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Medik8 Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oil 140ml 140ml

4.6 of 43 reviews


4 instalments of $13.00

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4 instalments of $13.00

Or 4 instalments of $13.00 with LEARN MORE

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Purify, nourish and protect skin with the Medik8 Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oil. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, this gentle oil cleanser works to remove stubborn makeup (including waterproof), dirt and impurities while replenishing skin's natural defence barrier. This luxurious oil formula transforms into a milky emulsion (when combined with water) that gently rinses away to promote a supple, soft, hydrated complexion. 

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Medik8 Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oil 140ml Reviews

4.6 of 43 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it


I've learned that you should have a 2 step cleansing routine and the first step needs to be a cleansing oil or balm, this was my first experience with a cleansing oil and it was great. It really helped take off my makeup and get my skin ready for my 2nd cleanse.

Most Helpful Criticism

Hydrating cleanser!


I do like this cleanser for how hydrated it makes me feel. Do I like it as a makeup remover? No. I dont find it works that well at removing my makeup despite being in the minority in this regard about this product. It is a lovely cleanser for the morning and definitely makes my skin feel supple. I recommend it as a nice oil cleanser but not as a precleanse makeup remover.
  1. Surprisingly good!


    I never an oil cleanser because my skin is oily, but this worked wonders. My skin is so clean and fresh!
  2. Beautiful


    This product was recommended to me by a Product Specialist in a live web chat. I have oily, sensitive, and acne prone skin. I found this oil cleanser very fun to use. I followed the instructions on the bottle and applied about a pump and a half (ish) onto my dry face. This was my first time using an oil cleanser so it was a foreign feeling. On a dry face it feels very strange and of course, o...
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  3. Novice oil cleanser user


    verified purchaser
    This is my first oil cleanser purchase. I've been using it for a few weeks and it is okay so far - non-irritating, goes on easily and emulsifies with water, but does smell a bit odd. I'm not sure if it is working as a cleanser though. I use it as a pre-cleanser at night time and I think it does get rid of some of the surface gunk. I just don't have anything to compare it against, so might try anot...
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  4. Balance cleansing oil


    This is great for a pre cleanse! smells really nice!
  5. Love it


    I've learned that you should have a 2 step cleansing routine and the first step needs to be a cleansing oil or balm, this was my first experience with a cleansing oil and it was great. It really helped take off my makeup and get my skin ready for my 2nd cleanse.
  6. Hydrating cleanser!


    I do like this cleanser for how hydrated it makes me feel. Do I like it as a makeup remover? No. I dont find it works that well at removing my makeup despite being in the minority in this regard about this product. It is a lovely cleanser for the morning and definitely makes my skin feel supple. I recommend it as a nice oil cleanser but not as a precleanse makeup remover.
  7. Love Love Love


    By far my favourite cleanser. Removes all my make up without needing to double cleanse, leaves my skin feeling really hydrated and not dry or tight. The perfect oil cleanser!
  8. L.O.V.E


    Love it!
    This is my favourite oil cleanser. I've attempted to buy others at a cheaper price point, but will always return to this Medik8 oil cleanser. It leaves my skin unbelievably soft and feeling nourished. 10/10.
  9. Beautiful cleansing oil


    This is a beautiful cleaning oil that turns milky with water. It removes all traces of makeup and spf without leaving any oily residue. I use this in the evening as a first cleanse before going in with a glycolic cleanser.
  10. Wow


    I have tried a lot of oil cleansers, oil-balm cleansers and oil-gel cleansers. I bought this because it was on sale and I couldn't buy the one I usually use. I wasn't expecting much but I was shocked at how great this is.

    There are 2 main things I look for in a first cleanser. It needs to be good at removing makeup and it should not leave an oily residue - most oil-based cleansers do...
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  11. Beautiful cleansing oil


    Works really well, removes EVERYTHING and is a great massage oil too that’s easy to remove. The scent is strangely strong but it’s not the worst but I hope they come out with a fragrance free because it does irritate me slightly
  12. Step one in double-cleanse (hot cloth)- perfect!


    Sits perfectly at the start of my new face care routine. Can be done in the shower, or hot cloth. Great texture for gua sha or roller or facial massage with fingers (for lymphatic drainage) before rinsing off. Pleasant fragrance, not strong or chemical.
  13. Must Have Cleanser!


    I was hesitant to buy an oil cleanser as my skin is sensitive. I was completely impressed by this product, it didn’t dry out my skin or cause breakouts. I love how it turns milky with warm water. This is defiantly staying in my skincare routine.
  14. A Genuine Must Have!


    I bought this on a whim, because i had finished my dermalogica pre-cleanse and grew to really love oil cleansing solutions. Without a doubt, this is a cleanse everyone should have or should try!! Leaves skin so supple and cleansed of course, does not strip natural oils but does not leave skin extremely oily. Really does remove eye makeup without irritating the eyes - when done correctly. Also the ...
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  15. Great product


    Great for removing makeup! Makes skin super soft. Lovely as a precleanser to ensure skin is very clean
  16. Best oil cleanser I have used!


    I have pretty high expectations for my oil cleansers and this met all of them. You only need one pump to remove all of your makeup and it’s the perfect first cleanse. It doesn’t strip my face of its natural oils and leaves the face feeling moisturised. It’s now a permanent resident in my skin care collection!
  17. different but great


    this is the first time I have tried an oil cleanser and so far so good. my skin doesn't like a lot of cleansers, they have a tendency to disrupt my natural oil balance - they make my t-zone over produce oil and break out while the rest of my face gets drier. this cleanser works well! its not too harsh but still removes my make up and dirt.
  18. Morning and night


    I adore this oil cleanser. I use it every morning and night. It's got a lovely delicate smell, and it also works well as a slip oil when doing gua sha. I think it's a great price for such a high quality product and well known brand. I normally use the cosmedix cleansing oil but I think this is more bang for your buck, and will change to this from now on.
  19. The nicest I’ve found


    I’m not completely loving oil cleansers but this one is the most tolerable that I’ve found. I wouldn’t purchase again though, not because it’s a bad product but just because it’s not my thing
  20. Love using this everyday


    I love using this product at the end of each day to remove my spf and makeup. You don’t need to use much product and my skin feels soft after using it. I do follow up with another cleanser after this one to get an extra cleanse but would 100% recommend using this!
  21. The first cleanse every oily skinned person needs


    I'm an oily skinned gal that took some time coming around to the idea of an oil cleanser, but I'm really glad that I did. On and off over the past few months I've been experiencing annoying congestion and clusters of red pimples in places I have never typically gotten them (namely my cheeks). I knew they weren't hormonal and I suspected that my cleanser wasn't quite doing the job of removing the ...
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  22. The best way to end the day!


    I love Medik8 and gradually building up my collection. I had read good reviews of this and it does not disappoint! The fragrance is beautiful and smells like day spa products. You only need one pump and it takes off ALL makeup from the day. I have always used a cream cleanser (various brands) and an old fashioned face washer but this does it all in one go. When I do my toner after, no traces of ma...
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  23. So impressed!!


    I was a little bit worried about trying this cleanser as it’s an oil cleanser but now after trying it I regret not trying it sooner. It’s made my skincare routine so much more luxurious and I absolutely love how my skin feels afterwards, no tightness at all which is so rare for me as I have dry skin. I also love how the oil concistency changes to milky when you add warm water so it doesn’t feel gr...
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  24. incredible


    This is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! I feel like I have new skin!
  25. Can't speak more highly!


    This product absolutely changed how I cleanse and remove my makeup! I have super dry skin and find it to be cleansing without drying out my skin. A small pump massaged straight on to my face works with makeup to remove and cleanse. Then I emulsify with with water and remove before using a second low pH cleanser. I genuinely look forward to using this each night - worth the money!
  26. Allergic


    It removed my makeup well but I think I’m allergic to something in it my eyes were itchy, red and swollen after use. This isn’t really the products fault though I guess a caution to future buyers.
  27. Grea gentle cleansing oil


    I have started using this after using jojoba oil to cleanse for years. My skin was breaking out more than usual and I needed to change things up. To be honest I changed a few things one at a time, and have really loved introducing this cleanser. It feels light even though it is an oil, works up a very slight lather, smells lovely and leaves my skin feeling very soft and clean. It has not broken me...
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  28. Great product to take makeup off


    I use this every night to first cleanse my makeup off as I love the oil consistency, it removes all my makeup and then I go in with a second cleanser. You only need one pump and it goes a long way. It also has a beautiful smell and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry either!
  29. Great cleanser


    I look forward to using this after work, washing away makeup and oil and feeling clean and hydrated! I have normal to oily skin and find this to remove excess oil but not strip away any moisture, leaving my skin feeling soft and clear. I have cosmetic tattoos and haven't had any issues with this product accelerating fading.
  30. Super gentle!


    I love how gentle and silky it feels and how it turns into a milky consistency once you add a little water, removes all the traces off makeup and it doesn’t dry out your skin, only down side is that is only 140ml.
  31. Daily cleanser


    Easy and effective. This oil cleanser is amazing and changed the way my skin looks and feels in such a short time frame! My go-to and cannot live without.
  32. Effective oil cleanser


    I have acne prone and sensitive skin and this cleanser didn’t irritate my skin. I use it in the morning with a glycolic cleanser in the evening. So far so good. Definitely recommend for sensitive skin.
  33. Gentle on skin


    I found this oil very gentle on my sensitive skin and it helped in settling hormonal acne. However, it is expensive in comparison to other available cleansing oils.
  34. Gentle and effective


    I love this cleansing oil - really gentle, very effective at removing makeup and doesn’t strip the moisture out of your skin. I cleanse evening only and use it to remove makeup - first massaging onto my face with dry hands and skin then washing it off in the shower.
  35. HG Oil Cleanser


    This product is LIFE! I researched so many oil cleansers and finally settled on this one. It was my most anticipated purchase from Adore Beauty to date....and it did not disappoint. I have sensitised skin, which tends to get red and irritated quite easily. After cleansing, my skin was soft, calm and clean without irritation or that squeaky clean tight feeling. Lipid Balance Cleansing Oil forms the...
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  36. Nice product - great for removing full coverage makeup


    I love oils , it suits my dry skin !
    I wear full coverage makeup everyday, and this oil not only removes my makeup but nourishes my skin as well .
    My skin feel soft and hydrated after using this product .
    I also suffer from redness , this oil does not irritate my skin and actually calms it down!
  37. Best cleansing oil for sensitised skin


    I've tried countless cleansing oils (from moderately priced to eye-wateringly expensive - we're talking $70+ for 50ml kinda expensive...) and this is hands-down my favourite. I get red, bumpy reactive skin around my eye-area and after about 2 weeks of using this the reaction reduced considerably. The oil is light in texture and washes away easily with warm water - leaving my skin feeling soft, hyd...
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  38. So glad I bought this!


    I had been wanting to try a cleansing oil for a long time and saw the great reviews so decided to give this a go! Was not disappointed... love how its gentle on my sensitive dry combination skin. Just dont get too close to your hairline or you'll a get a bit of oil in your hair.. but that's just nitpicking. You definitely get what you pay for! :)
  39. I adore this product and look forward to using every evening


    OMG , do yourself a favour this is fabulous. Firstly it smells divine. Secondly it works a treat. I only use at night, 2-3 squirts in my hand, slowly massage all over my face which makes me look like a panda with my mascara, and then use a beautiful hot flannel which I first place all over my face which intensifies the scent and then gently use that to get rid of my makeup day, rinse the flannel a...
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  40. Cleansing Oil


    Medik8 products! you cant go wrong! this cleansing oil is light and lathers up in the shower! great for removing excess makeup and dirt!
  41. One of the best


    Having tried countless cleansing oils, I can genuinely say this is one of the most effective and enjoyable I've ever used - in terms of consistency, packaging, effective make-up removal, scent, suitability for sensitive skin, no greasy residue etc.
    Would definitely recommend.
  42. Worth the money. Beautiful feel and smell


    This oil works amazing at removing all types of makeup in one go. A little goes a long way and does not dry your skin out . My new favourite cleansing oil on the market.
  43. Worth it


    This product has lasted me months! Cleared my bad skin, made it feel amazing daily, i love it :)
  44. Fantastic Cleansing Oil!


    This is a beautiful oil to milk cleanser that melts makeup and sunscreen while nourishing and leaving my skin hydrated!
    I have found it works best on dry skin and I take 2 pumps and massage over my face and neck before dampening my hands and massaging with the milk.
    Can be removed with a face cloth or splashed off without leaving a residue, depending on your preferences.
    It has...
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