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Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Multi-Use Concealer 6ml

4.4 of 347 reviews


4 instalments of $4.99

Or 4 instalments of $4.99 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $4.99

Or 4 instalments of $4.99 with LEARN MORE

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Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eye Eraser targets dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

What customers say

GREAT - 87% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+


  • Medium

Eye Concern:

  • Puffiness
  • Deep Lines
  • Dark Circles
  • Age Prevention

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Multi-Use Concealer Reviews

4.4 of 347 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Perfect Concealer


This is by far the best concealer ive used. If you have dry skin this does not cake up and blends out nicely. Lasts a long time too!

Most Helpful Criticism



For all the HYPE about this product I was super disappointed.
The issues I had:
1: The colour shade range - I could not for the life of me find ANY suitable colour. The lightest colour available was still too dark (and way too pink toned).
2: The sponge applicator is messy and gross and un-hygienic.
3: It just didn't look great on my skin.

I found other products that worked way better for me - don't believe this deserved the hype.
  1. Perfect Concealer


    This is by far the best concealer ive used. If you have dry skin this does not cake up and blends out nicely. Lasts a long time too!
  2. Easy to use and affordable


    I like this product because it’s affordable and very easy to use. I really like the feeling of the brush under my eye area and the twist top. I do wish the lightest shade was a little bit lighter though and the concealer a bit fuller in coverage. Oh the days when this was the only product I needed!!
  3. King amongst concealers


    For an inexpensive product, this really does pack a punch. My long time favourite that never fails to cover the worst dark circles and spots! I wouldn’t go past it for something easy to apply, long wearing and smudge proof.
  4. Not for me


    There's a lot of hype around this but unfortunately, I just don't get on with it. It offers good coverage for dark circles and I like the texture, but for some reason it always looks really cakey and crease-y under my eyes which is frustrating as I don't actually have very many wrinkles or creases (I'm 24 and take great care of my skin). I've tried primer/no primer, setting powder/no setting powde...
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  5. Great for under eyes but not the best for heavy duty cover


    This is a nice, lightweight concealer that's quite creamy and easy to apply with the built in spongy top. Perfect for dark circles or light discolouration, but won't cover more obvious blemishes like acne 100%.
  6. really nice


    I don't wear much makeup and go for a natural look and I find this works really well for dark circles! But doesn't work too well on spot concealing which is fair
  7. good for price


    This is a good mascara considering the price. The sponge gets a bit gross after a while though.
  8. Perfect texture


    For me, it’s one of the best concealer. Medium is perfect for my skin tone. I like the discreet makeup and the fluidity of the product allows me to blend easily. I apply a small amount daily so I have it for months of use. So good value for money. I like the clear container. I don’t like the foam applicator.
  9. Great for under eye puffiness and bags


    This concealer helped my under eyes quite a lot. I suffer from hereditary dark circles, and while it doesn't make it completely go away, for the price it does work really well. I would definitely recommend if you have dark circles or suffer from puffiness under your eyes.
  10. Great! Not for spot blemishes though


    I go for a more natural look and it is great for brightening under eyes and doesn't crease! However, I don't believe it is thick enough/creamy enough to get away with spot concealing blemishes
  11. Good when used sparingly


    I found this concealer tended to settle in fine lines and look ageing when applied generously with the sponge, however once I removed the sponge and applied sparingly it performed much better. It has a light to medium coverage and looks natural-matte on the face. It works really well on cheeks etc as well as undereyes.
  12. Light coverage


    This is hands down my favourite concealer that is on the cheaper side. Although it does not provide a heap of coverage, it really helps to brighten my undereyes. It is also super easy to blend and lasts you throughout the day. This concealer provides a natural, skin-like finish.
  13. Tough because it was great on my once normal skin but not on my now dry skin


    As the title says, this is tough as I used to love this concealer.
    But now I find it really awful on my dry skin. I have tried different bases, primers, foundations, and other combos but nothing makes this work. It sticks on top of everything, doesn't blend, and dries my skin out.
  14. Okay


    Really good coverage but it doesn't blend properly and sits on top of the foundation looking patchy no matter how much I blend. I think it works better for oily skin.
  15. Effective concealer


    This concealer lives up to the hype and has great coverage to brighten up the under eye area. Only thing is the packaging of the concealer is not the best and it can get a bit messy.
  16. :(


    I really wanted to love this after seeing everyone rave about it but it really emphasised my under eye creases...
  17. Didn’t work for me


    This concealer did not work well on my quite dry skin. It didn’t apply easily and did not cover my dark circles at all. Was quite flakey and patchy.
  18. Good medium coverage concealer


    I use the neutraliser shade under my eyes and find it has decent coverage. I do have quite strong veins that show around my eyes and I find I so need to layer this to get stronger coverage. It can be a little drying if your skin is on the drier/dehydrated side so I always use an eye cream beforehand on those drier days.
  19. Overrated, but a good product


    Purchased this because of all the hype, but was kind of disappointed. Caused a lot of creasing and didn't really last, but is good for the price point!
  20. really full coverage


    one of my favourite concealers ever
  21. Wowww!


    Covers up my dark undereyes really well and lasts for hours
  22. Amazing


    Good coverage, doesn't feel dry on my dry skin and also covers blemishes really well. Incredible value.
  23. Good day to day concealer


    I've purchased it a few times now. I'm not really a fan of the sponge on the tip so I normally pull it off and apply it with a beauty blender. Its a good affordable option
  24. Quick and easy


    Love this concealer. I use it to even out my skin tone a bit when I leave the house. Don’t need much and is a great sub for foundation!
  25. Can’t live without


    I use this as an all over ‘foundation’ - I like a natural look but with the opinion to cover up red spots etc. this is perfect under the eye too because it doesn’t crease into eyes. I use a darker shade to contour too. Love it so much.
  26. Best drugstore concealer


    Title says it all. I have pretty dark circles and I don't find that it gives me the most coverage with that (for reference I find that It Cosmetic's Bye-Bye Undereye helps cover it up a lot more), but it blends beautifully and it feels good on the face. I still prefer this concealer over the Nars Creamy Concealer personally. If I had to use a drugstore concealer this would be it, would recommend
  27. Perfect!


    I’ve been using Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Multi-Use Concealer in ‘Fair’ for several years. Initially had Initially had low expectations as it’s fairly cheap, but it is amazing, probably one of the best concealers I have ever used. I purchased it for under eye area, but have found it great to use as a general concealer and often dot it all over and blend for a light coverage on days when...
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  28. Hands Down #1


    There's not much more to say! Covers dark spots and blemishes really well too!
  29. Good for a cheapie


    This is a nice concealer for under eyes, however, its not quite high pigment enough for me to use on problematic pimples. Also doesn't seem as hydrating on the under eye area as something that is designed for that purpose.
  30. great concealer


    I've heard a lot of good reviews for this concealer and it does really live up to its hype. I really enjoy using this especially to highlight areas on my face such as underneath my eyes, the coverage is medium to full which is good because you can build it up if you want to. great for night out and when you want your makeuo to last a long time
  31. Average


    For all the HYPE about this product I was super disappointed.
    The issues I had:
    1: The colour shade range - I could not for the life of me find ANY suitable colour. The lightest colour available was still too dark (and way too pink toned).
    2: The sponge applicator is messy and gross and un-hygienic.
    3: It just didn't look great on my skin.

    I found other produ...
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  32. Extremely average


    This concealer is not terrible, but it isn't great either despite all the hype surrounding it. While it will do the job, it does not provide a particularly high coverage, especially when it comes to darker spots.
  33. I LOVE IT


    Good formula. Easy to apply .Doesn’t crease or cake. Not drying and Good value for money
  34. Perfect coverage


    it covers my dark circles pretty well..gives neat finish and makes me glow and reduces signs of fatigue.
  35. Amazing


    Full coverage concealer that really brightens the under eye area and high points of face. I like this for events as it has thicker consistency and it doesn't settle into fine lines.
  36. Favourite


    This is my favourite concealer I have ever used, while I wouldn’t recommend if your looking for a full coverage concealer, it does an amazing job for a natural every day look with
  37. Good


    This concealer works really well especially under the eyes as the name suggests. It doesn't have the best shade range though which is my main criticism
  38. Gorgeous


    It has a surprising amount of coverage and a luminous brightening effect. Doesn't crease and super worth it for the price
  39. My go to


    Love it so much i always need one in my kit
  40. Rewind undereye... with flakes :/


    Not a fan of consistency or coverage. Maybelline is a cheap brand but i have used their products previously. This under eye applicator is helpful but not very hygienic. Also not true to colour. Would not recommend.
  41. Fav


    One of my fav concealers. Good coverage, doesn't go cakey under my eyes and doesn't settle into fine lines. Once set with powder it looks fresh all day.
  42. Convenient


    So easy to use, minimal effort to blend, great for touch ups, light weight texture, but seems to run out quite quickly.
  43. Every day product


    This is one of the best drugstore concealers I really enjoy it especially because of its thicker consistency. The price is also super affordable especially if you use it everyday like me
  44. Great anti aging concealer

    Instant Age Rewind

    I don't know if it's quite my holy Grail (still on the look out for that) but it's up there! It's a good price, decent coverage and good for mature dry skin. Not sure I'd say it cover dark circles on its own but that's not a huge issue for me definitely worth a try
  45. Gorgeous finish


    This concealer is so easy to apply and goes on very smoothly. The finish is slightly dewy with primer and doesn't oxidise. The shade I chose "Light - 20" tends to have a pinker undertone and my shade requires a more yellow undertone so definitely consider that when buying this concealer. Otherwise, this product definitely lives up to its hype! I'm glad finally got my hands on it!
  46. My New Go To


    This is my new go to concealer, it covers as well as some concealers that I've bought for double the price. It blends pretty easily and the coverage is really great.
  47. good coverage and low price


    I use it alone always without foundation. It has really good coverage and natural look. The spounge head is quite nice, easy to apply on. I recommend it.
  48. Solid drugstore staple


    This concealer gives medium coverage and is very easy to apply with the sponge applicator. It's a good affordable option. I did find that I ran out of the product quite quickly compared to other concealers and face products I've had.
  49. for brown skin


    Probably the best drug store concealer for brown skin I've found that gives you medium coverage. It blends well and isn't too drying on your skin either.
  50. Great quality


    This brightens underneath my eyes and makes the area look lifted.
    Like the formula of the product
  51. Medium Coverage


    For me this is a medium coverage concealer. It does feel hydrating (well, isn't drying) on the skin thanks to it's mousse like consistency/texture - however, the mousse like texture creases under my eyes. Great range of colours though!
  52. full coverage


    I do really like this concealer, it has great coverage, I find that it can be a bit drying under my eyes though
  53. best drugstore concealer


    This is probably the best drugstore concealer I've tried. It erases my dark circles. It doesnt cake up or crease. It lasts all day long. I love the applicater
  54. Best concealer I have tried


    I don’t wear much makeup but I do use concealer for under eyes and covering spots. I have tried a lot of concealers from cheap to expensive and this is my favourite one.
  55. Best concealer I have tried


    I don’t wear much makeup but I do use concealer for under eyes and covering spots. I have tried a lot of concealers from cheap to expensive and this is my favourite one.
  56. Not for sensitive and dry skin


    Doesn’t make a dramatic difference under the eyes and does get a bit cakey. However I do have very dry and sensitive skin under my eyes so it may give a different look for each individual
  57. Lovely concealer


    This concealer is very lovely and such a classic. I don't love the sponge applicator though. Feels very hydrating and nice under the eyes. Good coverage as well!


    As much as I truly despise admitting that ageing has started to win the battle with my face, this product did nothing but remind me about it! As many other middle-aged reviewers have noted, this product does tend to struggle when it comes to concealing creases as it can tend to crack. The shade range, coverage and component design are all great!
  59. Colour Correcting Base


    I use this product as an undereye corrector before layering on my concealer. This is a great product for the price but for me personally it doesn't have enough coverage to wear without additional concealer over the top. However, it does an excellent job at brightening and correcting my dark circles and is great value for the price.
  60. an everyday makeup staple


    Absolutely adore this under the eyes, great coverage and very comfortable on the skin.
  61. Great product for price


    I think this is a lovely concealer for the price point. The coverage isn’t amazing but I find it definitely conceals everything I’m wanting! I like the consistency too
  62. one of my favourites!!


    I have tried over ten different eye concealers from $20 to $120 and would always go back to this one. It is great value for money and it really does brighten up your eyes. I have a very purple under eye and find this just outbalances it. It also lasts all day, I never find myself having to redo it. Great product!!
  63. Old but gold


    I remember when all youtubers used this one. It is a really good concealer, the only downside that the sponge comes off eventually.
  64. amazing for dry under eyes


    This is an amazing concealer for under the eyes, it never looks cakey or dry. I’ve got it in the lightest shade and it blends with my foundation perfectly
  65. like a foundation


    i use this as foundation as it gives great coverage and i dont need to use much. i love the creamy texture and how well it sits on the face
  66. full coverage


    Definitely a very full coverage concealer that can be quite thick. I also find the sponge applicator gets dirty quite quickly.
  67. Never let me down!


    I’ve been using this for years, I was blessed with those permanent dark circles! This is a staple in my every day make up routine
  68. Great product, not so great packaging


    This product is great. I use it interchangeably with Tarte Shape Tape for when I want extra undereye coverage.

    The one issue is that the applicator is incredibly unsanitary in my opinion. I used to have severe acne and would use this concealer to cover blemishes but the next day they would be doubled! The fabric applicator collects bacteria and gross stuff and makes it so easy to tra...
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  69. Amazing


    I have dark undereyes and this brightens the area and looks great and smooth
  70. Applicator doesn't work

    Sweet Pea

    Excited to try this as it has so many good reviews. What a disappointment, don't know if mine was faulty or not but no matter how much I twisted the top no product would come up. Totally useless applicator and a waste of money, glad it was on special when I bought it.
  71. A great low-medium coverage staple!

    Shannon (Adore Beauty staff)

    I have NO idea how others are saying this is heavy/full coverage - it's not. It's a little bit higher in coverage than the iconic YSL pen concealer but does for me what I always wanted the YSL pen to do (but never did).

    This has a thin, easy to blend texture that looks like skin, and is really great both for days when you can't be bothered with foundation but gotta hide those circles...
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  72. Coverage


    This covers my skin imperfections incredibly well and is so affordable
  73. Excellent Value


    Offers great coverage for the price. A staple for those low coverage glow days..
  74. Best concealer


    I adore this concealer, after using the stick from the same brand for over 20 years I chose this one in its place.
    The colour “fair “ covers my dark circles and gives a nice base for eye shadow. I exclusively use around the eyes.
    The shade “light” I like to use on the marks before foundation.
    This covers well and is buildable too.
    A staple in my beauty case.
  75. Best concealer


    I have used this for a very long time now and it never disappoints me. Conceals my dark circles and puffyness
  76. More like a foundation


    I like these concealers but I find they have more of a foundation coverage to them. They are quite heavy and somedays i just use these instead of foundation as i find the coverage is enough for an everyday look. It says on pretty well for me even with my oily skin but i do still have to set it if i want it to last all day.
  77. Hydrating concealer


    High coverage and hydrating
    I use this under my eyes and it doesn’t dry out the delicate ears and crease. It’s not too thick it’s more thin and hydrating but does an exceptional job at covering bags and dark circles
    I use the colour medium and I am Mac nc30
  78. Great


    This brightens my undereyes and stays on all day. I have been using it for a long time
  79. Fifi


    Got this for my mum and she loves it says it’s her favourite concealer.
  80. Good applicator


    This really helps with my dark circles. I think it's the formula as much as the applicator that brightens and smooths my undereye area.
  81. Amazing.


    Such a great concealer works well for my dark circles.
  82. hate this


    I absolutely loathe this concealer - odd shade range and packaging with a splotchy and uneven coverage that emphasises dryness and lines. I also think $20 is ridiculously expensive for a maybelline product. I definitely hated this.
  83. Little coverage


    A concealer is used for coverage. This is more like a foundation in a mini bottle. I think the estee lauder double wear foundation does more coverage than this concealer. Still for its price range, its the best concealer out there.
  84. Average Concealer


    I found this concealer to be okay but not great, it has good coverage and is creamy but it creases under the eye and accentuates lines. It doesn't really help with dark circles either. I'll stick to my nars concealer I think.
  85. Works wonders


    Such a great concealer. I love it
  86. Oldie but goodie!


    I have been using this product for years, and it never disappoints.

    Applies extremely smoothly, mid to full coverage, and does not crease on me like a lot of other concealers do. The little applicator head can be a life saver if you're on the go as well!
  87. fav concealer


    i absolutely love this concealer as it is full coverage although if you apply too much it tends to look cakey
  88. great price


    this concelaer is super cheap and really good! it brightens the under eyes so well and makes them look great. definitely recommend !
  89. Great!


    This is probably the only drugstore concealer I have tried that actually covers my dark circles after long days at work. So pigmented, doesn't crease too much.
  90. Amazing Product

    Chele Pagno

    Coverage? Amazing
    Tone for correcting dark undereyes? Amazing
    Amount of product and application? After taking off the sponge, AMAZING.
    Shade Range? Recently become amazing.
  91. Like the product, dislike the sponge applicator


    Okay, the actual product itself is great. The sponge applicator however is terrible. I use a separate concealer brush to apply all my concealer so don’t need the sponge. It just seems to soak up all of the product and doesn’t seem to serve much of a purpose.

    I decided one day to rip the sponge applicator off and it was the best thing I did. I can now disperse the product onto the bac...
    Read More
  92. Best drugstore concealer


    This is my favourite ever drugstore concealer! Have been buying it for years, it does wonders for my undereyes! Gets rid of my dark circles, plumps out fine lines, and makes me look like I am actually well rested!! Blends beautifully, couldn't name a con personally. Love the sponge also to apply onto area, I think I tend to use less and not go too overboard like I accidentally sometimes do getting...
    Read More
  93. Very nice concealer


    This concealer is very lovely and looking amazing under the eyes. It is very light weight and has good coverage. However, I am not the biggest fan of the applicator.
  94. number 1


    Best concealer and only concealer i will now buy. Probably 10 years or so of using this and it has never failed me. It looks great under the eyes and covers any small spots on the face.
  95. Value for money


    This doesn't settle in my fine lines and it is buildable coverage and this covers my pigmentation. Once set with powder, it lasts all day.
  96. Full coverage


    Love this concealer for when I wear a full face of makeup, powder goes really well over it
  97. Lovely product!


    this is a great full coverage concealer, does so well to cover up my under eye circles even on the worst days!
  98. The worst applicator!


    The product itself is medium coverage and does cover my dark circles. The huge downside is how annoying the applicator is! The sponsor is so unsanitary and quite difficult to use. Otherwise, a great product.
  99. Blends FLAWLESSLY


    This concealer is my favourite drug store concealer. It blends absolutely smoothly and does a great job covering dark circles and blemishes. It fades off after a while which is why I gave it 4.5 stars however I would still repurchase.
  100. best drugstore concealer


    Ive got a lot of dark circles. Most concealers break on my face where I am dry, but this is just perfect. It doesn't feel cakey. Twist cap with pad making super easy application, easy to blend and doesn't crease
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