Lonvitalite C8 Collagen Crystal Eye Sheet Masks - 6 Pack

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Lonvitalite C8 Collagen Crystal Eye Sheet Masks - 6 Pack by Lonvitalite


Lonvitalite C8 Collagen Crystal Eye Mask is a high performance mask that effectively targets dark circles and fine lines that appear under the eyes.

With high-density 100% plant-based collagen the eye mask is gentle enough for use on all skin types, Lonvitalite C8 Collagen Crystal Eye Masks can be quickly absorbed into the skin and works to promote an evenly toned luminosity to the delicate skin surrounding the eyes.

With essential amino acids to restore the skin, and panthenol and collagen to deeply hydrate and plump, you'll be seeing results in no time.

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Great eye mask - 24-12-2018 by

I do prefer the 24K Gold Eye Masks from Lonvitalite but these still do an amazing job, they soften and hydrate the under eye area and work well as a long term, weekly eye mask.

My now go-to eye mask - 28-08-2018 by

I love the eye sheets, I have fine lines and sensitive skin and I really notice the difference when using. It makes me feel refreshed and it's so easy to use and doesn't irradiate my skin. Great to use after a flight or the night before an event.

Perfect pick me up - 20-08-2018 by

If you've had an awful tiring week and need a pick me up before going out, this is it! It lightens the darkness and plumps the area with hydration. I love it and will always purchase over and over again.

Will definitely repurchase - 18-08-2018 by

I was gifted this beauties by a friend. Being a shift worked I have permanent black puffy eyes and fine lines which these work a treat on. I’ve so far only used them prior to a big night out but keen to add them in weekly to see how long the effects last with longer use

perfect pick me up - 15-08-2018 by

Lonvitalite collagen crystal eye masks feel beautiful on the skin. It is like being in a salon in the comfort of your own home. These eye masks are great to use as a pick me up before going on a night out. They boost the underneath of the eyes and leave you looking refreshed.

Instant refresh - 27-06-2018 by

Love using this when I feel overly tired, I get terrible dark circles and I feel like this just plumps and brightens my under eye area straight away. Always use if I'm going out and need a refresh.

Didn’t expect the results! - 19-04-2018 by

I have hereditary dark puffy under eyes - even when I have makeup on.
I bought on a whim not thinking they would work. After I had finished the pack I saw a few photos of myself and noticed there was zero puffiness and no dark circles. This was with makeup but I was never able to cover them before so they must be working! Just about to repurchase.

So refreshing - 31-10-2017 by

I suffer from very dry sensitive under eyes this product has been a godsend it refreshes and softens my under eye area with just one use!

Great product - 15-01-2017 by

As a mother of three the bags, fine lines and dark circles under my eyes can get pretty bad. I tried these and was pleasantly surprised by the results. So easy to use, I will definitely be back for more ! GREAT EYE MASK can't wait to try the 24 carot gold mask next

Cools, Soothes and Hydrates - 20-01-2015 by

I think I prefer this eye mask to the Active Gold eye mask, as it is just easier to use. These moon shaped eye patches fit comfortably on the under eye area and immediately cool tired eyes. The formula is hydrating (propylene glycol, glycerin), repairative (yeast beta-glucan), soothing (panthenol, allantoin and green tea leaf extract) and anti-ageing (collagen elastin and coenzyme Q10). I usually leave the mask on for about half an hour if not longer, because it is so comfortable and soothing. Love!

Refreshing pick-me-up - 07-09-2014 by

These eye masks are so great for travel, I think they will be a permanent staple in my bath bag. I find after even short flights, my skin gets really dehydrated and it really shows under my eyes - they get all crepey and wrinkly looking. YUCK. But if I slap one of these masks on the second I check into the hotel, after 10 minutes I look refreshed again. I have even (shhh) applied them over makeup if I don't have time to cleanse then reapply everything before heading out. Total win.

Soothing for sore, tired eyes. - 07-09-2014 by

My favourite thing about Lonvitalite are the eye masks! I don't know how but they soothe my eye area and help my eyes feel refreshed and brighter. This is the perfect companion for a long flight, prep before a night out, or even an addition to your weekly Sunday night beauty ritual. I also highly recommend the eye masks for anyone who sits at a desk all day. Bliss!

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