MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment LIGHT

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The original best selling MOROCCANOIL® OIL TREATMENT has gone light!

This new super-light formula was specifically created for the delicate needs of those with fine or light coloured hair.

Still featuring signature power ingredient Argan Oil, MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment LIGHT features a lighter colour and consistency than the MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment while still delivering those amazing results!

- Fortifies hair from root to tip and improves elasticity
- Restores shine and softness to dull, lifeless hair
- Strengthens brittle hair
- Promotes healing and provides nourishment to hair damaged by colouring and styling without weighing hair down
- Protects against UV damage and other environmental factors
- Reduces drying time and speeds up styling time




For healthy, smooth and strikingly shiny hair, apply a small amount of Moroccan Oil through damp hair and style as usual.

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Reviews (18)
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Great Product - 21-03-2018 by

I am a long time Moroccan Oil devotee. My hair is always more healthy when I am regularly using this product. I apply to towel driend hair every time after shampoo and conditioning and I find it never weighs down my fine hair. This is a holy grail product for me

Very good product - 06-03-2018 by

I’ve used more than 5 bottle of this hair oil, I have fine and dry hair, I use this every time when I had shower. It makes my hair very soft and hydrated, also smells amazing. Love this, and will continue to repurchase.

great for dry hair - 19-02-2018 by

i have dry long hair and this takes the frizz away amazingly. i use it on damp hair or dry hair when my ends are getting a bit scraggy or even after i straighten my hair i put some on the ends to make it nice and smooth and shiny. have repurchased multiple times

Amazing! - 09-01-2018 by

I have fine to very fine hair with one patch of course kinky hair amongst my mostly curly to wavy hair. This oil has been great. So far it's helped me recover my curls from heat damage and damage from hair dye. For the first time since I was a kid, I've seen my hair curl up to the roots. Something I thought it could no longer see or achieve.

I bought the light one for myself and the original for my mother. I made the right choice. My fine hair is very easily weighed down and doesn't always absorb the moisture it needs. I've been using this oil in place of leave in conditioners and sometimes I use it as a detangler. The top layer of my hair is the most damaged from the sun as well and prone to tangles and this oil has relieved me of this issue. I also don't have to worry about my ends as much.

This is also the only product that I have used that can actually eliminate humidity frizz. Where I live in NSW the humidity is frequently 80% leaving me with constantly frizzy hair until I bought this.

I highly recommend this if you are trying to recover from any sort of damage or are trying to take care of naturally curly or wavy hair.

Awesome for fine, dry hair - 09-01-2018 by

The difference in my hair since using Moroccan oil is ridiculous. I have fine, dry hair that goes limp easily. Also suffer from scalp psoriasis so a lot of products irritate my scalp. I use Moroccan oil in my hair after I was it, still damp, and then blow dry. It make sure it shiny, bouncy and it feels really strong after continued use. I always get asked what my secret product is. I only need one or two pumps for my medium length hair so it last ages. I also don't have to wash my hair as often now. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Brilliant for fine blonde hair! - 28-09-2017 by

I have fine blonde hair and finding a treatment that doesn't make my hair feel like an oil slick the next day is a nightmare.
Gave this product a go and bam... Finally an oil treatment that doesn't weigh my hair down!
Lovely light feel & smells devine.

Great product - 18-09-2017 by

Love the smell. Had used a sample of the blow dry concentrate which I loved but was out of stock so thought I'd give this a go. I have fine light coloured hair that is generally difficult to manage. While it leaves my hair lovely and soft, I think maybe the blow dry concentrate left it slightly more manageable.

Love this! - 24-07-2015 by

Love this product. I have dark asian hair that's been dyed down to a brown/ash blonde so my hair is not as healthy as it was originally. This product just soaks into my hair follicles and bammm, my hair is silky smooth again!! And it smells AMAZING! A bottle lasts for ages. I have long hair and I've had this bottle for months and am barely half way through it. The product also came highly recommended by my hairdresser too.

Loved It - 09-12-2014 by

I loved this product! My hair is naturally curly and gets frizzy in all weather. I use a small amount on damp hair and it works wonders! It leaves my hair feeling light and shiny without making it greasy.
Would definitely recommend this.

The ultimate hair oil - 06-12-2014 by

This is amaze-balls, I loved the original Moroccan oil so I had high hopes for this formula - and it did not disappoint. Smells divine, and leaves my hair silky smooth and soft. My newly bleached hair feels so healthy and lush after I use this, particularly since my ends are having a bit of a frizz issue and it totally tames them. Haven't noticed it staining my hair either - so far, so good!

My saviour! - 26-03-2014 by

Unfortunately I was born with my Dad's genes in the hair department! It's lifeless, naturally straight and SO fine! To top it off I've been dying it light blonde since I was 16. I use this product religiously to restore a bit of health and a lot of shine. I apply a tiny amount to damp hair to help control the flyaways, which leaves my hair smelling divine!

Worth the hype - 17-09-2013 by

As somebody with long, dyed bright red hair have something that offers intense moisture is important. Before I started using MOROCCANOIL my hair was dry, breaking and just awful looking. Now I put a tiny bit in when my hairs still damp (a little goes a long way which is another bus) and my hair is now back to it's former shining glory. Would definitely recommend this product, particularly to any long haired babes out there.

Love this! - 08-07-2013 by

I don't know how I managed my hair before discovering this stuff. It makes my hair silky smooth, shiny and reduces the amount of frizz!

love this product! - 23-01-2013 by

This is a fantastic product for fine hair, as it gives shine and softness without weighing hair down or giving a greasy appearance. My hair is shiny for the first time in years!

Essential - 03-10-2012 by

This really does live up to the hype. I've been using the original formula since its release but the light version really is better for blondes. I consider this product to be essential for anyone with hair.

I also use this on my dog. Keeps her hair shiny and healthy and makes her smell beautiful.

Beauty staple - 19-09-2012 by

Had been recommended moroccan oil time and time again, so thought it was finally time to give it a go!


Does not weigh down hair at all, but makes my hair almost impossibly soft and shiny.

It's not that cheap, but a little of the oil goes a long way and I see the bottle lasting for months!

love it - 28-08-2012 by

i have thin hair, and have used the original formula for years. I thought i'd try something different and got the light, and I couldn't be happier that I did. I absolutely love it, it doesn't weigh my hair down at all and my hair doesn't feel oily so quick. My split ends are now looking amazing!

- 23-11-2010 by

I had heard about the miracle of Argan Oil, being a tough customer I was sceptical-"I'll bet it's got so much synthetic stuff in it that my hair will turn to jelly". But my fine, light, dried up hair was in need of a miracle, so I bought it. My, oh my! I could not stop touching my hair! I added a palmful to my lengths and ends after towel drying my hair, waited five minutes and blow-dried with the Parlux - yow-zah! Smooth, soft, bouncy, shiny, not at all greasy...fabulous! It's an all-in one, so save the four product ritual and some drawer space and just buy this!

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