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Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint 5ml

4.1 of 45 reviews


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4 instalments of $6.24


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Maybelline Tattoo Brow is a game-changing peel-off gel-tint that leaves brows perfectly defined and evenly filled for up to 3 days.

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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4.1 of 45 reviews

86% recommend this product

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This is the best brow tint

Most Helpful Criticism

Get grey brown


I was so excited when these first came out as I have super light brows and get them tinted a lot. This is good for the in between tints, but dont be afraid by the name, GET grey brown. The others all end up looking kinda copper when it fades. The brush is probably too thick to get the very tight look and it can stain the skin if you dont get it perfectly, and the first day always looks really full on but as it fades it looks good. Just make sure you have a steady hand to get them look symmetrical, but it is super easy to use and fun to peel off. Def not a holy grail, may be better for those with thicker brows, mine are thin and it's hard to get them matching in my case.
  1. The best one I’ve tried


    This is one of the best brow tints I have tried so far. I have it in the lightest shade and it’s still quite dark. Doesn’t need to be on for very long at all. I find i can get it to last for 5 days if I am carefull cleaning around my brow area and don’t use toner on my brows. Really great for not having to fill my brows in
  2. brow tint


    Does a fantastic job in leaving a tint in the brows, but lasts for no longer than 48-72 hours
  3. Good colour range and great price


    Good colour range and great price, worth purchasing.
  4. An excellent, affordable brow gel


    An excellent, affordable brow gel. I find this works really well filling in my thin brows. I really like the texture of this one too. It's doesn't feel heavy on my skin like other brow gels.
  5. Brows on point


    This is a great brow gel that sets brows in place all day. Nice natural colour that creates the perfect brow
  6. Tattooed brows


    This really does work! if you have dark eyebrows already you dont need to leave it on for that long! i was quite surprised by how well this actually worked! and at a very good price!
  7. Good but lighter than I thought


    This colour (medium brown) is a good match for my light brown hair, but much lighter than when I get it tinted medium brown.
    It’s very easy to use and all peeled off without much effort.
  8. Love the colour


    The colour is so natural. The product is easy to apply and lasts all day.
  9. Can't live without it


    I love love love this product !! I was spectacle at first but it works a treat. I use the colour black grey and found if I leave it for too long it starts too look too green, but besides this it is completely amazing and I have already recommended it to all of my friends - who also love it
  10. Unique and effective product


    I was so surprised this product didn't rip any of my sparse eyebrow hairs out when I removed it! Very unique product I definitely recommend. The only downside is I find I need quite a thick layer of product to properly colour/fill my (naturally very thin and small) brows. Therefore best to use when you're not in a rush, or perhaps the night before as it takes ages to try! I don't find it lasts as long as other people have reported however I'm thinking maybe I cleanse too thoroughly!!
  11. Get grey brown


    I was so excited when these first came out as I have super light brows and get them tinted a lot. This is good for the in between tints, but dont be afraid by the name, GET grey brown. The others all end up looking kinda copper when it fades. The brush is probably too thick to get the very tight look and it can stain the skin if you dont get it perfectly, and the first day always looks really full on but as it fades it looks good. Just make sure you have a steady hand to get them look symmetrical, but it is super easy to use and fun to peel off. Def not a holy grail, may be better for those with thicker brows, mine are thin and it's hard to get them matching in my case.
  12. Good


    I cannot commit to getting a brow tattoo but this is good as it lasts me 3-4 days. I do not like the colour tone of this though
  13. Great concept but doesn’t deliver


    I have this in Light Brown and feel sometimes it seems to throw red. It stains the skin, so when you try and wash it off your skin you end up washing part of it off your brows. The brush isn’t really the right size- it could be smaller so you could get a more defined look. Personally I wouldn’t repurchase.
  14. An essential


    I looooove this product, if I haven’t had time to tint I really rely on this stuff. I usually apply it the night before I’m going out as I find it goes on pretty heavy and looks best after I’ve had a shower and washed my face. Goes on super easy, literally just paint it over your brow line, wait for it to dry (sometimes I leave it on for an hour+) then peel it off. Colour stays visible for about 3 days as it states, I avoid my brows when exfoliating as to not wash it off prematurely. Looks way better than filled in brows too. I wish it was a bit cheaper tho as I can go through a tube in a couple of weeks easy. But yeah it’s really good and reliable.
  15. Love this stuff!


    Don’t have time to get a tint... you will love this stuff. So easy to use and the colour pay off is awesome. Lasts 3 days also. Natural effect
  16. Nice tint


    I have used this in the shade grey brown. It really does stain the skin so be careful where you put it! Colour is really good for my ashy blonde hair, but I find when it fades it has a greenish tone to it
  17. Great eyebrow gel


    This is a great product that keeps your eyebrows perfect all day! Amazing price and product
  18. Great product


    I love this product in the grey brown, I find it leaves a really natural looking tint that fades well. It's a really easy fool proof way of tinting your eyebrows at home, obviously it's not quite salon results for the price and ease I think its great.
  19. Favourite!


    I tried this last year on a whim, and was so impressed with its pigmentation and wear time! This is my go-to use whenever I feel lazy to do my brows, and the tint stays on for an average of 3-4 days. I don't use the applicator brush it comes with, and instead use a tiny angled brush as I find it provides me with more precision to draw hair-like strokes. I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a pigmented and lasting brow tint - you won't be disappointed!
  20. Okay but doesn't last that long


    its great for people who don't have the time to put so much effort in the mornings. very gentle, easy to peel off and does not peel eyebrow hairs with it. Would recommend this but it doesnt last as long as it should. I wash my face 2x a day and by the third day its barely visible. i'm still on the fence about this product but a great option for those who have more time at night to prepare for the next day.
  21. good shade


    dark brown suits my eyebrows and gives it a really nice defined outcome. BUT the applicator wand is terrible its not defined I use another brush to apply to get a nice defined brow where you could not do with the wand provided. the packaging says to leave on for 20 minutes, I left it on for about an hour. lats a few days, if you avoid your eyebrows when doing your skin care it will last longer. suitable for temporary brows
  22. A really handy product to own


    If you have light/sparse eyebrows this is really handy to have. It doesn't give a particularly 'natural' or 'fluffy' effect, but it does give a drawn on effect if that's what you like. It tints the skin not the hair.

    I love using this when I do outdoorsy things like camping, swimming etc so I don't have to fret about my eyebrow pencil coming off.

    One downfall is that the colour is lovely on the first day but starts to cast a bit of a warm/orange tone in the days following
  23. Great


    I was very wary of this product, but once I tried it, I bought it in another colour in addition to the colour I got initially.
    It works well, does not pull brow hairs and looks quite natural.
  24. Good product - but colour fades red


    I liked this product initially - it applies well, the brush is precise and well shaped and once applied and left for desired time it peels off evenly in one go (peeling from the tail of brow). Unfortunately it fades (day 2-3) with a slight red colour which has deterred me from continuing to use it. I have gone back to my Benefit brow products, which are a no-fail.
  25. Great way to try the concept


    This product is a great way to try the concept and see if it is for you, but at the price point, you can get some alternatives that are cheaper and more high quality. The product does work, longevity isn't as high though
  26. fun to use but not very effective


    I love applying this tint and peeling it off to see the result. Unfortunately, I have sparse brows so when I'm applying any brow product, I need to be able to soften the outline of my brows - I can't do that with a tint and it ends up looking unnatural. I'd recommend it if you are going swimming etc. and can't use other brow products, because it is quite water-resistant. But as soon as you wash your face with a cleanser, it will fade. It does not last as long as it claims.
  27. It was ok


    I didn't particularly like this brow gel, it didn't work for me at all, I wouldn't recommend it.
  28. Natural brows in a flash


    I love this tint! I have quite thick brows that have a few spars areas and this tint naturally fills them in to look full but not too harsh. It lasts for about 3 days but is quite easy to apply. I really love this product and would recommend it to anyone who needs some quick coverage on the go.
  29. Great tint whilst it lasts


    This is the first at home tint i've used on my eyebrows and its fair to say im hooked.
    although the brush it comes with i find it hard to get precise lines with it as it is a little to thick for my liking but i just use another one of my makeup brushes to make the brow more defined. i leave on for about 30 minutes and then it is easy to peel off, and wollah you have perfect eyebrows.
    the only downfall for this product would be that once you cleanse or exfoliate your face it is immediately all gone. i would use this to make go to the beach or just a light natural makeup look without being heavy on the brows.
  30. Quick fix


    This product is great but looked best the next day after a wash when it has faded a little. I had the grey brown and it was a little dark for me I think.
  31. Ok


    I hadn't used anything like this before. It lasted me a good 4 days but to be honest I feel a little weird using this. Probably wouldn't use it too often.
  32. Great DIY tint


    This is the first DIY tint I have used, so I don't have anything to compare it to. It was a tad scary to apply, but worked out really well in the end and the end result was not messy. It lasted a few days, but after about one day it started to go a bit patchy throughout the hours so I needed to use a pencil too, but still quicker than having to fill in all my brows.
  33. Pleasantly surprised


    I didn't have high expectations for this product but it's so easy to use. It lasts about 2-3 days but there is so much product in it that it doesn't really bother me how long it lasts.

    I have microblade but very faded brows so they are easy to fill in with this product. If you have sparse brows with no clearly defined lines, this may be a little more difficult.

    I apply this at after my foundation, peel it off when I've finished my makeup and I'm ready to go.
    I wish the applicator was a little different though - maybe more like an angled brow brush?
  34. Good product but could be better


    I was very excited to try this product - and didn't read the instructions
  35. Great product - just doesn't last long


    Its a great product, I just wished that it lasted longer than it does. It is easy to use but you do have to be very precise when applying and it helps to have an angled brush and cotton buds handy.
  36. I like it


    It's a good product, perfect for in between brow tints. Doesn't last too long, maybe 2-3 days and is easy to work with
  37. Impressed!


    I liked this product, however, it doesn't last very long maybe 2-3 days (would probably be more depending on how much you washed/wet your face) and you have to be very precise where you're applying the product. I'd probably suggest using an eyebrow brush for the application just to make it easier. It also suggests leaving it on for at least 20 minutes though I'd probably leave it on for a little longer just to make sure the products set. Other than that, it does provide a really nice tint and makes your brows stand out.
  38. Not a fan


    I purchased this in grey brown as i have black brows. I was not a fan of this at all. It didn't work for me. It left a really light tint on my skin which look ridiculous. I tried it twice just incase the first time didn't turn out right but both times it failed.
  39. Great - just wish it lasted longer


    I bought this in Grey Brown, as I don't like red tinted eyebrow products. When I apply it, it's jet black and looks like I've coloured in my brows with a sharpie, much to the amusement of everyone else in the house. But it's worth the laughter. This product gently tints the skin and hair of my eyebrows, making my morning makeup routine so much quicker when I have used it. It's a nice natural shade, and doesn't fade to red.

    The only problems are that (a) it doesn't last very long - it looks good for two days, passable on the third day and is gone by the fourth, (b) I have two horrible grey eyebrow hairs, and it doesn't dye them, and (c) last time I used it a couple of eyebrow hairs came off when I peeled the gel off. Maybe they were coming off anyway, but given how thin my eyebrows are, it did make me a bit concerned. I haven't exactly got any eyebrow hairs I can spare.

    This is a good product and will tide me over until I have my eyebrows microbladed, but I don't know if I would use it on a permanent basis, as it needs touching up quite often and I'm not sure if it's good for your eyebrow hairs to constantly be tinting them.
  40. So so so good


    I am not one to write rave reviews, but this product is flat out amazing. I have sparse brows and fill them in every day, but of course washing my face at night leaves me with no discernible brows again. Believe me, waking up this morning and still having my full brows was so exciting! I have blonde hair and chose the darkest shade, fearing that the other shades may be too red. I like the colour very much, but unless you want a very strong brow, go for a lighter colour. I was concerned I wouldn't be able to get the shape I wanted with this brush, but it was fine. That said, I'd still prefer an angled brush, and hopefully Maybelline will change that as the product evolves. Still, this is flat out the best thing I've ever used for my brows. Which is lucky, as I accidentally bought two of them!
  41. Okay


    I purchased this in Medium Brown (I have coloured blonde hair and it was a good match). I liked the effect of this product, you do have to be careful where you apply so you don't up with a solid block of colour. It only lasted about 2 days and then started to fade to a wam coppery-brown colour which I didn't like.
  42. LOVE IT


    i was skeptical at first, it comes with a small brush almost the same as nail polish brush. I personally use a brow brush and wipe the end of it onto the brush end of the tint gel and gradually apply it to my brows. Keep a few cotton buds just incase. Dries quickly and i PROMISE it doesnt hurt when you remove the product once dried. Looks natural and beautiful and grafdually fades over a few days :)
  43. Pleasantly Surprised

    Rebecca WB

    I don't generally buy Maybelline but just had to give this Brow Tattoo Gel Tint a try to see if it could reduce my morning make-up routine. Well I was so amazed that this works as described. It really does give a natural, enhanced look & lasts for 3 days.
  44. Interesting product


    I purchased this product in the shade dark brown, however, I now realised I should have purchased it in their grey-brown shade. I was excited to try this product as there has been a lot of hype surrounding it. Firtsly the product was a bit difficult to apply as it doesn't simply glide on. I found it stuck alot to my eyebrow hairs and I had to really work on trying to get it onto my skin. Finally, peeling the product off was quite fun and I was very pleased with the results. They brows look very natural and lasted around 2-3 days for me. I would recommend people to try this out but I am not sure if this will be a consistent part of my makeup routine
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