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Lonvitalite Dermal Roller

4.5 of 200 reviews


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4 instalments of $14.99

Or 4 instalments of $14.99 with LEARN MORE

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Achieve salon results in the comfort of your own home with this effective skin care tool, the Lonvitalite Dermal Roller. With a head containing tiny .3mm needles that gently penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production, the appearance of your skin will improve, as the derma roller works to reduce signs of acne scars, signs of ageing, wrinkles, and sagging skin. 

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Lonvitalite Dermal Roller

Lonvitalite Dermal Roller

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Lonvitalite Dermal Roller Reviews

4.5 of 200 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Better than youd expect


Purchased this a week ago first used it and it was amazing! Noticed a smoother texture to my skin the next day. It tingles a little when used but i love it it means its working! Perfect for an at-home skin needling minus the huge cost!

Most Helpful Criticism

bad quality


i went to my skincare clinic to have dermapen treatment as i have acne scars, blemishes and tiny bumps. The therapist recommend their derma roller which is pricey. Then i searched on adorebeauty and found this brand. But it was so disappointed as the quality is bad. When i rolled on my skin, it has a loud squeeky sound. I complained on adore and ask to to return them but the process is so troublesome for me.. If you have sensitive skin, i would not recommend using it as it is quite burning and make your skin even drier.
  1. Love


    I use this once a week or when I see a breakout on certain areas on my face. Easy to use and not painful. I find it helps with the absorption of my serums and moisturizers and in the morning my face feels fresh, soft and has a healthy glow.
  2. Better than youd expect


    Purchased this a week ago first used it and it was amazing! Noticed a smoother texture to my skin the next day. It tingles a little when used but i love it it means its working! Perfect for an at-home skin needling minus the huge cost!
  3. works but cheaply made product


    verified purchaser
    it does what you want in terms of a derma roller, works in what you would expect from one, however the product feels very cheaply made and unfortunately after about 8 uses the outer bit of plastic on the blade part started to fall off which really shocked me considering how much it costs and i hadn't used it that much, would recommend getting a different roller on the market
  4. Not sure about this


    I've never used anything like it but wanted to spice up my facial routine - to be honest I often forget to use it! It needs to be vigorously cleaned with alcohol then rinsed with warm water pre- and post-use which adds time to the routine. Doing the actual rolling is something to get used to, and takes some time. I could understand the theory behind why it would help your skin but I don't think I ...
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  5. Love it


    This is an easy gentle dermal roller. Be sure to sanitise properly otherwise can lead to infection.
    Watch some YouTube videos on the best ways to use this.
  6. Not what I thought


    I used this roller once and I absolutely loved it! I noticed a difference in my skin texture after the first use. However the second time I went to use it, I rinsed it under warm water and it cracked. All of the needles separated and I couldn’t use it at all. It was a real shame because I absolutely loved it, the quality just isn’t there. The return process could not have been better though. It wa...
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  7. Great for first time users


    It is very easy to use and has made a difference to my skin. I try to use it at least two times a week and have recommended it to friends and family.
  8. Good Australian product


    I love that this is an Australian brand and the price is good compared to many other brand (lets exclude low quality chines cheap products on eBay). I wanted something that I can trust to apply on my face which we already spend heaps on it. so the qty and the size of needles on this product matched exactly what was recommended. The thing about this product is you wouldn't know the impact until som...
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  9. Better than a professional treatment


    I bought this to help even out skin tone after trying a professional microdermabrasion session and finding it a bit lackluster for the cost.
    I felt the same after using this as I did after the micro session, so better value for money. It has helped even out the texture of my skin and allows for better absorption of serums/moisturiser.
  10. Worth the pain!


    verified purchaser
    I splurged on this before lockdown to try and see whether i could get the scarring from previous acne to lessen. And it worked! I use it once a week after cleansing, and use a retinol night cream or a super hydrating moisturiser afterwards. My skin the next day has such an even tone and over the past few months my acne scars have sloooooowly started to fade a little. It hurts a little when you fir...
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  11. Keep On Rollin'!


    I was so skeptical trying this product as I didn't think that it would really work, but my gosh it has been an absolute god send! I have been using for the past 6 to 7 weeks and the results have truly been incredible. I have acne scarring, pigmentation and large pores in my t-zone and it has really evened out my complexion. I even put make up on for the first time in a while and my foundation glid...
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  12. the right size and Qty


    I got some advise from some experts and this product has the right size and quantity for the face. the handle looks a bit of cheap plastic, and I hope it does not dis color by applying alcohol for sanitizing it. I removed one star for the handle and also that it does not have a good packaging for a deep clean, some products have a deep area in to fill with alcohol for long time sanitizing..
  13. Good dermal roller


    The roller is quite comfortable to use, more uncomfortable in areas that are more bony (temples) but still bearable. I really enjoy using this before applying my serums at night time because I feel this increases the absorption.
  14. AMAZING.


    Using this daily has improved my overall skin texture and reduced acne scarring! It also helps your skin absorb serums on a deeper level. I've been using this for over a year!
  15. Super easy to use


    I've got some acne scarring on my cheeks which I've been wanting to do something about for ages but I was reluctant to microneedle myself, then COVID hit and I thought wth, I'll give it a go. I'm so glad I did as it was nowhere near as scary or painful as I thought it would be. This is a great little budget product if you're just starting with microneedling. It's so easy to use (do read the instru...
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  16. YES! YES! YES!


    best product ever, so much so I could notice a difference the morning after. I was a bit nervous to use at first however you quickly get over the fact little needles are piercing your face and now I look forward to the mornings I use it. A product I can't live without now.
  17. Not a fan


    After one use, I will leave skin needling and microdermabrasion treatments up to my clinician. This damaged my skin, I feel that the needles aren't big enough to properly penetrate into my skin (to stimulate healing) and is just damaging my face! I have not seen results, and my skin has become irritated after certain product usage that Ive never had before. Not for me but may work well for others.
  18. Game-changer!


    This is the second derma-roller I have bought (the other one was a different brand) and altogether, I just love derma-rolling! There's no doubt been improvements in my skin tone and texture. I also see improvements with pigmentation, fine lines and acne scarring.
  19. Great for skin product absorption


    great for skin product absorption, but i also think a little facial steamer can do the job and this means i dont have to replace the dermal roller regularly either.
  20. Improves absorption serums


    I started using this after a recommendation from a friend and I’m so glad I got it! I can definitely feel my serum is absorbed much better. I have oily skin that tends to breakout, I’ve had no issues using the roller with my skin.
  21. Bit early to tell


    Does sting when you first use it but it’s bearable. I’ve noticed that serum and moisturiser application is much better absorbed. Skin looks clearer and brighter the next day.
  22. Prob a bit early to tell


    I just started using a tool like this. It did sting but it was bearable. Did the job well and serum and moisturiser application was much better absorbed. Skin looks brighter and more exfoliated.
  23. Good stuff


    I was so uncertain purchasing this how my skin would react. For some reason, I assumed I would break out completely but it's been quite the opposite. It's actually quite soothing to do and ritualistic and I've definitely noticed firmer and brighter skin from using this.
  24. Great


    This helps with pigmentation. Would buy a derma roller with longer needles next time
  25. a little pricey


    this feels amazing on the skin and works wonders. however, there are many other cheaper rollers on the market
  26. Smooth Skin


    I can see a definite difference in the texture of my skin after using this. The product is great value for money. I put a hydrating sheet mask on straight after I use it.
  27. Enhance your skincare!


    I was a little worried to use this tool myself at home, but was pleasantly surprised at how easy and safe it was. The needles are not as thick as you imagine and only slightly prick your skin. It works best if you roll up and down, and then the other direction, over the same area. I definitely noticed a difference in pigmentation and texture, as well as overall firmness and smoothness. If you are ...
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  28. Great quality


    I think this is a quality product (very well made), however, I just couldn't keep using it. The sensation of needles on my skin just felt too uncomfortable for a wuss like me!! Having said that, I think microneedling is 100% legit & does indeed yield great results.
  29. Great product but take care


    For the price, this dermal roller is great value - however, with dermal rolling even with tiny needles I can't stress how much you need to take care and take time when using the roller. I use this roller about once every 4-6 weeks and I've noticed improvement in my skins scarring!
  30. User friendly


    I use this in between yearly professional derma pen treatments. I mostly use it to increase product absorption. I don’t think it’s doing anything for wrinkles.
    My face goes pink but it does not hurt. A little warm and sensitive the following day but very manageable
  31. Skin saver


    This product is amazing! My skin looks great already
  32. Be careful!


    I have never used a Derma roller before. I expected to help regenerate collagen. I started slowly and did my research (I thought). I waited a few days between each use. But the last time I did, I made the mistake of using vit c serum. My skin was red and sore for a few days.
    It feels nice the next day when you use the right products, but be careful not to use something like vit c directly a...
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  33. Really impressed with results!


    I bought this dermal roller not really knowing what to expect- it seems like a strange and counter-intuitive treatment however I can't deny that it works a treat! My skin does feel a bit irritated straight after using the tool but I think that is to be expected. After applying various treatments on my face after using the roller, I wake up the next morning with my face looking smooth and bright. I...
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  34. Easy and fun to use


    My first experience with dermarolling and no need to be nervous, it was actually fun! Going to use regularly
  35. Unsure


    I’ve been using the roller for a few months now before making my mind up if its working or not. While I did experience some breakouts after the first times using it, this has subsided now. I guess it takes a long time before you can see results. I see better results investing in good quality skincare than from devices like this, I wouldn’t recommend it
  36. User friendly


    I use this in between yearly professional derma pen treatments. I mostly use it to increase product absorption. I don’t think it’s doing anything for wrinkles.
    My face goes pink but it does not hurt. A little warm and sensitive the following day but very manageable
  37. Amazing


    The roller is soo easy to use!! My past acne scaring is staring to fade!! I’ve also noticed since using the roller my skin has become less oily.
  38. Worthy investment!


    This is a great product for an intro to derma rolling. I did some research online and decided to give this a crack. It's easy to use and well-packaged for storage, and the right needle size for sensitive areas of the face.
    I think next time I might look for one that has a replaceable needle head, but I read that it can be used for the backs of hands once the needles are too blunt for the fa...
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  39. Great!


    I had never used a dermal roller before but was interested in the lonvitalite dermal roller, especially for boosting skin repair and healing for acne scarring. I was encouraged by the reviews for this. When I started using the roller I noticed an obvious difference to my skin in that it looked more moisturised and over time the acne scarring has reduced. I love this tool. I just wanted their to be...
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  40. Incredible


    I highly recommend this! Easy to use, good price point and I've seen great results.
  41. Overrated product

    Monica Lei

    Used twice so far and see no improvement at all like many other users have described. There is a burning feeling after use (like the feeling of sandpaper rubbing your skin) which lasted overnight until the next day. The redness also stayed on for a long time. Putting any skincare on after using the roller just made the burning feeling even worse and I doubt if this is the right thing to do.
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  42. Professional treatment at home


    I’m super impressed with this, you can see the difference the next morning as products penetrate so much deeper. It can be daunting at first but once you get the hang of it you’ll never look back
  43. Poor Quality


    I was very excited to receive this product after reading all of the good reviews. However, the handle is such cheap plastic that it broke apart before i could even use it a second time. Very disappointed.
  44. Amazing!


    I've repurchased this several times over the last year or two and it is worth every penny!

    Great in between professional micro-needling sessions or as a cheaper alternative to them.

    Make sure to use with a serum before, during and after.

    It is one of those products where you will actually be able to see the results. Great for any skin concern or just t...
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  45. Amazing home beauty product!


    I was very hesitant about how well this tool but i was really pleasantly surprised. Its a great home beauty tool for when you cant get to salon or spa for a treatment and obviously much more cost effective. I find its really helped smoothed my skin and the day after my skin looks the way it does after having a microdermabrasion. Great thing to use a few days before an event for smooth rejuvenated ...
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  46. Amazing


    I hesitated to buy this product for a long time with a fear of the pain.

    But surprisingly it's not painful at all. I started to use the product in my forehead for 1 week now and I look forward to seeing the result
  47. Skin never been smoother


    I was quite disappointed with the handle. Thought it would be metal but instead plastic. Besides that it works like a treat.
  48. Great Iso Alternative


    Love this for while I am in isolation and can't get needling done at the clinic. I was a little bit dubious about it as the needle length is shorter however my skin was glowing the next day.
  49. Get one ASAP


    I wish I got one of these sooner! I ummmed and ahhhhed about it for ages but I have noticed immediate results. I had a few little post acne scars on my cheek and nose, and have noticed them lighten considerably since using the roller. The overall texture of my skin feels and looks smoother. Just be aware that your face will be a little red right after you do it, definitely only do it before you go...
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  50. Great at home roller

    Laura R

    I love using this - I used to get DermaPen treatments every 3 months before i moved away from the city to a town that didnt offer the treatment i liked. So i purchased this roller and its fantastic!! When i used it regularly (once a week) i can really see a difference in my skin!
  51. great for acne scars


    really helps with deep acne scars
  52. Great entry level roller


    Wanted a roller to start my terms rolling journey and this one is great. Feels sturdy and comfortable to use. Makes product absorption incredible!
  53. Works!


    My first time dermarolling and it's great. Excellent for starting out. I use it twice a week and have noticed it stops breakouts! I used to get one to two angry breakouts on the chin (otherwise I have fairly clear skin). But ever since starting to use this, they stop coming as often. No pain, just a prickly feeling. Loving this!
  54. Well worth it


    My first experience with a dermaroller and I will happily make this a part of my regular routine! It felt a little prickly on my skin, but not painful. I definitely noticed immediate results with a brighter complexion, and I felt my serums absorbed more deeply after as well.
  55. Really like this!


    I haven't used a product like this before so was a bit scared at the thought of hundreds of needles going into my face but it's awesome! It's painless and I've really noticed a difference the mornings after I've used it. Face is plumper and my serums seem to work better especially my vitamin c cream - the effects are noticeablely better highly recommend!
  56. Game changer


    I was hesitate before I try this, now I'm in total love, so easy to use, my skin has transformed, definitely smoother complex, highly recommend
  57. Loved it


    First time using a dermal roller, and it was much easier than expected. I noticed the next day that my skin definitely looked plumper, with only a little redness.
  58. Game changer


    This is amazing I noticed a more plumber face the first time I used it, this little thing can only get better a definite must have.
  59. Love it!


    This derma roller is so good! I use it at night after cleansing and exfoliating twice a week and my skin is plump and brighter in the morning! Make sure to use a good serum after though!
  60. Skin looks smoother and more plump.


    I have been using this product for about a month now. I use it twice a week and follow with a hydrating serum. My skin is definitely a little bit red and irritated directly after using this product but the next day my skin looks smoother and more plump! I am excited to keep using this product and see the outcome! I like it so far :)
  61. Amazing


    Can be a little scary at first as your skin goes red but I apply my best products after and always wake up with the best skin
  62. Squeak squeak


    I’ve been using the roller for about 2 months now and I have noticed a difference in the firmness of my skin. I was hoping it would improve the fine lines on my forehead and possibly my volcanic sized pores but unfortunately not. Also, my roller is so noisy? Whenever I use the roller it constantly squeaks, not subtle squeaks either it’s like lonvitalite just discovered the wheel and don’t know how...
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  63. Subtle improvement after only a couple of uses.


    I've used this twice now and I have to say I have already noticed a difference. I didn't find this painful at all, maybe a slight tingly burny feel but very tolerable. I felt that my skin absorbed my serum much faster after use, and I have awoken this morning looking more even across my facial tone. I think regular use will show some great results - definitely worth a try, people!
  64. LM


    This product is effective for helping serums soak in and making your skin look more healthy and plump however this product appears to be poor quality. It’s slightly too sharp and doesn’t roll smoothly. Save up your money and invest in a more expensive derma roller.
  65. Good


    Good but non professionals need to be careful not to push so hard that pores are widened.
  66. Scared for nothing


    I have yet to try the clinic derma needling treatments and thought this would be an easier place to start. After 3 weeks I have definitely seen a difference from only using this roller once a week. After use, I follow with skinstitut retinol and vit c and my face feels amazing the next day. Having sensitive skin, I was very skeptical and scared to try but I am so glad I did. Can't wait to continue...
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  67. Little something extra


    I love this roller as a little something extra for the skin care regime. I haven't seen visible results but I do definetly feel satisfied that my skin is being looked after really well. It's a shame you can't purchase replacement heads..
  68. Great compliment to skincare routine


    I always thought I needed at least a depth of .5 to make at home derma rolling worth it but I’ve since changed my mind. This product left my skin plump and glowing the next day. I will use twice a week. I didn’t experience any side effects except my skin feeling warm and a bit tight for the following 24 hours. I use this and then apply either medik8 vitamin c or retinal6
  69. Disappointed with the quality


    Unfortunately a piece of plastic fell off the roller after the first couple of times I used it. It was still working and I understand that it is not a very expensive item but it is still quite frustrating. It was my first roller I got to try and realised its probably not for me. Not sure if I did everything right but I had a feeling it made my pores more visible. I would not use it on sensitive s...
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  70. BEST Product


    was sceptical if this product would work but it does 100%, It makes your skin feel a bit sunburn but you can tell its working. It doesn't hurt and allows your serums to soak in, my acne scaring has improved so much and the texture of my skin.
  71. Delivers results


    I use my roller every other night prior to applying an exfoliating serum. I've definitely noticed a difference in the texture of my skin. The roller, together with the serum, has really helped to resurface my skin and fade post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.
  72. bad quality


    i went to my skincare clinic to have dermapen treatment as i have acne scars, blemishes and tiny bumps. The therapist recommend their derma roller which is pricey. Then i searched on adorebeauty and found this brand. But it was so disappointed as the quality is bad. When i rolled on my skin, it has a loud squeeky sound. I complained on adore and ask to to return them but the process is so troubles...
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  73. Visible improvements


    I use my roller every other night prior to applying an exfoliating serum. It's easy to use and doesn't irritate my skin. Over the last few months, I've definitely noticed a difference in the look and feel of my skin. The roller has helped fade post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation and improve the overall texture and tone of my skin.
  74. Great at-home option


    I purchased this as I didn't want to spend $$$ on getting needling and so far I'm really happy with it. It's a product that you need to use consistently over a period of time to get continued results (not an overnight miracle) but it definitely helps stimulate skin regeneration where I have acne scaring and also helps my skin absorb serums.
  75. Skins best friend


    Love this roller, it isn’t too harsh on the skin. My skin has defiantly improved since using it for the past week.
  76. Help serums to succeed!


    I use this product fortnightly and I always wake up the next day feeling fresh, with plumper, younger looking skin. It is not a miracle product, but it really helps my serums to do their work-my skin is thirsty after use, so the serums thoroughly absorb. I would purchase again
  77. Works well!


    I purchased this product as I didnt want to pay $1000's getting medical needling.
    I have some bad acne scars and so does my partner, and I have seen a reduction in the redness and pitting of my scars.
    Will continue to use for sure!
  78. Worth A Try


    I've been very curious about how this kind of beauty tool works. I tried it on for a few months and it seems pretty interesting. It took me a while to get used to this product and learn how to use it properly. There was a subtle/little improvement from my texture after a few months. If you're somebody who is looking for dramatic results, I think you better try other things or go to an aesthetician...
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  79. Worth Every Cent!


    I bought this derma roller to replace an alternative brand derma roller that had started becoming blunt and I definetly prefer this one!

    I would recommend this product to absolutely everyone - it is a miracle cure for almost every skin issues under the sun from pores, scars, pigmentation and wrinkles.

  80. New favourite product


    I have had micro needling treatments in the past so I thought this would be a good step to add into my routine.
    I love it! My skin in brighter as it helps my products work better.
    I highly recommend this product
  81. The best

    Derma Roller

    Absolutely love this derma roller!

    It's pain-free to use, however, once you've finished and start applying your products, you can really feel the products working into your skin (nothing too uncomfortable).

    This has helped breakdown the pigmentation that would not budge leftover from my acne that nothing else alone has been able to.

  82. See ya, scarring


    First of all, I love the product packaging. It makes things really easy to keep this clean and sanitary which is so important with dermal rollers. Secondly, it works! I have noticed a change in my skin texture and I’m sure with continued use, my skin would continue to improve. The only downfall is my own inability to keep up with using it!
  83. Easy to use !


    Easy to use and transport. It significantly improves the absorption of serums and creams. If your skin is sensitive, be soft, as it can cause irritation.
  84. Liking it


    I actually find this quite painful :( I think it has been helping to fade acne scars which I’m loving so I think it is worth it
  85. so so good


    this is my new favourite beauty product, has made such a difference to my skin and ive only used it I think 8 times and wow it is a good tool to own
  86. Works nicely


    This derma roller works well. Cheap but effective. My skin appears more plum the day after using this so excited to see long term results
  87. cheap quality


    opened the package, sprayed with alcohol as directed and the wheel fell apart when i was just going to roll it on my forehead so to be honest it was rather a traumatic experience.
  88. Breakable


    I accidentally dropped this on the ground in the bathroom while using and it smashed into pieces. Such a waste of money. Really disappointed.
  89. Great


    One of the best beauty tools I own! So happy I brought it. My skin glows the days after I use it. Just make sure to properly clean the tool between uses. I use isocol alcohol antiseptic from the supermarket.
  90. It works but I wish it lasted longer.


    This worked well for me for a few weeks and made my skin glow.
    I see from the questions that it is meant to last 15 uses which makes the price kind of steep for me. I guess it depends on whether you think $50 is worth it, especially if you use it a few times a week.
  91. Good for plumpness


    I use this twice a week after I've cleansed my skin and apply serum after. I find it helps my skin look more vibrant and full. I would not however recommend crying after you use this product, but otherwise good :)
  92. Has made a remarkable difference


    I brought this a while ago and wanted to give it time to see results before I reviewed. This is my first dermal roller and I am using it 3 times a week. I have noticed a remarked improvement in the effectiveness of my serums. My 52 year old skin is more lifted and firmer. I wasn't achieving that with the serums alone.
  93. Good tool to have at home


    Skin tingles for an hour after use. Not really red but I am I red flushed person. Put a hyaluronic serum on top.
    In the morning, my skin was so plump and glowy! Definitely use this on a Friday before a Saturday night event. I use this twice a week, it's a great tool to have in between clinic sessions
  94. Incredible


    No idea how my skin would look without this. I rely on this heavily!! I’m obsessed with it! All my scars have cleared up a lot and my skin looks great.
  95. Blackheads gone!


    This is the most amazing product for your skin. I was nervous about trying skin needling at home but it was not scary at all, it is actually very comfortable and therapeutic. My skin is red and warm for a few hours after but honestly after 2 treatments my blackheads are gone and my pores are smaller and my skin is looking great. I am now using this regularly twice a week. Can't wait to see the lon...
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    i had wrinkles on my forehead from the sun and theyre now gone. I am in shock. My skin is tighter and plumper, my cheekbones are plumper and even a little bit more defined, my pores on my chin have shrunk, my skin is glowing...Im so happy!!!!!!!!!!
  97. Glowy skin!!


    Was nervous to do this to myself but the pain wasn't bad at all. Looked sunburnt afterwards but went down the next day. Skin was plump and glowy the next day. Have noticed my skin looking clearer and brighter.. I believe this product helps absorb products better.
  98. Love this dermal roller!


    I've been using dermal rollers for 3 months now, and this is the second one I have tried.. and I love it! Feels great in the hand, there is the right amount of needles and they are well spaced. It stings a little to begin with but that will happen with all dermal rollers, it's to be expected, but know your skin will eventually become accustomed to the needles. Start slow, once a week or so, and I ...
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  99. Great!


    This home Derma roller works really well! It does sting a little which would is obviously expected. My face looks sunburnt after and it will sometimes prick pimples/pores and I’m left with little blood spots but the next morning my skin is plump and glowing. It really feels like it is working to improve my skin and I wouldn’t be without it. I use it generally once a week and love it
  100. Finally bought this


    I am so happy that I have finally bought this. First it was a little painful on forehead but can tolerate. The cheek and chin areas are ok. I felt a bit sensitive on skin after. After rolling in apply the serum. I plan to use it regularly to see if it changes my skin. Can’t wait. Very happy with this purchase.
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