    Literally this is a must have if you suffer from dry hair or in general just want to have healthy hair. I use this all the time as my go to for the ends of my hair and nothing can top it.
  38. Absolute must have!


    Pop a 10 cent piece amount onto hands and distribute this through towel dried hair. The results are shinier, healthier hair and this product actually shortens drying time with a blowdryer.
  39. Healthy hair


    Have been using this product for years and find that it really keeps my hair strong and healthy through colouring and styling. Quite pricey, but I find that a bottle lasts a long time. Helps hydrate my dry hair, but doesn't ever make it look oily.
  40. Good but expensive


    I find this very good especially for dry ends, it’s quite expensive but it does last a long time, a little goes a long way. Apply mainly to ends and smooth over fly always. Smells very nice.
  41. Great for dry and easily breakable hair


    I have (as you can guess lol) dry and easily breakable hair, and found that this oil helped moisture my hair without weighing down my fine hair. I also think it really helped my hair grow long, probably due to it having reduced the breakage. But as much as I love the product, I think the fragrance is just too strong for me. I do like the scent, and it add to the luxurious aspect of the oil, but is just too strong a times.
  42. Now long hair


    When I have started to use this product, my hair was breakages, chemically treatment (2times) and length was up to my shoulder. This product gave my hair healthy. It helped to grow my hair healthy and without split ends of hair. Seriously it is amazing product. Only I used it for wet hair with massaging the root.
  43. Amazing oil treatment for dry hair!


    Perfect for dry hair... this leave in oil treatment creates hydrated and healthy hair! Highly recommend if you have split or damaged hair
  44. Love it


    My absolute favourite hair treatment and it smells amazing too. I put through my hair before straightening and for fly-always. A repeat purchase for me.
  45. Classic organ oil hair treatment


    This is the holy grail Argan oil treatment for hair, that's still in the affordable range.

    Ive used it for many years and still think this is one of the best available. it is quite light although i would recommend using a bit of product as a little goes a long way.

    It also smells so amazing. Would definitely recommend!
  46. Great


    This is one of the best hair oil I have tried. It nourished my hair and make my hair more healthy and shiny. I have been using it for a year and the result is great.
  47. Nice Oil


    I have used this oil for years but I feel it is a little heavy on the hair. Provides good protection but there are now other great options on the market that are just as good. Would recommend for the right hair type.
  48. Nice product


    I use this for my dry thick coloured hair and it makes it feel shiny and soft. I use a small amount on dry hair to tame any frizz but to also keep it feeling and looking shiny. I'd say that for my shoulder length dry hair I do need around a tablespoon to feel the effect. The shine does last a good few hours but economically the bottle finishes quickly if you're using a larger quantity regularly. It also feels nice on the hands after use.
  49. Light oil


    Great light oil not at all heavy and doesn’t weigh it down. Leaves it smooth and shiny. Smells amazing too
  50. Nice but heavy


    This product works fine. It gives shine to my hair but personally I think it’s a bit heavy for me.
  51. Love this


    I love this oil (original) I have blonde hair but still prefer this to the one for light hair. Always leaves hair soft and shiny,
    I’ll always buy Moroccan oil
  52. Life changing


    I have been using this oil for YEARS and nothing compares.

    It completely changed my hair from dry and brittle to smooth and soft.

    I have super fine hair and this product doesn’t weigh it down like so many other oils I have tried.
  53. Good hair oil


    I find it quite heavy for oil for my hair. Love the smell and the shine it bring to my hair tho. Will try the light version of it.
  54. Lovely but pricey


    I like this product and it is very effective, however for the price point, I don't think its worth it. A lot of other brands have since launched argan oils that are similar in effectiveness but much cheaper. Nonetheless, it is a really nice product, smells great, absorbs easily and isn't greasy.
  55. Holy grail for hair


    I received a sample and immediately fell in love with this product, I bought the bottle. I have very long straight medium fizzy hair. I have tried numerous brands to tame my dehydrated locks to be left with product build up and even drier ends. This magic oil however is easily absorbed, no oily residue, and leaves my hair soft, shiny and yes, extremely smooth. I can’t stop touching the softness to my hair. Loving the subtle scent, appreciate it doesn’t irritate my already sensitive smell sense. The oil works great on dry spots on scalp, oil readily absorbs without looking like an oil slick. This will be on my forever list.
  56. Nice oil


    I didn’t mind this oil and of course it’s a well-known brand for hair treatment. Personally I find oil a bit heavy and prefer the shine spray In this brand or a serum from a different brand.

    Would recommend this for really dry hair and only a small amount when using it.
  57. Holy grail hair product


    I have been using this for years and my hair literally drinks it. I have an instant transformation after using and it smells Devine.
  58. A hair staple


    Much really doesn't need to be said about this Moroccanoil - it has really revolutionised hair conditioning since it became all the rage. This was the first brand of Morrocan oil that I tried, and the only one I have stuck to. It is never too much for my fine hair - a tiny bit goes a long way - and it leaves my curls bouncy and full. Can't go without.


    Smells amazing, keeps my hair nice and soft, definitely recommend
  60. Fantastic product


    My hair loves this product. It leaves my hair looking shiny and feeling softer. It smells great too.
  61. My hair love it


    My hair just in love with this oil. Very nice smell too and kept my hair smooth, healthy and shiny.
    One bottle last very very long time. Will definitely repurchase.
  62. Use everyday


    This product smells amazing. I use it everyday. My hair is prone to having a very oily scalp but dry ends. This oil moisturises my ends without increasing the oil on my roots and scalp. Would definitely recommend
  63. Smells great but discolours hair


    I love the smell of this product but I’ve found that it turns my ends yellow which I’m then trying to counteract with purple toning products. There is nothing otherwise bad about this oil but I haven’t noticed any significant improvements on my hair either.
  64. The Scent

    Tea Sommelier

    I'm not sure how beneficial this is to my hair as it has always been in pretty good condition. However, I love the fragrance so much, I keep coming back to buy it, using it as a hair fragrance. If my hair needs a boost, I will reach for TO's Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil, but I'll add this on top for the scent. If MoroccanOil ever plans to expand their business to include a line of oils or fragrances, they better release their signature scent in a bottle.
  65. Fantastic staple for soft hair


    I loooove this product. Use it after washing my hair and on dry hair most mornings (except when I forget to use it). It smells amazing and makes your hair feel soft, and look super shiny. It's a great daily staple to keep your hair in tip top shape.
  66. Silicone City


    This product does what it says on the tin. But it's got silicones in it - so I don't believe that it's worth it.
  67. Love, love, love this product!


    I have extremely thick, wavy hair which loooves this product. Since using it, my hair appears much healthier and has a nice shine to it. It also helps to manage my easily-tangled and frizz-prone hair.
  68. as good as they say


    This was my HG as a teen with very long dyed hair. I'm much lazier these days, but this is still the best treatment when I finally get around to indulging. I don't find it very effective if you don't leave it on for 20+ minutes though, which is the only downside for me. Makes my hair shiny like nothing else.
  69. A staple


    If you have long hair, this is a must. Doesn’t matter if I’m straightening my hair or wearing it curly, this is going in my hair. Doesn’t weigh down my hair, keeps it soft and moisturised. I’ve been using this product for around 10 years and you can’t substitute brands.
  70. Nothing beats it


    I've tried many hair oils in my time and often they are sticky in the hair and weigh it down. This is by far the best, the smell is amazing and it goes on lightly making the hair non-greasy. I adore this stuff for fixing split ends! Would absolutely recommend.
  71. Makes hair silky soft


    I love the how healthy your hair feels after using it. Rubbing it throughout you hair and mainly in the ends keeps your hair feeling silk soft, fresh and looks amazing.
  72. Amazing


    As a blonde my hair is bleached several times a year and has always been a bit dry. This oil is my favourite hair product to keep my hair looking shiny and beautiful. I put this in after every wash and it keeps it soft and sleek. Would recoment! Love it!
  73. Big fan


    Great treatment that leaves my hair hydrated and strengthened. Easy to apply and really does the trick, keeping my locks fresh in between cuts
  74. Not for all hair types


    Beware, I jumped on the bandwagon after this become a cult classic and it was terrible for my fine hair, weighed it down, made it hard to style. Probably amazing for some people, but not worth the investment for me at all.
  75. my go to


    ive tired so many hair oils, and i keep coming back to this one. the smell, the feel - its just the best i have used.
    it can be used in wet or dry hair, my hair feels so soft after use. and no frizz
  76. holy grail!


    Have been purchasing and loving this product for the last 10+ years and I will always continue too. Works perfectly with frizzy and or damaged hair
  77. Pretty amazing


    I’ve been using this oil for a few years now, and I really do like it. It’s one of the best you can buy. I do sometimes alter between other oils just because my hair can sometimes get used to one specific brand. So I like to mix it up. But this is without doubt always in my hair collection. My hair is quite thick and this does a nice job without feeling heavy or greasy. Really helps control frizz too
  78. Amazing for bleached hair


    I received this in a sample from Adore Beauty & after the first use, I immediately purchased the full size. I've tried a few other brands but nothing hydrates like this formula. It restored my dry hair to smooth, glossy & manageable and is now in my cult favorites for my blonde hair care regime.
  79. Liquid Gold

    Forever Young

    If you want hair that shimmers and shines in the summer sun (even after a saltwater swim!). It makes your tresses luminous and silky. It truly is liquid gold.
  80. Best oil I’ve tried


    I love that this isn’t heavy, that it smells amazing and that my super damaged hair looks soft and shiney after using it!
  81. Nice smell

    Ms z

    I was lucky to receive this as a sample I really like it and has a nice smell to it. It’s not heavy at all on your hair like some oil’s however It’s expensive
  82. Nourishing for your hair- must try


    - my hair used to be dry. Started using Moroccan oil and it because silky and soft
    - gorgeous scent. Makes you feel glamorous instantly
    - adds shine
    - great to use as a serum after styling as well as a nourishing product for dry dull hair
    - I use it every day and will continue to
  83. Great product


    It’s pricey but definitely smooths my hair and makes it soft and shiny
  84. Smells so good


    Love using this product just after I’ve washed my hair, I spread just a little bit of the product through the ends of my hair!
  85. Hair saver


    This product does wonders to dry and brittle hair. I have always changed my hair colour often and has been bleached so this product has really stopped my hair front breaking off ! Worth the money !
  86. Simply the best oil for my dry hair


    I have used this oil on and off for the last 8 years or so, and keep coming back to it as others don't compare. I try to sneak away due to the price but nothing else makes my hair feel hydrated without weighing it down. Worth the money.
  87. Brilliant


    Perfect if you want to smooth out frizzy hair!

    Leaves it smooth and soft

    Just don’t use too much!
  88. Great product


    I have very long thick hair that tends to
    Be abit frizz prone so I put three pumps in my hair directly after a shower on my damp hair and my hair feels and looks amazing afterwards
  89. I LOVE this product.


    I used Moroccan oil years and years ago when a friend suggested I try it after damaging my hair from dying. It was amazing then. After having a baby nearly 2 years ago and my hair thing out and being frizzy and horrible I thought I try it again. Omg why did I stop using this
  90. A cult classic that lives up to the hype


    Hair oils are all the rage and I feel that this product may have started the ball rolling being a lightweight natural oil product that helps with breakage and nourishes hair for ultimate hair health. A good investment in the longevity and growth of your hair.
  91. love


    hadn't used this in ages and I don't know why because it is REALLY good
  92. Great product.


    I blow dry my hair almost daily and was starting to notice my hair getting dry. This product has stopped this but is light enough that I don't get any greasiness. Also smells beautiful.
  93. Amazing product


    Amazing oil! Made my fluffy damaged hair smooth and lush! Can’t live without product!!!
  94. A real must have


    I have long fine curly/wavy hair that is prone to the dreaded curse of fluffiness. This product is fantastic, a little goes such a long way. It's not too heavy for my hair and makes my hair feel so soft. I use just a tiny little bit rubbed on my hands and then run through my hair from mid-length to the ends. It keeps the fluffiness at bay and my hair feels amazing. The only down side is that I have become addicted to playing with my hair now, it just feels so soft. Love it.
  95. The one


    Game changer, will never go back. All those cheap alternatives are just nasty and a waste of money. I have naturally wavy/curly hair and using this treatment has changed my hair for the better; from frizzy and unruly I can now leave my hair down and let it air dry. When I style it I always get comments on how shiny my hair is.
  96. A good treatment


    I have a lot of thick, curly hair that has been bleached for years, moroccan oil is a nice treatment to help keep hair healthy and shiny without weighing it down.
    In saying that I'm not a huge fan of the smell, I'd much rather a product that has more of a nutty smell or something softer than the argan smell.
  97. Lifesaver


    I have used this on and off for a long time when my hair is at its worst it makes it feel so soft and smell amazing
  98. The perfect product


    5 STARS****** Moroccan Oil has changed my life. I have thin hair but lots of it thankfully, it was looking very dry and damaged because i use a hairdryer every day. So i started using this product and it is the BOMB. I'm on my second bottle and have had compliments on my hair ever since. My hair feels and looks softer and healthier. I just add 3-4 pumps every morning to towel dried hair to the bottom half of my hair. For an extra boost in softness and shine....once a week before bed put it through your hair starting at the roots massaging it in and making your way down to the ends and just leave it in and sleep on it. Morning after just wash hair and you will notice an extra boost in softness and shine. Gorgeous!!
  99. Incredible


    I have oily roots and dry ends, so I normally stay away from hair oils, just in case it makes my roots even more oily. This product is just incredible, I only use a small amount by rubbing btw my palms first then scrunching it onto the ends of my damp towel dried hair. My hair is now nice and soft, easy to brush through instead of tangling up at the ends. This product protects the ends of my hair as I blow-dry daily. Also leaves a divine and luscious scent on my hair.
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