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Lonvitalite Microneedle Derma Roller Face & Body Kit

4.7 of 40 reviews


4 instalments of $37.49

Or 4 instalments of $37.49 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $37.49

Or 4 instalments of $37.49 with LEARN MORE

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Although the thought of Dermarolling can be quite intimidating, this minimally invasive micro-needling treatment will deliver professional salon results, in the comfort of your very own home. Designed to trigger your skin's repair process to help stimulate collagen and elastin production, this derma roller set will work to improve tone and texture of your skin from your lips, eye area and face to thighs, stomach and buttocks.

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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Lonvitalite Microneedle Derma Roller Face & Body Kit

Lonvitalite Microneedle Derma Roller Face & Body Kit

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Lonvitalite Microneedle Derma Roller Face & Body Kit Reviews

4.7 of 40 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great at home treatment


This definitely makes a difference in helping serums penetrate and keeping skin young so this kit is excellent

Most Helpful Criticism

fresh skin


this makes your skin feel young again after one week. recommend and works great on sensitive skin
  1. Great at home treatment


    This definitely makes a difference in helping serums penetrate and keeping skin young so this kit is excellent
  2. Effective!


    I use this on my body stretch marks, i believe its been helping along the healing process. I do feel a little nervous using it on my face though, I feel it's risky since it can cause micro tears.
  3. I feel ripped off


    Handle and heads are cheaply made and poorly finished. The needles themselves look and work fine but the housing, handle and lid have little bits of plastic sticking out, left over from manufacturing. The matte balck finish rubs of when you twist the heads on and off. The heads sit at an angle when attached, don't sit flush with the handle.
    You can still use it but I expected much higher qua...
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  4. Great set


    Great way to clear up acne scars and help with stretch marks. I’m really glad I got one of these, I’ve been seeing results already. I love it!
  5. Quality Dermaroller


    After months of watching youtube videos (hot tip: check out Adore Beauty's youtube channel, thank me later) and reading up about Dermarolling and the amazing results you can achieve at home (especially now as we're in lockdown in Australia and can't access salons), I bit the bullet and splurged on this face and body micro needle derma kit.
    Slightly more expensive than buying a standalone fa...
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  6. Transformed my skin


    I used this product for about six months and honestly loved it. It was painful at first but the results were great - smaller blackheads and bumps under my skin were removed, my pores looked tighter and overall my skin texture smoothed out. Only rating this 3.5 stars because the replacement heads cannot be purchased and using this for six months and having to throw it out of a huge waste of plastic...
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  7. Second go!


    This is my second time using the Lonvitalite seems roller, upgrading from just the face one. I love them!

    The larger needles definitely are more difficult to adjust o, but after a while, it gets much easier to use.

    I'm going to keep this as part of my skincare routine.
  8. Love it!


    Have had for one week (used three times on my face) and am seeing great results. Skin looks clearer and less dull, pigmentation has improved. Yet to try on my body but looking forward to it! Definitely recommend.
  9. Truly valuable


    Brilliant. The .5 has been recommended by many beauty therapists as the minimum to use on face to achieve results as far as wrinkles and collagen building. This size is perfect and though a little uncomfortable, left no tell tale signs of holes. The needles are so fine and so close together that after an hour, the redness had subsided and my skin felt plump. I have been using for a cpl weeks (once...
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  10. Weekly ritual


    I love using this once a week my skin feels much tighter afterwards and I like using the stamping one to get closer to my eyes. Tried to use the body one unfortunately my legs are too ticklish but all the other heads are getting used. Great product and like knowing my expensive skin care absorbs better with this
  11. Results!


    I can't wait to see the results from this set! I love that it has a built in sanitizing tray!
  12. Good Results


    I've only used this product a few times but have already seen a small improvement in some hormonal acne scarring around my chin area - colouring slightly lighter in appearance. My skin feels a somewhat more plump and complexion a little better. I'm following my dermarolling with The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B% and also Cosmedix Simply Brilliant.
    Plastic handles and kit feel a little che...
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  13. Easy to use


    Its easy to use, attachments go on and come off easily. Ive only used 0.5 needle head and rolled over my face lightly in different directions and it didnt hurt. Light sunburn feeling afterward that only lasts a day. I’m light olive complexion with mildly sensitive mature skin ( in my 40’s). Hard to say its given results as ive only used it twice and haven’t noticed any change yet. Will keep using ...
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  14. Worth the extra $$


    I’ve used a few rollers, gave up after my last mukti one because it squeaked and was too annoying to use. Finally gave this a go because I really think rolling makes a difference, and glad to say this is well worth the extra splurge. Fantastic quality. I clean mine with basic antiseptic spray from the chemist. Great results. Try it.
  15. Skin Rejuvenation


    I love this kit, I only just started skin needling but am really enjoying it and seeing the benefits. I am doing it at home once or twice a week at the moment, I follow with a hydration serum and a rich moisturiser with no actives or fragrance like Avene recovery cream. I have noticed that my blackheads have disappeared and my pores are smaller. I find my face is bright red and hot for a couple of...
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  16. Fantastic kit


    Great for improving skin tone and texture. I love that there are different sized rollers to target specific areas on your face and body as well as a sterilizing tray . It is travel friendly too.
  17. fresh skin


    this makes your skin feel young again after one week. recommend and works great on sensitive skin
  18. AMAZING results in one month


    I have been using these dermarollers 2-3 times a week for a month now. On my face for acne scarring, pigmentation and overall complexion as well as on breasts and bum for stretch marks. I am obsessed with how my skin looks it is so clear and free of redness it looks plump and hydrated and I look fresh without any makeup.
    The stretch marks on my breasts have faded significantly and I am alrea...
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  19. Great at home option


    I love this roller set! I have had in-clinic skin needling and loved the results, but the cost and recovery time means this is not feasible on a regular basis. While this doesn't replace a clinic treatment, it's an excellent at home option to assist with skin tone, fine lines and help product effectiveness. I've used it on face and body, and love there is an option for eyes and lips. I use it once...
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  20. A good alternative to professional micro needling


    I’ve had treatments with a Derma pen, and loved the results. So I decided that I’d give the home version a go. Loving the flexibility and ease of use. Love that I can do it when it suits me. I used a good serum and aloe Vera after to soothe. Smooth skin and a reduction of fine lines are the result of fortnightly use.
  21. Amazing home kit


    What attracted me to this kit was the longer needle size. The face needles are 0.5mm whereas most of the home derma rollers are 0.25mm. This is good because you will get deeper penetration and a better result. The downsize, it may hurt a little more and leave you a little red.
    I have had skin needling done professionally with a derma pen and it KILLS... and the downtime is around a week... ...
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  22. Great results


    My skin complexion has improved a significant amount since using this product. My acne has subsided and my skins feels soft and smooth. Very happy with my purchase.
  23. Great results


    My skin complexion has improved a significant amount since using this product. My acne has subsided and my skins feels soft and smooth. Very happy with my purchase.
  24. Great results, takes a bit to get used to


    This is a great tool to have! I was a little hesitant try it, i was worried it would hurt or wouldn’t work.
    My skin is not necessarily problematic, just dull and damaged from lack of sun protection.

    My verdict:
    I love using the rollers once a week.
    It really helps to absorb my serums and after 24hrs my skin looks fresh and bright!

    At first the rollers...
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  25. Very happy


    I’ve seen great results from using this product once a week. My overall skin texture has improved and I’m starting to see a small reduction to my acne scarring. The only down fall: it hurts! I would consider using a numbing cream in conjunction with this product not only for comfort but even better results as when the skin is numb you can press harder.
  26. Odd but works

    Regina Fuentes

    Bought this a week ago and have used it every other night and can already see an improvement! I pair this with my serum which helps me roll nicely around my face

  27. Amazing


    i cant believe i have waited this long to purchase a derma roller, honestly the best investing i have been using for a few weeks, and my skin is loving it. texture has completely changed, acne scarring is starting to diminish. doesn't hurt at all great beauty tool to invest in. especially this pack
  28. Wonderful


    Helped with stretch marks a lot. Really wonderful and kept my skin looking a lot clearer. Really awesome brand with fantastic products!
  29. Game changer


    This Derma roller set is an absolute must have and really works to improve overall condition of your skin! I loved my original face Derma roller and now having one with body and eye attachments is beyond amazing.
  30. Great for beginner microneedlers


    This roller set is great for starting out doing your own microneedling at home. Provides great results and isn't as scary as it seems at first. I'd recommend numbing the area if its particularly sensitive and making sure you apply a serum and a face mask afterwards. Will definitely purchase again when my rollers need to be replaced.
  31. Nice set


    This is a really good set. The derma roller only seemed to hurt when used on the forehead. Masks and serums sunk in quickly afterwards and with continuous use my skin has maintained a nice glow. I have some acne scarring that I believe has lightened when used with vitamin c serums, but will need more time to see this effect.
  32. Perfect at Home Treatment for Salon Results!


    This pack is amazing value and soooo good! I had already purchased and loved the Derma roller and couldn’t wait to try the rollers specifically for the eye and body. This is like pumping steroids into your serums and actives - it just makes them work better. The body roller is doing amazing things for the stretch marks on my tummy and the eye roller is helping my hooded lids and fine lines. I also...
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  33. This has actually changed my life!


    WOW! I never thought using this roller would have such amazing results, this is literally the first time in my life I haven't had a single spot on my face. My skin looks amazing, it's not as oily, my makeup sits so great and my acne scarring is literally disappearing before my eyes and I've used it FIVE TIMES.
    I have enlarged pores that I haven't seen much progress on, but my line lines and ...
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  34. essentials


    best beauty investment ive ever made. my skin is glowing and I barely wear make up anymore because I am so happy and impressed with my skin. however I do recommended speaking to a professional before using to understand how to do it properly. which serums to use after and wether or not to use numbing cream.
  35. Works well


    I have had professional micro needling done before which is very expensive. This is a great alternative at a fraction of the price. You can see the micro channels the roller creates instantly and feel my skin soaking in the serum. I use The Ordinary Buffet which works great because it contains hyaluronic acid. I have mature skin and it has definitely lessened my deeper wrinkles. However I recommen...
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  36. Purchased for product channeling, and treatment of stretch marks on my body.


    I am currently using this product on my face for product channelling as well as on my body to combat stretch marks (thanks, kids).

    Based on another reviewer recommendation, I am using The Ordinary products (Buffet) after use. I found that I didn't need any numbing cream on my face and breast area, but I did require it on other areas.

    The areas of my face on my chin and ...
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  37. Love This Product!


    I've been using this product for a few weeks now. I have noticed a huge difference from when I first started using. I have combination skin, and had blind pimples. Since using this roller, my skin has never looked so glowing. I use my roller with The Ordinary products. Well worth the money!
  38. Worth every cent


    This is hands down the best item I have ever bought. Use it with a good serum, I use The Ordinary’s Buffet. You will see results immediately. I will never stop using this. It truly is astounding.
  39. Smooth soft skin already!


    I came across the derma roller online and after doing some reading about the product I decided to order one. I’ve used it for a couple of weeks now and already noticing a difference in my skin, it is smooth and soft and feels great once I’ve used the dermal roller followed by my facial serum, definitely worth giving a try!
  40. Excellent


    I’ve been reading lots of good things about microneedling and decided I’m ready to start tackling some of my issues (wrinkles,fine lines, less dead looking) from home. Definitely worth doing some research to know how to use it. I’ve had lasers, fraxels in the past and my skin was fine with the 0.5 needle. I also used the smallest needle on a pigmentation spot on my neck and amazingly it’s already ...
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