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Eye primers create a flawless canvas for your eyeshadow and mascara, helping to lock in colour and keep your makeup looking freshly-applied all day long. These primers will help give your eyes a seductive, brilliant shine that will have you feeling full of confidence.


These handy cosmetics will transform your favourite eyeshadows into waterproof, smudge proof makeup, extending their wear for hours. Eyelash primers prolong the length of your mascara, preventing flaking, smudging, or clumping.


Many Adore Beauty customers have fallen in love with Benefit’s They’re Real Tinted Eyelash Primer. This tinted primer is a soft mink brown that means it can be worn beneath mascara or alone to lift, separate, and condition lashes.


We also have eye primers designed to keep your eyes smooth, fresh, and perfectly prepared for makeup. Eye primers keep your eyeshadow crease free and increase the colour intensity.


Those looking for an eye primer in a skin-authentic shade will relish the long-wearing Clinique All About Shadow Primer for Eyes. This primer creates a neutral base to hold your eyeshadow or it can be worn alone for a natural look.


Give an eye primer a go and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! No more touch ups or messy signs of wear. They’ll help your eyes dazzle. Shop Adore Beauty’s collection of eye primers online now and pay later with Afterpay.

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theBalm Bon Voyage Beauty CollectiontheBalm Bon Voyage Beauty Collection
theBalm Bon Voyage Beauty Collection


This small kit covers everything you need to cover your love with it primer and highlighter..very soft shades of can always find this one in my the quality.
BECCA Anti-Fatigue Under Eye PrimerBECCA Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer
BECCA Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer

Does nothing

I found this comfortable on the skin but did nothing it claims to do my concealer settled into my fine lines and still looked puffy.
theBalm AutoBalm Day 2 Nite Eye PalettetheBalm AutoBalm Day 2 Nite Eye Palette
theBalm AutoBalm Day 2 Nite Eye Palette

3... 2... 1... RACE! A quick pit stop for day to night!

I've used products from The Balm before but until now I've not found any eyeshadow palette that's literally raced into my sights and demanded I buy it!

The online swatches do NOT do it justice! Luscious pigmented shadows with a subtle shimmer or work safe matte that turn on the high beams over the black primer!

I used the Gerard Cosmetics setting spray underneath the primer and naked shadows for extra REVS! Then a final spritz for the long haul. It also gives the shadows more depth of you spray a little on a dry brush of you want a bolder look.

The palette tin is built like an old Land Rover! Nigh on indestructible! A definite winner for someone like me who's a bit rough and ready!
Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eye & Concealer Primer Light/Medium Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eye & Concealer Primer Light/Medium
Benefit Cosmetics
Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eye & Concealer Primer Light/Medium

Gals this is a necessity!

I didn't realize how amazing this product was until the day I forgot to use it. My eyeshadow barely lasted the whole work day, and wit this product I don't have to reapply shadow all day.

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