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Medik8 Blemish Control Pads 60 pads

4.5 of 90 reviews


4 instalments of $14.75

Or 4 instalments of $14.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $14.75

Or 4 instalments of $14.75 with LEARN MORE

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A clarifying daily treatment to improve the appearance of problematic skin and prevent future breakouts. 

  • Cosmeceuticals

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Medik8 Blemish Control Pads

Medik8 Blemish Control Pads

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Medik8 Blemish Control Pads Reviews

4.5 of 90 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Does what it promises


Repeat purchase. I have acne prone, dehydrated skin and am over 40. This has been great, I use it after cleasing, and follow up with serums and moisturiser. Does what it says it will. Highly recommend.

Most Helpful Criticism

Love, but no good if you have sensitive skin


I loved these little swipes, and was halfway through my second tub when I unfortunately started to experience quite severe allergic reactions. I wouldn't be inclined to recommend these to anyone who has sensitive skin as they can be a bit hit and miss. I'm a bit upset that I can no longer use them as I had found them to be quite beneficial in managing small pimples or breakouts.
  1. Love, but no good if you have sensitive skin


    verified purchaser
    I loved these little swipes, and was halfway through my second tub when I unfortunately started to experience quite severe allergic reactions. I wouldn't be inclined to recommend these to anyone who has sensitive skin as they can be a bit hit and miss. I'm a bit upset that I can no longer use them as I had found them to be quite beneficial in managing small pimples or breakouts.
  2. Miracle pads


    Saw a beautician highly recommend this product for congested skin, so I thought I would give this a shot as my skin has been horrid during iso. Used it in the PM and woke up in the AM with glowing skin and fewer blemishes! I would definitely recommend this product, it really helped!


    verified purchaser
    An absolute must have in your overnight/gym bag! These beauties are easy to use. There is a generous amount of product on the pads, and they don't dry up! They defiantly help to keep blemishes at bay. 10/10.
  4. Does what it promises


    Repeat purchase. I have acne prone, dehydrated skin and am over 40. This has been great, I use it after cleasing, and follow up with serums and moisturiser. Does what it says it will. Highly recommend.
  5. instant difference


    in a week I can already see a reduction in my breakouts and redness. only use once a day and leaves my skin feeling super clean.
  6. Perfect for Breakouts!


    I love these pads for that time of the month when I get a lovely hormonal breakout, or eat too much sugar/dairy, they are perfect for when I wake up with angry skin and I really find they help heal and soothe breakouts quickly, but don't dry out or dehydrate. Always good to have on hand!
  7. love it


    These pads help exfoliate the dead skin off nicely and help with pores and acne
  8. Great for breakouts


    verified purchaser
    I use this on my breakouts and it helps to remove impurities. It has also improved my skin texture and breakouts are less since using. I did also notice it causes dryness.
  9. I love these little pads!


    They are awesome when I have breakouts! I use them twice a day (Morning and night) and once a day to maintain a great skin.
    I can see improvements after couple of days! I just keep buying them!
  10. Not good for sensitive skin


    verified purchaser
    These pads definitely made my breakouts worse. Not good for sensitive skin. I prefer to use pimple patches if I have a breakout now. Much more gentle.
  11. Great for congestion.


    My teenage brother has grade one acne, mostly congestion and rarely gets inflamed pustules. I bought him these and his skin definitely improved with regular use. He said it was a bit stingy when he initially started using them but the sensation was tolerable and didn't last long.
  12. Control Pads


    I love these blemish control pads! they are strong and helps remove dirt and excess makeup. its alcohol-free so it doesn't dry out your skin!

    Good for larger areas to!
  13. gets all the dirt off


    these pads are great for taking all the excess dirt off your face and out of your pores, they dont dry you face out at all either. Definitely recommend!
  14. Don’t sting!!!


    I have used different types of blemish pads and these are the best. I hav sensitive skin so I was worried these would burn or sting but not at all, they’re the complete opposite! They’re so hydrating and leave my skin feeling fresh and clean!
  15. Does as it says!


    I have noticed my hormonal breakouts are kept at bay with this product. My partner even commented saying my skin looks a lot clearer lately. I love the convenience of the pads. I would say the price is reasonable considering the brand!
  16. My new favourite product


    After listening to an adore podcast and reading everyone's review on adore i finally bit the bullet and brought these and man i wish i brought these sooner. They have really helped with my acne prone skin, the texture and even the tones in my skin. I use this product three times a week in the morning after i have cleansed, i wipe these all over until the pad is getting dry and then leave it sit fo...
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  17. Favourite product


    This is now the third time I’ve bought this product and it is my absolute favourite! I use it every night and it just continues to leave my skin smooth and soft. It is a great exfoliated and definitely keeps my breakouts at bay. I have recommended it to a number of friends and they also love it! I will keep buying this!!
  18. Lives up to the name

    Bree M

    Whilst I was a little sceptical at first to purchase these (lots of comments about how harsh they were), I am definitely impressed with the results I have seen so far. I use them once every 3-4 nights (evenings only) and find applying niacinamide (sp?) afterwards to be most helpful. The next day my skin feels clean, fresh and SO nice to touch.
  19. Great for breakout prone skins


    These are great for when my skin has a freak out and I get spots, it also actually really helps to use them In my regular routine as a preventative. I focus on my t zone as this is where I breakout. So handy in this tub with the swipys.
  20. Works well


    I like this for external use only and it does a pretty good job. Its great to keep it in the house for days when its needed
  21. Effective!


    These are great for keeping your skin in check. I don't have acne as such, however I do suffer from the occasional blemish and under skin breakout that creates little bumps. After using these my skin feels clarified and ready to absorb my serums and creams. I think these are great for first time users of actives and I like these because they don't feel like they are stripping my skin. I can feel t...
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  22. Weekly use


    Very very effective. Use sparingly because it dries out acne and skin surrounding but I think this is well worth it at the price. The tub lasted me a few months because I don't use them everyday, more like weekly
  23. Great for acne


    These are nice!! I think they really help when I have random breakouts- I use them more as a spot treatment and it seems to help a lot.
  24. Use to work well then stopped

    Lauren A

    When I first used these pads they worked really well and combated my blackheads and chin spots. However, after a month or so it stopped working and now contributes to my breakouts and dries my skin out a lot. Not sure how this happened!
  25. Great as spot treatment


    I have really oily skin and used this product as a spot treatment when I saw a little pimple come up. It has pre-soaked pads thay were really easy to use. It is quite expensive as it was almost 1$ per pad.
  26. adore this


    It stings a bit, but it really works on breakouts!
  27. Amazing for breakout-prone skin

    Zara (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I'm a normal-oily gal and I do tend to get breakouts (not so much any more thanks to these bad boys) pretty frequently.
    These pads have seriously changed that. I use them every night after cleansing - like a toner. Then I follow with my usual serums. My breakouts are kept at bay, the pads are nice and gentle and they're great for reducing the inflammation of any breakouts you might already h...
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  28. Very strong


    I find these pads quite strong on my face. I only use them when I have a pimple and I always find that it really dries out my skin around my pimple, so much so that my skin peels off. Though, they do dry out your pimples well except I just have to use them very lightly and rarely.
  29. Ouch


    I have tried this product a number of times and have had increasingly bad burn-like reactions next to my nose and on the sides of my chin. It took me a little while to figure out which product was the cause and finally isolated it to this. This is not good for sensitive skin.
  30. Pretty Good


    Do help with blemishes but I find it to be overly drying for me
  31. Blemish pads


    i do like these blemish pads they help remove excess dirt and makeup! i like the fat that it doesn't have any alcohol in it!
  32. Good for oily skin


    Onto my second tub of these and think they are great for oily skin. Even after washing my face it amazing to see the extra dirt that these get off. Can be a little drying so I wouldn't use every day.
  33. My holy grail of skincare


    These little pads are miracle workers! They have significantly reduced the amount of breakouts I have, and if breakouts do occur they are banished quicker than ever.
  34. Best Exfoliating Pads Ever.


    Medik8 got it so right with these guys! I have tried these out every day for 30 days and honestly, my skin has never felt so smooth, looked so fresh and bright but it has also helped with those irritating monthly breakouts.
    I like how these are not irritating on my sensitive/hormonal skin. Here’s to another 30 days as my repurchased ones have just been delivered!
  35. Convenient and moderately effective.


    I have used these wipes for more than a month. I appreciate that they are convenient and they work pretty well. They do absolutely nothing for the blackheads on my nose or chin, but I can definitely see a difference in my current pimples and I don't seem to get as many pimples since I started using the wipes day and night.
  36. Medik8


    Very good for calming hormonal spots around the chin - flattens them out overnight it seems! Convenient packaging and lasts a while too
  37. I’m really happy with this


    Works so well and I always wake up with fantastic skin the next day. Very very good product!
  38. Control Pads


    these blemish pads help remove dirt and makeup! i really enjoy putting these on my face! they feel nice & refreshing!
  39. Not bad


    Quite pricy but did see a small difference in the texture of my skin. I find medik8 to be hit and miss...
  40. Works well


    Have used these when I've had a few blemishes, they can be quite drying so I never use for an extended period of time
  41. great


    It is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky! I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use.
  42. Excellent for blackheads


    I have tried everything for removing blackheads and nothing seems to work for me. After reading an article about these, I purchased them with high expectations. My expectations were met! Within a few days of using these, my blackheads were clearing up. They do tend to really dry out your skin though, so I try only using them where I have blackheads, and on alternate evenings.
  43. Works


    This product is good for oily and acne prone skin. It helps me to clear out my acne on my chin. Very convenient as well. Highly recommend
  44. One of my favourites!


    I’m now onto my second one of these and I love them! I’ve used other salicylic acid products but these have worked the best for me so far. Very convenient and easy to use, would recommend to anyone with oily skin and breakouts!
  45. Great for acne


    These were recommended to me by a friend and I was skeptical considering the price, but they're amazing. I have stubborn acne on my chin and they really help clear breakouts and remove excess oil. Staple in my skincare routine now.
  46. Ok


    Makes your skin feel clean but didn’t actually do anything noticeably only get 60 cotton pads so each one is like $1 steep price
  47. My boyfriend steals these!


    These are great to get a bit of extra grime off your face. With regular use I did notice blackheads going away. My boyfriend also loves them, they're a regular in our bathroom!
  48. Smooth skin


    Bought this product after reading an Adorebeauty blog about removing blackheads. This is now a staple in my routine. I have deep blackheads and I use these pads after using pore strips to enhance the black head cleaning process. Noticed that my blackheads clear up a lot more!
  49. Can’t forego this product!


    Was recommended to try these pads by my skin therapist- I was sceptical but I can’t live without them now! It doesn’t feel right to not do this step, I feel my pores tighten and have noticed a significant reduction in black heads, I also notice my skin is less oily throughout the day.
  50. Great for congestion


    Found this to work on super stubborn acne on the centre of my forehead. I was using it in conjunction with a lot of other products but do believe this had a huge impact!
  51. Amazing for those extra oily days


    This Product is great to control those days where you get a little bit extra oil around the face.

    I find if I'm playing my normal weekly sports and going to the gym I have days where my oiliness is out of control, That's where these pads come in handy. Sometimes even if I finish at the gym and have to go somewhere afterwards I pack them in my gym bag and use them straight after and I...
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  52. Excellent blackhead remover


    I have been using this product daily for over a week and straight I noticed by blackheads being drawn out, something which I have been battling with.
  53. Functional but overpriced


    These 2% salicylic acid are fine - they do the job. Skin looks noticeably smoother and clearer after a few days of use. I like how the pads are pre-soaked instead of having to use a serum and rub it in - super convenient. However, I believe these are incredibly overpriced for what they are, and cheaper options are definitely available.
  54. Pleasantly surprised!


    I don't have a lot of joy with products for my very oily, highly reactive, breakout-prone, all round pain in the butt skin... I've tried a Medik8 cleanser (which I'm okay with and still using) and a moisturiser (not blown away, still looking for something more effective to mattify) and their Hydra8 serum (meh - actually makes me oilier I think) but this one is a definite winner! These pads have de...
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  55. Great for congestion


    Helps congested skin ALOT. I used to have lots of bumps but with a mix of different skin care products (this included) they’ve gone away. This definitely helps a lot. Also black heads are gone now too!
  56. Helps overall skin appearance


    I love how quick and easy these pads are to use. My skin is reasonably clear but often congested and with blackheads. I try and use every second night and while I have seen a small improvement in congestion I can’t say that it has completely cleared my blackheads and problem areas. Possibly more regular use could help with better results.
  57. Love these wipes!


    These are a total game-changer! Hygenic, easy to use and smell great! And they clear the skin, including pesky blackheads, without over-drying. Yes, they are expensive but once you try, you’ll see why they are worth it!
  58. dream come true


    This product is so amazing. So easy to use and has truely made a difference to my skin. I haven’t had a breakout in ages unlike before where it was at least every other day and my blackheads are even clearing. I really do love this product and it has quickly started an obsession with the whole brand.
  59. wonderful results


    I have combination skin and struggle with blackheads and breakouts on my nose and chin.
    Medik8 Blemish Control Pads have made a massive difference to my skin. I'm over the moon with the results.
    My breakouts and blackheads have significantly decreased and overall my skin looks better. So glad I started using these pads.
    They don't irritate my sensitive skin and are quick and ea...
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  60. Amazing


    The only bad thing about these is the cost, but I literally felt them working on my breakout as soon as I started useing them.
  61. Promising results with continued use


    I love how easy these are for travel without having to worry about bottles spilling. I have had good results with continued use however if I forget to use them for a day or two it is noticeable. Being a more costly product, using them twice a day as recommended to achieve results is a bit out of my depth and I’m not sure if I will repurchase due to the cost.
  62. Favourite product ever!


    I’m so grateful I stumbled across these!
    They are life changing!
    I’ve intergrated these into my normal skincare routine and my skin is amazing! It’s an extra level of exfoliation and cleansing that my skin desperately needs due to the climate and environment where I live.
    They’re also great for travelling, camping or overnight adventures as they’re easy to just grab out and use. ...
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  63. Helpful in controlling oil


    I have dry sensitive skin but can get an oily t-zone particularly in summer, and I find that these wipes have helped to control this oil. I don't use them every day as I do feel they're a bit expensive but they seem quite good so far.
  64. Got rid of my break out within days!


    All I can say is thank gosh I purchased these after a recommendation from my facial. I experienced a horrible breakout around my chin and jaw error from another product which was taking ages to subside. Within days of using these pads my breakout has diminished significantly, even so that a lady at Mecca commented on my skin. The pads did not dry out my skin. A life saver!
  65. Can’t live without them!


    My skin type is on the dry side of normal and I suffer from some hormonal acne around my chin and jaw area that just never seems to completely disappear. I use these pads which I use morning and night and I really noticed how effective they are when I ran out of my first tub and spent a few weeks without using them. My skin then became so bad and my pimples came back with avengance and wouldn’t go...
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  66. Great for sensitive oily skin


    This product is great for my oily skin, it clears my pores and doesn't leave my face feeling tight and dry. It's so smooth and definitely a new favourite.
  67. Great product for white heads!


    My skin is usually a bit on the oily side, and every now and then I get a pimple or two - but I recently started getting lots of white heads around and on my nose, around my lips and on my chin.

    I have tried a number of products and nothing seems to diminish them, until I gave this product a whirl. I use the wipes once in the morning, and again before bed and have seen a significant i...
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  68. Winner


    I struggled with some sore shoulder/back acne and couldn’t get it to budge until I tried these pads.
    So gentle yet extremely affective and versatile - my back has almost completely cleared up!
    A gods send!
  69. Bye blackheads!


    I haven't looked in the mirror to see my nose free of blackheads since I was in primary school... I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them, so I am so happy to have found this product because it's been the only thing to work!

    I started by using it morning and night on my T-zone for about a week, and I couldn't believe how clear my face was. I now just use it once or twice a week ju...
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  70. Amazing results


    I'm in my mid forties and only recently began developing large cystic pimples on my jaw line and neck. Utter despair. After reading the reviews of this product and loving the Medik8 brand, I thought I would give this a try. Only 3 days in, but the results are amazing - the cystic lumps are far less painful and drying up.I'm hoping with continued use it will also mean new ones won't appear.
  71. Only 5 days in, but its official. Love Love Love!


    I have combination skin, an oilyish T-zone, dry cheeks and lips, and some hormonal acne under my chin. My skin is generally good, but I have long ago accepted enlarged pores on my nose, blackheads and an undereye area best hidden by thick rimmed glasses.
    But already 5 days in, and my skin looks fresher, the skin under my eyes looks smoother and everything feels more polished.
    I am a ...
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  72. Helped my skin so much!


    After surviving my teenage years and early 20's with mostly clean (occasionally dry) skin, I really struggled when I developed adult acne, combined with dry skin. For three years I have been dealing with lots of hard sebum blockages that stick around for months, at least one blind pimple at a time and generally bumpy, clogged skin. I have tried all natural products, oil cleansing and clarisonic br...
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  73. Helps blackheads


    Having sensitive skin prone to redness I am always on the look out for exfoliating treatments which don't have alcohol - particularly denatured! - in them. Was hopeful with these - they definitely helped slough away yukky skin and diminish blackheads (my chief concern). However, they did aggravate my redness a bit, so I'll keep searching.
  74. Waste of money, made no difference to my skin


    I found these dried me out & did not have any impact on any blemishes. I tried them in a desperate attempt to help control my hormonal acne (brought on by my implanon implant) & they did nothing.
    I have normal-dry skin.
  75. First aid for skin


    These little pads are a lifesaver when my skin is flaring up due to hormones. I swipe over face/neck/chest morning and night and any pesky breakouts are seriously minimised.
  76. Great


    These are great! Perfect for when my skin is going crazy snd really helps to settle it back down.
  77. Great for spots!


    These are my go to for when I have a breakout. They visibly improve within a day and disappear. Highly recommend
  78. Skin noticeably better


    I have very sensitive skin, prone to breakouts, especially in my back. I’ve been using this pads for about 2 weeks and my skin looks cleaner and less oily. Definitely recommend it for back acne, haven’t used it on the face so wouldn’t know.
  79. Saved my skin!


    After using the online chat to speak with the adore team about my skin, they directed me to this product as I was suffering breakouts since starting to work out and getting pimples in my 30’s was a rude shock. I’ve just finished my first tub and ordered another, it has completely changed my skin. It’s reduced the amount of pimples significantly to the point I don’t even really have any anymore and...
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  80. holy grail


    this really works! I have really bad acne and scarring on my jawline and forehead and these pads twice a day are a life saver. They dry all the oils and spots flaring up so quickly and i have noticed some of my scarring going down. holy grail life saver


    Loves medik8

    I just want to start by saying that I have told everyone about this product I’m actually obsessed. It is the first product I have ever come across that actually works. I have pretty bad hormonal acne and scarring and these pads twice a day are the best thing that has ever happened to my skin care routine. They dry everything up so quickly and I have even noticed some of my scarring going down and ...
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  82. Life changer


    I have hormonal chin acne brought about by the IUD (better spotty than pregnant I guess!).
    Prior to discovering medik8 it was inflammed and cystic around my chin.
    The blemish control pads are wonderful for keeping the acne at bay with salicylic acid, and without drying alcohol. This also remedies smaller blemishes within a day. My skin has never been better. Thank you medik8 and Ador...
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  83. Not great


    I must have tried every exfoliating AHA or BHA pad on the market. These are OK, but I used them before I realise they had a mint oil in it (which, as I am allergic), resulted in some spectacular rashes and bumps on my face. I don't understand why you would add something like that to a blemish pad, but oh well.

    The other issue is the salicylic acid. It was my understanding that for sa...
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  84. Great product


    Amazing product, truly helps with blemishes and breakouts. It will dry your skin after use, so good a good moisturiser.


    I have noticed a significant change for the better in my skin since introducing these into my skincare routine. I have extremely congested skin especially around my jawline and after a week I could notice an improvement in my skin. I am seeing less congestion, and the spots I do get have been smaller and healing much quicker. I absolutely love medik8, all their products are incredible, full of act...
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  86. Convenient and effective!


    When I first used these I didn't notice much, but after a few days of adding it into my skin care routine I've noticed my skin appear smoother and clearer!
    They are thin pads pre soaked, one side bumpy for exfoliating and the other side smooth, they have the perfect amount of product and they don't drip everywhere like other pre soaked pads.
    I've been using the bumpy side quite vigouro...
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  87. Loved these!


    I bought these 4 weeks ago, and have used them twice a day for this time. I have noticed significantly clearer skin, without it drying out.
  88. Getting the frequency right is key :)


    Since quitting the contraceptive pill three years ago, my skin has been marred by continuous blemishes; some small that clear away quickly, and others that rise into big red bumps that hang around for a month. So on receiving Medik8 Blemish Control Pads, I was excited to see what would happen.
    The instructions state to use twice a day for best results. So, for four days I swiped these little...
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