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MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment LIGHT 100ml

4.7 of 67 reviews


4 instalments of $15.99

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4 instalments of $15.99

Or 4 instalments of $15.99 with LEARN MORE

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The original bestselling MOROCCANOIL OIL TREATMENT has gone light!

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment LIGHT Reviews

4.7 of 67 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I love this stuff. I have fine bleached long hair... so it gets really knotty after washing it. I put this in after I've finished my shower and works as a great detangler and smoother. Smells devine too.

Most Helpful Criticism

Smells amazing


I received this as a sample after only having tried the normal oil.
I found my hair needed more than I'd normally apply as I have thirsty, wavy hair that's prone to frizz.
Because this product is heavy on the silicones, I use it sparingly and more as an occasional finishing serum after straightening. Too much of it makes my hair look terrible over time and it's just not worth regular use.
  1. Impressive


    Although Moroccan Oil has been out for a long time this was my first experience with the product and it didn't disappoint. It was just as I expected and smoothed my thick, frizzy hair.
  2. My hairdresser recommended this


    My hairdresser recommended this I have bleached blonde hair that was dry and getting split ends even though I conditioned it. I also get an oily scalp. This oil feels really nice to touch, really fine. It stopped me getting so many split ends and reduced frizziness by a lot! The bottle would have lasted ages but my husband accidentally smashed it on the bathroom tiles. Note it comes in a glass bot...
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  3. Love


    verified purchaser
    I love this stuff. I have fine bleached long hair... so it gets really knotty after washing it. I put this in after I've finished my shower and works as a great detangler and smoother. Smells devine too.
  4. Grease free delight


    The smell is Divine!! protects my hair all without the extra weight. Not greasy the next morning, Love it so much!
  5. An absolute favourite


    Smells amazing and keeps my hair healthy and shiny. Unlike the original version, I don't find this too heavy to use during the day, and it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it look greasy.
  6. LOVE!


    verified purchaser
    I've been using this product for years and absolutely love how it makes my hair look (and smell!). I found that the normal moroccan oil made my fine hair quite oily - so definitely go with the light version if you have fine hair.
  7. For those who find the original too heavy


    My housemate bought this alternative while I was using the regular Moroccan oil and let me trial it out. I have thin fine hair that suits this light version much more I find as it isn’t as heavy on the hair and delivers the same results of smoothness shine and less frizz. Would recommend for those who found the original too heavy. Great results!
  8. Great Staple!


    Moroccan oil is not as popular as it used to be now there are so many other treatments that give the same or better results. I have gone back to using this after keratin treatments as it is more affordable and gives similar results to my hair. It has a beautiful smell and feel and is so easy to use.
  9. favourite oil


    I have been using this oil for years and it is my absolute favourite.
    I apply to my ends only, and the tiniest left over amount along my frienge (i have very drizzy dry curly hair)
  10. Love


    Love this oil, the only one I've used that actually keeps my hair hydrated after applying and is not greasy at all. Also smells amazing
  11. great


    I love how youre able to build this oil up and still not get greasy hair! I love to re-apply throughout the day and my hair never gets super greasy or oily!
  12. Light, but heavy on light fine hair


    I have been using product on and off since 2011 after being recommended by a hairdresser. I found the regular oil far too heavy for my fine hair and made it look very limp and greasy. This lighter oil is far better on my hair, although you still only require a very minimal amount. Even with regular use one of this bottles will last for ages if you have fine hair. Again over application will weigh ...
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  13. blonde friendly


    Used this as alternative to the original moroccan oil as that was making my hair brassy. Love this product. Only a tiny but is needed or it will make your hair greasy.
  14. Worth the hype


    Everyone has talked about moroccan oil for so long and theres a good reason for it. This oil is amazing and really makes my hair look and feel incredible. Highly recommend.
  15. Devine Hair Oil


    Love this hair oil so very much. Sometimes if I run out I will try different types but I always miss this one until I can get it again. Absolutely love the beautiful smell & the way it shines & smoothes my hair like nothing else. My partner even comments on how beautiful my hair looks, feels & smells whenever I have used this beauty.
  16. Smells amazing


    I received this as a sample after only having tried the normal oil.
    I found my hair needed more than I'd normally apply as I have thirsty, wavy hair that's prone to frizz.
    Because this product is heavy on the silicones, I use it sparingly and more as an occasional finishing serum after straightening. Too much of it makes my hair look terrible over time and it's just not worth regular...
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  17. My Hair Saviour


    I have been using this product on and off for about 5 years and always come back to it. It helps moisturise my hair without leaving it feel heavy or oily. I have blonde hair which is why i use the light version as the regular tends to send my hair brassy. Amazing product.
  18. Game changer


    I’ve been using this product for over 2 years now n can’t seem to change to another. It makes my hair silky smooth without making it greasy. Also smells Devine :)))
  19. Brilliant product


    I love the light version one, keep my hair shine and healthy. The smell is so good too. 1 bottle last more than a year now. Will definitely buy again.
  20. love this


    love this oil. makes my dry hair feel soft and shiny. i love to put this at the ends of my hair after i straighten it to make it extra slick and gives me an amazing shine
  21. The best hair oil on the market


    I LOVE moroccan oil. I have used both the original and the light but use the light now due to the fact I have blonde hair and have heard the original can stain blonde hair. Not sure if that's true but they are both much the same in terms of quality. I have tried other hair oils (such as luxe oil) but have always come back to moroccan and have used it for years now! I apply it along with a leave-in...
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  22. Prefer over the original


    Although the original isn’t too heavy, this is great if you’re wanting to reapply it several days in a row without washing your hair. It eliminates frizz and is great to apply to your ends if they are dry, I also blow dry my hair with this- perfect multipurpose product.
  23. Not as good as original


    I found for my blonde hair this wasn’t as nourishing as the original. I was put onto the light as I had white blonde hair but just didn’t think put as much into my hair. I’ll always stick to original now
  24. perfect for dry/frizzy hair


    love love love this product, it says to apply to damp hair but i never do as i use the eleven hair protector on wet hair! i then straighten or style my hair and use a pea size amount of moroccanoil and it not only makes my hair feel smoother, it makes it less frizzy and appears heaps healthier, which is ideal for someone like me who has thin hair due to bleaching! the light treatment is perfect fo...
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  25. Smooth hair but expensive


    This is the most expensive hair care product for me ever. It does smooth my fessy hair and moisturize the root as well, but I believe I can find another much cheaper brand to replace it definitely.
  26. Perfect for fine, dry hair


    I have very fine hair, so this light oil is fantastic for my dry ends.

    I use this in damp hair, before styling, just on my ends and then comb it through my hair. I also sometimes use it on my ends after styling. It leaves my hair shiny and soft and makes it look really nourished and healthy
  27. My hair would be lost without this


    I have oily roots but very dry ends with bleached hair. I really notice a significant difference in the softness of my hair when I pop this in after washing as opposed to without it! It's a lot easier to brush through and more manageable, as well as being beautifully soft. Definitely recommend!
  28. Perfect for extra nourishing


    I love this treatment. I have long blonde balayage hair which can get oily and weighed down easily. However, this treatment is light enough to nourish and not make my hair oily. I like that it can also be used on wet or dry hair. It is perfect for sleek looks too.
  29. Lovely Product


    This products smells amazing! Feels lovely in my hair (nice and light as per label) and makes my hair soft and silky.
    (My hair is long and thick and can get frizzy)


    I'm a blonde ( well fake blonde) and this product keeps my ends from splitting and keeps my hair healthy and hydrated. Using the light one also helps prevent my hair turning yellow.


    I love love love this product. I have fine thin hair with frizzy ends so worry about putting oil anywhere near my hair but this product is perfect! I leave it in my ends overnight and wash it out in the morning for the best results.
  32. Be Still My Beating Heart


    My hair is fine, bleached, dry, and prone to oily roots. This oil is incredible at softening my hair, taming fly-aways, and controlling the oil on my scalp. It doesn't weigh my hair down at all, but instead it leaves it light and bouncy and smelling incredible. A little goes a long way, so it's incredible value for money. I absolutely LOVE this oil!
  33. Its like you just left the hairdressers


    You know that feeling when you leave the hairdressers and your hair is silk and shiny and you're like: "I want my hair to feel this way forever" - well this is the stuff my hairdresser uses on every person in the salon.

    I normally have oily hair so "Hair Oil" sounded scary to me.

    I was told to use it as follows: 1 pump into damp hair (ends only, maybe 3 inches on my mid...
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  34. My hair loves this


    I have short hair, and it is often dry. I also have a sensitive scalp and don't like to use highly perfumed products on my hair or body. This is great to keep my hair moisturised and looking good. I use several of the MoroccanOil products and just love them!
  35. Bomb.com


    This stuff is heavenly if you need moisture but don’t want to weigh your hair down too much. I have thick, curly, dehydrated hair and I use this as an overnight treatment from root to tip when my hair needs some tlc and I also use it as a leave in treatment for my ends after every wash
  36. Nice but has silicone


    I love this product but only use it when I have an event as it has silicone in it, one that is also very hard to remove from hair. I do love the product though. I have very fine hair and I use products which can dry it out so this keeps it in check when I need to impress or use heat products. I find this protects it and keeps it nice and smooth/shiny.
  37. Love what it does to my hair


    I recently tried a sample of this one and I really like how it makes my hair feel. I have tried the normal Moroccan Oil but have to say the Light one is better for those with combination hair. My hair isn't very thick so it works well. A little pricey but will last you forever.
  38. Ok


    I received a small sample of this which has lasted me ages. I’ve been using it everyday but don’t really find many benefits from this aside from that fact that it smells quite lovely. Doesn’t seem to really hydrate or keep frizz at bay and there are definitely cheaper products out there that work just as well or even better.
  39. Will work but maybe not how you'd expect


    I have fine hair and dry ends, particularly since getting balayage on my black hair. This was an essential product for me for years to smooth the dreaded fluffy hair situation, although I use it far less now. I apply it through the mid-lengths and ends of damp hair before drying it off. Definitely smooths and decreases frizz. It's very light and doesn't weigh hair down or make it greasy.
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  40. I love everything about this.


    I love this product. The smell, the bottle, the colour, the consistency, the effect it has on my hair. I have fine coloured hair and this product is a dream. My hair looks and feels healthier with less breakage and it doesn't leave a residue coating or weigh my hair down.


    With twice-bleached hair, my hair loves this nourishing oil. It's not heavy and it keeps my hair healthy without it looking excessively oily! I find that it's best to use it right after showering and when styling hair to keep away those pesky flyaways!
  42. Love It


    I have used this product for many years and it is still my favourite leave in. Does not weigh down my fine, curly hair but transforms it. Terrific.
  43. love love love


    i absolutely love this oil. It makes my ends feel absolutely amazing and makes my hair go from dry and frizzy to silky smooth . would recommend
  44. LOVE this product


    I have color treated hair and this hair oil is nourishing, smoothing and smells great. The pump applicator ensures i only use the right amount of the product. Have repurchased this a few times ;0
  45. nice but


    I've loved this product for a long time, however I've been trying to stop using silicones etc on my skin and hair and unfortunately this is is full of them, I'll still use it very rarely if I'm going out but will mostly just stick to pure oils now. It's a shame because it really is great otherwise.
  46. I swear by Moroccan oil


    I love this product. It helps maintain the condition of my bleached hair without any colour fade
  47. Good


    This is nice for smoothing hair, I use it to tame fly always after a blow dry and also use on dry ends.
  48. Great for Blondes!


    After reading a previous review, I am a little disappointed about the ingredients.

    However, having quite platinum blonde hair I am always looking for something to help stay healthy - and this works! The bottle has lasted quite a while, as you don't need a lot!
  49. Dissapointed


    The ingredients weren't listed online when I purchased this, and when It arrived I read the bottle and saw it was full of silicone? I thought by the name that this would have a high percentage of natural oil, unfortunately not. Had I known I would not purchase, you can get products with very similar ingredients for under $10 in the grocery store. On the plus side, if you don't care about that, it ...
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  50. My fav oil


    Always makes my bleached hair feel soft and silky. With dry blonde hair a good oil is so necessary. This is a favourite. Its light weight and easy to use. Not at all too heavy if you have thin hair.
  51. Great Product


    I am a long time Moroccan Oil devotee. My hair is always more healthy when I am regularly using this product. I apply to towel driend hair every time after shampoo and conditioning and I find it never weighs down my fine hair. This is a holy grail product for me
  52. Very good product


    I’ve used more than 5 bottle of this hair oil, I have fine and dry hair, I use this every time when I had shower. It makes my hair very soft and hydrated, also smells amazing. Love this, and will continue to repurchase.
  53. great for dry hair


    i have dry long hair and this takes the frizz away amazingly. i use it on damp hair or dry hair when my ends are getting a bit scraggy or even after i straighten my hair i put some on the ends to make it nice and smooth and shiny. have repurchased multiple times
  54. Amazing!


    I have fine to very fine hair with one patch of course kinky hair amongst my mostly curly to wavy hair. This oil has been great. So far it's helped me recover my curls from heat damage and damage from hair dye. For the first time since I was a kid, I've seen my hair curl up to the roots. Something I thought it could no longer see or achieve.

    I bought the light one for myself and the o...
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  55. Awesome for fine, dry hair


    The difference in my hair since using Moroccan oil is ridiculous. I have fine, dry hair that goes limp easily. Also suffer from scalp psoriasis so a lot of products irritate my scalp. I use Moroccan oil in my hair after I was it, still damp, and then blow dry. It make sure it shiny, bouncy and it feels really strong after continued use. I always get asked what my secret product is. I only need on...
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  56. Brilliant for fine blonde hair!


    I have fine blonde hair and finding a treatment that doesn't make my hair feel like an oil slick the next day is a nightmare.
    Gave this product a go and bam... Finally an oil treatment that doesn't weigh my hair down!
    Lovely light feel & smells devine.
  57. Great product


    Love the smell. Had used a sample of the blow dry concentrate which I loved but was out of stock so thought I'd give this a go. I have fine light coloured hair that is generally difficult to manage. While it leaves my hair lovely and soft, I think maybe the blow dry concentrate left it slightly more manageable.
  58. Love this!


    Love this product. I have dark asian hair that's been dyed down to a brown/ash blonde so my hair is not as healthy as it was originally. This product just soaks into my hair follicles and bammm, my hair is silky smooth again!! And it smells AMAZING! A bottle lasts for ages. I have long hair and I've had this bottle for months and am barely half way through it. The product also came highly recommen...
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  59. Loved It


    I loved this product! My hair is naturally curly and gets frizzy in all weather. I use a small amount on damp hair and it works wonders! It leaves my hair feeling light and shiny without making it greasy.
    Would definitely recommend this.
  60. The ultimate hair oil


    This is amaze-balls, I loved the original Moroccan oil so I had high hopes for this formula - and it did not disappoint. Smells divine, and leaves my hair silky smooth and soft. My newly bleached hair feels so healthy and lush after I use this, particularly since my ends are having a bit of a frizz issue and it totally tames them. Haven't noticed it staining my hair either - so far, so good!
  61. My saviour!


    Unfortunately I was born with my Dad's genes in the hair department! It's lifeless, naturally straight and SO fine! To top it off I've been dying it light blonde since I was 16. I use this product religiously to restore a bit of health and a lot of shine. I apply a tiny amount to damp hair to help control the flyaways, which leaves my hair smelling divine!
  62. Worth the hype


    As somebody with long, dyed bright red hair have something that offers intense moisture is important. Before I started using MOROCCANOIL my hair was dry, breaking and just awful looking. Now I put a tiny bit in when my hairs still damp (a little goes a long way which is another bus) and my hair is now back to it's former shining glory. Would definitely recommend this product, particularly to any l...
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  63. Love this!


    I don't know how I managed my hair before discovering this stuff. It makes my hair silky smooth, shiny and reduces the amount of frizz!
  64. love this product!


    This is a fantastic product for fine hair, as it gives shine and softness without weighing hair down or giving a greasy appearance. My hair is shiny for the first time in years!
  65. Essential


    This really does live up to the hype. I've been using the original formula since its release but the light version really is better for blondes. I consider this product to be essential for anyone with hair.

    I also use this on my dog. Keeps her hair shiny and healthy and makes her smell beautiful.
  66. Beauty staple


    Had been recommended moroccan oil time and time again, so thought it was finally time to give it a go!

    I LOVE IT.

    Does not weigh down hair at all, but makes my hair almost impossibly soft and shiny.

    It's not that cheap, but a little of the oil goes a long way and I see the bottle lasting for months!
  67. love it

    Sarah G (Adore Beauty Staff)

    i have thin hair, and have used the original formula for years. I thought i'd try something different and got the light, and I couldn't be happier that I did. I absolutely love it, it doesn't weigh my hair down at all and my hair doesn't feel oily so quick. My split ends are now looking amazing!
  68. Anonymous

    I had heard about the miracle of Argan Oil, being a tough customer I was sceptical-"I'll bet it's got so much synthetic stuff in it that my hair will turn to jelly". But my fine, light, dried up hair was in need of a miracle, so I bought it. My, oh my! I could not stop touching my hair! I added a palmful to my lengths and ends after towel drying my hair, waited five minutes and blow-dried with the...
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