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M.A.C makeup brushes are a staple of every professional makeup artist’s kit, combining years of industry experience with quality construction and materials to create a range that stands up to the rigorous demands of working makeup artists.

Each M.A.C Cosmetics makeup brush is hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. Wooden handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules ensure that brushes will stand the test of time, and the synthetic fibres ensure smooth application and blending.

Take your makeup application to the next level with M.A.C Cosmetics’ selection of professional makeup brushes and tools.

How do I choose a M.A.C Cosmetics Makeup Brush?

The numbering system of M.A.C brushes can seem confusing but is really quite simple. Each brush is numbered according to the area they are designed for:

  • The 100 series of brushes are designed for the face and body 
  • The 200 brush series are intended to be used on the eye area 
  • The 300 brush series are designed for use on the lips. 

Each brush can be used in a variety of ways - the 195 brush is designed for concealer application but can also be used to apply other cream and liquid products anywhere on the face or body.


For anyone that wears eyeshadow the 217S Blending Brush is an absolute must-have. The oval shape and fine, densely-packed fibres easily shade and blend eyeshadows for a seamless finish. For a softer finish, try the 224S Tapered Blending Brush. With a softer feel and extra fine fibres this brush creates a subtle, diffused look.


Are M.A.C Cosmetics Makeup Brushes Natural or Synthetic?

Since 2018, all M.A.C makeup brushes are made with synthetic fibres, taking advantage of the latest innovations in fibre technology for superior performance and improved longevity.


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M.A.C Cosmetics DUO Lash Adhesive M.A.C Cosmetics DUO Lash Adhesive
M.A.C Cosmetics
M.A.C Cosmetics DUO Lash Adhesive

Such a fab product!

For real, the little bottle of adhesive that comes with most sets of lashes is pretty rubbish. If you're going to the effort and expense of false lashes, you might as well get the best adhesive. This is just perfect, holds beautifully, and removes really easily. If you haven't had success with false lashes before, try them with DUO.
M.A.C Cosmetics Foundation PumpM.A.C Cosmetics Foundation Pump
M.A.C Cosmetics
M.A.C Cosmetics Foundation Pump

For use with Mac Liquid Foundations

I bought this for use with the Mac Studio Fix foundation. It’s annoying that it doesn’t come with the foundation, but you can reuse it over and over. It reduces waste and mess.
M.A.C Cosmetics 217S Blending BrushM.A.C Cosmetics 217S Blending Brush
M.A.C Cosmetics
M.A.C Cosmetics 217S Blending Brush

Perfect for dusting shadow on the outer and inner corners of the eyes

Perfect for dusting shadow on the outer and inner corners of the eyes. The bristles are really packed in, so it's easy to maintain a precision look using this brush.

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