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Medik8 C-Tetra Lipid Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum 30ml 30ml

4.4 of 74 reviews


4 instalments of $19.55


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4 instalments of $19.55


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Fight visible signs of ageing, restore radiance and repair free radical damage with the new and improved Medik8 C-Tetra. This serum is stronger than the previous C-Tetra formula, with 100% stable Vitamin C that remains potent and highly effective until you've finished the bottle! 

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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Medik8 C-Tetra Lipid Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum 30ml

Medik8 C-Tetra Lipid Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum 30ml

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Customer Reviews

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4.4 of 74 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great Vit C Serum


I was quite sceptical to try this serum - I have oily skin and was concerned it may be too oily. I use this serum in the morning after cleansing - followed by moisturiser and SPF. This serum really soaks into your skin, and I find i'm not oily at all! My skin feels like it glows. I find it best to 'drop' the product straight onto the face works best.

Most Helpful Criticism

It’s nice but very thin


I found the consistency of this very thin and runny, therefore I feel like I use more product than usual trying to get enough to cover my face. It absorbs nicely and doesn’t feel greasy. Gives my skin a glow. I probably wouldn’t repurchase as I don’t like how runny and thin the consistency is. It didn’t irritate my skin either
  1. Really enjoying this serum


    I received a trial size of this serum (thanks Adore!) otherwise I probably would not have tried it, but I'm so glad I did! I'm really enjoying this serum as an alternative to other vitamin c skin products. I use it at night after cleansing. It absorbs quickly and easily and my skin now seems noticeably less dull.
  2. Good for starters


    I was recommended this product by aesthetic clinic to treat small brown spots on my face as it is milder as compare to their strong range .I will definitely go for their extra strength range as I am liking the results.
  3. Great Vit C Serum


    I was quite sceptical to try this serum - I have oily skin and was concerned it may be too oily. I use this serum in the morning after cleansing - followed by moisturiser and SPF. This serum really soaks into your skin, and I find i'm not oily at all! My skin feels like it glows. I find it best to 'drop' the product straight onto the face works best.
  4. Power of oranges


    Gorgeous light serum. I’m a huge fan of serums so was excited to try this. It’s quiet watery but goes on very easily and is absorbed almost straight away. Feels lovely and light and is great for applying in the morning! I absolutely love the smell reminds me of orange zest! Which is a lovely little pick me up in the morning. Highly recommend
  5. Not sure yet


    I've been using this product for just over a month and don't yet know how I feel about it.

    The texture is very strange, it is not really a serum and more so a thin oil.

    I use this in the morning before my sunscreen and will keep going until the bottle is finished so I can truly make up my mind!

    If you can get over the strange texture I would give this a go,...
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  6. Brighter complexion


    I received a free sample of this. Texture is nice. Gentle. No irritation. I noticed my complexion is a bit brighter after using for a week. But it hasn’t faded any marks yet. Will continue to use.
  7. Skin care staple


    I have normal to oily skin. I put this on in the morning after cleansing, followed by moisturiser and then spf. It smells amazing, feels like a very light oil but soaks In straight away. I found from using this I no longer need to use a primer. It leaves my skin feeling glowy and makeup sits perfectly over the top. Will definitely repurchase.
  8. Good


    I have had this serum for about 6 months now. I only use it once a week because it is really strong and I find if I over use it or put too much on it dries out my skin and goes flakey the next day. Sometimes I mix it with a moisturiser too. It doesn’t make the skin feel oily and great on before bed.
  9. It works!


    Wow! I’ve used this for exactly a month now, and I’ve already seen results. I had a long thin crescent shaped splotch on my upper cheek, and it’s already half the length and width it was. The pigment on my nose is more stubborn, so I will keep using this daily to see what happens. Careful with the dropper though, you only need 4 small (short) drops, but if you accidentally squeeze too long you end...
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  10. Glowing Skin


    I was given a sample of this serum after getting a skin peel facial and have been using it for 4 months. I would highly recommend this product to someone who is suffering from acne scarring and breakouts. I have tried and spent money on so many products and this was one of the products that helped my skin clear up besides proactiv.
  11. Best vitamin c


    I recieved a delux sample of this and been using it constantly. It last forever as only a little bit is needed so a full size bottle should last quite a while. It has improved my skin so much, it gives me a lovely glow, has helped with my acne and has also made my skin look smoother and softer. 10/10
  12. Excellent


    Great strength vitamin c. Skin has never looked better after starting this. Smells beautiful and absorbs really well!
  13. Beautiful product


    I bought this after hearing the chap from Medik8 interviewed by the Beauty IQ girls and have been so pleased with it - beautiful silky texture, quickly absorbed and it seems to be working wonders on my skin. The Medik8 rationale of Vitamin C, SPF and Vit A made great sense to me and seemed to provide a very simple way forward when there are so many serums and products claiming to do the same thing...
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  14. Current Fave

    Louise (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Loving this! It leaves my skin looking so bright and radiant. I have normal/combo skin that gets dehydrated easily and I find this keeps me hydrated but not greasy. It sits really nicely on my skin and works well with moisturiser and SPF over the top. I let this soak in for a few minutes before applying any other products over the top. Can't go past this vitamin C at the moment for me :-)
  15. Wow! Just wow!


    Ive tried a lot of of these serums and whilst it's a tad runny on application, it does quickly absorb into the skin making the skin feel devine. I do think it's delivered on its promise of radiance and this product will def become part of my daily routine. I love it!
  16. Liquid glow in a bottle


    After purchasing a bottle of this vitamin c serum, the results were instant! My pigmentation has minimised by 50% and my skin actually glows! I am now confident to wear no makeup on my days off and love the feel of this on my skin. My skin now feels super smooth. I would definitely recommend!
  17. One of my favourites


    Love this vitamin c oil. I use in the morning and it leaves my skin so soft and glowy. Feels so nourishing without an oily feel to the skin after
  18. Radiance


    This is really good at giving you a nice radiant glow. I use each morning for past 3 months and find it to be quite good at brightening my face and keeping my face moisturiser and protected from free radicals. I really enjoy using this product but once I finish the bottle I would probably move onto a stronger vitamin c product. This is good for those new to vitamin c products.
  19. Great for oily/combo skin


    This serum is very thin! But once applied absorbs very quickly and leaves no residue. Has given my oily/combo skin a lovely glow.
  20. Love


    Medik8 is one of my favourite high end brands. This serum has a nice silky texture and does absorb well. Not sure if it's too oily for day time use though
  21. Good serum


    I apply this every night before bed it really makes me wake up with my skin feeling nice and soft.
  22. Great entry level Vitamin C serum


    Absorbs quickly and my skin was softer after only a few days. Good entry level for those new to. Vitamin C serum.
  23. Medik8 c


    Love this product this is my my second bottle my skin has improved so much and it’s helping with my pigmentation. Love the smell of lemon and the easy application.Very economical a little goes a long way.
  24. Great smell and results


    This initially broke me out a little, but it’s calmed down now. I’ve noticed a big different in pigmentation from old acne scarring. My skin also looks generally more glowy and vibrant. Great smell and goes on easily, but takes a little bit to sink in. Would recommend.
  25. Still early days but so far loving it


    I only started recently using this product in the last couple weeks so it’s still early days but so far I can see my skin has more of a glow to it. I have oily skin, and I did find in the first week of using this I broke out a little bit but nothing drastic. The texture is very watery so the product spreads easily on my skin. I think this product pairs well with the medik8 b5 serum, I use the c an...
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  26. Great!


    Since using this serum my skin literally glows! Never seen it brighter or more even. Took 2 weeks before seeing the results...
  27. Lovely


    I have loved using this product, although I feel that the recommended four drops doesn't cover my face and neck, I generally have to use about 6-7 drops to achieve this. Other than that this serum smells beautiful, doesn't leave my skin oily and is very hydrating. I have noticed I am less red/pink in my face since using it and my complexion as a whole is smoother. It's a good serum to for anyone j...
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  28. It’s nice but very thin


    I found the consistency of this very thin and runny, therefore I feel like I use more product than usual trying to get enough to cover my face. It absorbs nicely and doesn’t feel greasy. Gives my skin a glow. I probably wouldn’t repurchase as I don’t like how runny and thin the consistency is. It didn’t irritate my skin either
  29. Amazing Serum!


    I was recommended this product by a skin specialist and friend who really loved it. I tried it for myself and safe to say - I feel in love very quickly. I personally hate the feeling of product on my face, so I like products that are lightweight feeling and not rich in texture. This product is great for that! This has a lovely consistency that isn't think at all, as compared to many other serums a...
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  30. great product


    soaks in my skin straight away, making it feel nice and hydrated. pleasant citrus smell. good quality product that i use sparingly.
  31. Smells wonderful


    This vitamin c is one of my favorites because it doesnt leave the skin feeling tingly and stingy like other vitamin c products (the ordinary). It works well to lighten pigmentation and prevent further pigmentation and as a bonus it SMELLS AMAZING, lovely orange citrus scent.
  32. Great night and morning


    I use this very sparingly because it doesn't last long. It is a really quality product. It has a consistency that is a mix between oil and serum and its so light weight and almost soaks into the skin instantly. Smells natural and herbal and orange. I notice a difference in my skin the morning after using this.
  33. perfect


    I use it before I apply my moisturiser \nIt leaves a smooth feel on you're skin I love it \nI would highly recommend it as a base to you're skin regime
  34. Expensive but good product


    I originally received this as a sample with an order and loved it so much that I had to get the full size (even though the price is a little over the top). I apply this once every second night just before bed and my skin always feels so nice in the morning. Left it feeling soft and plump and hydrated. In the past I have not used vitamin C products because they tend to dry my skin out but not this ...
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  35. Nice consistency


    Oil/serum like consistency. Very lightweight for wearing under makeup. I have been using this product for a couple of months now and I'm really noticing a difference in my skin's texture - a lot plumper and brighter
  36. Strong


    Be wary of this one if you are sensitive to citrus/acidity on your skin. I was very excited to get this serum as I heard excellent things about it, but sadly my skin reacts to it a bit - and I do only use a few drops. If you're try a vitamin C product for the first time and get red skin, it might be good to try a more gentle serum first. But otherwise it smells great and feels awesome on my less s...
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  37. Can’t feel any difference yet


    Has tried this for two weeks, can’t feel any difference yet. It’s absorbed really quick, but I personally preferred the Aspect VC’s texture.
  38. Serum/Oil


    I love this serum and use it daily before bed. It has a beautiful natural/herbal/orange scent to it. Very light weight feeling to it. I would say its a little bit of a mix of a serum and an oil together. Barely notice it on my skin once applied because it soaks in straight away. It is expensive so I try to only use it once a week on my entire face and only on my problem areas every other day. My s...
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  39. Light serum/oil


    Its very light weight. Almost a mix between a serum and an oil consistency. Has a very herbal orange scent to it but not overpowering. I apply it very quickly as it soaks in extremely quick - I would suggest dropping directly onto the face instead of into hands first. My skin feels noticeably good the next morning after using.
  40. Lovely light serum


    First off I absolutely love the smell of this product! It is a super light oil/serum, I have oily prone skin but this does not feel heavy on my skin at all. After my morning cleanse 4 -6 drops is enough to spread over my face neck and decolletage. During the summer months my pigmentation on my face always gets darker but since using this paired with the medik8 sunscreen my pigmentation is barely v...
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  41. Expensive but works


    I first received this as a sample a few months ago and loved it straight away - my face felt so nice the day after using. Also love that it has a very natural herbal scent to it. It seems like more of an oil than a serum but doesn't weight down the skin. Very light weight. I have since purchased a full size bottle.
  42. Less is more!


    Less is more with this serum - I thought the more I put on my face the better it would work AND my skin started peeling the next morning from a vitamin C overdose!
  43. Lovely serum


    I originally received this as a sample with an order and immediately purchased the full size. Its a little pricey but is so worth it. The consistency is a mix between oil and serum but doesn't make the skin feel weighed down. Really noticed a difference after using it for a few weeks at night.
  44. Wish it was cheaper! Amazing


    I really loved this product so much (Received as a 7 day sample) it was the perfect combination of a serum and a oil. Left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated without being oily. Would be a great bed time serum. Scent was a really lovely herbal natural smell. I wish it was a little cheaper because I would be on to it!!
  45. Good product!


    I have dry skin with freckles and this product really helps to brighten my skin and i find myself having soft skin with a glow.
  46. Lovely Serum/oil


    The consistency is almost a mix of a serum and a light oil together. Felt lovely to apply to the skin. Was light and didn't make my skin feel oily.
  47. Great product


    I have noticed an immense change in my skin since using this daily. After cleansing in the morning I massage into my face and neck and allow to sink in before applying sunscreen and then my makeup. The smell is divine and it feels really light on my skin. I will definitely repurchase when I finish this bottle.
  48. Reccomend!


    I was reccomend this product for my mum as use between her derma roller for aging and acne. My mum was very happy with this product and has received compliments on her skin.
  49. Best day serum - EVER!


    This serum is perfect for my sensitive skin - it feels amazing, smells so nice and leaves my skin looking hydrated, bright and healthy. It feels luxurious and healthy.

    It takes a little to absorb into the skin (obviously) so you need to give it a couple of minutes before proceeding to your next product / makeup. It's so worthy though!

    Definitely recommend and will contin...
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  50. Worth the high price


    I got this as a sample & after using it daily for around 3 weeks I cannot live without it. My face feels so soft & skin seems a bit plumper. When I’d almost runout I wasn’t sure I wanted to buy the full size but decided to just do it. I do not regret this decision at all. I know it’s $$$ but given you only use 4 drops daily, this will last ages. Plus my skin has not looked or felt this glowy in fo...
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  51. Great but a tad too expensive


    If it wasn't for the price I would give this product a 5 star. I received it as a sample and firstly it smells really lovely its very subtle and enjoyable natural smell. The consistency is almost a mix of an oil and a serum together its really nice on the face and doesn't feel like it weighing down or too oily. My skin honestly felt really nice the next day and extremely hydrated.
  52. Impressed!!


    Received a large sample with an adore order and I am very impressed - considering purchasing the full size!! It smells lovely and zesty but not at all overpowering. Glides onto skin so beautifully, skins in quickly and leaves skin soft and hydrated. Brightening effect after a few days. Worth the price tag for the beautiful texture alone!!
  53. Hydrating


    Such a hydrating serum. Smells great and applies easily. Quite expensive though.
  54. Lovely


    This came as a sample with my last order and I was really impressed with it. Smells really subtle and goes on the skin really nicely. I noticed after I applied it that my skin almost instantly felt hydrated and the next day I woke up with silky smooth skin. Not sure I could personally justify the price to purchase a full size but would definitely recommend for anyone else who can!
  55. Fabulous Serum!


    I received this recently as a gift with purchase and I have never tried this brand before but i'm so glad I have discovered it! My skin is very dry and has been looking very dull until I found this! The serum is light weight and you can easily layer other products on top. Has brightened my skin and I really enjoy the smell.
  56. Really good


    I have been suffering from terribly dry skin for the last few months and I have tried expensive products and cheap ones too to find a solution and then I gave this stuff a go and its truly amazing. This is the first time Ive left a review but its because I found for my skin it did wonders.

    My skin had dry patches and no amount of water drinking facials and ultra hydrating creams & exf...
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  57. Great for skin texture!


    I have been using product for 6 months only in the morning under sunscreen and the texture and hydration of my skin has improved greatly. highly recommend. also bottle lasts months!
  58. Beautiful product


    I received a 3ml bottle as a sample gift of this and loved it. The smell is divine and it applies beautifully to the skin. After applying my skin looks and feels plump and soft.

    Not sure id pay full price for it as I can't see any drastic, long-term changes to my skin since using it for quite a few weeks now, but if I could justify the price in my budget I would as it is a beautiful ...
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  59. Super Hydrating


    Such a hydrating serum. Smells really nice and comes with a dropper to apply easily. The day after my first use my skin felt really plump and hydrated. The texture is kind of like an oil and serum in one.
  60. Lovely serum


    I received a sample of this serum and it felt really nice on the skin. The smell was also lovely. It was kind of like a serum/oil consistency so very hydrating and the next day my skin felt really moisturized. Not sure I personally would spend $80 on a bottle of it but it was worth it for anyone who would.
  61. Absolutely in love


    I love all of the medik8 skincare products, this serum feels luscious on the skin and has improved the appearance of my skin. I also use other medik8 products alongside the vitamin C serum.
  62. Great Serum


    I recently received a sample of this and it feels really nice on the skin. Smells really nice too (Not too strong). My skin felt really hydrated afterwards. Not sure I would pay $78 for it but definitely would recommend to anyone who would!
  63. Good For Brightening


    I really like this product for its brightening capabilities.
    I have used it in my routine for about a year now and its definitely made a difference.
  64. Beautiful product


    I received Medik8's C-Tetra serum as a free gift and I'm so happy with this product! I'd never considered using a product like this on my skin but it's been such a great addition to my skincare routine. Love the smell and it feels amazing on my face.
  65. Soft and hydrated skin


    Left my skin feeling really hydrated and silky. Would definitely purchase.
  66. Great for pigmentation and dehydrated skin


    I got this as a sample and am going to be buying this as soon as it runs out. In a few days I noticed a change in my skin. Acne scaring faded, plumper and hydrated looking skin and a radiance I haven’t had from any other serum!
  67. Love this Serum


    I received a bottle of this as a sample and its really hydrating!
  68. Hydrating


    I received a sample of this with my last order and I think its a really nice serum. After cleansing as soon as I applied it my skin felt really hydrated and firm. I also put it down my neck. A little serum also seemed to go a long way. The next day I woke up and my skin felt really silky and smooth. It feels like an oil when applied but didn't make my skin feel oily.
  69. Lovely serum


    Had not used Medik8 before purchasing this, but I will certainly be trying their other products because I absolutely love this serum. At first I was concerned by the oily texture, but I've found that it absorbs really well and makes the perfect base for make-up application. I have also noticed a difference in the overall clarity of my skin. I have previously used Vitamin C serums from other well-k...
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  70. Its ok but no overall changes


    I really like the feel of this on the skin in the morning - it definitely wakes me up and gives my skin an extra boost. I haven't seen any overall results after using it every morning for 4 weeks now. It could be adding some extra shine during the day but it's not that noticeable!
  71. Amazing product to transform dull skin


    I have been using this product for over 2 years now. I had very dull and pigmented skin with lots of acne marks. This product have surely transformed my skin for good. I usually don’t leave reviews but I had to for this one. It give my skin good hydration and very light on the skin. Does not make my acne prone skin look oily at all. I stopped using this after 1 year since I had budget problem but ...
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  72. Great for dry skin


    Have been using this every 2nd morning for about 2 months now and so far the texture of my skin is plumper and there is a slight fading of some pigmentation. It's not all gone but it's less which is a bonus.

    I will always use a Vit C serum and this one is going great so far. A little goes a long way I only need 2 drops on my face and I put 1 on my neck and chest.

    It goes...
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