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Medik8 Surface Radiance Cleanse 150ml 150ml

4.3 of 104 reviews


4 instalments of $11.00

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4 instalments of $11.00

Or 4 instalments of $11.00 with LEARN MORE

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Infused with AHA and BHA's, this cleanser gently breaks down impurities, exfoliates dead skin and clears blocked pores to help prevent breakouts and promotes a smooth, bright complexion. With continued use, this foaming exfoliating cleanser will help soften the appearance of fine lines and improve skin texture. 

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Cosmeceuticals

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GREAT - 82% recommend

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Medik8 Surface Radiance Cleanse 150ml

Medik8 Surface Radiance Cleanse 150ml

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Medik8 Surface Radiance Cleanse 150ml Reviews

4.3 of 104 reviews

82% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My product I didnt know I needed

Rachael Harron

I love how gentle the aha and bha is it means I can use it twice a day no worries

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for everyone


I purchased this cleanser to change things up for my skin routine as my skin had become used to the previous cleanser I was using. Unfortunately, within one week of using this product I noticed I was getting little whiteheads around my mouth and on my forehead ( I have never had this happen before). It is accompanied by redness and is slightly tender. While this product smells amazing and first off left my skin also feeling amazing....it is not for me.
  1. My product I didnt know I needed

    Rachael Harron

    I love how gentle the aha and bha is it means I can use it twice a day no worries
  2. Great alternative

    Jess M

    I received a full sample and have been using in place of my regular cleanser during my morning skin routine. It is a lovely new addition that foams up easily with only a small amount, smells amazing and compliments my other Medik8 products used in the evening. As I have combination skin I don't use it twice a day, mornings is enough.
  3. Sensitive skin beware!

    Yasmin Richards

    I ordered this product after a recommendation from a beautician friend. While the product smells amazing and goes on nicely, afterwards did not feel good. My skin became very sore and sensitive, I noticed more acne and little bubbles on my skin. It also caused a lot of redness and dry skin patches to almost all areas of my face. I have no doubt that this product is effective but would not recommen...
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  4. Love it


    I love this cleanser - it leaves my skin feeling super clean and fresh but isn't too harsh. I have sensitive skin and don't have any issues using this daily. It definitely makes my skin look brighter and clearer, and evens out my skin tone.
  5. Great in the mornings


    I love Medik8 and have always been a fan of their oil cleanser. I received this as a sample and nearly finished it. Would repurchase. It is lightly foamy and not harsh, I only use in morning in shower (then onto vitamin C serum etc) as not sure how good it would be at removing makeup. I find a pea size is enough and you can use the last bits to do face and dec. Loses half a star as it can make sk...
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  6. Not for everyone


    I purchased this cleanser to change things up for my skin routine as my skin had become used to the previous cleanser I was using. Unfortunately, within one week of using this product I noticed I was getting little whiteheads around my mouth and on my forehead ( I have never had this happen before). It is accompanied by redness and is slightly tender. While this product smells amazing and first o...
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  7. Beautiful cleanser


    Light scent, smooth hydrated finish and perfect to ready your skin for your night’s skincare. I use this every 2-3 days and my skin always feels great afterwards. Highly recommend
  8. So far so good

    Jackie Z

    I purchased this cleanser after trying similar products in dermalogica, alpha H and Medik8 and having a bit of an oil problem happening. My face feels very clean and tight after using - now I might go down to a couple of days a week rather than day and night and use when things get oily again. So far loving it, but will see if any breakouts occur as 2 weeks in!
  9. Best cleanser ever!


    I was recommended this cleanser by my beauty therapist a few years ago when I was battling post birth control pill acne. It honestly helped so much with my acne but also I have continued to use it since then (2018) and it is my holy grail cleanser, you only need a small amount and it foams up so well! Really gives your skin a good clean and doesnt strip it or make you feel dry! So so good
  10. Strong cleanser


    This cleanser is great, it smells lovely, like citrus, and works to tighten and freshen skin. It is a little stronger than some other cleansers, so if you have sensitive skin, maybe try a patch first, or every second day to start with.
  11. A little goes a long way!


    This is a wonderful cleanser. It smells divine and I only need the smallest amount and my skin feels thoroughly cleansed.
  12. Nice Cleanser


    I got deluxe sample of the cleanser in my Goodie Bag. I think it's very suitable for combination skin or oily skin. After using it, I feel very refreshing.
  13. Nice


    Lovely product with a lovely scent. Leaves my skin feeling cleansed and refreshed.
  14. Very good cleanser


    Medik8 doesn't disappoint with this cleanser. I love how fresh my face feels after using it.
  15. Fave


    The price tag put me off at first but this cleanser tops all I have tried. This has done so much for my skin and lasts forever
  16. Break Out


    I have quite good skin that isn't prone to breakouts. I tried this product as I was hoping to brighten up my pigmentation. The first 2 days using the product, I was in love with how my face was feeling, however, after around 4 days using the product as directed (morning and night) I quickly noticed my skin became very rough, dry and I began seeing multiple whiteheads around my chin, nose and mouth...
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  17. great cleanser


    this is another really good cleanser that is not too harsh but also makes you feel clean
  18. Love Medik8


    Love this cleanser! No much scent which is how I prefer it. Leaves the skin feeling really clean and absolutely gets rid of any trace of makeup!
    Doesn’t dry my skin at all.
  19. Fantastic cleanser


    This cleanser is a fantastic bha/aha mild cleanser. I have been using it for years and no other salicylic acid cleanser has come close to being as good
  20. Beautiful cleanser


    Such a lovely cleanser. Works to a small lather. Doesn’t strip skin or aggravate my sensitive skin but livens you’re complexion when it’s a bit dull. Love it and will always buy again
  21. Love this


    This is a great cleanse for my sensitive skin, my skin feels so soft after use!. Its a game changer!
  22. Fab


    switched from the gentle cleanse to this and I love it! the texture is a bit weird but gets into a nice light lather that doesnt leave your skin feeling stripped, so for me its the perfect combo of effective but not too harsh
  23. Broke me out like crazy


    I received a deluxe sample of this cleanser so I had a lot in the bottle to try. At first my skin was coping well (for the first week of use, every 2nd day using) and then suddenly I started breaking out in large cysts and whiteheads all over my face and neck. I stopped using it for a week my skin calmed down, I used it again and my skin flared up again. I thought it can't be this cleanser as no o...
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  24. My favourite cleanser


    I started using this cleanser over a year ago and absolutely love it! Great value for money as you only need a small amount to cleanse your face which means the tube lasts for so long! LOVE IT!


    This is the best Cleanser I've used in a long time. Its relatively low maintenance to use therefore meaning there's no excuses for not cleansing before you go to bed. A 20c piece size is all you need.
  26. I love this cleanser


    I got into this cleanser when i had a facial at my local beautician. Its light and smells so good. My face feels nice and tight afterwards. i use it 3 times a week and my face looks much clearer.
    Definately my favorite cleanser on the market!
  27. Love it


    This product lasted me MONTHS after using it morning and night. I really did love it. It definitely does give your a radiant surface like it says! Just make sure you use the hydrate b5 afterwards to nourish the skin as this can be quite drying. Even still, such a great cleanser. My skin was always so fresh after using it.
  28. Non stripping


    This lasts forever -the tiniest blob goes a long way. Has been great at refining my texture and maintaining a good moisture level despite it’s foam consistency. I double cleanse with this and sometimes leave the 2nd round on for 30-60 seconds to make use of the chemical exfoliants.
  29. Good everyday cleanser


    I started using this cleanser a few months ago and really like it. A little goes a long way with this one. It gently chemically exfoliates the skin and worked much better for me than harsh physical exfoliants.
  30. A new favourite


    I love this product. Its my first in this range I have tried after having it recommend over another good brand I have been using. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and smooth and after a week has cleared up the little bit of congestion I get from doing a lot of exercise. A must now in my skin routine.
  31. Irritated my skin


    I have never had a reaction from a product before, I do not have sensitive skin. This product however has made my skin really rough and looks bumpy around my chin mouth and nose area. It hurts to apply make up and I wouldn’t even attempt applying sunscreen.
  32. Suits my Skin


    I started using this product as my beautician recommended this for my face and after couple of uses my skin started loving this product. This doesn't harm your skin and make it feel so light. My skin has reduced breakouts now and doesn't feel oily at the end of the day.
  33. Radiant


    The smell is so delicious, the consistency is perfect not too thick. Does a great job of an every day cleanse!
    I've been using this cleanser for a few months now and I won't be switching to anything else.
  34. Skin felt a bit tight and dry after use


    I did like this product, and I felt it cleansed my skin really well however it left my skin feeling a bit tight and dry afterwards. Maybe a bit too intense for me as I don't really wear makeup. I don't think I'll purchase again.
  35. Lovely cleanser


    I use this with my cleansing device and finds it lathers up really nice. It leaves my skin super smooth and I have had no irritations from using it
  36. A bit too drying for every day use


    I like this cleanser. A tiny bit foams up a lot and leaves my skin feeling very clean. I would say it is a little too drying for everyday use on my normal/dry skin. I prefer the Aspect Purastat cleanser.
  37. Left me with red burns!


    I received a sample of this Cleanser with my Medik8 Retinol (which is AMAZING) and was super excited to try this. I have been using it in the PM only, and this is only my third night using but unfortunately tonight it has caused very painful red burn marks across my cheeks, forehead, and around my mouth/chin. My skin isn't sensitive and responds really well to acids so I'm super surprised about th...
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  38. Squeaky clean


    I received a sample of this with another purchase and am very happy. It cleans my skin well including all makeup with only using a small amount the size of a pea. It gives that squeaky clean feel without making my skin feel really dry afterwards. Not giving a 5 star only because I haven’t used it for a long time
  39. Replaced all my other cleansers!


    I've been using this cleanser for about a month now and I won't be switching to anything else. The smell is so delicious, the consistency is perfect not too thick. Does a great job of an every day cleanse!
  40. Replaced all my other cleansers!


    I've been using this cleanser for about a month now and I won't be switching to anything else. The smell is so delicious, the consistency is perfect not too thick. Does a great job of an every day cleanse!
  41. Only cleanser I will ever use!


    I am now onto my 3rd bottle of this product and I honestly swear by it! My skin is at its best right now. This cleanser not only just clears my impurities, it also doesn't strip my skin. You definitely get your money's worth, as you do not need use very much product each time you cleanse.
  42. Disappointing


    I tried this out only a handful of times and unfortunately didn't reacted well to it. Parts of my skin became redder and at times had a burning sensation, I stopped using it which helped but still had quite bad dryness over my face which took many days to rectify. I don't usually have sensitive skin so was surprised by this reaction to it.
    On a positive note, I do believe I saw the signs of...
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  43. My absolute must have


    This is great for an everyday cleanser. No scent and no irritating. It’s a gel and lathers quite nicely. Works well with a facial brush - I use this post Medik8 Micellar for the ultimate clean. Couldn't go without it!
  44. Genuinely amazing, I could not love this more!


    Title says it all! I am in the process of changing all my skincare to Medik8 after purchasing this. I use an oil cleanser when I'm wearing makeup and follow with this cleanser once or twice a week for my second cleanse, to keep acne at bay.
  45. Lovely cleanser


    I use this cleanser with my Clarisonic and it lathers really well. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and has helped with deep cleansing and small little bumps I was experiencing on my forehead
  46. Too Harsh


    I found this cleanser too harsh for my sensitive skin. It caused me to breakout. My boyfriend uses it now and he likes it.
  47. My go to


    I’ve been using this cleanser for a few years now. I find it removes make up well after double cleansing. My skin always feels soft and fresh. I have combination skin that is prone to hormonal break outs and this does not irritate my skin.
  48. Does the job


    I’ve been happy with this cleanser. My skin feels clean and smooth after using and isn’t too strong that i have felt it has stripped my skin. Haven’t noticed a huge difference overall though.
  49. A great cleanser


    I was put onto this by an aesthetician and haven't looked back. I still have hormonal breakouts but overall my skin is clearer and easier to manage. It does dry me out immediately but as long as I follow with a moistruiser (I use The Ordinary), it's all good.
  50. Good for oily skin!


    A great gel cleanser for oily skin. Foams up well and is non drying. Has a lovely smell and does not irritate my problematic skin. Will keep buying.
  51. One of my favourites


    This is a great, gentle exfoliating cleanser that is suitable for most skin types. I have sensitive skin, and this doesn't make my skin feel uncomfortable or radioactive. I prefer to use as an evening cleanse to exfoliate the day - would work well either way!
  52. Been replaced by pore cleanse intense.


    I used this up and didn't mind it. It was a little drying and sensitising on my skin so i only used it every second night as a second cleanser but i didn't hate it. Didn't see drastic results from it but i was going to repurchase anyway. When i repurchased it i accidentally bought the pore cleanse gel intense instead (also by Medik8). I fell in love with it and saw great results in pore refinement...
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  53. Recommend


    Slightly drying but hoping my skin will get used to it. A small amount of product goes a long way!


    Have always got a bottle or 3 of this stocked up in my and my partners place. Have quite a lot of medik8 products and I’m totally sold and I love with them all.
  55. Great for occasional use


    I have very sensitive acne-prone skin and decided to test this product by using it morning & night for a couple of weeks while continuing to use my normal skincare routine which involves acids. This definitely cleanses very well, and I saw the most positive results within the first week, however, found that with continual use I started to break out a little with some dry patches. I am now using th...
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  56. Sadly extremely irritating on skin that is used to acids - avoid if you are at all sensitive


    There really needs to be a warning on this product about frequency of use, particularly as it is recommended to use morning and night! I use acids and active ingredients and my skin is accustomed to chemical exfoliating cleansers, so I was excited to try this AHA/BHA brightening cleanser that had great reviews. First morning was fine and not too drying. I didn't use at night. Second morning I not...
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  57. Lovely and gentle


    This is great for an everyday cleanser. No scent and no irritating. It’s a gel and lathers quite nicely. Works well with a facial brush
  58. love


    great for oily skin
  59. Fresh feeling cleanser


    This cleanser feels fresh, light weight, and foams up slightly without giving a tight soap-like feeling on your skin. Smells incredible also!
  60. Best cleanser


    I really love this cleanser. A little goes a long way and it works really well with my Clarisonic. It foams up beautifully and leaves my skin super soft and smooth
  61. Best cleanser I’ve ever used


    I first tried this Medik8 product when my beautician offered me a sample - I didn’t think it was a lot (a small travel amount) but it lasted me for a month!
    I couldn’t believe how quickly I saw the results, my pores were noticeably smaller and my skin tone improved.
    A pea sized amount will lather up to cover your face, neck and décolletage easily.
    I will continue to buy this reg...
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  62. Love this!


    I suffer bad acne, and received this as a gift from Adore - when my old cleanser ran out I grabbed this... and i haven’t stopped using it since. My skin is sooo smooth and basically acne free! It’s probably my favourite product. It can be drying so use a HA and good moisturiser and you’ll be set!
  63. Best cleanser


    Best cleanser in my stash. Washes off readily, foams like no tomorrow and not harsh at all. Skin feels refreshed and very clean!
  64. Fantastic cleanser!


    I really like this cleanser but not a Holy Grail product. It makes my skin softer, clearer and overall in a better condition that previously. I find the packaging preferable to a pump bottle so very happy with the tube. It definitely doesn't get makeup off but that's not a huge problem since I double cleanse. I will continue to buy this but not exclusively, will also try other cleansers on the mar...
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  65. My top cleanser


    I love this cleanser. It leaves my skin so soft but not stripped. My skin has completely transformed since switching to Medik8 products.
  66. Best I've used


    smells so fresh + have used it 4 times and already noticed my skin so much smoother and just overall healthy looking
  67. Great cleanser


    I love this gel cleanser. A little goes a loonngg way. It makes my skin feel super smooth and look fresh and refined
  68. Great!


    Excellent everyday gentle cleanser! Helped clear my acne. Leaves skin smooth but not stripped or dry
  69. My go to cleanser


    I have been using this cleanser for a few months now and I love it!
    It's gentle on my skin and helps keep my breakouts under control
  70. love this


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my skin very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone!
  71. Clear Skin


    I have Combination oily/dry skin ~
    with constant black heads and break outs as well as having uneven skin texture.
    I wanted a face wash that would help clear up my congestion and smoothen out my uneven skin.
    My friend recommended This product and I have used it now for 3 weeks. It is a strong product and a little goes a long way.
    I used it every second day to start of wi...
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  72. love


    This is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality!
  73. Another win for Medik8


    Medik8 products have transformed my skin over the past two months. This cleanser is doing great things by visibly reducing my pigmentation and also reducing breakouts.
  74. Gentle cleanser, perfect for daily use


    I find this to be a gentle cleanser, perfect for daily use. It is a great foundational product to us in a daily skincare routine, to ensure that your skin stays clean.
  75. Love it!


    Myself and my Mum have used this cleanser and we both love it. It feels soft and gentle on application and really cleanses the skin well. Would recommend for those with a little extra money to spend! You only require a small amount each time.
  76. Good cleanser


    I do love Medik8 cleansers! when i first started using it on my face, i had bits of dry skin but then i tried Medik8 moisturiser as well and they both go really well together!
  77. Quite gentle cleanser


    I got the try version of this cleaner, been using it for a month now. It quite gentle on skin and does not dry out the skin.
  78. Great cleanser


    An amazing cleanser for all skin types. It removes any excess dirts and oils, also helps to remove makeup as well. I use this as my second cleanser and only use it at night after being out all day. It leaves my skin really nice and soft and I can tell my skin has improved from the cleanser. Been using this for about 3months.
  79. Great beginner product


    Love this face wash, has a beautiful scent to it & it really makes your face feel clean. Definitely will continue to keep using
  80. A good aha/bha dose


    I use this every 2nd night, as I need to deeply moisturise my skin the following night. Only after a week I can feel my skins texture changing. It’s a gel consistency that slightly lathers up. No fragrance either.
  81. not great for sensitive skin


    I used this product once and it irritated my sensitive skin. Left it feeling smooth but very red after.
  82. Another amazing Medik8 product

    Jess (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I really love Medik8, this cleanser seems to be doing wonders for my oily combination skin. At the end of a long day I use this and it leaves my skin feeling fresh, balanced and it also doesn't dry out my skin like some other cleansers do
  83. Received as a deluxe sample - it does the job.


    I use this when travelling - it does the job but it's not amazing. Not drying which is a bonus but it doesn't seem to remove makeup as well as other cleansers.
  84. Amazing Cleanser


    Use this product everyday and swear by it. Its gentle on the skin and cleans deeply. Skin isn't left feeling dry after use. Does a great job at removing make up and cleaning the skin.
  85. Great for Oily combined skin!


    This product was purchased after being recommended from a adore beauty specialist. I have tried many other high end brands and I found they’ve been unsuccessful for me by either adding to much moisture or taking away too much. It has now been day 40 of using Medik8 and I haven’t had any over shine effect under my makeup especially by the end of the day! I use once daily usually to remove makeup in...
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  86. Great cleanser


    I use this cleanser every night and if I exercise in the morning. It's great! Cleanses my skin really well, including removing makeup. I have been using it for nearly 18 months.
  87. excellent


    This is such a good face wash!!! it makes my skin feel so clean and soft, it definitely gets all the dirt out and even helps clear my acne I love this so much
  88. Not the best


    This brand doesn’t seem to work for me. Every product I’ve tried has caused a reaction... this gave me small little itchy bumps on my skin. The vitamin c from this brand did the same thing. Not for me.
  89. Love Anything Medik8


    Medik8 is my favorite skin care line by far. I have used “another” cleanser for many years and found that anytime I would try something new I would have a breakout. I was hesitant to buy/try something new, but I knew I needed to improve my lipid layer to improve hydration. I am a Medik8 convert, I have very sensitive skin that is prone to the odd breakout and since using Medik8 my skin has been a ...
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  90. A sometimes cleanser


    I have normal-oily skin and recently purchased this cleanser. I was using it every second day contrary to the directions for use and this was still too much for my skin. I now use this as a once or twice a week cleanser as I found t it much too harsh for everyday. When I do use it, it does leave my skin feeling amazing and soft and seems to exfoliate quite well.
  91. fresh and clean


    I love medik8 products particularly their gel cleansers and this cleanser is no exception. I recently purchased the radiance cleanse to help with some pigmentation and so far it’s been great. I haven’t noticed a huge difference to my redness yet but my skin is certainly very clear and blemishes clear up super fast. I love that it leaves my skin feeling really fresh and clear and the natural earthy...
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  92. Beauty therapist


    I work in a beauty clinic and this is what I reccomend to all my oily clients. It effectively removes excess sebum and leaves the skin feeling well cleansed. Highly recommend
  93. Excellent cleanser


    I got this as a gift while purchasing other items from Adore Beauty. Excellent product that is one of the best ones I used. Texture and smell are beautiful leaving the skin soft and clean, ready for morning or evening routine. It formed part of my beauty regime.
  94. Had to learn how to use it properly


    I received a sample size of this cleanser with a purchase, and having used many Medik8 products with great results I was excited to jump in. I started using it both morning and evening (before my Retinol routine) and that's when I started to have issues. My skin became dry and flaky, and some areas of my face would sting and be sensitive after use. I read up on this product, and Medik8 recommended...
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  95. Like a morning coffee but for my skin!


    This product genuinely helps to wake me up in the mornings with its citrus zingy scent! Most important, my skin feels awakened, energised and fresh too. I love a good chemical exfoliant and this is packed full of them! Cleanses without drying or leaving skin feeling tight. Might be a tad harsh if used with other AHA or retinol products!
  96. Preferred the previous product


    I found the previous version of this cleanser to be a very good product. I gave this a go when it rebranded, but unfortunately the product did not seem the same!
    I have found it to be a bit too drying for my skin. I have switched products, but still use this on occasion in the morning.
  97. Not great


    I prefer my skinstitut cleanser a lot better. This is not great... my skin gets irritated!
  98. Best cleanser


    This is the best cleaners I have ever used and I constantly re purchase this. I was worried this product had changed when Medik8 rebranded but it’s as good as ever. I have combination skin and still have the odd breakout. This cleans your skin well without drying it and leaves you with a nice glow. It’s good at removing makeup, including eye makeup and has a really lovely scent. A little goes a lo...
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  99. my skin looks horrible


    my skin is relatively clear all the time, the only issue i have with my skin is trying to reduce pigmentation. i received a sample of this with my last order and started to use it when i ran out of my normal cleanser from lush. 3 uses of it and my skin broke out with a crazy rash, a million tiny white bumps all over my face as well as extreme redness and burning and lots of small pimples everywher...
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  100. Red, raw and itchy


    I was so excited to receive a deluxe sample size. Unfortunately within 2 days of using this product my skin turned red with tiny blister/ pimple type bumps all over my face. I’ve never had this reaction before with any other brand so it must just be to strong for my face or I’ve had an allergic reaction to an ingredient in this product. It was a very itchy, tight and dry experience. I normally hav...
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