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Medik8 Pore Cleanse Gel Intense 150ml 150ml

4.7 of 45 reviews


4 instalments of $12.00

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4 instalments of $12.00

Or 4 instalments of $12.00 with LEARN MORE

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Introducing Medik8's latest Pore Refining Range, featuring Mandelic Acid and Red Clover Extract to minimise pores, regulate sebum and promote clear skin. The Pore Cleanse Gel Intense is powered with L-Mandelic Acid to gently exfoliate the surface of your skin, as well as within your pores, removing dead skin cells and oil build-up to decongest skin and promote a refined skin texture. 


  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 100% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Medik8 Pore Cleanse Gel Intense 150ml Reviews

4.7 of 45 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Fantastic deep cleanse


I have used Rationale Procermide cleanser for years however have noticed it wasn't cleaning deeply enough and I was ending up congested in certain areas. Purchased this on a whim and use it only congested areas daily post procermide. Made a massive difference. Will repurchase
  1. Fantastic deep cleanse


    I have used Rationale Procermide cleanser for years however have noticed it wasn't cleaning deeply enough and I was ending up congested in certain areas. Purchased this on a whim and use it only congested areas daily post procermide. Made a massive difference. Will repurchase
  2. Acne be gone


    After suffering with hormonal acne for what feels like forever and churning through product after product, I have found the holy grail cleanser - I alternate this with the micellar and the micro cleanser. I use it in conjunction with the rest of the Medik8 range has really improved my skin.
  3. Deep yet gentle cleanse


    I bought this product after watching a skincare routine video and absolutely fell in love! I have never used a gel cleanser before and was so surprised with how clean and fresh my skin was left feeling. It has helped clear congestion on my chin and left my skin feeling so smooth! Highly recommend using every few days when you are in need of a deep cleanse!
  4. Love!


    My oily skin loves this cleanser. I use it twice a day and have noticed that my breakouts have a shorter healing time and spots are coming back smaller in size. I use this cleanser with a sonic brush and my skin feels so clean afterwards. Will definitely be purchasing again.

    Also it smells like musk stick lollies which I love!
  5. So far so good!


    verified purchaser
    Been using this for about a week now and absolutely loving it, has really given my skin a good cleanse and I feel as if it's helping reduce the size of the blackheads on my nose.. can't wait to see the results in another few weeks.
  6. Another great purchase from the podcast


    I have oily skin and I really love this cleanser. It does not strip the skin nor leave it tight or dry. Gives a deep cleanse. A great recommendation
  7. My go-to


    I was recommended this cleanser by a dermal clinician and have been using it for a number of years now. I cannot live without it and have found that I get some congestion on my skin after a few days if I stop using it.
  8. It actually works!!!


    Yes the product delivered as always, I’ve been using this product for over 3 years now. Love love love! It keeps my skin from clogging up, - having oily skin and living in a tropical climate it makes such a huge difference!
  9. Love


    I love absolutely everything Medik8 does and this cleanser is so light and gentle, however it gets everything off in one wash. I have repurchased this several times.
  10. Best active cleanser


    Really does what it says- since using this my pores are more refined and my skin is so soft. Doesn't sensitise or strip the skin or cause tightness but gives it a great deep clean. I use this nightly as my second cleanse. I forgot to take it with me for a week holiday and i really missed it!
  11. Deep clean


    I love this product, it really gives my skin a deep clean however doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry afterwards.
  12. My new favourite


    I am a big big fan of Medik8. I switched to this cleanser for my PM routine, as an alternative to the Medik8 Calmwise soothing cleanser (which I also love), for a bit of extra oomph to remove residual makeup and dirt inside the pore. It is honestly so lovely! You only need a really tiny bit to create a nice lather and gentle clean. It is definitely not drying like some other gel cleansers and leav...
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  13. Pore Cleanse


    Medik8 is great for sensitive skin! and well worth the money! this cleanser helps with s deep clean, removing dead skin cells and oil build-up! leaving you with smooth silky skin! love it!
  14. Totally worth it


    My favourite cleanser! I get hormonal acne and a bit of congestion, particularly around my chin area, and have found this cleanser has really helped clear that all up. Takes make up off so easily too.
  15. Best cleanser I have used in a long time!


    I was hesitant to try this as I had previously tried a Medik8 cleanser and didn't like it. Gave this one a shot based on reviews and the skin concerns it targets. I really like it. It is gentle but effective and you really only need a tiny bit! It creates a really good lather which I look for in a cleanser. Makes your face feel clean and fresh but not tight or irritated. Holy grail for sure.
  16. Great!


    Definitely one of the best cleansers I have used. Just the right balance of deep cleansing but not drying. Will buy again.
  17. Deep Clean


    This cleanser gives a really nice feel to the skin and it removes all make up and dirt after one wash. I have seen a dramatic difference in my skin just after one week of using it. I use it both morning and night!
    I think this would suit most people skin.
  18. Deep clean and soft skin

    Laura O

    I have oily / combination skin and this product does wonders for me. My sister gave me a 50ml sample size and I've been using it every morning (followed my serum and moisturiser). It provides a deep clean without drying my skin out. Will continue to use.
  19. The best


    this cleanser claims to help tighten pores! i have been using this for quite a few months now, although i haven't seen a huge difference in reducing pore size its been a pretty good cleanser otherwise! removes all dirt! foams right up!
  20. Takes Makeup Off With Ease.


    I have been using the Medik 8 Pore Cleanse Gel Intense for a few months and it is fantastic at taking my makeup off. You don't need to use very much due to the fact that it works so efficiently. Gel texture, which I like, with very little fragrance. I have normal skin, but is a little dehydrated.
  21. Very effective


    I've tried similar "pore refining" products that claim to help acne, but they often leave my face feeling quite tight. I love this one from Medik8 because it feels gentle and doesn't irritate my skin with overly harsh ingredients. Effective at flattening out acne raised scars
  22. Even good for dry skin!


    This product is recommended for oily skin, mine is dry/dehydrated and it is fantastic. Doesn’t leave me with that tight feeling and took my makeup off. Medik8 is fastly becoming a favourite of mine.
  23. Great love it


    I used the surface radiance for the longest time i which it up and used the port cleaning and it cleared all my blackheads and helped my with acne prone skin. Even cleared up my partner skin emencly.
  24. life savour


    After suffering with hormonal acne for almost 2 years and spending thousands of dollars on different products that didn't work I came across this after seeing a celeb recommend it. it is the only product I have found that works for me, I love the asap b serum after cleansing.

    ps my skin went crazy at first but after a week it was amazing!
  25. Removes makeup with ease.


    The Medik8 Pore Cleanse Gel Intense is one of my most loved cleansers. I use this product first thing in the morning to make sure my skin is clean and fresh prior to using my serum and moisturiser . It is great to remove makeup to! Good list of ingredients. Highly recommend.
  26. My new favorite cleanser!!


    I originally purchased the Medik8 Balance Moisturiser 50ml with Glycolic Acid Activator and was super happy with it, so decided to change to more of the Medik8 range.
    I'm very happy with this cleanser, only a small amount is required. I feel like it really helps minimize the oiliness of my T-zone and does not irritate my existing congestion and redness.
    It smells lovely and it is ve...
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  27. incredible


    This is a wonderful way to try the range! Another important factor is the amazing smell, I look so forward to using it everyday!
  28. amazing


    This is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! I would recommend this to anyone!
  29. Fabulous


    this cleanser is amazing! I have sensitive, oily skin and this cleanser is so good for my skin! It controls my face and doesn't make it break out at all, it doesn't make it too dry and keeps it hydrated. Definitely recommend!!
  30. Fantastic Cleanser


    This product sent my skin into a frenzy for the first week that I used it but after a panic call to to my skin specialist who recommended it, I persevered and the results were fantastic. I developed mild adult acne after having almost perfect skin all my life and this is one of the very few products I can use on my face daily - in fact twice daily. It keeps the oil levels at bay and also helps cle...
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  31. Best cleanser I’ve used


    This cleanser does not make my skin feel dry and cleanses deeply even with heavy makeup. I believe it has helped with my oily skin and cystic acne I will continue to purchase
  32. Love!


    I love this cleaner smells nice and feels good on the skin! I have sensitive skin so it didn’t leave me feeling red or sore! Really recommend!
  33. excellent


    cleans my skin so well! doesn't make me break out at all and really cleans my pores while not drying my skin out at all! this product is amazing and i definitely recommend it!
  34. Best cleanser I have tried so far


    I have just recently started using this cleanser and have noticed that so far it is the best I have used. I have struggled with wanting to minimise the size of my pores and never really found cleansers that cleaned my face properly but this product is amazing, and you only need a small amount to throughly clean your face.
  35. excellent


    This is such a good face wash!!! it makes my skin feel so clean and soft, it definitely gets all the dirt out and even helps clear my acne I love this so much
  36. Good cleanser for combination/oily congested skin


    This is a gently foaming cleanser with some exfoliating acids that has been good for my combination/oily congested skin. I use it on days when I want a deeper clean and gentle exfoliation. It has a nice fragrance that isn't overpowering and smells natural. I won't be repurchasing yet as I believe there are cleansers out there that will work better for me.
  37. best cleanser I’ve ever used


    This cleanser has been a staple in my routine for years and I absolutely love it. The fresh, smooth gel delivers a satisfying deep clean and keeps my skin toned and blemish free. I certainly notice a lot more breakouts when I don’t use this wonder product. And it’s so cheap, I can’t believe the price after using many more expensive products that don’t deliver the same result. The best!!
  38. THE OG of medik8


    I've used this since the brand still had green packaging and this product never fails. Good for those who need a deep cleanser to help rid of free radicals.
  39. Good cleanser


    I’ve struggled with hormonal breakouts and acne, and love the effectiveness of the Medik8 range. I prefer the Medik8 Clarifying foam cleanser for daily use, but use this pore cleanser at least once a week with my Clarisonic face brush as a gentle exfoliant. The gel texture lathers well combined with the Clarisonic. I personally find it a little thick to use by itself daily. Very effective at clear...
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  40. great product


    i am absolutely obsessed with this range!I have pretty oily skin that can be sensitive at times. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a similar skin type! Cleans my face super well without leaving it feeling tight.
  41. Best cleanser i've ever tried


    Acne prone skin this cleanser has completely transformed my skin. Reduces pores and doubles as a scrub/exfoliator. Cleans skin properly and works under the skin. The product does more than what it says it will do. Life changing for me i will never use another cleanser. I would recommend it to others.
  42. THE BEST!


    I couldn't believe it when I first started using this cleanser as it takes my makeup off with absolute ease. It is like magic and I just put a little on and then rinse it off and there is no makeup residue. I also use this product when taking my makeup off in the shower. Probably the best cleanser I have used. I am 50 years old, normal to dehydrated skin. I would highly, highly recommend the ...
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  43. Great Treatment Cleanser


    Im more of a combination skin tone. Not super oily buti find i can get a little oily throughout the day and i think that this cleanser has actually helped to control and regulate my oil flow. my skin texture is smoother and more refined and my pore seem less visible to me. Im a big fan of Medik8 and this cleanser does not dissapoint.
  44. Beautiful lightweight product


    Ive been using this for quite sometime now and its a great product. I love Medik8 products and this always leaves my skin nice and clean and fresh.
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