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Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Waterproof

3.9 of 105 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.24

Or 4 instalments of $3.24 with LEARN MORE

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The one and only. The inimitable classic - Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. This natural, clump-free mascara conditions as it thickens your lashes.

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GREAT - 71% recommend

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Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Waterproof Reviews

3.9 of 105 reviews

71% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

dark lashes


My lashes look super dark and full with this. It is very affordable and handy for everyday use

Most Helpful Criticism

Doesn’t suit me


The brush is small and precise. The texture is fairly pigmented and envelops all lashes with a pretty deep black. Unfortunately it is too thick for me and I am forced to remove some material with a virgin brush. It has a good hold until evening with still a little transfer under the eye. I think the price is correct but I will not buy it back.
  1. Doesn’t suit me


    The brush is small and precise. The texture is fairly pigmented and envelops all lashes with a pretty deep black. Unfortunately it is too thick for me and I am forced to remove some material with a virgin brush. It has a good hold until evening with still a little transfer under the eye. I think the price is correct but I will not buy it back.
  2. Quality mascara at a good price!


    My go-to waterproof mascara!!
  3. average


    dont really get why this is so hype, just a average mascara and notjing special about it
  4. Average mascara


    I'm not sure why this gets talked about so much, it's just an average mascara. It was a bit clumpy and scary on! There are better mascaras out there for the price point.
  5. Great for beginners


    This was the first mascara I ever bought and I was not disappointed. Great in making lashes look black and defined + its waterproof too so stays for a while without much transfer. Only concern would be that it was a bit clumpy for my preference
  6. Not my favourite


    Good price point but not really what I thought it would be. The consistency seemed clumpy
  7. dark lashes


    My lashes look super dark and full with this. It is very affordable and handy for everyday use
  8. Really good


    During isolation, I have been trying on my old mascaras just to see which ones to throw out and which ones to keep and which ones to buy again and this was pretty surprising at the providing the length and volume and it doesn't clump either. The only issue was taking it off which require a bit of an effort otherwise it is a good mascara.
  9. favourite


    had it for years. great and volumising. most of the time i just wear this with no other makeup but lipbalm/gloss.
    would recommend but I have to say, I've never tested whether it's waterproof, so i cant speak for that.
  10. Classic but smudgy... dont recommend waterproof


    the classic of this mascara is a good staple but the waterproof well it really is waterproof! it takes a lot to budge this... so either a good thing or bad depending on wear. found it quite harsh on my lashes to remove
  11. Not their best


    I found this wasn't as good as holding a curl like their full n soft one is. The colour is great though!
  12. Classic Goodie


    I've always had good luck with this mascara. I don't need to wipe the brush before I apply, I just apply straight to the lashes, they do not clump, they do not look long and spidery. What they do look like is darker and longer, maybe slightly fuller.
    I really like this because of the ease of use, I know my eyelashes are going to look good every time I use this. The affordability and quality...
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  13. Highschool sweetheart


    Use this all through high school I was shocked when I found it on this site. I do remember it being a tiny bit clumpy but if your just looking for a no fuss mascara that’s waterproof this is a great affordable option!
  14. Not that good


    doesn't really do anything for my lashes, it kind of weights down my lashes more as it's a thick consistency
  15. Too Clumpy


    I’ve got to be honest here - I’m not a fan. Whilst it is very black, like the colour says, and it is waterproof I find that it is very, very clumpy. Not a fan.
  16. Everyone's hero product but super average for me?


    This is such a go-to product for everyone and their mum (literally - my mum uses it) but I always found it a bit dull for me. Ticks the boxes for a normal mascara but if you want something a bit more dramatic try Stila
  17. classic mascara


    This is very classical mascara. Everyone must have tried this is their life once. My first mascara. I used it all through high school. Very great mascara.
  18. Definitely waterproof


    This mascara is definitely waterproof, even to the point where it is quite a mission to remove it but atleast it works
  19. Cult classic however there are better


    I found that it smudged easily for those with monolid eyes. I think nowadays the formulation of mascaras can offer a lot more than this one does. A basic mascara that does the job OK.
  20. Classic Mascara!


    This mascara is a classic! I used it all through high school and into my twenties. I love how theres a waterproof version so I can wear this lovely mascara to the beach! i highly recommend!
  21. Overall Good Product!


    Overall this is a good product for what you pay. I like it for when I need a cheap waterproof. It's a basic black waterproof mascara. It doesn't have the wow factor when you apply but it is good and cheap. Would recommend for teenagers or someone on a budget.
  22. Good standard mascara


    When I did a makeup lesson when I was 15 the teacher used this mascara and I have been using it ever since. I found it gives a nice natural look but it does clump a bit and it’s not a 100% waterproof. Other then that it’s a good mascara That would be great for a teenager who is just starting out with makeup.
  23. classic


    I think this is one of those products that everyone ended up buying and has used in there life. This is one of the first mascara I got as kid. It lengthens yours lashes and doesn't smudge throughout the day.
  24. alright


    i dont believe this mascara is waterproof as it always smudges and it is difficult to take off
  25. Good


    Good mascara that lengthens lashes and doesnt smudge throughout the day, however it is not the best for volume!
  26. Great


    I love this mascara and it does a great job. I do have to agree though that it takes a lot of effort to remove it, which is the only con that I could think off
  27. This mascara is a classic


    I used this mascara for a very long time when I first got into makeup, it is a classic for a reason. Very beginner-friendly, does exactly what it says it will do. Importantly doesn’t have a ridiculously sized wand. Love it.
  28. A classic!


    I have been using this mascara for a long time. It's a great go-to day product.

    It's definitely waterproof and stays put.

    For what you get out of it, it's such a great price too.
  29. Amazing!


    This is my go to mascara, great formula love that its waterproof as it is completely budge proof.
  30. nice


    This was the first mascara My mum brought me. It is very good for new beginners and teenagers.
  31. THE OG.

    Kirsten M

    This is the almighty failsafe of all mascaras.
    Its not the most lengthening, or the most thickening but it is THE most dependable.
    There is a reason it has stood the test of time.
    The applicator is also fuss-free and punchy.
  32. Good


    Great waterproof mascara, doesn’t clump abs makes lashes look super long
  33. This beats expensive mascaras every time


    I have been buying Maybelline Mascaras for close to 20 years and I receive compliments when I wear to work. The girls all want to know what Mascara I use. It's so cheap and affordable and great quality. I would never waste money with expensive mascaras as Maybelline really is the best.
  34. This beats expensive mascaras every time


    I have been buying Maybelline Mascaras for close to 20 years and I receive compliments when I wear to work. The girls all want to know what Mascara I use. It's so cheap and affordable and great quality. I would never waste money with expensive mascaras as Maybelline really is the best.
  35. Great waterproof mascara


    I feel like this mascara has been around forever - it was the first I ever used! It's lovely and not clumpy. It's great as a waterproof mascara for swimming, as it stays on and it isn't so dramatic that it looks funny without wearing other makeup. Nice product
  36. Great


    Great mascara for everyday
  37. not my preference


    I dont have much eyelashes to start off with, so maybe that's why I didn’t love this mascara it left fallout under my eyes and was hard to take off
  38. Definitely waterproof!


    I love this mascara when it’s on but it’s so hard to remove and I always have panda eyes the following day. It applies really well and is long lasting without being clumping but I don’t know if it’s worth the effort it takes to remove.
  39. Overrated


    I was really disappointed with this mascara. After reading heaps of positive reviews I decided this must be a steal for that price but you get exactly what you paid for. Super natural effect, smudges quickly.Would not buy again.
  40. Must have


    This product is a good price and get's the job done. It's packaging is small enough to fit in any bag for a quick on the go fix up.It's a staple to have in any make up bag.
  41. Go-to mascara


    This is a very good mascara for the price. I've tried many but I keep coming back to this. It really is waterproof and it's easily buildable for night, without flaking.
  42. Lasts well


    This lasts well but is hard to remove.
  43. My favourite everyday mascara


    I have loved Great Lash for years and while I try different brands fairly regularly when I get samples or can't get this one, I always find myself coming back to this or Maybelline Full n Soft for everyday wear.

    It gives a lovely, full and long coating and it never clumps. I've never had problems with smudging - it's one of the reasons I love this mascara. It looks smooth and natural ...
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  44. Affordable


    This is a great affordable waterproof mascara that gives some serious length
  45. good performing mascara with reasonable price


    It is a cheap chemist mascara but it does the job and doesn't leave the marks under but due to waterproof formula, you need the point make up remover to take it off.
  46. panda eyes :(


    I bought this product because I have eyelash extensions and needed something cheap and oil free. However within less than a few hours the product was smudging under my eyes. It was summer when I last used it, although my skin isn't on the oily side. I'm not game to try it again while it's winter.. Wouldn't recommend.
  47. Smudges every time


    I've tried a bunch of different waterproof drugstore mascaras - Rimmel, L'Oreal, Maybelline. Most don't smudge. This one does, every time.
  48. Clump-free mascara


    My eyelashes look so much longer after applying this product. There is no clumping and my lashes are nicely separated. However, it did smudge all over my under eyes by the end of the day. My skin is very oily so I though a waterproof mascara would prevent smudging but it didn't do that at all. Still a good mascara overall. Just make sure to bake your under eyes to avoid smudging.


    This is my favourite mascara ever, I tried many but I always come back to this one. It is truly waterproof and holds curls nicely. It evenly coats my eyelashes and doesn't clump. This mascara honestly leaves my eyelashes looking so much longer and visible then they are. Perfect for almost daily use and even for functions, as you can build up and add layers to make it thicker.

  50. Truly great

    Tea Sommelier

    Almost all waterproof mascaras smudge on me. It's a fact I have now simply accepted, and the Great Lash Mascara from Maybelline is no exception. However, I prefer the effect of this mascara over all the Lancôme mascaras I've ever owned (that may also be partly due to my skill level). It doesn't clump, crunch or flake off, and its affordable. I hope they never reformulate this mascara, or the now i...
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  51. Fantastic Mascara. Not much clumping. Great price!


    I recently bought a high end mascara for around $85 hoping to achieve that “false lash effect” it was exactly the same as Maybelline. It actually clumped a lot and I had to go back to great lash by Maybelline. I’ve been using this mascara for years and it just works. P.S it is completely waterproof!!!
  52. Natural look


    This is not my favourite mascara but it definitely holds the curls of my eyelashes and coats them nicely giving a natural finish
  53. Great for the price


    Love this mascara for what you pay! I found it can smudge quite easily but perfect for day to day activities
  54. Using for years and still amazing


    This is one of the only mascaras that will hold my curl after I’ve used a lash curler. It also cheap and doesn’t smudge during the day
  55. Good


    Good product. Separates lashes well without clumping and nice packaging. Not too easy to remove though.
  56. A really nice mascara


    Goes on nicely and keeps lashes lifted all day. Comes off easily with a bit of cleanser and gentle rubbing. Great product.
  57. Lovely


    love this so much!!! makes my lashes so long and curled, don't even need to use a eyelash curler! so nice and light on my lashes and gives them a full volume effect!
  58. Good


    I do prefer the non waterproof version of this mascara, just because it's easier to remove. Still, this is absolutely fantastic. Makes my lashes look great
  59. Affordable and long-lasting


    This mascara is really good in that it doesn't budge and give me panda eyes. It does tend to clump though.
  60. Great value mascara


    This has been around forever love the iconic pink and lime green packaging. The mascara is easy to apply and clump free - a great budget mascara.
  61. Waterproof?


    I thought i would give this mascara a go, and although i find application easy and my lashes look okay with it on, it doesnt seem to be waterproof to me..... and those dreaded panda eyes.... i will be going back to my trusted mascara even though it costs three times as much
  62. Great value


    I really quite like this mascara. Great price, and really effective - coat lashes and gives illusion they are thick and long.

    Negative is - it isn't super easy to apply, and does have a tendency to flake or smudge a little.

    But overall for the price - It's really good.
  63. The best bottom lash mascara out there


    This mascara is my holy grail foundation for my bottom lashes, it separates the lashes beautifully, without smudging or clumping. I can't say I enjoyed this on my top lashes, but for the bottom this is just amazing.
  64. Cheap and Brilliant


    LOVE! I have tried literally hundreds of mascaras over the years, and this is definitely at the top of the list. Kills over many of the higher priced and more prestigious brands. Doesnt clump and looks amazing first swipe. A definite must in a girl's makeup bag.
  65. Very good


    It’s very easy to apply and volumes your lashes very well do recommend this for beginners and it’s a great price too.
  66. Don't understand why it's a classic


    My eyelashes have a natural curl to them, and they are average length and average fullness - however they respond really well to mascara and so many drugstore mascaras give me amazing results. However this is absolutely not one of them - it doesn't lengthen, add volume or really do anything that amazing.
  67. Not the best


    This mascara isn't the best, it clumps your lashes together and transfers onto your eyelids. Not long lasting and the product builds up on the wand and makes application even messier. Wouldn't recommend.
  68. Impossible to wash off


    This product is really great when you first apply it as it honestly does make your lashes and eyes look amazing! But trying to get it off is a nightmare. Anytime i wear it i have to apply multiple layers of oil cleansers and milk cleansers to help break down the mascara but its honestly like superglue, and it never ever full comes off when you need it too. I imagine wearing this everyday is so dam...
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  69. Good for price


    Easy to use mascara that performs well for the low price. Budget mascara but does a great job of showing off your eyes.
  70. not waterproof enough for swimming


    This is waterproof for sweaty conditions but not enough for swimming which is really disappointing
  71. not a fan

    perfecting skin

    i used this mascara and tried to like it. but as it appears i could not. it makes my eyelashes stick together thus does not gives volume. it did not give my lashes lengths as well.
  72. Outdated


    This is supposed to be such a classic mascara, but I think mascara has improved greatly since this was created.
    It's ok, it's a mascara, but it's so basic, it coats the lashes and that's about it. There's no volume, lengthening, thickening, nothing.
    This might be good if you have perfect lashes that need a tiny bit of definition, but for everyone else, there are just so many fantastic ...
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  73. Not the best not the worst


    I remember my mum using this when I was a kid so when I was old enough to buy my own I did! With nothing to compare it to it’s fine, doesn’t irritate my eyes and stays on pretty well for a waterproof mascara. I do find it does get clumpy pretty quickly, lacks any kind of separation and you can get some flaking throughout the day. Also if you do go swimming in this it will move somewhat unlike a lo...
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  74. No thanks

    Gilda Anna

    I know this is supposed to be a classic mascara, but I think it must be more the packaging that is iconic, because the formula didn't work for me in the slightest. I normally have a pretty good run with Maybelline mascaras and mascaras in general, this is probably the worst I have tried.
  75. Average


    This is quite an average mascara, I feel like it's the one everyone starts off with when they are young! Actually love the retro packaging of this, but brush and formula definitely overshadowed by other mascaras
  76. Did not like this


    Maybelline mascaras are usually amazing but this formula was very disappointing for my short, thin asian lashes -- the formula was clumpy, and not lengthening/thickening. The thin brush is good for application, but formula was a let down
  77. Very average mascara


    Although this mascara is cheap, it doesn't wow me like another brand's cheap mascara. It just coats the eyelashes, doesn't clump much but it doesn't lift or lengthen them.
  78. Ok


    I prefer this on my bottom lashes as the brush is small and it gives a more natural look than some other maybelline mascaras and I like my lashes big.
  79. Didn't work for me


    I didn't like this mascara at all. I love Maybelline so I gave this a go. It's affordable but it clumps my lashes and makes them look like spider legs. It's also hard to remove. Not a fan.
  80. nice basic


    I always go back to this product when I cant find a mascara that works for me.
    It is a great little classic that is nice, clean and cheap.
    But unfortunately it doesn't last very long. you can only get a few weeks out of it before clumping becomes a problem. but if you are up for buying new ones often anyway then this is great, good mascara to start off with
  81. Suprisingly good!


    For the price this is nice and thick and black! Maybe a little clumpy but overall its quite good, ill often get it when I am out of my $50 mascara and cant afford to repurchase that right away!
  82. Great value


    I compare this to high end brands of mascara that are sold for around the $50 mark. Doesn't dry out quickly like some mascaras, gives thick long lashes. A classic
  83. A classic


    I have used this mascara on and off since the 90's! It is a classic for a reason - great comfortable formula that doesn't flake or smudge. Affordable price and iconic packaging.
  84. Lovely!


    For an every day look this is a great mascara that does not clump or leave any fall out throughout the day.
  85. Nice


    I was recommended this by a friend and she wasn't wrong, this is another one I add to my mascara collection.
  86. natural


    good for the price and good for everyday use if you have long lashes already. otherwise, dont recommend if you want a drastic difference in your lashes.
  87. meh


    Didn't do much for my lashes. Won't repurchase.
  88. Great


    A really great natural looking mascara, nice staple to a makeup collection.
  89. Fave mascara


    I love this mascara! It doesn't run or flake of onto my cheek like most others do. Highly recommend as a waterproof mascara
  90. Good value for money


    I have bought this mascara for years, and I am yet to find one that is better value for money. There are certainly better quality mascaras out there, but this does an excellent job at lasting all day and lengthening my lashes well without being clumpy.
  91. My Everyday Mascara


    I use this on a daily basis as it looks so natural yet makes my lashes super long...loooove it!!!
  92. My holy grail mascara!


    Best mascara ever!
    I’ve tried all types of mascara high and low end and this knocks them all out of the park!
    It doesn’t transfer so it’s great for those with hooded eyes!
    It is long lasting, doesn’t smudge and it’s also cry proof!
    I recommend this mascara to absolutely everyone and best part is it’s cheap as chips!
  93. Reliable


    This was my first mascara and I will always repurchase. Reliable every time - lengthens and separates the lashes
  94. Great Budget Mascara


    I use to love using this maybelline mascara. This mascara was fantastic at staying put on the lashes. It's great value for money and is the perfect mascara for someone on a budget.
  95. Trustworthy


    this is one of those trustworthy products that you can count on.

    No it's not the best but it does a good job for a simple look and I've used this as a base coat.

    I find that this works well with other mascaras and doesn't clump when I use other brands on top.
  96. Okay


    This mascara goes dry pretty quickly, and it wasn't anything special. However it does the job and it's pretty cheap. I just hated it's waterproof-ness (but that's my own issue) because it was harder to take off.
  97. Good for every day look


    Great mascara if you are going on holidays to a hot climate as it doesn't smudge, perfect for a simple everyday look as it does not give much volume.
    The small wand makes for easy application and the colour is very black.
  98. Still Confused...


    I'm still confused why this mascara is loved so much. It's a fine mascara, with good pigment, and it does make lashes 'greater' (mainly longer), but that's about where it ends. If you are expecting your world to stop - don't. This mascara isn't really worth writing home about, but it will make your eyelashes appear marginally more emphasised than wearing nothing at all.
  99. Nice


    I have used this for years and it consistently provides great hold and no clumping
  100. Good but dries out to quickly


    This is great for an everyday casual look. If you apply to many coats it does go clumpy. Also it does dry out every fast. Other than that it's good.
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