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Make your lashes the star of the show with these impressive tubing mascaras. If you’ve been craving voluminous, long eyelashes, one of these beauties will work magic on even the stubbornest lashes.


What is tubular mascara? Basically, instead of coating our lashes with pigments, tubing mascaras wrap the lash in a polymer based tube.


Clump-proof, flake-proof, smudge-proof, waterproof - these tubular formulas are sweat and humidity resistant. Multi-levelled brushes ensure that no lash goes untouched. Ingredients hydrate and nourish as they lengthen, raise, and volumize. What more could you want?


Our favourite longlasting Tubing Mascara

Define, lift, and lengthen lashes for up to 16 hours with the blacker-than-black, glossy M.A.C Cosmetics Extended Play Lash.


This waterproof mascara dissolves upon contact with warm water, thanks to its innovative thermal-sensitive technology.


This is easily the best tubular mascara for ultimate staying power and lash volume.


Our favourite Tubing Mascara for sensitive eyes

Those with brittle or short lashes will fall in love with Mirenesse’s tubing mascara, Secret Weapon - Super Volume.


Unlike conventional mascaras, Secret Weapon conditions during wear to strengthen and prevent breakage.


Its hypoallergenic formula also makes it the best tubing mascara for sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.


How to remove Tubing Mascara:

Instead of using makeup remover, tubing mascaras, like the popular blinc tubing mascara, are easily removed with warm water and gentle pressure.


This technology allows tubing volume mascara to stay put and not smudge or flake like regular mascara.

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Mirenesse Secret Weapon Super Long 24Hr Mascara Black + Mini
Mirenesse Secret Weapon Super Long 24Hr Mascara Black + Mini

A great way to try out the brand

I received a sample of one of these as a gift with purchase ages ago and decided to give this gift set a go to see what some of the other products by the brand are like. Definitely worth trying - they're a quality product, super smooth mascara and applies beautifully
Designer Brands Absolute Lash - Blackest Black
Designer Brands
Designer Brands Absolute Lash - Blackest Black

Not great

I'm not sure if it's the product itself or the brush, but I find this product really clumpy and unforgiving. It leaves my lashes looking quite ragged and uneven.
Blinc Mascara Amplified
Blinc Mascara Amplified

Panda eyes no more

For years I refused to wear mascaras because anytime I used one, I would end up with panda eyes one hour later...until I discovered this one! I tried other tubing mascaras since then but even they don't perform as well as Blinc in terms of not smudging or flaking. The only problem some people may have is that it doesn't give that dramatic look. It's just your lashes but better which is what I want...

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