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Loving Tan 2HR Express - Dark 200ml 200ml

4.7 of 107 reviews


4 instalments of $14.99

Or 4 instalments of $14.99 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $14.99

Or 4 instalments of $14.99 with LEARN MORE

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Made by tan lovers for tan lovers, Loving Tan 2HR Express - Dark 200ml gives you a natural looking, sexy olive tan within minutes.

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SUPERIOR - 99% recommend

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Loving Tan 2HR Express - Dark 200ml Reviews

4.7 of 107 reviews

99% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Amazing tan


This tan looks very natural on me (I naturally have a pink undertone). I put this tan on for 6-8 hours even though it says 2-hour express because I feel the colour gets darker the longer you keep it on. An added bonus is the colour lasts a long time,, a lot longer than your average tan. Love!!!

Most Helpful Criticism

Good product, wish it was darker!


Good product though wish it was darker! Great for someone wanting a light - slightly medium tan
  1. Amazing tan


    This tan looks very natural on me (I naturally have a pink undertone). I put this tan on for 6-8 hours even though it says 2-hour express because I feel the colour gets darker the longer you keep it on. An added bonus is the colour lasts a long time,, a lot longer than your average tan. Love!!!
  2. Most amazing tan


    I purchased this tan during the Vic lockdown as I was feeling pale and glum to make myself feel better. I have tried and tested most fake tans. From the cheap stuff from chemist warehouse, to the expensive stuff. Never been satisfied bur would just buy it as no better alternative. Ladies (and gents) if you are looking for the most amazing tan, this is it. Pricey? Yes. But you’ll spend more money l...
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  3. My fave tan


    Love the smell and the colour !!
    I would generally prefer a lot darker than the dark is but it’s actual a more natural look and I get lots of compliments
  4. A great fake tan

    Mel S

    verified purchaser
    I’ve been fake tanning around once a week since I was 17 (that’s 14 years!) and I’ve tried so many fake tans in that time. A lot of them have quite a strong smell, are difficult to apply, wear off terribly or irritate my sensitive skin. I’ve been using this one for around 2 years now and I love it. It doesn’t have a strong smell and is easy to apply. I apply it using powder free food handling glov...
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  5. Great colour


    verified purchaser
    Only tan that shows up on my skin. Quick drying and really nice colour
  6. Favourite tan!


    verified purchaser
    I'm a religious self-tanner as I have very very pale skin. I tan every single week and have tried a lot of different brands. Was reluctant to try Loving Tan as it's more expensive than the other big brands on the market however now I've tried it I cannot go back!!

    Immediately after application, you have a beautiful bronzed colour, unlike other tanners which can leave you looking ashy...
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  7. such a good tan


    I've heard so many people talk about this and thought I should try it. It is quite expensive but I personally think it's worth it. Beautiful colour and lasts a long time
  8. good for pale girls like me


    verified purchaser
    I have irish skin so I do not tan, still doesn't look orange when I use it, also does look a lot more natural than the other tans in the supermarket
  9. Love this


    Probably my favourite fake tan. The colour comes off with a more red shade, it makes it much more natural. Super pretty, I think it’s worth spending a little more for your tan to turn out looking real!
  10. Best tan ever


    I will never buy another brand of tan! have been using loving tan for years and its honestly the best formula. easy to blend, great colour payoff, non-sticky and doesn't transfer much! 2hr is my personal favourite as I don't like sleeping in tan. My skin has pink undertones and this colour is perfect
  11. Great tan


    I alternate between this tan, Spray Aus, and Bondi Sands. I do really like this tan, I find it lasts the longest out of all my tans, it also has a nice smell and makes your skin feel soft. I like that there are no 'nasty' ingredients in this tan too. I do find it leaves my very fair skin with slightly pinkish hue, but it still looks very natural and applies nice and evenly.
  12. First timer success!


    I occasionally spray tan, but tanned myself for the first time using this product!

    My complexion is fair (IT cosmetics CC cream fair-light) and I purchased Loving Tan - Dark.
    I was so pleased with the results! The tan looked amazingly smooth and I had my dream olive skin!

    I took the time to prep properly and applied the tan in circles with a mit.

  13. All-time favourite tan!


    I love this product and have recommended it to so many friends. It is so easy to apply with a mit, blends so well and leaves the most beautiful looking natural tan - no orange tones. I think I'm on to my fourth bottle of this now, and will definitely continue to purchase!
  14. Loving tan!


    This tanner gives you a perfect at home fan, no streaks, worked incredibly. Defiantly my favourite fake tanner
  15. great tan


    this is awesome, only 2 hours and I have a nice dark tan ready for a night out!
  16. love that it is 2 hours


    Love that this only needs 2 hours, gives such a nice colour
  17. Great tan


    Great tan, easy to use, not sticky or smelly at all and instant colour. great packaging and worth the money. not streaky and came off evenly, really happy, only thing would be it is soo dark but thats only personal preference!.
  18. My new best friend


    I am seriously in love with this tanner. You have no idea how much money I have spent trying to find my holy grail of tanners
  19. The GOAT of fake tan


    Loving Tan is my favourite brand of fake tan that I have tried to date. The colour is absolutely phenomenal - really dark without being orange. It is easy to apply and is not sticky. I am also super impressed with how long the fake tan lasts on my skin (easily up to a week). It can be hard to remove but I would rather that than a tan that really lacks longevity. I'm always stocked up on this tan. ...
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  20. Favourite Tan


    Such a natural looking tan. You can definitely tell it is green based - nice olive colour. I use this in the afternoon and leave it on until I shower before bed, the tan develops overnight and you wake up with the perfect tan! Definitely recommend rather than sleeping in a tan overnight and ruining your sheets.
  21. Good product, wish it was darker!


    Good product though wish it was darker! Great for someone wanting a light - slightly medium tan
  22. The Top Contender


    Having bathed myself in an appalling number of fake tans throughout my teenage years, this is easily my pick of the bunch. Loving Tan has the darkest (believably, at least), best shade of tan that applies evenly and easily stretches to my minimum of 5 days.

    I leave it on all night, but have been known to rush apply it before a night out and it works just fine in that case as well. It...
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  23. Love loving tan


    A solid 4/5 stars for this tan - love that it doesn’t have that nasty smell like other tans do, love the colour and love how it develops in a few hours & dries fast, easy to apply. However wish it would last a little bit longer.... lasted about 4 days but it faded nicely and didn’t get any patches! Will buy again
  24. my go to


    this is my go to tan when I need it ready ASAP, last well and did not irritate my skin
  25. Perfect colour!


    This tan is perfect! Love the colour and very long lasting. Will be buying again.
  26. really good


    this is really good, gives a nice dark tan really quickly. Only bad thing is that it is a bit pricey
  27. couldn't recommend more.


    this product is insane, this tan and the ultra dark are amazing. I used to use bondi sands but never felt really dry and always sticky, this tan drys so well. its comfortable to wear before you wash it off. and i think its the best tan ever and i will never change brands
  28. super fast tan!


    this product is amazing! it gives the most beautiful tan and only takes 2 hours to set it! Definitely recommend!


    I can not recommend enough! This tan is deep, long lasting and doesn’t smell! Best tan I’ve used. Perfect on my sensitive skin as well
  30. Favourite tan!


    This tan is my favourite. I always get comments on how natural it looks and I love that I can wash it off after 2 hours. This colour is lovely and not too dark, and the mousse goes a long way. It’s worth buying it in the large size rather than the small from a value perspective
  31. beautiful


    loving tan is an amazing brand for tanning it gives such a beautiful natural colour to the skin doesn't look fake.
  32. Best tan ever


    I've lost count of how many bottles of this tan I've gone through. It dries so quickly, doesn't smell terrible and provides a nice dark colour. No matter what else I try, I always come back to this. If only Loving Tan made it in ultra dark!
  33. Best tan!


    Love this tan.
    Can use it for the 2 hours or overnight and get amazing results either way.
  34. I really like it


    This is a much better size, as I go through mine so frequently. I love this brand and this fake tan is by far my favourite. Very big win.
  35. The only tan I buy


    I have tried a lot of tanning products and this one is far the best. Amazing natural colour!! It’s smell is not overpowering when it’s developing. I sleep in it overnight to get the best glow out of it. Lasts around a week & then I do a scrub and start over again. It does transfer a little on sheets though, so worth investing in some tanning sheets. Seriously the best tan though so worth every cen...
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  36. There’s a reason it’s pricier than other brands...


    This is my absolute holy grail tan! I have really fair skin I love the colour it gives and it lasts for nearly two weeks on my skin when moisturised and exfoliated correctly! It also does not go orange (unlike another brand) and the scent is not overpowering (also unlike another brand...). To keep the colour even longer/less patchy I will use the loving tan gradual tan. I find this tan doesn’t go ...
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  37. The best colour available on the tan market


    This is worth the hype - I love Bondi Sands usually, however Loving Tan is the longest lasting most natural rich colour available on the market. It is worth the extra $.
  38. Flawless tan


    This tan is amazing. It provides a long lasting, flawless tan without the horrible smell! Would highly recommend.
  39. Incredible, one of my favourites


    This tan delivers such a beautiful natural colour and lasts really nicely too if looked after (moisturise regularly)
  40. The Best Tan


    Only wish i had found this Tan sooner such a great Colour
  41. Perfect for the pasty gals


    I love this product, it’s perfect for my Snow White complexion.
    The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars was because if I found if you left this on for more than 8 hours you will be bright orange.
  42. Great tan!


    Love this tan!
    For a pale person like me, this colour suites me very well!
    This tan dries very quickly and has no scent which is super good!!
    doesn't transfer onto clothes and fades nicely
  43. Natural tan


    Loving tan is my go to tan for events. It looks so flawless and natural. The only con I find is that it looks flawless for a couple days and then it fades quickly! Only lasts 2-4 days Max!
  44. Love!


    With having fairly pale skin it is always been hard to find the perfect fake tan. One that doesn't go orange and patchy. I have finally found it! Loving Tan is amazing! This tan lasts for at least a week and a half on my skin, it doesn't go orange at all and leaves a nice even bronze glow on my skin! It dries so quickly as well and doesn't smell bad like other fake tans!
  45. The best


    I have used a lot of self taners. This one is amazing. No bad smell, never streaky and done and dusted in 2 hours. Love it.
  46. Amazing!


    This tan applies easily, dries in a few minutes, and continues to develop after it’s been washed off! It also doesn’t have that horrible fake tan smell. The colour is dark but still natural and I always get so many compliments on my tan when I use this product! I would definitely recommend this tan.
  47. Amazing product wish I used earlier


    This tan is the best I’ve used only wish I had found this a lot earlier

    Even tan every time
  48. Holy Grail!


    I’m very pale and have tried lots of different fake tans in my time and this would have to be right up there as one of my favourites. I love that you can wash it off after 2 hours and it continues to develop without staining the bed sheets. I opt for the dark and find it to be a great colour.
  49. best self tanner


    once i swapped my old tan routine to loving tan i never looked back. loving tan is the best tan on the market hands down, the 2hr express dark and the loving tan deluxe face tan dark doesnt break me out and leaves me with the most beautiful bronzed colour
  50. Great colour


    I love this express tan as you don't need to wait overnight to achieve the colour you want. Loving tan gives me the most natural looking tan and because my skin is already pretty tan it gives me the colour I want without having to wait.
  51. Best tan EVER!


    I tan almost every single week and I can't believe I just found out that AB sells Loving Tan!!! This is my all time favourite tan. It does say "2HR" but I leave it on overnight and rinse off in the morning for the best colour. I switch between this and Bondi Sands Ultra Dark but this feels soooo much better, isn't sticky for as long AND you can see the colour developing sooner. Love it.
  52. Most natural tan EVER!!!!


    As a teenager everyone is so into tans and i'm so self conscious about being pale around my friends, this tan lasts so long and doesn't go patchy and tacky like other tans do after a few days!
  53. loving tan 2 hour express dark


    I love going out and wearing the "Loving tan 2 hour express dark mouse tan", I get so many compliments on how natural and dark it looks. Wearing it makes me feel so much more confident compared to when I would use other tans and look more orange and scaley from an uneven tan using their mits. I always know that number one Loving tan is outstanding but also the mits are the best I've ever used and ...
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    I have been using loving Tan for years and when I use or try out other tans, nothing compares to my Loving Tan 2hour Express. It gives off such an effortless and sleek look and last really long if maintained well! The bronzing guard is the most helpful thing ever and this tan does not stain my white sheets or doona!! Genuinely rely on this tan SOOOO much!
  55. Effective long lasting tan


    I am a frequent tanner and have been very satisfied upon using this as my new tan. Although bottles seem small, they pack a punch and create a consistent non-oranging tan that lasts well beyond a week. Dry time is fairly quick and the smell is great.
  56. Perfect!


    I have very pale skin so it’s always very exciting when I find a fake tan that doesn’t leave my skin orange and patchy. When I tried this tan that exciting feeling was there! This tan is amazing! It makes my skin nice a bronze and dark, it goes on so easily, smells so nice and dries so fast! I definitely recommend this product to everyone, whether you have pale or dark skin, this one is perfect!!!...
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  57. Best tan out there!


    I have naturally tan skin but I love fake tanning! I love the way it makes my skin just a little bit more tan! But with already having olive skin it is hard to find a tan that makes me darker. This one however is AMAZING it doesn't go orange, and leaves my skin looking darker, I've never had a better fake tan! Not to mention it dries so fast!!
  58. My holy grail fake tan


    I can’t stress enough how good loving tan is! I used this tan for my year 12 formal and it honestly made my night. I had a sequin dress so having the perfect bronzed look was a necessity and lovin tan did not let me down. I have quite dry skin and this product blends so smoothly and makes me look like a natural goddess with a natural glow that makes me look like I spend most of my time at the beac...
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  59. Great


    this product dries very quickly once applied but doesnt dry my skin out, does turn a little orange after 3 hours but i have very pale skin


    best tan I’ve ever used, so natural and flawless. It dries quickly so you don’t feel sticky and the colour is perfect.
  61. My favourite tan - the large size is worth the money


    This tan is my favourite. I always get comments on how natural it looks and I love that I can wash it off after 2 hours. This colour is lovely and not too dark, and the mousse goes a long way. It’s worth buying it in the large size rather than the small from a value perspective
  62. My favourite tan


    This tan is my favourite. I always get comments on how natural it looks and I love that I can wash it off after 2 hours. This colour is lovely and not too dark, and the mousse goes a long way. It’s worth buying it in the large size rather than the small from a value perspective
  63. excellent


    With having fairly pale skin it is always been hard to find the perfect fake tan. One that doesn't go orange and patchy. I have finally found it! Loving Tan is amazing! This tan lasts for at least a week and a half on my skin, it doesn't go orange at all and leaves a nice even bronze glow on my skin! It dries so quickly as well and doesn't smell bad like other fake tans!
  64. My favourite tan


    I’m very pale and have tried lots of different fake tans and this is my absolute favourite. I love the 2 hour option to avoid damaging bed sheets and other items, and the dark is a great natural colour. The larger bottle is definitely worth it, it lasts ages and is great value for money! Never orange. The best!
  65. Perfect Tan

    Paige M

    This is the best fake tan I have ever used! Perfect bronze colour not orange in the slightest. Smells amazing easier to apply and dries so quickly. Couldn't recommend this product enough!
  66. Incredable Tan


    This fake tan is fabulous, I’ve only used it twice due to its price and keep it for special occasions but when I’m in a rush and want a nice tan in a couple of hours it’s my go too!

    Not streaky at all aswell. If I have extra time I’ll leave it on another hour but it still Comes out a nice sun kissed look after 2hr.

    The only reason I’ve given it a 4 star is due to its pr...
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  67. Great colour!


    This is the darkest foam I have used and I have tried a lot of different brands!!! So impressed that you only have to wait 2 hours as well.



    - best colour, super 'chocolatey'
    - doesn't come off patchy
    - I have very dry skin and this is the only tan I can use that doesn't dry my skin out
  69. Amazing


    The best tan I have ever used. It’s a super rich dark colour that looks really natural and is the only tan that doesn’t go patchy after a week!
  70. Quality finish


    If applied properly this tan looks flawless and really natural. It has that typical coconut tan scent and im going to be honest its the same as any other mousse tan and has that sticky feeling at first (until dry) and does rub off on clothes (so dont wear white!!). But most mousses are like that. This only has to be left on for 2 hours and then usually gets darker the next day for me. I find this ...
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    I am actually obsessed with this tan!
    I tan every week and hate having to sleep in tans!
    This tan gives you the most beautiful natural deep tan!
    It is very easy to apply, dries quickly and does not smell or feel sticky like others!

    The only issue I have is the price! It's super expensive to use on a weekly basis but if I had the funds I most certainly would!
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  72. Absolutely love!


    This is an amazing product! Always get compliments on the colour!!

    It applies really easily, streak free and doesn’t go patchy after a week - just gradually fades! Definitely recommend!!
  73. In Love!


    So happy with the results I get from this tanner, it's so easy and quick to apply. Definitely better than other brands i've tried out in the past lol. Heres to non streaky tans!
  74. Great natural looking tan


    The best part about this tan is that its 2 hours so less time sitting in sticky tan. It does take a little bit to dry so I usually stand under a fan and it does have that coconut tan scent. The mousse is really easy to apply and I find the quality similar to the Bondi Sands brand maybe even slightly better. This tan does look very natural and salon quality. After application it takes at least over...
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  75. Still love it!


    I think I prefer the medium shade as it goes nicer on my very fair skin and also comes off nicer, unsure why but all of the dark/ultra dark fake tans I buy take forever to come off!
  76. The perfect tan


    I’ve tried a lot of tans over the years and this is by far the best of them all! Perfect colour and looks flawless every time. Gives a beautiful natural look and is easy to apply. I can wash off in 1 hour is I just want a light glow and if I leave it on for the full two hours I wake up looking like a bronzed goddess!
  77. Love the 2hr express


    Big loving tan fan, this is a high quality formula. I love the 2hr express, it's great for when you have left it to last minute. I am fair skinned but still use the dark if I am wanting a just stepped off the beach or come back from holiday look.
  78. Salon Quality


    This brand is really salon quality tan (if you know how to apply it correctly) always looks so natural and nice and doesn't streak if applied well.
  79. Amazing


    Best tan on the market, I’ve been using loving tan for about 4 years now, we use it at work aswell. Everyone loves it as soon as they try it! Such a dark and rich colour, comes of easy and stays beautiful for at least 5 days
  80. Best tan on market


    I am super pale almost see through and this tan is perfect on my skin - I also use this brand when getting a spray tan and this colour is devine on my skin.

    When applying myself at home on my own i find this is simply to use and use this in combination with Glow Dry to dry my tan and its fantastic Im not sticky, streaky or too smelly - it has a subtle tan smell but isn't vial like som...
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  81. Quick and Easy tan


    This is my go to tan when im in a rush. The mousse goes on pretty easy and if blended in well with a mitt it doesn't streak! I always make sure I dry myself under a fan or air conditioner before putting any clothing on just so I dont risk taking any of the tan off. After 2 Hours the entire tan pretty much washes off but dont worry give it until the next morning and you will have a nice natural loo...
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  82. Lots of tans out of this bottle


    Really happy that I got about 8 full tans out of this bottle - great value. I usually get spray tans and I think this product is just as good quality. Only have to leave it on for 2-2.5 Hours for a nice natural dark tan. I have fair skin and from experience this lasts well for about 4-5 days and then starts to patch.
  83. The best tan


    This tan is one of my favourites its really dark and only has to be on for 2 hours. Applies easily and doesn't patch if applied well. Usually lasts 4-5 days.
  84. Love absolutely


    I’ve been a compulsive fake tanner for the last 8 years
    Every week new spray tan or try out so many moose tans and come out so orange. I never feel dark enough so I double coat. My first try of loving tan came out so natural in medium I wasn’t sure but I tried this one in dark and left it on 3 hours instead of 2 and I looked amazing dark and with a nice pink tone 100% only tan I use now .
  85. Fabulous tan


    This tan is beyond amazing! Sooooo dark but not orange!! The 2H tan is great as you can apply for last minute events etc!! LOVE!!!
  86. Good value - Natural colour


    Ive been using loving tan as my event/night time tan for years now. I love that its 2H so less time sitting in sticky tan. It applies really well nice light foam. Doesn't streak IF APPLIED properly. It says 2 HR but I usually have to leave it on 3 HR to get the deep tan. Lasts about 4-5 days before patching or fading.
  87. #1 tan


    I will never use another tan! The colour is amazing, no orange to it at all, Doesn’t have that fake tan smell once washed off. Sometimes when I run out I will use another brand of tan but it’s never as good. I’m very very pale and only need to leave this on for 1/1.5 hrs.
  88. Lasts at least 5 days


    Really nice natural colour and lasts at least 5 days before fading and patching. It does take a lot of scrubbing to get off.
  89. Best tan ever!


    This is my go to tanner. It comes out perfect every time! I shave, exfoliate, moisturise my hands, feet, knees and elbows liberally and massage this in circular motions all over my body using the loving tan mitt and leave it on between 1.5-2 hours depending on how deep I want my tan. Fantastic for last minute plans that pop up. My perfect tanning tip is to massage the tan in with the mitt, body pa...
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  90. Perfection


    I suffer with dry skin and when I use other tans it cracks within a day. Loving tan is amazing and lasted a week, it doesn’t stick to any of my dry patches and the colour is beautiful.
  91. Go to Tan


    Im a frequent tanner and this is my go to at home tan for events. The colour doesnt go orange and if applied correctly with a mit etc it looks really nice and natural. Be sure to apply this at least a day before because it does need to develop and it says 2H but you really need to leave it on for at least 3 for it to work well. I do find though that it takes a lot of work to get this tan off which...
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  92. Best Tan on the market!


    I've tried a lot of different tans, and by far this is my favourite! It stays on for a good week and fades nicely!
  93. Sadly will not purchase again


    loving tan does not work for me, less then 24hrs it’s starting to come off my skin and go blotchy and doesn’t tan my stomach. I have fair skin but when i burn I tan.

    the only pro for this product is it doesn’t streak.
  94. one of my go to tanning products


    I really like this tan. it's easy to apply and it's not too orange it has a more olive toned tan. it's a nice moussey texture and you see the results fast!
  95. Get a good number of tans


    Great size as you can a number of full body tans from one bottle. I really like the colour of this tan, it's bronze and doesn't look green on me
  96. Great tan! Long lasting!


    Beautiful tan that can be natural or left on longer to a deeper tan. This tan lasts so long, I got about 6 or so tans from the one bottle. Love it!
  97. Natural and Long Lasting!


    I love using this tan for events and its great because its 2H so no waiting for hours on end for it to develop! I also find that it washes out of clothes really easy! Even on white clothing it doesn't stain it always comes out. It does take over night to develop though so make sure to apply the day before an event! :)
  98. Love the express


    The express is really good but you can wear it for a couple of hours then shower and don't have to worry about getting tan on your sheets. I always do the day before an event because I find it fully develops overnight even though it's been washed off
  99. Great tan!


    I always recommend this tan! Its a little more expensive then most tans buts its worth it - its a really natural looking tan. The only thing I find with the 2 HOUR express is that the colour can be a little on the orange side on the first day of developing. So make sure you always apply it 1-2 days before an event. The first day the colour isnt the best but over night gets better.
  100. Amazing


    The 2hr express in dark is definitely the best Loving Tan mousse - 100% recommend. I’ve got super pale skin and pretty much all fake tans make me look super orange. It develops pretty dark after 2 hours, but I hope they bring it out in extra dark!
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