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Ultimate Guide to Lips
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Luxe Lips
Ready to embrace power lips? There’s no better way to create a chic and trendy makeup look than with the right lip products. And we aren’t talking about your mother’s lipstick! Today, it’s all about custom products. Dealing with dry lips? Start your day with a light lip oil, and then give yourself a midday perk-up with a luxe hydrating lip balm that's tinted to perfection. To keep your lips looking gorgeous for years to come, upgrade to an anti-ageing formula. Applying SPF to protect and antioxidants to revitalise your lips can make a world of difference. But it’s not all about being practical! Sometimes, you want to let your vampy side show. When you're ready for a big night out, you need some lip plumper to create the lush, pillowy look of your dreams. If you’ve been put off by the overwhelming sting of some plumping products, it's time to upgrade to luxe plumpers. On the hunt for a lip colour that lasts? Check out extended wear lipsticks and lip stains. Whereas lip stains are perfect for a subtle look that’ll never wear off, extended wear lipstick is ideal for a bold style that’ll last through every sip and kiss.
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Professional Lips
Our favourite lip care essentials from A to Z Looking for the perfect product? From avocado butter to omega-9 fatty acids, lip care is about more than just picking out a gorgeous shade of lippie. Here are our fave lip care ingredients that pack a punch. Avocado butter: Banish chapped lips with this ultra-soothing butter. Vitamin E: Nothing hydrates better than this classic additive. Jojoba oil: For natural hydration that last, this oil is hard to beat. Omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9: Derived from natural oils, this power trio keeps the skin on your lips supple while working against the ageing process. Powdered silicone: Want a swollen look? With two interlacing polymer networks, this stuff absorbs water and swells up to create a mousse-like feel. Shea butter: Want a richer cream? Look for a product with added shea butter. SPF: This is the No. 1 thing to always look for in lip care product! For lips that’ll look gorgeous today and 20 years from now, SPF is essential. Wild rose wax: For a glossy, smooth, and hydrated finish, this wax is the gold standard.
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Essentials Lips
Want gorgeous lips? Steal some tips from the pros. For a kissable kisser, here’s all you need to do. 1. Exfoliate. For smooth lips, it’s important to slather away dead skin. Use a gentle and hydrating exfoliating product designed specifically for the delicate skin on your lips. 2. Hydrate. Before you apply any cosmetics, rehydrate your lips with a moisturising balm, or upgrade to lip oil if you're dealing with parched lips. 3. Line your lips. A lot of ladies skip this step, but it can really make a major difference. Not only does it make your lips look lusher, but it also makes your lipstick last longer. Going for a bold lipstick? Apply liner all over your lips to create a smooth canvas. Just going to a gloss or balm? Line your lips in a nude shade that matches your lips' natural colouring. 4. Apply your colour. Go fora gloss, stain, or classic lippie. It’s a wide world, so keep a well-stocked makeup bag. That way, you’ve got something to suit any occasion.
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Ultimate Guide to Lips

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