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M.A.C Cosmetics DUO Lash Adhesive 14g

4.6 of 105 reviews


4 instalments of $4.01

Or 4 instalments of $4.01 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $4.01

Or 4 instalments of $4.01 with LEARN MORE

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The one and only. The world’s best selling false eyelash glue, DUO Adhesive has been a makeup artist staple for years, and there’s no doubt why. With a formula that holds up for all-day and all-night wear, DUO Adhesive is what makeup artists rely on to lock in their eye makeup for a professional finish.

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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M.A.C Cosmetics DUO Lash Adhesive Reviews

4.6 of 105 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love love love


Affordable, keeps your lashes in place for a long time. This is the first glue I bought and will be repurchased for years to come!

Most Helpful Criticism

not the best


im not a fan of this glue, i find the application is very messy and alot always come out, more than needed. i highly reccomend the duo brand as well but the one with the applicator, that one is so much more precise
  1. Love love love


    Affordable, keeps your lashes in place for a long time. This is the first glue I bought and will be repurchased for years to come!
  2. My 1st ever and my last eye last glue


    verified purchaser
    This was my 1st ever eye lash glue and I will never use any other. It is great for long wear too.. just amazingly effective
  3. The best lash glue


    Amazing! Keeps my lashes on all day/night and is super easy to apply. Won't use anything else!
  4. Keeps everything in place


    This is the only glue I've used that keeps lashes on for the whole night!
  5. An essential


    I bought this because none of the glue that came with falsies actually worked. This does! It's a bit of pain to dispense as the opening is so large, but with a bit of practice it's easy to apply to the lash band. You need to wait a minute or two for it to dry down, until areas start to lose their opacity a little. Then it still has enough slip to move around but is tacky enough to adhere to your l...
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  6. Eyelash glue


    I didn't have a reaction to this glue, but it did make my eyes water.
    It ruined my make up look as I couldn't stop my eyes from watering.

    It does stick well to the back of my hand so it may work for you!
  7. Good for gumbies


    A MUA recommended this for me, and when I can manage to get lashes on, they stick and sit well as long as you want them on for.
  8. Really great!


    I don't wear lashes often, but when I do I find that this product works really well


  10. duo lash glue


    I think this works well as a lash glue, but the dispenser is a little tricky to work with (sometimes I squeeze too much out!). The formula is good though and my lashes stay on throughout the day.
  11. Lashes on for the night


    I swear by this glue, lashes will stick from first try and stay on for the whole night. Highly reccomend!
  12. Very good


    It does the job so well, really does stick on for AGES. 100% one of my go to's !
  13. Stays on Forever


    This is my holy grail! Stays on forever, it's even rain proof and sweat proof. Super easy to use and comfortable.
  14. quick fix


    it is my go to eye lash glue and it is super quick. i use it all the time now even when i have little time this helps me heaps. great with mac lashes too.
  15. The best lash glue


    This is the only lash glue I will use. I have highly sensitive eyes and I wear contact lenses and this glue has never irritated my eyes. Highly recommend
  16. Favourite for years


    The duo lash glue has been my go to for years! It does not irritate my eyes and make my lashes stick in place all day. Love it!
  17. Best eyelsh glue


    I always use this glue to attach falsies. It sticks very well and dries quite quickly as well. Recommended!
  18. Great product


    I love this glue for my lashes. It stays on really well but my only issue is that a lot comes out of the tube at once so it can be quite messy.
  19. I like it


    Always come back to this glue, I feel like my tube has lasted for years! It's flexible enough that the lashes feel comfortable but stays all night. Would buy again.
  20. does the job well


    keeps my eyelashes on all day, I never get the ends peeling off. i do have normal to dry skin, so not sure if it would work for oily skin
  21. Only lash glue I'll use

    Jen B

    I use false eyelashes for special occasions and duo is the only glue I'll use. My lashes stay on all day/night & the glue doesn't irritate my eyes or lash line. The best!
  22. not the best


    im not a fan of this glue, i find the application is very messy and alot always come out, more than needed. i highly reccomend the duo brand as well but the one with the applicator, that one is so much more precise
  23. My Favourite lashes glue

    Julia Hothersall

    This is the only glue I use as I have quite oily eyelids and that’s the only glue that keeps any lashes on for the whole day. It is easy to use, doesn’t irritate eyes (I have very sensitive skin in the around eye area). I normally apply it to the band of the eyelashes, let it air dry a bit but not too long and then apply the lashes and they will be set until you ready to take them off. I prefer it...
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  24. Amazing


    This glue is super easy to use and when you take your lashes off it doesn't hurt or pull on your eyelids!
  25. The best!


    I have oily eyelids and this keeps any lashes on for the entire day, I never need to touch up. Love it!
  26. One and Only


    I am a makeup artist and this is the only eyelash glue I will use. Even when I purchase supermarket lashes, I will throw out the glue that comes with the lashes and only use this one.
    The key is to put it on the band of the lashes and then let it air dry for a few minutes before applying the lashes. They won’t budge until they’re taken off. I can’t fault them
  27. One and Only


    I am a makeup artist and this is the only eyelash glue I will use. Even when I purchase supermarket lashes, I will throw out the glue that comes with the lashes and only use this one.
    The key is to put it on the band of the lashes and then let it air dry for a few minutes before applying the lashes. They won’t budge until they’re taken off. I can’t fault them
  28. Fav lash glue to date


    Can not go past this product when looking for a lash glue. Well priced, easy to use product that lasts.
  29. Not that good


    This glue did not work for me as my lashes would peel off itself after 30 mins
  30. One of the best


    I love this eyelash glue, it has stood the test of time and will continue to do so with good reason. It has great holding power and is easy to use. Just make sure you wait for 40-60 seconds before applying and you are set for the entire day. I prefer this one over the dark one just because it is less messy in case you have shaky hands.
  31. Classic lash glue


    The best lash glue ever. Super easy to use, isn’t super gloopy and doesn’t dry thick and white, makes lashes look natural! I highly recommend to everyone who uses fake lashes!
  32. Best adhesive


    Keeps my lashes on all day and has never failed me, I've been using this product for years
  33. Not for me, but not bad


    This does do the job however i do find the consistency a little thin which makes putting larger strip lashes much more difficult to apply, but you do get there in the end!
  34. best one out there


    by far it is my favourite lash glue !
  35. Good enough


    A bit expensive but it does a good job. Holds lashes on and keeps them off for a long time with no lifting
  36. Works great!


    This glue ensures my lashes stay on all night. Super easy to apply but I've only given it 4 stars because it smells absolutely horrid!
  37. Best lash glue


    The DUO lash glue is my go to lash glue. I have tried so many over the years and nothing works as well as duo. It sticks your lashes on forever!
  38. Great hold


    The only glue I trust with my lashes. It’s very reliable and holds the corners down all day or night
  39. classic lash glue


    This lash glue is a classic. It makes sure lashes stick well and doesnt dry all goopy and thick
  40. Love


    This is such a great eyelash glue! It keeps lashes on for hours and hours with no problems!!
  41. Can't go wrong with Duo!


    Duo is a great lash glue! I think the house of lashes glue would be my favourite but Duo is great as well. Keeps the lashes on for a long time and does not sting when on the eyes.
  42. Not bad


    Quick to dry so not bad at all.
  43. Great


    Pretty good eyelash glue. It sticks the lash on and that lash will stay on.
  44. Great lash glue

    Chele Pagno

    Great lash glue! I love this glue is super convenient and really glue you lashes and they last long on, I wish it comes with more product but it's good that with little actually work good, I perfect these glue because it dries clear so don't leave chunk of glue . Really commend to buy it .
  45. Comfortable and strong


    I used to use the glam by manicure eyelash glue when I noticed that made my eyelids itch like crazy. This glue sticks strongly but comfortably on your lash line. Spend extra money and it will be worth it!
  46. Best eyelash glue I have ever used


    This is the best eyelash glue I have ever used, I won't need to try another one after this. I use this on myself, and also used it on clients and classmates during my makeup course this year. I have never had an issue with lashes coming off or not wanting to attach. You need the smallest amount and one of these small bottles lasts soooo long. A must have.
  47. Sticks


    Once you stick lashes on with this you don’t have to worry about them coming off
  48. Best glue on the market


    I have tried so many lash glues and always end up coming back to this one. It keeps my lashes intact all night and does not sting my eyes but it stiiiiinks - thats the only downside!
  49. Reliable


    Adhesive that you can rely on all night long.
  50. Great product


    This was the first eyelash glue I had ever used and it made the process quite easy. You just have to make sure you wait for it to become tacky before trying to put your lash on. With this glue it is easy to see when that moment it as it starts becoming slightly transparent once ready to put on. My lashes stay glued on securely the whole day.
  51. Best Glue I've used!


    I love this glue, doesn't take long to get tacky! The glue is strong but I don't find it difficult to remove at all! Definitely worth it.
  52. Such a fab product!


    For real, the little bottle of adhesive that comes with most sets of lashes is pretty rubbish. If you're going to the effort and expense of false lashes, you might as well get the best adhesive. This is just perfect, holds beautifully, and removes really easily. If you haven't had success with false lashes before, try them with DUO.
  53. Can't go wrong


    This is by far the best lash glue I have used, it has a great hold that lasts!
  54. Love it


    Holds lashes in place so well! They last all night and even into the next day sometimes haha
  55. Best lash glue ever!


    This stuff is the bees' knees - the best lash glue you can get. Throw out those little splodgy bottles you get free with lashes and use this only. It's easy to use, holds well and then comes off pretty easily when you're ready to remove your lashes.
  56. Holy grail


    Duo lash glue is a holy grail lash glue. Isn’t gloopy and dries invisible!
  57. The best lash glue ever used!


    This is the holy grail of lash glues! I have tried many others that come with the lashes and none compare to the glueing power of Duo. 10/10 recommend!
  58. Gooooood Lash Glue!


    Great lash glue, easy to use and apply, also lasts a long time if you seal it back up properly.


    My go to lash glue, dries clear, works for all of my lashes, apply it then leave it for a about 20 seconds or so to dry it a bit so it gets a litltle tacky, my lashes stay on all day, even in the wind!
  60. Works


    Duo lash adhesive just works. Takes a minute to become tacky so that it sticks properly, but lasts all day when applied correctly
  61. Easy


    I do not use much eyelashes, I use more at parties and specific occasions. But when I need it, this glue is perfect. It does not get sticky or runny and makes it easier for those who do not have much practice
  62. best lash glue


    Beat lash glue I have tried, it literally lasts all day I never have to worry about my lashes coming off mid party LOL
  63. Only one I would use


    I tired a few lash glues and this one stands out. It doesn't dry too quick and when it sets the glue is not obvious.
  64. Best glue ever!


    this lash glue is my holy grail! it is the only glue that actually leaves my lashes on all night. i would definitely recommend this product!
  65. Good adhesive


    This adhesive is good - but not the best I've used. It works well and dries clear, so it is ok but nothing special. I find you can get better brands and options
  66. Best glue I've used


    Some glues really irritate my eyes, not this. Plus I was able to wear my lashes all day/ evening without having to touch them up! Seriously can't ask for more!
  67. Best eyelash glue


    The only lash glue that stays on all night!
  68. The only eyelash glue I use!


    The best eye lash glue i've ever used and now i refuse to use anything else. Keeps my lashes on all night
  69. best of the best


    Best lash glue! Super tacky glue which is what you want. Love that it goes on white and dries clear so I can see where its going on. Highly recommend.
  70. best lash glue ever


    this lash glue keeps my lashes on all day/night! my lashes do not detach at the corners like with some other glue. definitely recommend
  71. Lasts all night long!


    Love this lash glue. It dries clear and it lasts all night, absolutely love using this one and I stick to it! Amazing quality and the price tag isn't even that high - would recommend for sure!
  72. Fantastic lash glue


    Great lash glue, the only one I will buy. Goes on white but dries clear. Doesn't irritate my eyes, stays on all day, but dissolves easily with makeup remover.
  73. nice and sticky


    lasted forever!! super sticky and they dont come off, however after lashes have been taken off i find to have glue clumps still on my eyes, still got to find a way to get this off
  74. Go-to eyelash glue!


    I have sensitive eyes and I have no issues using this, it dries quick and easily. It's my go-to and I have used it for many years!
  75. Great for dance concerts


    Purchased several years ago for applying false lashes for dance concerts and the same tube lasted my about 3 years! The formula was still in good nick and would make my falsies stay on all day of performances and didn't damage the false or my real lashes when I removed them. Dries perfectly clear and I experienced no irritation.
  76. Little Miss Reliable


    Great staying power, lashes stay on and doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes. Won't ever use false lashes without this.
  77. lasts all day


    a great lash adhesive that keeps lashes stuck down once dried. only downside is that it is a little messy having to squeeze the glue and apply it with a brush/qtip
  78. best glue ever - very reliable


    Best glue I have every brought, I will never buy or use another brand !!!!
    This one never fails me, especially if I'm wearing lashes all day to a festival or for a 12 hour shift at work etc. It sticks to my natural lashes really well and doesn't irritate my eyes. It also dries a really nice clear unlike smoother brands that dry brown or yellow coloured. And it comes off the strip lashes eas...
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  79. Great adhesive


    I think its very reasonably priced considering how little you use each lash application. Also how can you put a price on lashes that stay on for hours!! it dries quickly which also means faster application and I have never had a problem with the glue not going tacky or any sticking issues,
  80. solid glue


    I have been using this eyelash glue for years and I have sensitive eyes. Never had any problems with it!
  81. On the fence


    Ive been using this for years, sometimes it lasts ages and works really well but other times it’s dried up the entire tube and I’ve had to throw it out a few weeks after buying it.... not sure, it’s really good when it’s good!
  82. Not a fan


    So gummy. Gets badly stuck to my lashes. Hard to remove.

    Everyone seems to think this is the best glue on the market and I used it forever until I realised that there’s better ones.
  83. Best lash glue on the market


    I've been using this glue for years and never had an issue. It keeps my lashes on for a full day at work or a night out getting sweaty on the dancefloor. Nothing else compares!
  84. Great glue


    Great staying power, lashes stay on and doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes
  85. Worth it


    Its expensive but it does last, unlike cheaper versions I've used which have lost their stick half way through an event..
  86. best eyelash glue on the market


    you only need a tiny bit and your lashes will not come off
  87. Best glue


    Best lash glue by a mile, goes super transparent and holds lashes in place!
  88. Great


    The easiest glue to use and it lasts
  89. Great


    The greatest lash glue available
  90. LOVE


    This is one of the only lash glues that I can use because I am allergic to some more expensive ones. Its really easy to pour and then dries tacky slowly so you can time it right. It dries fully clear which is nice if you dont have eyeliner on and most importantly it LASTs. The only negative is it isnt macs own brand.
  91. Best


    Best eyelash glue ever. I find it so easy to apply my eyelashes
  92. The best lash glue I've tried


    No other glue I've tried even compares to this one. The smell is awful and the application method isn't the best, but the performance of the product far out weighs these draw backs.
  93. Lashes stay on all day


    As a new-ish fake lash user, this glue has been super easy to use with no irritation and lashes stay on all day/night. Although, this glue is available elsewhere for a cheaper price but definitely worth it if you don't want to shop around.
  94. Great adhesive. No irritation


    This is a great lash adhesive for either strip or individual lashes. So easy to apply and doesn't rip out your real lashes when removing I like a lot of other lash glues do.
  95. Great but sold elsewhere at lower price!


    This is legit the only lash glue that doesn't give me a terrible allergic reaction! If you have sensitive skin it may be the one for you, but it always depends of course.
    The pros - it works really well, stays on all night, goes tacky quickly, dries perfectly clear, and lasts for ages without drying out (yes its pricey but mines lasted forever)
    The cons - you can get the EXACT same it...
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  96. Ok


    Overpriced, but does the job I suppose.
  97. ok!


    The smell is a bit off-putting, but it definitely did the job as it sticks my lashes on really well
  98. overrated and overpriced


    The pros of this product is that it sticks your lashes on really really well and there's a lot of product, the cons are that there's a really gross smell, the applicator is wasteful and difficult to use and it doesn't dry completely clear, it also made my skin a tiny bit itchy (I'm not allergic to latex). I wanted to love this lash glue because it seems to be loved by everyone however i'm a bit di...
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  99. Staple lash glue


    Yes this does have a bit of a 'fishy' scent to it but its not so overwhelming because you're applying it on your lashes for application -- once it dries you can also no longer smell anything! For me this is the lash glue that I always go back to - they really make sure your lashes stay on all day and night + its still easy to remove!
  100. Best Glue


    I have tried many other false eyelash glues and this is by far the best. No eye irritations after all day wear. Dries clear, stays on all day and easily removed with makeup remover.
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