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MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment 100ml 100ml

4.6 of 288 reviews


4 instalments of $15.99

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4 instalments of $15.99

Or 4 instalments of $15.99 with LEARN MORE

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This richly hydrating oil treatment absorbs quickly for instant results. A deeply nourishing treatment, this formula is safe for all hair types and provides both healing and protection against damage.

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment 100ml

MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment 100ml

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MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment 100ml Reviews

4.6 of 288 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Must have in collection


Very thick oil, super nourishing for hair. Works well after showing or after styling.
Extra shine after using, well worth the money if wanting thick hydrating oil, perfect for dry hair.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not good for fine hair


I used this based on its great reputation for smoothly frizzy hair. I have very fine but lightly curly and frizzy hair. I wanted it to smooth frizz and define curl but I found it too oily and heavy for my hair. It’s a very thick oil so hard to work through evenly. Maybe better for very thick and coarse hair.
  1. Must have in collection


    Very thick oil, super nourishing for hair. Works well after showing or after styling.
    Extra shine after using, well worth the money if wanting thick hydrating oil, perfect for dry hair.
  2. great hair oil


    I have tried so many different hair oils and this oil is by far the best for dry and breaking hair.
  3. Silky and smooth hair


    I have never used anything that makes my hair softer, shinier and healthier-feeling than this. I have really fine hair and find that it doesn't make it greasy and doesn't weigh it down either.
  4. One of my favourite hair products


    I have used Moroccan Oil for years now and so far, there is nothing that can beat the silky softness this product gives my dry hair! I always run it through my ends after heat styling to soften the look and to keep my hair hydrated
  5. Best after care for hair


    To this day, it is still the best after wash hair treatment. If it is too thick, there is a lighter version, however I feel the original works the best for my long hair. Been a cult favourite of mine for nearly 10 years
  6. Softens your hair


    This really helps dry and damaged hair. It makes your hair more manageable and softer. A small amount is all you need so a bottle lasts a long time.
  7. This is my desert-island beauty item!


    I’ve been using MoroccanOil hair oil for over 5 years. It’s absolutely excellent. It smells divine (though just when you apply it, the smell doesn’t last), and you just add it to the ends of your hair on towel-dried hair. When I first started using it, my hair immediately dried because it just sucked up all the moisture! I have very oily hair (at the roots) so have to wash it daily, but the oil ju...
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  8. Best hair oil on the market

    Jen B

    I have been using Moroccanoil original oil treatment for years and it leaves my hair in the best condition! There are similar products out there but they just don't compare to the original. My hairdresser always comments on the fabulous condition of my hair! You only need to use a small amount, the bottle lasts for ages
  9. Best smell ever


    The signature smell of Moroccan Oil is unreal. The oil lasted me a long time too as I have fine hair and a little goes a long way.
  10. Great for hydrating your ends (obsessed with the smell too!!)


    The OG and so worth your money! Lasts you ages and noticeably hydrates your hair not only after one use, but over time too. Couldn't live without especially as I get bleach highlights! The smell is so so amazing too like all Moroccan Oil products - get so many compliments on how nice my hair smells when I use their products!!
  11. The OG Oil


    the original oil from back in the day. been using this for years. cannot go wrong with this. small amount goes a long way and you get a lot for your moneys worth
  12. Beautiful hydrating treatment!

    Bridget Bass

    Really love this oil, it smells beautiful and hydrates my ends.
  13. great for the ends of hair


    i do like this a lot. my hair is long and can be frizzy and dry on the ends but i use this on the tips of my hair after i straighten it and it makes it nice and sleek.

    also use it on damp hair on the ends. wouldnt use it on my hair near the roots that would probably make it extremly greasy quickly since it is an oil. if you had thicker curlier hair it would be better but not for strai...
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  14. Not good for fine hair


    I used this based on its great reputation for smoothly frizzy hair. I have very fine but lightly curly and frizzy hair. I wanted it to smooth frizz and define curl but I found it too oily and heavy for my hair. It’s a very thick oil so hard to work through evenly. Maybe better for very thick and coarse hair.
  15. Not the best


    I didn't love this one. I found it to be super oily and i would only use a tiny amount through the lengths of my hair. Not worth the money in my opinion.
  16. Shiny and hydrated


    This oily feels very thick and lush in your hand, then left my fine dry hair feeling soft, hydrated and shiny. You need very little so the bottle will last forever.
  17. Fantastic


    This is the original hair oil and it is still incredible. It has a wonderful scent and the hair really soaks it in. A little goes a very long way. I have long thick hair and one bottle lasts me 2-3 years.
  18. amazing


    my hairdresser recommend this to me. This product is great at coating and defining each hair for a controlled, polished look.
  19. Great for thick hair


    I have been using this a lot lately and it is so good. It’s great for my thick frizzy hair, it helps make my hair smooth and silky.
  20. Pretty good


    I'm a big fan of the Moroccan oil repair shampoo & conditioner and while I think this oil is quite good, I'm not sure it is the best on the market. I have wavy, dry, bleached & colour treated hair. It was effective on my dry ends and gave my hair a bit of extra shine but the results didn't blow me away like other hair oils have. I'm also not sure if I would repurchase this when there are still so...
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  21. Heaven


    I love this oil, particularly the scent. I have fine hair and it never weighs it down. Seems to help prevent split ends.
  22. Not my favourite product


    I would this product to be very oily and make my hair greasy after use. I think next time I would go for something more lightweight. My hair was more hydrated after use though
  23. Heavy and Dry


    This Oil was not what I expected. It weighed my hair down and turned my hair to straw. Although the Morrocan Oil hair masks work wonders for my hair, this oil is a product I will never repurchase as it did more damage than good.
  24. saved my hair


    I have long wavy hair which i accidentally fried after using too much heat. it began getting a bit ratty and dry on the ends then started going really frizzy. my friends recommended this to me and it has changed my hair! my healthy hair is back. it smells amazing, makes your hair look and feel amazing and lasts for ages in the bottle!


    have had a bottle for ages and use every day. People always ask me if I have had a hair cut because it makes my curly, frizzy ends smooth and neat
  26. Hair feels and smells amazing!


    I was sent a sample of this and I absolutely love it! Leaves me hair looking so shiny and it also smells incredible.
  27. Good hair oil


    Expensive but makes hair shiny and look and feel healthier. Have received many compliments on my hair when I use this. It also smells incredible!!!
  28. Great for frizzy hair


    Sadly I have curly and frizzy hair and I tried a lot of hair product from drug store to luxury range to tame my hair. I can see the different when using this hair treatment oil and without. The treatment oil is not cheap but it works. I got a mini size of sample from the Adorebeauty goodiebag, will definitely come back to get the full size product once I finish with the mini bottle.
  29. Amazing!

    Rachelle H

    This is my favourite hair oil! It smells incredible and leaves my hair feeling so incredibly soft and luscious. Highly recommend
  30. Not oily


    Lovely product, doesn't leave your hair looking/feeling oily afterwards. I apply it after I have washed my hair, and notice that my hair is smoother and healthier looking, especially since my hair is quite dry from blonde highlights. It also stops tangling of my hair.
  31. Leaves my hair soft and shiny


    Since having highlights in my hair, my hair feels a bit dry and gets tangled easily when wet. I use a tiny bit of this through damp hair, avoiding the scalp, before blow drying. It leaves my hair noticeably softer and shinier the next day.
  32. Great, pricey


    Does what it says, what stops me from repurchasing is price
  33. great hair oil


    this is a great oil for my thin hair
    it's not to heavy
    and it tames the frizz
  34. Long time favourite of mine


    Been using this for years and really love it. Helps tame my frizzy hair and keeps it nice and smooth
  35. Great everyday hair oil


    I think this is a great everyday oil just to keep your ends nourished. Plus it smells great, I use it everyday before bed just to keep my hair healthy.
  36. Smells great and hydrating


    love this, it's hydrating, smells great and you only need a little bit so it doesn't end up being that expensive.
  37. Best Hair Oil


    This is the best hair oil on the market and I've tried them all. As a hairdresser, I'm super picky with hair products but this is really is the best and the scent is to die for. Not only does it calm frizziness and add shine, but it actually makes the hair look much more healthy. It is excellent in wavy and straight hair textures only as it is too heavy in my opinion for curly and coily hair textu...
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  38. Nourishing hair treatment


    I really enjoy this product. Leaves my hair in excellent (not oily) condition. Have been using this for a long time and don’t see myself parting ways with it!
  39. Good


    I keep seeing ads on this product on the street & internet, got a sample size, and I think it's okay, i'll give it a 7 out of 10. The smell did not really excite me that much, but it leaves your hair smooth and nice.

    Mama Shaz

    Like I said above, there is nothing better than this hair oil, everyone should have this in their cabinet.
  41. Staple Hair Product


    I highly recommend this!
    My hair is super thick and sometimes frizzy. This really helps with taming and also softening my hair.
    A little goes a long way!
    This is a Hair Staple in my house!
  42. Staple Hair Product


    I highly recommend this!
    My hair is super thick and sometimes frizzy. This really helps with taming and also softening my hair.
    A little goes a long way!
    This is a Hair Staple in my house!
  43. Smells so nice


    The smell of this is so nice and and leaves my hair so soft. It is on the pricier side but you only need a little bit.
  44. So lovely


    The scent is my absolute favourite and it does not weigh your hair down at all. I use every second day and it’s so nourishing
  45. Great product


    This is one of the few oils I can use in my hair that does not weigh it down, yet still provides a high level of hydration. I like to use it when my hair is damp after a wash and then just in the ends as needed throughout the day.
  46. Cannot be without


    I use this on damp hair, and then daily through the ends. I have dry curly hair and it helps with the condition.
  47. Hero Product.


    This is a cult product for a reason. It absorbs nicely and gives strength and shine to the hair
  48. Holy grail


    Luxurious, hydrating and moisturising oil. A little goes a long way.
  49. Perfect Silky Extensions!


    I’ve always struggled to find the perfect hair oil for keeping my hair extensions looking silky & feeling new! Extensions dry out so easily and can look ratty if not taken care of. This hair oil is the only one that works! Not too heavy & smells beautiful.
  50. Iconic


    This is an iconic product. It is well worth the money for how smooth and well-styled it helps your hair look. Would recommend!
  51. My Forever Hair Oil


    I have wavy/semi frizzy hair - This oil has changed everything! Completely tames my frizz & looks super healthy. Will never stray from Moroccanoil! Worth the $$
  52. Holy grail hair oil


    This hair oil would have to be my holy grail! I’ve used it bottle after bottle for the past two years and even after trying different ones I always come back to this one. My hair instantly feels softer and more manageable when I put it in, the smell is absolutely beautiful and although the price point is a little steep it lasts sooo long so makes it so worth it!
  53. Perfect oil!!


    Re purchased this after using this religiously a few years ago. Literally amazing! It doesn't leave a heaviness in the hair and smells phenomenal. I have dry hair due to lightening and after a week of using every morning and every night, my hair is back to being so soft.
  54. Lovely


    Really good oil! Have been using it for about a year now and havent looked back. I’m usually not a fan of oil but this one is so light it feels like it absorbs into the hair quickly and makes it feel super soft and shiny. I love it
  55. the BEST oil on the market.. AMAZING!!’


    I am actually obsessed with this oil!! I use with Moroccan Oil ‘Repair’ shampoo and conditioner and my thin, dry and colour damaged hair is so much healthier now!! I can not believe how much this product hydrates my lengths and ends without weighing down my fine hair and the smell is divine!! A little goes a long way too which is a good thing because it is pricey but I have long hair and one bottl...
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  56. Great all round oil


    My hairdresser introduced me to this one. I use it when my hair is wet (put it on the ends) but mostly, I use it after I have done my hair in the morning to smooth ends and flyaways. I buy it in the small travel size and it lasts forever!
  57. Forever and always


    I love this hair oil! I’ve repurchased it about 6 times.
    I use one pump on damp hair and half a pump on dry hair to smooth any frizz. Has a lovely scent that’s not overpowering and keep your hair hydrated and manageable between washes.
  58. Smell amazing


    I have long coloured hair. It leaves my hair feeling soft and tames fly aways. Using a small amount I apply to mid lengths and end of hair. It has a nice smell, and the bottle lasts a really long time. I don't like the pump, as it pumps out way too much product. I kept the cap to open/close my bottle. With the bottle open, I turn a small amount out onto my palm quickly, before turning the bottle u...
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  59. Silky and smooth hair


    I've been using Moroccan oil for years & it makes my hair feel silky and smooth. I usually apply it to the ends of my hair after washing and drying.
  60. I've been using this for years now, it makes my hair look healthy fresh


    I find this oil makes my hair feel stronger and look healthy and fresh. I often but it's in wet hair before swimming in the ocean. I find that really helps to protect my hair from getting too much salt and sun.
  61. Makes your hair smooth


    I use this oil after I straighten my hair after blow drying and it really makes a difference. I apply a thumbnail amount and rub it into my palms and apply it to the ends of my hair and it makes it look super smooth and luscious. The beautiful scent is a bonus!
  62. Like a salon treatment!


    I have the most unruly curls that cannot be tamed by many products. Whenever I use this product though my curls have life! They shine, are much more manageable, become incredibly soft and have a real polished look about them! Highly recommend!
  63. Nice


    smells nice and does help with fly-aways. Doesn't feel heavy.
  64. Frizz Free


    This is honestly the best product for frizzy hair and flyaways. I have tried a million products but always vom3 back to this.
  65. Brilliant


    I have used this product for years - it is amazing. It leaves my hair feeling smooth and healthy. Would definitely recommend
  66. Still a favourite


    I’ve been using this for 10 years and it’s still a massive favourite for me. Does such a beautiful job at controlling frizz and keeping my hair smooth and silky
  67. If you find this to greasy use the light version


    When my hair was thick I used this version. Now that my hair is really thin I have to use the light version or else it looks to greasy and weighed down.
  68. Couldn't live without it!


    I used to use this oil years ago and stopped using it because I wanted to find a more affordable option.

    I tried SO many different leave-in treatments but not a single one of them did anything close to what this does for my long and thick hair.

    I finally bought this in one of the duo packs with the dry body oil and I'll never use anything else. It's the only treatment tha...
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  69. One of the best oils for very dry hair

    Chele Pagno

    This is one of my favourites hair oils.
    This product smells amazing and will completely defrizz your hair. Made my hair soft and smooth without being oily. A little goes a long way so the price isn't bad considering this. I can use it on wet or dry hair,it is really great with dry hair!
  70. so good


    i usually don’t like hair oils cause they tend to weigh my hair down but i love this one, smells good and makes my hair feel super healthy. it also lasts a super long time as you only need to use a little bit ! i’ve had it for nearly a over 6 and not even used half and i use it weekly
  71. dull hair repair


    I love this for when my hair is dry and dull! Makes my hair look and feel shinier, softer and healthier!!
  72. So soft!


    My hair looks so soft and shiny after using this. I absolutely love the smell too!
  73. Lush hair oil


    What is there not to love about this hair oil?!
    Softens hair without producing any greasiness or heaviness. It has a gorgeous fresh scent. This oil has significantly improved the quality, condition and look of my hair. I’m never without it and always repurchase.
  74. Good but not great


    Good but leaves hair oily and not a freshly cleaned feeling
  75. Use tiny amount!


    I have been using this product for years but the tip is to use only 1 or 2 drops! Too much will weigh down your hair and make it feel greasy!
  76. Good for dry hair


    Great for dry hair. But if you have fine hair it can weigh it down so best not to use too much.
  77. Good for dry ends


    I bought this for the first time years ago from my hairdresser when this product first went crazy! I have medium, dry, wavy/curly hair and I used, and continue to use, on my ends (from about half way up my hair follicle). It does keep them healthier looking and feeling healthier than when I don't use it, as I sometimes go through stages when I forget to put it in, but it doesn't seem to have as lo...
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  78. THE BEST


    I love this product, Ive been using it for years. Makes my hair feel amazing and helps the blonde not feel so dry.
  79. Not for blondes


    I love moroccan oil after the beach and after purple washing hair. Unfortunately it does make my blonde hair go brassy quick. Would recommend the light version.
  80. Little goes a long way


    Is a lovely texture and the bottle lasts forever!! Use daily in summer when swimming and my hair loves it!
  81. Adds a lot of shine!


    Moroccan Oil was the only leave in hair product I ever brought until I switched over to cream products because my hair desperately needed some moisture and hydration! I find that creams add more moisture and hydration to my hair but Moroccan Oil always leaves my hair feeling shiny, smooth and soft. So if that is what you want this is a great product!
  82. Smells delish!


    I started out using a tiny amount of this as I thought it would make my hair oily, but i've now increased the amount and only use it on the ends of my hair and it works a treat! It makes my hair look so much healthier on the ends and has the added bonus of smelling absolutely delicious.
  83. A princess hair!


    I have been using this for years! Doesn't matter how damaged your hair is, this oil will help you to bring it back to life. Not only gives the most amazing shine and balance when you style your hair, but will also treat it. This has saved my bleached hair more than once, can't live without it.
  84. Great stuff


    I’ve been using this in my hair for the past 12 years. It’s really great for frizzy hair without completely weighing it down and making it feel greasy. It smells really good too
  85. Gorgeous hair oil


    I received it as a gift sample but planning on getting the full size once finished! It smells divine and makes my hair shine without feeling sticky.
  86. classsic for a reason


    don't bother with other heat protecting oils - the OG is the best and worth every cent - a little goes a long way so you'll be using this for ages.
  87. liking it


    I received this as a gift. While I am not normally a fan of hair oils, i love this product, and i just putting it on the end of my locks, not the whole head, and i found this better for my hair without the greasy feeling the next day.
  88. Amazing product


    This oil really does wonders! Makes my hair soft, supple and shiny. Also doubles as a heat protector! I have fine hair so I do prefer the finer version of this product.


    I cannot believe how much my hair loves this- i will honestly never go without it now it just feels incredible and for me totally non greasy.
  90. great after swim treatment


    I received this as a GWP. While I am not normally a fan of hair oils - I find oils feel too heavy on my hair - it's a personal preference thing, I did try this as an after swim hair conditioner and it worked well.
  91. The OG of hair oils


    This stuff is the original best hair oil, it smells amazing, smooths frizz and keeps hair looking healthy, tidy and shiny. LOVE
  92. Amazing!


    I've been using this for years! It does amazing things to my hair and it always leaves it so smooth!
  93. Perfect


    I had a stubborn patch of ezcema on my back and scalp that I found my conditioner was making worse so I started using this instead after shampooing and drying off my hair a little. It has never looked and felt so healthy, I’ve tried other argan oils in the past that leave me looking like an oil slick but this is so different. I get longer out of washes, my hair doesn’t start knotting right away, I...
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  94. Great Frizz Controller


    Great silicone-based product that effectively moisturisers, controls frizz and flyaways. Helps to assist with styling, however if you use too much it can leave hair looking a little greasy.
  95. If you have dry or frizzy hair you should get it


    My hair is dry due to highlighting and styling and this helps to make them at least feel and look less damaged. It is will not repair your hair but will make the more manageable. I only use it for the ends.
  96. Amazing!


    This is the best conditioning oil I have ever used! Makes my hair so soft and shiny!
  97. Mixed feeling for this one


    I like to apply the treatment to my semi-dried hair (by towel) after shower; it has definitely made my hair smoother and less frizzy in the morning; however in my opinion, the smell could be more pleasant.
  98. Smells great!


    This stuff smells so good, I’m not sure if it even does anything to my hair if I’m being honest, but it makes me hair smell great!
  99. The only thing I reach for..one stop shop


    A friend put me into this several years ago....I swapped to it and haven’t looked back...
    I have thick, curly, frizzy hair. When I want to wear it curly, I rub this in after washing and twirl and scrunch...minimal frizz..keeps the curls together and soft.
    Or if I’m going straight, I use two pumps (I have very long hair) through the mid section and ends and blow dry it boofy, then stra...
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  100. Been using for years!


    I've got super frizzy hair and this smoothes it out so nicely!!
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