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L'Occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum 30ml 30mL

4.4 of 87 reviews


4 instalments of $23.75

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4 instalments of $23.75

Or 4 instalments of $23.75 with LEARN MORE

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Transform your skin in just one night with the L'Occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum. Designed to promote a youthful, healthy complexion, this oil-in-serum works to erase the impact of stress and fatigue, unveiling refreshed, radiant skin overnight. Suitable for all skin types, this facial serum has a light water-gel texture, absorbing into your skin quickly and easily.

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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L'Occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum 30ml Reviews

4.4 of 87 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I received this as a sample and already have it in my cart to purchase. It is an amazing texture. Instantly moisturising and my skin feels so plump and healthy in the morning after using it. The texture is smooth, not oily, and quickly absorbed.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not very effective


I received a sample. Had a high hope after reading the reviews. But I didn’t see any improvement on my skin. Won’t buy it.
  1. Amazing


    I received this as a sample and already have it in my cart to purchase. It is an amazing texture. Instantly moisturising and my skin feels so plump and healthy in the morning after using it. The texture is smooth, not oily, and quickly absorbed.
  2. Always come back to this


    I always come back to this serum in autumn-winter becaus E my skin becomes so dry during these seasons , this is my go to for the colder months
  3. Perfect for pampering yourself!


    I bought this after trying out a sample a year ago and haven't stopped using it since. It smells absolutely divine and has a rich heavenly texture that melts right into your skin. I honestly feel like I am in a spa every time I use it! It's wonderful for those days when you really want to pamper yourself and give your skin some extra moisture and breathe more life into it. I always wake up with ba...
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  4. Pricy, but a little goes a long way.


    I've been using this product for over a year now and although it's on the more expensive range, I saw noticeable results after 2 weeks of use! I use this product to target redness and hyperpigmentation. and I love how this lightweight serum leaves my skin with a hydrated glow. A little goes a long way, I find that this 30ml bottle can lasts for 3 months.
  5. A little miracle product!


    This is a beautiful serum that really helps my skin feel nourished and dewy. Love the scent too. I noticed an improvement in my skin after only using it for a few days.
  6. heaven in a bottle


    I had to buy this after trying the sample!
    Firstly, it smells DEVINE. Secondly, my skin loves it. After applying essence and treatments I would apply this serum and let my skin absorbs all the goodies that is in this. In the morning, my skin looks refreshed!
  7. Amazing!

    Carmen H

    I don’t often write reviews, but had to for this amazing product. I received a sample and after one use could see the difference in my skin the next morning. It was glowing, smooth, hydrated and plump. I have a very full, uneven skin texture, with some acne scarring and I just couldn’t believe the difference this product made overnight. Just bought the full size bottle and will definitely continue...
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  8. Smells divine but doesn't do heaps


    I recieved a sample and the smell is gorgeous. Honestly probably the best smelling beauty product I've ever used. But I don't think it actually does any more than my cheap serum. Still, I very much enjoyed the sample - felt very luxe just because of the scent!
  9. Nice


    Lightweight oil based serum and gets absorbed quickly. I have sensitive acne prone skin and it did not break me out, makes my skin feel soft and smooth afterwards. Good to wear on its own or pair with a moisturiser. Great scent!
  10. Love!


    I initially received a sample from my local L'occitane shop whilst xmas shopping and was instantly in love! My skin is very hormonal and I can go from oily to dry depending on my cycle. I am also very prone to breakouts.
    This serum has helped my skin from yoyo-ing as it is very nourishing but also not greasy or oily. I also noticed my skin have that healthy glow in the morning which I have ...
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  11. Hydrating


    Nice serum, but in the morning I don't notice a huge difference in my skin. When my skin is sensitised the oils in this serum do irritate it, so I wouldn't recommend it for very sensitive skin.
  12. Divine


    Works so well, skin feels smooth and soft after applying. Smells absolutely incredible!! Literally the most gorgeous scent ever.
  13. Big fan


    I really like this serum. I switched from Lancome's Genifique to this serum as it looked like it had more natural ingredients and I have to say I prefer this serum and I loved Genifique!
    Feels really nice on the skin and absorbs easily. Keeps my skin soft and supple and love the little yellow beads, a bit of a fun novelty. It also has a subtle scent which is nice because there is nothing wor...
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  14. plumping serum

    mature skin

    Another beautiful serum from Loccitane. There are little "orbs" in the bottle but it doesn't come out all lumpy. Feels nice on the skin and I feel like it makes the moisturiser absorb well in the skin after the serum. I don't like the shimmery look to it. The product looks like it has light reflectors in the product and makes my skin look glowy. We all want that glow from within look but my skin...
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  15. DEVINE!


    I would normally purchase this Serum, but received a sample from Adore Beauty and I am so happy that I did.Loved everything about it, including the the water gel texture an the beautiful way it felt on my skin. Not oily or heavy, just penentrable. Nice fragrance to. I will purchase this Serum in the future. I have a normal skin type and I nb my early fifties.
  16. Not very effective


    I received a sample. Had a high hope after reading the reviews. But I didn’t see any improvement on my skin. Won’t buy it.
  17. Beautiful


    I received a couple of samples of this from Adore, and tried it one evening without having high expectations.

    I was very pleasantly surprised. I woke up the next day with hydrated glowing skin.
  18. We love a glowing queen


    My sister purchased this for me as a birthday gift and honestly it made me so happy to see how quick it helped my "morning" skin :) once my own bottle at home finishes im restocking, for sure!
  19. Nice serum but not a fan of the scent


    I received a sample of this, and while I think this is a very nice product that works well, I just can't get by the scent, which is quite strong. It's a kind of synthetic floral, which gives me a bit of a headache. But the serum itself works nicely, so if you get can past the smell, it should be fine.
  20. Astounding results in just 1 week


    I received 2 samples and upgraded to a bottle. Apart from retin-a, this is the only overnight treatment that shows big results the next day. Brightening, smoothing, my skin looks dewy and refined. Only complaint is the pump bottle doesnt allow all the product to come out... some of the suspended balls can get stuck in the bottom. It's like a high-end vitamin c serum, but less irritating. The oil ...
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  21. Nice


    Refreshing and moisturising. My skin feels softer and looks brighter after using it.
  22. Smells lovely, feel great


    The product smells really nice, soft and not annoying. Immediately my skin absorb this almost like it needed it. Feels really nice on and in the mornings my skin looks refreshed and moisturised. A great serum to use.
  23. Softest skin

    Kaylee Shay

    I received a trial size of this and loved it so much I immediately bought a full-sized product. I have maturing, combination skin with only a few fine lines and haven’t been too bothered with serums before. But every morning after using this serum from the first time, my skin was soooo soft and supple. My makeup settled better and my skin never felt even the tiniest bit dry or over-oily. It is the...
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  24. Beautiful scent


    I received a few deluxe size samples of this serum and absolutely loved it. Firstly, the scent is just heavenly and most importantly I woke up with fresh, glowy skin in the morning. I'll be buying a full size when my other night serum runs out.
  25. Good


    It hydrates for sure and smells good but I have not really seen any difference in fine lines.
  26. powerful reset essence


    It restores my skin if the problem comes. Very good smells and calms my skin completely. Love it.
  27. Very effective in plumping my fine lines on forehead


    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I use this in the PM and its a beautiful serum! Plumps my forehead fine lines and gives me a much brighter complexion!
  28. Luxurious


    Super luxurious and makes my skin feel so luscious and soft. And the smell is INCREDIBLE. I cannot get over how good this smells!!!
  29. LOVE !!!


    I got a sample of this and my skin looked amazing after using it! Would totally purchase the full-size.
  30. Nourishing


    I find this really nourishing on the skin, with the little bursting bubbles within. With someone who has combination/oily skin, I find it soaks into my skin without feeling sticky or leaving a residue, with what some serums can feel like. I don't know if I'd repurchase, just because of the size vs price factor
  31. LOVE THIS!


    I absolutely love love love this! My skin is literally reset over night. My pores are smaller, my face is hydrated and my complexion is much more even. I LOVE the smell! Will buy again and again.
  32. simply divine


    I received a free sample of this from Adore in one of my deliveries. I loved it straight away. It has tiny yellow bubbles of goodness that just melt away and replenish my skin. I always use it straight after cleaning and feel the benefits immediately.
  33. Night time serum


    I received a sample of this and I love it! So good at night when you need extra hydration. I love how the beads melt into your skin and leave you glowing the next day. It's quite expensive for 30ml and I have plenty of serums that have similar effects so I'll probably wait until Adore Beauty have a discount and purchase this product
  34. Love the smell unsure of results


    I received a sample of this product, I was able to get two uses out of it as you only need a tiny amount. Loved the smell and the texture. Although I was unsure of what the results were. I didn't notice any particular difference with two applications.
  35. Weird texture but good results


    I'm in two minds about this one. I don't really enjoy using it because the texture is weird and it feels really heavy on the skin. However, it got me great results in the morning. My skin felt smooth and looked clear and refreshed, especially given how overtired I was.
  36. Softening serum


    I received a sample of this in an order the other day, and used it at night as directed. The next day I woke to silky soft hydrated skin. It certainly felt as though this serum had worked some sort of magic overnight. I really liked the yellow bubbles within the serum, which seemed to just melt away on contact with the skin. A lovely overnight treat!
  37. Night time serum


    I found this serum is great to use as night time routine, it hydrates my skin well, and my skin was glowing next day. Recommended !
  38. Lightweight and hydrating


    Very lightweight gel-ish consistency, enjoyable scent and makes my skin feel very plump! Quite pricey but feels luxurious and did not break me out =) (sensitive skin). I really enjoyed this under my moisturiser!
  39. Beautiful Product


    I received this as a sample in one of my previous orders. I love overnight products in general as I usually get good results from them and this one was no exception. There was a subtle improvement in skin texture overnight and I really enjoyed this product. The only reason I have given it 4 stars instead of 5 is based on price. Usually I'm hesitant to spend this much on a product that isn't a cosm...
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  40. Great


    This is very nourishing and I use it on most nights. It has improved my skin texture over time but can be quite expensive
  41. Overnight serum


    I received a sample of this from Adore, unfamiliar with the brand I decided to try based on the reviews. A lovely texture on the fingertips I found it a little heavy for my skin once applied. It seemed to sit on my skin rather than absorbed into. I loved the interesting visual aspects of the yellow dotted serum.
  42. lovely immortelle scent and restore skin


    very light and quick absorption. The smell is really attractive and calms me always.
  43. Just lovely!


    This product smells divine. It is nourishing for your skin without being greasy. It also absorbs quite quickly which is nice because it doesn't smear off on your sheets or pillow at bed time.
  44. Your skin will thank you


    I tried the product after getting a sample in my Adore Beauty order. I always loved L'Occitane products and was really impressed with how the product felt on my skin. It was moisturizing without feeling too oily, smelled divine and left my skin feeling refreshed. I used it before going to bed and woke up with rejuvenated and soft skin. I made an order for this product on the same day. Now I use 1-...
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  45. I'm torn!


    Got this as a sample and I am so torn! Yes - it is a lovely product and feels nice but I am not too sure if I would purchase the full size for $95.. there is just so much else out there!
  46. So glad I got this sample


    I received this as a sample, I have since bought the full size bottle and I am extremely happy with this product I have dry skin, using this product even a small amount after cleaning toning makes a huge difference I feel plump and my fine lines without moisturiser look like they aren’t even there , i also use liquid gold as my toner and Estée Lauder advanced night repair at night but I definitely...
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  47. Absorbs beautifully!


    I received a deluxe sample of this and loved how easily it absorbed into my skin. My skin felt hydrated and soft the next day, I have fine lines and dehydration. A really great night serum!
  48. Great!


    I bought this product in the hope it would work as well as the creams I use in this range it has not disappointed. I have noticed such a difference in my skin with combining this with my regular routine. Just love it and highly recommend it
  49. Delish product but wanted more


    This product looks, smells and feels luxe but I felt for the amount it costs I wanted more product and hoped for better results.
  50. I find this one a little thick and intense for over night use


    I find this one a little thick and intense for over night use. It works quite well, but I prefer a light weight serum.
  51. Ultra hydration


    I received this as a sample and now I am waiting to finish the serum I currently use so I can justify buying this one! I am a huge L'Occitane fan and my skin loves this serum. I have sensitive skin that can sometimes react to some products but I have nothing but praise for this product.
  52. Divine!


    I received a sample of this a while ago and decided it was going to be my favourite product from the first use. I've since bought the full size and just adore using it!
  53. Brightened my skin!


    I received a small and large sample of this, enough to last a week. I was pleasantly surprised as I had zero expectation when trying this. I've used it directly after cleansing / exfoliating and a few times with moisturiser on top. My skin has been absolutely glowing since using this product, I'm considering buying the full size.
  54. Expected More but Got Less


    I received a sample of this product with a recent purchase. There was enough in the sample for three applications. Given the brand's reputation I expected the product to perform a lot better than it did.

    As there was not enough useable product to ascertain whether the skincare claims were accurate, this review is solely based on my opinions of what I experienced with the limited sam...
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  55. Didn't do much


    This product for me did not do much at all and felt uncomfortable on my skin.
  56. Amazing!


    This serum is amazing! It was recommended to me by a friend who loves it, and she was right. From first use, I could see a difference. I have combination skin, and this has been amazing for smoothing out pigmentation and fine lines, without causing congestion. Love it!
  57. Feel hydrated


    I only recently starting incorporating this serum into my routine, but my skin has been feeling nicely hydrated and comfortable. My skin type is dehydrated.
  58. Best hydrating serum!


    I have combination skin with dehydrated T- zone which makes that area oily. Loving this serum so much because it improves hydration and my moisturiser feels like it sinks in. Feels comforting and relaxing. I love products that give positive results on first use and this is one of them.
  59. Feels and smells amazing!


    I received a 5ml bottle of this and it is absolutely perfect! It smells divine and leaves my skin feeling incredible. I’ll definitely be purchasing a full size bottle once I’m out!
  60. Lovely Scent


    I received this as a sample with my Adore Beauty order. I applied it at night after cleansing and before my nightly moisturiser. It is a serum with little oil spheres in it that disperse on contact with your skin. I did wake up with softer skin in the morning and I absolutely love the smell of this. I only gave it 4 stars as I think it’s a little pricey.


    This stuff hydrates and smooths out my skin! Also the smell is to die for!! it smells of jasmine and has the most soothing application!! A bit pricey but its worth it because this stuff is luxurious
  62. Definitely overnight as the name suggests


    I got a sample of this in my last order and it is AMAZING. Really does work overnight. I woke up the next morning and noticed my skin was glowing and faint wrinkles on my forehead gone. Will be purchasing
  63. Glowing!


    I got this as a sample and it left my skin glowing the next morning, a little goes a long way...
  64. LIghtwright serum


    I like it because it is lightweight and hydrating but the scent is a bit strong for my taste. If you don't mind the strong scent, this is a pretty decent serum.
  65. Love it!


    This serum is so beautiful and lightweight and feels so silky on the skin. Its so hydrating and used with the Immortelle Oil to finish leaves my skin so plump and bright the next morning.Cant fault it, also smells divine
  66. Perfect Serum


    I love this serum as with all the L'Occitane Immortelle series. This serum is one of the best I have found on my search to find something brightening for my skin. Even with my oily skin this work perfectly. Absolutely love it!!!!!
  67. Amazing Product


    I initially received this as a sample and gave it to my sister. She said it worked wonders on her skin and that her face was glowing the next day. I was sold by that point so decided to buy it myself. This is my favourite product at the moment. Definitely recommend it. It smells absolutely amazing as well.
  68. It's ok


    I purchased this product when it was first released. I have used the whole bottle and the product was ok. Went on nicely, absorbed quickly but for me I got a better result from Immortelle Divine Serum in terms of brightening and fine line reduction.
  69. Got this as a sample and wow


    This product is amazing!! Had compliments on my skin within 2 days of using. Price is quite high but lasts so long. 100% recommend
  70. gorgeous


    I bought this without having any expectations but I was really pleasantly surprised. I don't notice too much of a difference immediately but my face feels really soft and hydrated the next morning. I always thought I would need a heavier oil because my face is very dry but this product made me realize that I can have that hydrated feeling without that slick oiliness. I also noticed that it reduces...
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  71. Quick absorption and smooth skin


    Great smell. I love the smell very much. It works well with other serum. It can reduce the redness of skin as well.
  72. Ok product


    I love the feel of this on my skin. Absorbs quite quickly but I'm not actually sure it's doing anything else other than a little hydration.
  73. Nice lux serum


    Received a deluxe sample of this with an order, i personally enjoyed the scent, it gave it a luxury product feel. It absorbed well and my skin felt nice in the morning though I didn't notice a remarkable difference in complexion or pigmentation. Will purchase a full size bottle and continue to try it
  74. ok serum


    I received this as a free gift and while it was ok I probably wouldn't buy it. Its non greasy to apply but I didn't really like the scent. Also I'm not sure I've noticed any difference to my skin to warrant the high price.
  75. Odd texture


    I didn't like the texture of this serum, it felt a tad sticky to me and the scent is also quite strong
  76. Great serum


    I have been using this serum for 3 months now since it launched and have seen some great results! My deep acne went away just after a few weeks and now rarely do I get any pimples. Pigmentation has also diminished, but not as much as I had hoped. General texture of skin is much smoother and more radiant.
  77. Beautiful serum


    This serum is light weight with a lovely scent. I use it at night before my Immortelle Divine moisturiser. Would highly recommend.
  78. Smells divine!


    I received a deluxe sample with an order. This is the most amazing smelling product, feminine, understated and soothing for night. So good, i'd consider buying it for the smell alone! Definitely sinks i to skin better than regular oils, skin looks glowy straight after applying. The only draw back is that you have to lend it quite a lot because otherwise you have some parts of your face which are ...
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  79. Received a sample


    Will purchase full size product. Like the smell and the moisture on my skin
  80. Not great for sensitive skin


    Didn’t like the fragrance in this, smelt a little too overpowering and made my face feel dry and tight even when followed with a moisturiser.
  81. Light serum


    This is a lovely lightweight serum.
    I use this at night and it layers well with other products.
    The yellow beads are interesting, they burst as they get pumped out and they disappear completely once rubbed into the skin.
    This leaves my skin hydrated and soft.
    I haven't yet noticed much long term improvements after a few weeks of use.
    The only thing I don't like is the...
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  82. THE BEST SERUM ever!

    perfecting skin

    i got this as a sample and i had never used any serum from L'Occitane before, but i think this one is going to be my next buy. it is so light and i could see results just after 1 night. my skin felt so plump and fresh the next morning after my 1st use. i have dry skin with few blemishes. totally recommended.
  83. Very Luxe


    I received the 5ml sample with a recent Adore Beauty purchase. I could not fault this product, it smells so divine and leaves my skin glowing. I was lucky enough to receive the 30ml as a birthday present and could not be happier. Today I got told I looked younger, I’ll take that anyday!
  84. Lovely serum


    Lovely serum, it's a small bottle but a tiny amount goes a long way. It sinks into the skin quickly. My only issue with it is I find the consistency rather sticky
  85. Wish it wasn't so expensive


    I received a sample of this and my gosh it is beautiful! I love the texture and consistency of this on the skin, and it smells divine. The only problem I have with this is the price as I have other serums that I use for a similar price that I notice more of a change in my skin with.
  86. 5/5


    Received a sample and can not wait to purchase the full size. Very luxurious and has made my skin feel and look amazing.
  87. Best EVER!


    I got this in a gift bag from Adore Beauty with a few purchases I made. I love this product! I use it every second night and although its a sample I have hardly used any of it. My skin looks fantastic the next day and the smell is to die for :)
  88. Beautiful

    Amanda Lee

    Received this as a sample and my goodness, it’s luxurious! Only the tiniest bit needs used as it spreads a very long way. I love that it absorbs so quickly. Such a bonus before going to bed. The very next morning my skin looked healthy, dewy and felt nicer. I’ve used it for three nights thus far and couldn’t be happier. Though when I’ve come online to purchase, there is none in stock.
  89. Absolutely Gorgeous!


    I recently received this as a 5ml sample and I tried it on before going to bed. My first thought was that this Serum is extremely luxurious. The little golden serum balls in the clear oil is very aesthetically pleasing. It feels really lovely on the face and absorbs immediately with no greasy residue. The smell is absolutely divine. no joke, it's like a perfume only royalty should be allowed to us...
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  90. Lovely and light

    Ms Zig

    I received a sample and was quite surprised as it felt lovely on and light looked refreshed in the morning
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