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L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - 150ml 150 mL

4.7 of 88 reviews


4 instalments of $11.25


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4 instalments of $11.25


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L'Occitane Shea Hand Cream is a super-smoothing--and best-selling--synergy of 20% Shea Butter, honey and sweet almond extract, blended with the light and alluring aromas of jasmine and ylang-ylang essences.

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

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4.7 of 88 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

The best nourishing cream ever


I use this daily for so many different things! Hand cream, just after shaving, sunburn, dry skin on my feet before bed, any dry skin on my body. I can’t live without it!

Most Helpful Criticism

Great for overnight use.


Nice hand cream with a pleasant scent. A bit greasy.
  1. The best nourishing cream ever


    I use this daily for so many different things! Hand cream, just after shaving, sunburn, dry skin on my feet before bed, any dry skin on my body. I can’t live without it!
  2. one of the favs


    a bit on the oily side, but still love it, nice smell
  3. hydrating


    Got my first one couple of years ago as part of a gift pack and have repurchased twice since than.
    I have a bit dry hands and fragile cuticles and most hand creams while seem to absorb well, don't really last long - except this one. Love the fragrance and thick texture. Not a big fan of tubes, would rather prefer a tub but when a product is so good at doing it's job, you wouldn't care about the packing.
  4. Rich and nourishing!


    This is my favourite hand cream. The only one I buy continuously. It makes my skin feel so soft and luxurious.
  5. Moisturising but not sticky!


    Out of all of L'Occitane's hand creams, their shea butter one is definitely the most moisturising. Since I finished my mini one of this so fast I decided to pick up the full size for the winter months. I like that this product although moisturising, absorbs quite fast into the skin and doesn't leave fingerprints on everything I touch but you really have to make sure that you massage it in well.
  6. nourishing - slightly greasy


    Slightly greasy but you have to expect that with the ingredients and how rich the product is. Really does sink into the hands and around the nails. Good product.
  7. Smooth and hydrating


    Great product. Does wonders for dry, cracked hands. Not overly perfumed and leaves hands feeling soft without being greasy.
  8. so good


    Very surprised at how soft my skin felt after! It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards
  9. Best hand cream ever!


    I'm in love with this hand cream! The scent is divine. It absorbs well into the skin and moisturizes my hands so well! My only issue with it is that I use it so much because of its lovely scent, that I have to keep buying it every few weeks!!
  10. The best


    This is one of the best hand creams I've used, makes my hands so so soft and it smells divine!
  11. I love it


    I have this in a smaller size as well as this 150ml size and it is incredible. I use it religiously as its super hydrating. These creams are also awesome for gifts
  12. love this


    Such a must have for those with problematic skin! I love to use this before bed.
  13. Hydrating


    I has been using this hand cream for years and it has always been my favourite. This is good to have om my desk but definitely too heavy to carry outside.
  14. Not hydrating enough


    Not as hydrating as I excepted it to be. Would prefer if it was a bit more hydrating for dry hands and especially for the price
  15. Lovely and smells great


    Smells nice and absorbs quickly. This brand is super luxurious and I love it.
  16. Super hydrating!


    having used a few hand creams from L'Occitane, I can say that this shea butter one is by far the most moisturising which I find is superb for the winter seasons. In comparison to their other hand creams I do find that this one is a tad bit more greasy and takes a bit longer to absorb but does not stop me from enjoying this product.
  17. Is there anyone that doesn't like this hand cream?


    This hand cream is divine!! It always makes me feel so luxe when I use it.

    I love the very mild non-intrusive scent and it makes your hands feel so soft and lovely afterwards. Plus it is not oily - who likes an oily hand cream?!?
  18. excellent


    this product is honestly amazing! It nurishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definetly recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  19. luxurious hand cream


    This feels so nice on my dry hands. It absorbs quick and leaves my hands so soft and hydrated for a long time. It can get greasy really quick if you apply too much.
  20. Moisture


    This hand cream is a life saver for my dry skin. Great results but would be better if it was slightly more affordable
  21. Love these hand creams


    Best hand cream to date, they are quite thick and leave a gorgeous scent for a long time. Through out the day you can smell the scent. They last for so long also, chuck one in your bag and you are good for the year.
  22. So good


    this cream is so good! I consistently have dry hands and this moisturizers them so much and makes them feel so soft and hydrated. Absolutely recommend
  23. best hand cream


    I would recommend this to anyone! This product is a life saver! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands very hydrated! Another great product from the line.
  24. Hands are so soft


    This hand cream makes my hands feel so soft and nourished. It doesn't leave an annoying film over my skin either
  25. Great for overnight use.


    Nice hand cream with a pleasant scent. A bit greasy.
  26. amazing scent


    fantastic hand cream for dry skin. very hydrating and not greasy at all !!
  27. Best at night


    I have been using this on my hands now the weather is getting cooler and my skin is getting dryer. The texture of the cream is thick and luxurious however I find it doesn't absorb well and leaves a sticky feeling. So, for me it is best used at night time before bed,
  28. Makes my hands so soft


    Smells great and makes my hands so hydrated. No other hand cream i have used compares!
  29. Hydrating and great scent


    I love this hand cream, it is another one of my favourites. It's really hydrating, especially in the colder months. I really like the scent also as I find its not too overpowering. The cream is really nice to apply as well because it is so thick. The only thing is it takes awhile to soak in so is best used at night.
  30. wonderful cream


    Another great product from the line. I found this cream extremely hydrating for my dry skin, but a little too hydrating for daily use. I would recommend to anyone with dry skin!
  31. Smells incredible


    This is a lovely hand cream. I’m a huge fan of the quality! Only down side is the high price, it’s extremely expensive!
  32. such a great hand cream


    I love this cream! I have super dry skin and this product leaves my skin feeling very hydrated, would definitely recommend! The shea has such a beautiful scent which is a plus!
  33. Best hand cream


    Seriously one of the best hand creams! Helped clear up my dry cracked hands and smells amazing
  34. Best hand cream


    Seriously one of the best hand creams! Helped clear up my dry cracked hands and smells amazing
  35. Hands down the best (no pun intended!)


    This is the holy grail of hand creams! It is extremely nourishing, it has an amazing scent and does not feel greasy at all (not sure why some say it does) I adore L'Occitane and this is a staple. My only problem is that I apply it several times a day because I adore its scent and how soft my hands feel after so I run out too quickly!
  36. Great smell!


    Receive this as sample, the cream is very hydrating but the best is the smell. Heavily fragrant but it smell Amazing!! Will be purchasing full version when times come~*
  37. So lovely


    I love this stuff - love how it makes my hands feel and I really love the scent. I "discovered" this via a mini that came in a L'Occitane GWP and I was looking through all my travel and mini sizes for a hand cream to pack for a vacation. I grabbed this and immediately was smitten by how soft it make my hands (which take quite a beating) and with the appealing fragrance. I've since purchased the large sized tube of this. I'm not wild about the metal tube packaging (like "old school" toothpaste tubes) as I feel a lot of product gets left behind when the tube is almost empty but that's my only complaint
  38. A classic


    Super-rich, fabulously scented hand cream. Great for dry, tired hands. I use this overnight in the winter, with cotton gloves sometimes, and it really helps with wind-damaged and chapped skin. Will always have a tube of this in my bedside drawer.
  39. Only practical for overnight use


    Very, very moisturising for parched hands. Softens hard skin right away. But this cream is greasy to the max; it's more like a hand butter in my opinion. Basically not a practical hand cream for daytime application. I find that it interferes with my daytime functions -- very sticky, can't do much with my hands after. For night use though, I like that it can retain moisture the entire night.

    I'm not particularly impressed by the scent. For $45, it doesn't have an elegant scent. Also the packaging is not ergonomic when the tube is finishing up. I find that the metal packaging is dangerous and can potentially injure your hands.
  40. Soft scent, no irritation

    Tea Sommelier

    I have eczema patches on my hands, so on good days, I lather the backs of my hand with this shea butter hand cream, and my hands feel so soft afterwards. It is not irritating whatsoever and I think its due to the simple, light scent. Personally, I never noticed the Jasmine or Ylang-Ylang, and yes, that is a major selling point for individuals with sensitive skin, like myself.
  41. Super nourishing


    Very effective hand cream, multi-purpose too as I often apply it to cracked skin on the feet, elbow and knee areas.
    Doesn't leave skin with a greasy feeling.
    Became a little slippery when applied on a hot day and then sweat after but perfect for cold, Winter's days to keep skin smooth and moisturised.
  42. im converted


    i have never been a big fan of hand cream or really ever cared about hand cream to be honest. but i received this as a gift and i am obsessed
  43. Super hydrating


    Great hand cream to keep your hands hydrated for a long time. Love the smell and a little dab goes a long way. Can get greasy if you use too much at once.
  44. THE BEST


    I LOVE this hand cream. Been using it for years and since trying this one I haven't been able to use any others because nothing beats this for me. It's rich, makes my hands soft and the scent is nice and not too strong
  45. Excellent hand cream with good value and big size


    This is one of my favourite hand cream. I use it for years and never changed other brands.
  46. Hydrating but not greasy


    Can't go wrong with L'Occitane creams! I only really need a little dab of product to moisturise my hands really well. A little goes a long way, so this tube lasts a very long time. It doesn't leave that greasy feeling on my hands, but still hydrates the skin.
  47. best hand cream ever


    A friend recommended this to me, and I have never looked back. It moisturises with only a small amount and soaks in completely. Just buy it.
  48. Nice smell and good result


    Deep moisturize my hands and smooth the skin very much. Very good value. Not greasy and easy absorb in.
  49. A holy grail without rival


    I have bought countless tubes of this over the last 14 years. I used to work part time at a homewares retailer and I would be folding sheets and towels all day, which would dry out my hands severely, exposing them to cuts and abrasions. This was the only thing that helped - it is such a luxurious, comforting cream that feels healing and smells like a dream. This is desert island worthy.
  50. Divine!


    I love L'Occitane and I love this handcream because it smells divine, leaves my hand soft and feels like I'm pampering myself!
  51. Great


    This 150ml tube lasts for such a long time! It's rich so you don't need much. Very moisturizing hand cream that smells lovely
  52. Great


    Really great rich hand cream that immediately relieves dry hands
  53. so good!


    Love this!! It lasts a long time. Its great for hands that are washed constantly and prone to being dry. It is very moisturizing, but does not leave a residue, and it soaks in well.
  54. Best handcream out there


    I have been using this handcream for 2-3 years now and it is my favourite. The tube goes a long way and makes my hands feel so soft
  55. Love


    For sure one of the best. Great size and so worth the price. Does an amazing job healing dry hands.
  56. Worth the price


    I love this cream. A little goes a long way and I have very very dry hands. I put a dab on and my hands feels instantly better and it's stops being greasy after around 2 minutes. But this tube just doesn't work for me. I have tried folding down the end as I have been using it (like toothpaste) and the tube has cracks and holes in it where the cream comes out which is very disappointing.
  57. Very rich hand cream


    This makes a great gift for hand cream lovers. I love it as well, it's very rich and moisturizing but does leave a slight greasy feel
  58. Soothing for sensitive skin


    Extremely nourishing and smoothing with a lovely scent. Instantly hydrates; great for my sensitive skin. Just wish it wasn’t so expensive!
  59. Good for the family!


    Because I liked the 30ML version, I ended up purchasing this and sharing it with my family. It is rich, creamy, thick and smells incredible.
  60. Lovely hand cream but a bit too expensive


    Really lovely hand cream. It smells great and makes my hands beautiful and soft. I took a star off though as I think it's a bit too expensive - I prefer the smaller tubes for only $15. The actual cream is lovely though so I would recommend if you are happy to pay a bit more for it.
  61. Absorbs Quickly, Not Greasy


    Got this as a sample (the shea butter one) and I really like it. I find most thick hand creams like this one do not absorb quickly enough, but this formula absorbs fast and leaves my hands very soft. I wear gloves and wash my hands a lot at work, so i need fast absorbing and effective hand cream. This one fits the bill
  62. Lovely hand cream!


    L'Occitanes products are so good and this didn't disappoint! Makes my hand so soft and lovely! Smells great and I really love it.

    Would definitely recommend and I will repurchase as soon as I run out!
  63. The best!


    This is by far the best hand cream I've come across. It's rich, moisturizing and has a soft scent. Makes my hands so soft
  64. Adore this


    I absolutely adore this hand cream and won’t use anything else. Upfront it can seem like a lot but so concentrated and nourishing. I have tubes of this hand cream in my car, handbag at work and on my nightstand. Can’t rate highly enough a must purchase
  65. Best hand cream!


    My hands get really dry during winter and this hand cream is super moisturising and does not feel sticky at all. Smells beautiful! Will continue to buy.
  66. Rich and Nourishing Hand Cream


    This is my favourite hand cream. A great staple with an aroma that's beautiful but not too strong that you get over it. I apply once in the morning and it keeps my hands moisturised for the whole day. Rich in texture and dissolves fast. No residue left over. Highly recommend.
  67. Heavenly soft hands


    This product is the best hand cream I have tried. It is deeply moisturising and is excellent for very dry hands. It doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy and absorbs well leaving you with beautiful soft hands.
  68. Soft hands and heavenly scent!


    I am in love with this hand cream! Its smell is so iconic and it leaves my rough hands feeling moisturised and silky smooth. Despite the price, it's definitely worth it due to the exceptional quality!
  69. Soft beautiful hands


    This product not only gives you soft hands it’s beautiful consistency allows you to massage it into you hands, so people with arthritis or aches and pains in their hands can apply some of this beautiful lotion, and the light sent will also give a slightly aromatherapy effect as they massage their hands. The end result will give you soft hands with a beautiful light aroma. I recommend this product
  70. Best hand cream!


    I have lost count how many tubes of this I have gone through. The only hand cream than can handle my extremely dry & cracked hands in winter. It also smells divine. I have recommended this to all my friends & family.
  71. Beautiful hand cream


    Im a huge fan of all of L'Occitane hand creams they absorbs beautifully and does not feel greasy at all. Super easy to throw into handbag.I have repurchased multiple times and will recommend this!!
  72. Great one to keep on work desk


    This is too bag to carry around but it is perfect for keeping on my work desk. The packing is nice and sturdy. It is a much better deal than getting the 30ml one. I love the scent and I just can't get enough of it.
  73. Great hand cream


    This has been a lifesaver for my hands - feels a little greasy at first but then sinks in - applied just before going to bed has been a good routine for me.
  74. Great handcream for dry hands!


    I love this hand cream. It's great to put on after you wash your hands, and keeps your skin feeling moisturised. I often find the richer handcreams are very greasy - this one is just right. I would recommend this product, keep it in your desk drawer - you won't go back!
  75. The best ever


    L'Occitane makes my favourite hand creams of all time and this one is the first one I ever tried. Although I try almost every new formula, I always return to the original to moisurise my super dry hands in winter. This formulation manages to deeply mpisturise without leaving a greasy residue, which I love, and the mild scent is very calming. This huge tube is always was, is, and will be my favourite product for my hands.
  76. Great Product


    Amazing hand cream, very moisturising which is what I want in a hand cream. No weird smell, not too greasy.
  77. Lovely Nourishing Hand Cream


    This is one of the best hand creams I've tried! It's rich but melts into the skin and keeps my hands hydrated, nourished and soft. It's a rather large tube and you need about a pea sized amount for both hands, so I've found that one lasts me a while! It smells nice too which is a bonus!
  78. Beautiful hand cream


    I love this hand cream. Like all L'Occitane products you can tell it is a genuine quality product. It goes on so smoothly, smells lovely and feels so nice. It's definitely one of my favourite hand creams. I don't think anyone could go wrong with this beautiful cream.
  79. Best Hand Cream in the World

    Beauty Bee

    The best hand cream on the market! Rich and nourishing, and yet not overly greasy. I've tried so many hand creams that just disappear into nothing, leaving my hands dry an hour later. The creamy Shea scent is fresh, powdery and clean. If you need a hand cream that packs a punch, this one is the one for you :)
  80. Very hydrating


    This hand cream is the most amazing product! It super hydrating and has a fresh, clean smell. I always use it before bed and wake up with soft smooth hands.
  81. Never had hands so soft!


    This hand cream has been a staple in my night time routine for a few years now.
    It's quite a thick and heavy product so something I use particularly in winter to keep my hands from getting dry and sore as a result of the frosty climate.
    The smell is also divine!
    Occasionally I lather the cream on my heels and pop some socks on overnight.
    I've even got my Dad hooked on this product! He has hard, dry skin from working outside in the extremes and couldn't believe what this cream did to his hands!
  82. Best hand cream out there


    This was one of the first hand creams I every purchased and I haven't gone elsewhere since. A little bit goes a long way
  83. You won't get any better!


    Best handcream ever! I've tried many handcreams over the years but I keep coming back to this one.


    This is a great product which I highly recommend to anybody with sensitive dry hands.

    I use it ever night and have noticed a definite improvement in the condition of my hands.

    What I like about it is that it is not greasy and has no overpowering smell. It is the best hand cream I have ever used.
  85. One in every room...


    OK, so one in every room might be an exaggeration, but I do have a tube at work, in my gym bag and at home. I love the way the cream soaks straight into my hand and the smell is not overpowering. Probably not the cream you want to use if you have super dry skin but ideal for those moments when you need just that little bit of instant moisture and nourishment for your hands.
  86. love this stuff


    love this stuff! i am always running out as it gets passed around the office and my co-workers always comment on how rich and luxurious it feels. it has even converted some long-term other product users to l'occitane
  87. this is fantastic!


    i thought i loved the hand cream i used before but that was because i didnt know what i was missing until i tried this.this is great. nice fresh scent that is not overpowering. my hands feel soft and smooth. even looking at them they looked refreshed from using this cream. i will continue to use this cream.
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