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M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+ Mattifying Mist 100ml

4.4 of 53 reviews


4 instalments of $9.75


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4 instalments of $9.75


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The cult classic, now available in a mattifying formula. M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix + Mattifying Mist is a multi-use spray that refreshes skin while instantly controlling shine and oil. The innovative formula contains a combination of powders, silica and other oil-absorbing agents to help set makeup while rebalancing and mattifying skin.

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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4.4 of 53 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great setting spray


I spritzed this on my face after applying make up and it keeps my makeup in place. Also makes my makeup look more pigmented and gives a lovely dewy finish. Also gets rid of that powdery, cakey look of the make up.

Most Helpful Criticism

Pretty good


Not too bad, I love the fix plus for spraying brushes and sponges, and preparing my face. The only difference is its a little mattifying I suppose, but the others arent particularly dewy anyway.
  1. Good!


    I love this spray to create a dewy look with my makeup after it's been applied! a spritz of this fixes dull looking makeup and helps it last all day! But to much can completely ruin your makeup, use sparingly
  2. Great when used correctly

    Sassy M

    I bought this to use in conjunction with MAC studio fix foundation - the first time I applied it was good, then the 2nd time I ended up with weird white marks all over my face and I had to redo my makeup. I did a bit of a google search and saw that others had the same complaint. The way to avoid this is to shake it really, really well and don't spray it too close to your face (you want to mist it, not spray it). Since I've been shaking it well, I've not had any white marks again. When used correctly, this is a great setting spray.
  3. Not sure


    I’m still figuring out what I need this for?? I don’t really noticed any difference in my makeup when I use it and when I don’t! For now it has been thrown to the back of my vanity
  4. Great setting spray


    I spritzed this on my face after applying make up and it keeps my makeup in place. Also makes my makeup look more pigmented and gives a lovely dewy finish. Also gets rid of that powdery, cakey look of the make up.
  5. Perfect for setting makeup


    This spray is so amazing! I love using it before I put on my makeup as a primer and it allows the makeup to go on top so flawlessly. This spray is also amazing to use in between powder steps while doing your makeup and for setting the whole look! It leaves your face looking fresh and dewy and it smells amazing! Definitely recommend
  6. Keeps my makeup on


    I have tried cheaper pharmacy makeup setting sprays, but since trying this a year ago, it’s now my go to spray. Definitely keeps my makeup on the whole working day.
  7. Works great


    My go to! Fixed everything in place and doesn’t irritate
  8. all day wear


    i purchased this for my daughter as she has oily skin, this leaves her makeup looking fresh all day long
  9. My daily go to item


    This is the best setting spray I have used by far! I wear under and on top off my make up. Leaves my face feeling refreshed.
  10. Love the Product


    I love the fact that you can just spray it. It really does add glow to your skin. Not sure about keeping your make up stay though.
  11. Disappointing


    I really wanted to love this but unfortunately I just don’t. A few minutes after spraying I find little white marks all over my face. The run off easily but it’s annoying.
  12. great for oily skin


    Helps my oily t zone and keeps it matte throughout the day, it also helps to dry my make up if I haven't applied a powder and it still feels tacky.
  13. great for oily skin


    great for oily skin as it makes the skin matte and keeps the oils at bay. helps makeup last all day and works well with eyeshadow and highlighters too
  14. Nice for oily skin


    Mattes out my oily skin shine throughout the day
  15. A staple


    This is a must have for anyone with oily skin!
    I use this before applying my foundation, to set and to get more pigment out of my shadows and I cant be without it now.
    Other sprays would leave my face looking oily and repowdering by lunchtime but with this I rarely have to touch up anything.
  16. Really good!


    I love this mist it smells divine and really does help set makeup. I feel like my skin is so plump and not tight either after using this
  17. Great setting spray but pricey!


    This setting spray is a pleasure to use, the mist is very fine and it does the job nicely to extend/maximise the wear of makeup. That said, I do find it quite expensive compared to cheaper alternatives that do just as good a job! The bottle seems to last quite a long time, probably due to the ultra fine mist spray, which is good.
  18. Great makeup setting spray


    This setting spray works well to keep my makeup on all day! I love it
  19. Great skin


    Spraying this on a brush while applying foundation or tinted moisturiser makes your skin soo glowy and smooth and dewy! Fix+ removes the cakey look and keeps your skin soft and natural. also is very refreshing on the go!
  20. ride or die


    This product is my absolute fav! my makeup lasts all day and night. I love it so much and I would definitely recommend!
  21. Works


    This mist is just amazing. It helps to control my oil and leave me with a matte face all day. Great for people with combination skin like mine. Definitely repurchase.
  22. Amazing!


    This spray is amazing for oily skin! I used to prep my skin before make up as well as after to set it. I used to find my foundation always wear off on my nose and chin as it gets so oily but not since I’ve used this spray. Smell wise it’s not bad and doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight like you can get from some setting sprays. It’s a must in my make up bag
  23. I SEE SPOTS!


    Maybe its just me but no matter what I do it leaves white spots on my face. I have to reapply my makeup all over again. Waste of money for me
  24. keeps my face matte all day long


    this stuff definitely keeps oiliness at bay, leaving me with a matte face all day. however it does run out quite quickly and is a bit expensive.
  25. good


    good product, works well for a oily to normal skin
    remember to keep a distance when using it
    the mist comes out a lot upon one press
  26. Best setting spray for oily skin


    I have tried nearly every high-end brand, but this is probably the best setting spray! Hardly any oil after a day's work
  27. Great mattifyer


    Great value for money and works extremely well.
  28. Great multitasker


    I love the Fix+ range. I use them to dampen my beauty blender for foundation, I spritz it over my face after applying foundation to set it down and make it even, I use it to wet my brushes to pick up glitters or metal eyeshadows... I can't do without it!
  29. So Amazing


    This gives me a great matte finish and helps my makeup last longer and it is so quick and easy to use.
  30. staple!


    I use this everyday in my own makeup routine. I really don't know what i would do without it!
  31. Amazing primer


    Such an amazing primer, from mac, for the skin. It makes my makeup stay put for longer and has a matte finish to it. Worth every cent.
  32. Great for hydrating without looking oily


    This is perfect for freshening up my makeup. However I dont feel like it prolongs my makeup.
  33. Light weight, cooling spray


    This is a great light weight spray, its refreshing and cooling when spritzed on face - can take a little long to dry for my liking but worth the wait!
  34. Holy grail product


    I will repurchase this product forever, along with the range of MAC prep and prime mists. They are amazing and so versatile, I also love that they double as a primer and setting spray. They are lightweight and refreshing on the skin also.
  35. Perfect


    Really great, just make sure you shake well and spray a good distance away.
  36. It works but messy


    It does give a matte finish but after a couple of uses it spritz out the white ingredients into spots on the face even after a good shake.
  37. Pretty good


    Not too bad, I love the fix plus for spraying brushes and sponges, and preparing my face. The only difference is its a little mattifying I suppose, but the others arent particularly dewy anyway.
  38. Matte


    This gives me a great matte finish and helps my makeup last longer and it is so quick and easy to use.
  39. Bottle dirty


    The product is good, but the bottle i received is really dirty, covered in black dusts
  40. Great for oily skin


    Awesome product if you have oily skin & like a matte effect. Love this product for setting my makeup!
  41. Matte All day long


    after cleansing in the morning, I apply this after my primer and before my makeup, and it keeps my face matte most of the day.

    I have an oily t zone most of the time so I can recognise when I am more matte as I'm not blotting or re applying powder throughout the day.
    this helps to keep the oil at bay must not making my skin appear dry, has no scent which is great and sinks into the skin immediately. helps my skin feel refreshed all day aswell
  42. Iconic


    Mac fix plus is such an iconic multi use product. Who doesn’t have a bottle in their cupboard? Cult classic for a reason. Highly recommend - matte finish an added bonus
  43. Ok


    Leaves awful white specs and left disappointed. I'd opt for the original.
  44. good setting spray


    I have oily skin therefore need to be matte at all times and need a spray to set my makeup in place (without it all running grossly down my face). This spray is good but I find I have issues with the way the bottle sprays onto my face? Sometimes it blotches on and I have to go over the spray with a beauty blender otherwise it dries up in white dots on my face... bit annoying considering its not the cheapest product on the market. Despite this, it is good at setting my makeup in place and I will continue to carefully use it so it doesn't ruin my face with splotches.
  45. just get fix plus


    i know theyre all the exact same price, but fix plus is not marketed as mattifying thus it can be spritzed on highlighter and shimmery shadows to intensify colour pay-off. With this mattifying fix plus mist you can't, less bang for your buck
  46. Good product


    Don't like the whole marketing of 'mattifying', but this is an excellent setting spray that noticeable helps makeup last - it also doesn't spray to harshly when you apply it (something I detest with a lot of spray bottles these days!)
  47. Okay


    This is a very good setting spray for oily skin. It keeps me matte longer and gives a nice finish to the skin. Typical MAC pricing...not a bargain but not outrageous. Nice light smell too. The mist could be finer. A keeper for sure.
  48. Great setting spray!


    I love this mac setting spray. It's great for summer when my skin gets a bit more oily. It sets my makeup well and the mister is really great. Would definitely keep on buying
  49. Keeps everythimg in place


    This keeps my makeup in place all day even on the most humid days. I use this to set my makeup and to get rid of the chalky look that results from over-powdering. While this is a mattifying mist, it doesn't leaving our makeup looking flat and lacking dimension.
  50. I love it


    I love love this. Makes my makeup look and last better than without. Great product.
  51. Love it


    Have used this both before and after applying make up and have never needed to re-apply or touch up during the day. Also feels really hydrating and dries nicely on the skin without leaving and sticky or oil residue. Will definitely repurchase once I’m out although it lasts a long time so it’s worth the price.
  52. This stuff is my life


    This is a multi use product! its fantastic.... need to prep your skin, does it! need to set your skin, does it! need to hydrate and give a bit of life back, does it! Need to wet your brush for eyshadow to make pigment stronger & sit better, does it! Need to wet your beauty blender, does it! Love this product. Must have!!!
  53. Stays matt all day

    Tresna (Adore Beauty Staff)

    On those marathon days when I need my makeup to last from breakfast meeting to late night social event, I need a product that is going to set my makeup and keep it looking perfect and polished until I collapse in my front door. MAC Prep and Prime Fix+ is ideal. I love the closure on the lid so I don't have to worry about leaks in my bag, and love that it hydrated while also setting to a nice matt finish.

    Initially I wasn't certain that I would like the Mattifying finish - it's all about the dewy glow these days, right? - but I really liked the finish and didn't walk that tightrope between dewy and shiny as the day wore on. I also attended an evening social event and my makeup not only looked great after an entire day on my face, but the matt finish meant that I looked great in photos that were taken.
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